Faded Legends

BY : Accidental-Ducky
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"You're dead."

"No, I'm not," Eli hisses as the pair crawl through the ventilation shaft.

"No, you're dead and you're dragging me along with you into the fiery depths of Hell."

"Don't be such a drama queen." Lissy scoffs, having to wiggle a little when she gets stuck in one of the turns. "Hurry up, Lissy!"

"I'm trying, but I'm not anywhere near as skinny as you are!" Eli snorts and keeps crawling forward through the vent while Lissy starts lagging behind, adjusting her hearing aid so she could hear better before just taking it out and stuffing it in her pocket. She may not be able to hear, but if something’s moving through the vents that isn’t her or Elijah, then she doesn’t want to hear it. She’s not even sure how Elijah had talked her into this, but they somehow stole the Cardinal’s favorite bible and Eli wanted to sell it on eBay so he could pay for Katie’s birthday present. “Sign language,” Lissy warns, knowing Eli could hear her thanks to his particularly strong werewolf genes.

This is so stupid, I could be eating right now, but wolf boy made me his partner in crime!

Eli holds up his fist and Lissy comes to an immediate stop, her palms growing sweaty against the metal beneath her. He motions to his ear, tugging slightly until he hears her shifting to slide her hearing aid back in place.

“Listen.” She does just that, holding her breath and peering through the slats in the shaft to see where in the Vatican they were. Below them was office space mostly, a place where people could make phone calls to loved ones or paperwork was filed away after missions. Only three people were in there right now, two of them busily scribbling away while the third had a pencil trapped between her upper lip and her nose. She was blonde and reminded Lissy of Tinkerbelle where her curvaceous form was concerned. Katie had returned early. “Why isn’t she battling a Goblin in Detroit?”

"How should I know?"

"You're her girlfriend!"

"You're her cousin!"

"You're both going to get caught if you whisper so loudly," Katie calls, gazing up at them with a grin, spinning the pencil around her fingers like she does with her throwing knives in practice. "I'm back early because I dispatched the little beast."

"Great job, babe." Katie gives a laugh before focusing back on the paper, waving the companion on with her free hand. "Move it, Spot, I wanna catch that Walking Dead marathon before the new episode comes on." Elijah makes a noise, but starts moving anyway after Lissy delivers a light swat to his jean-clad leg. He was always dressed in a pair of jeans, even when it was a hundred degrees outside, and he did it because the style he wore complimented his ass. At least he has an ass, mine is tiny.

Lissy shakes her head a little as she follows behind the Hunter, trying not to focus too long on the little scratching sounds further behind her that mice were making as the roamed through the hidden building. Slowly, the vent began to tilt downward as they get closer to the floor.

"We're here," Eli whispers, stopping in front of a vent large enough for them to climb through. He pops the cover open and crawls through first, scooting off to the side so Lissy could get through, too. She didn’t expect anyone to be in the old storage room, but she finds herself looking down at a pair of shiny black shoes when she manages to get out. She looks up at the new person, the stern face of Mark Rossi staring back at her. He was the type of guy that reveled in getting people in trouble, though his official job was to recruit new Hunters. He always reminded Lissy of a scarecrow, tall and lanky with straw-colored hair that was always slicked back, his eyes were a steely gray color, and his nose was long yet thin. In short, the guy was a regular bastard.

"Might I ask what the two of you are up to this time," he asks, sneering down at Elijah and Lissy.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, I was just teaching her some new stealth techniques, Rossi." Elijah couldn't stand Rossi, though that feeling was definitely mutual. The two of them had trained together for field work, but Rossi had quickly proved himself a sniveling rat that would only take care of himself, so he'd been assigned to recruiting duty and served as a spy for the Cardinal.

"Elisabetta, would you like to join Van Helsing in his lie?"

"It's not a lie, Rossi," Lissy grumbles, standing up with Eli so she doesn’t feel too much like a Hobbit compared to the men. Rossi towered over her anyway, but at least she wasn’t looking up his nose at this angle. “Why are you snooping around this time? Trying to find a lost tourist to suck dry?”

"A shame you've been corrupted, Collier, I might have been able to use you as a spy."

"I'd rather not do your bidding." Rossi gives a sinister smile, one he was well known for around the Vatican, and turns on his heel, walking over to the door of the room.

"The Cardinal wants to have a word with the two of you." Eli and Lissy share a look before following after Ferret Face, dragging their feet as they walk through the twisting halls towards the Cardinal’s office just past the weapons vault. It was a large room, the only furnishings being the massive oak desk set in the middle of the room and three chairs. Cardinal Ducard was seated in the chair behind his desk, his green eyes appearing owlish behind the lenses of his reading glasses. Antony Ducard was pleasantly plump and normally had a warm smile on his face, but today he was giving them the same look he normally reserves for physical activity: early exhaustion. "I found them, Cardinal."

"I can see that, Mark," Ducard nods," please go back to your duties." With a curt nod, Rossi leaves the room and shuts the door behind him. Lissy looks down at her ankle boots, unable to lie to Ducard since he’s more like a father to her than her real father. He’s just one of those people you open up to and feel safe around; like a mixture of McGonnagal and Winnie the Pooh without the honey obsession. "Sit down you two." Elijah and Lissy do as they were told without hesitation, Elijah sitting up straight while Lissy slouched a little in her seat. "Can I have my bible back?"

"What makes you think we took it," Elijah asks, making his blue eyes go wide to feign innocence. Ducard just raises a brow at Eli's face, holding out one of his hands and wiggling his fingers in a gimme motion. Elijah shrugs, pulling the bible out of his bag and handing it over before leaning back in his chair at the same time Ducard does. "Seriously though, how'd you know we had it?"

"Because, you're smart enough to break into my office using the vents to avoid the cameras and Lissy would help out if it meant avoiding her mythology classes." Ducard opens the front cover and writes inside it, blowing on the writing to make the ink dry faster before sliding it across the desk for Eli to take. "That should make it sell for more if that's what you intended to do with it." Eli opens the book and holds it so that Lissy can read what the Cardinal had written down.

"You know how to forge the Pope's handwriting," she asks in astonishment.

"Who do you think taught Elijah how to do forgeries? It's a hobby of mine." He gives a small smile, fingers steepled as he looks from Lissy to Elijah and back again. "Why did you feel the need to sell my favorite bible?"

"Katie's birthday present costs more than what we make in a month." Ducard rises slowly and tiptoes towards the door, gesturing for them to keep up the conversation.

"We were going to get her this remote-controlled skunk and a bad smelling perfume for it to spray on Rossi," Eli lies as he catches on to the plan, his sharp incisors glinting as he grins. "She likes him about as much as anyone here does." There's a faint noise of indignation on the other side of the door before the muffled noise of someone getting kicked.

"I guess you could say we were... 'Munks on a mission." There was another noise this time, the sound of an irritated groan. With a grin of his own, Ducard opens the door and Rossi falls forward with Katie landing on his back, both letting out twin oof's from the sudden drop and impact. "I knew an Alvin and the Chipmunks reference would do her in." Eli and Lissy share a high five, smiling down at the pair with smug satisfaction.

"And I knew you wouldn't be able to resist making a reference," Ducard states, shutting his office door again as Katie and Rossi untangle themselves. "What excuse would you two like to give for lurking outside my door?"

"Lost contacts," Katie offers weakly.

"I needed to tie my shoe," Rossi says at the same time, making Ducard shake his head a little in amusement. Rossi clears his throat, straightening out his freshly laundered suit jacket and raising his head the way stuck up people do when they want to look down their noses at people. In all honesty, it made Rossi look like he was constipated, but Lissy’s not going to point it out to him. "It was all Katelyn's idea, Cardinal."

"Why don't you shove—” Ducard quickly covers Katie's mouth before she could finish her sentence.

"Rossi, I'm serious when I ask you to return to your duties." Rossi's hands clench into fists, but he leaves for real this time and Ducard only moves away from Katie after sending the blonde a stern look. "Find a seat, Katie." She sits on the arms of Lissy’s and Eli's chairs, her legs crossed at the ankles to avoid flashing the Cardinal. She was dressed as nicely as usual in a white spaghetti strap tucked into a peach skirt, black thigh highs, and a pair of black heels. "I assume you all remember Adam?"

"He's the vampire we took out two years ago." Ducard suddenly looked tired again, resting his chin on his palm. "I saw to it that his body was completely destroyed."

"And Dracula's?"

"Pretty sure he was dead before we got electricity, so…"

"We assumed he was dead, and what does assuming do, Lissy?"

"Makes an ass outta you and me," she answers automatically, still confused about where the conversation was heading. "But since Katie's right, I don't see why that saying applies."

"There have been kidnappings in Davenport, one young person every two months. We all know that means a vampire is feeding only when it has to since kidnappings so close together in small towns is unusual."

"There's also a protection boundary set up around Davenport to keep the nasty stuff out. I mean, it'd have to be a pureblood to get past that." Ducard nods his agreement, looking at the three of them without saying anything. "Adam was the last pureblooded vampire." Ducard nods again, still appearing like he was waiting on them to piece everything together when there was no puzzle to solve. "Please tell me you're not saying what I think you're saying."

"The Count's back and he's in your hometown, Lissy."

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