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They arrived in District 4 by early afternoon the next day. She’d changed into a green ruffled dress and long black stockings. A sheer aquamarine shawl clipped to her collar and her wrists billowed behind her. Fluxen styled her hair into a bun covered by a fishnet dotted by tiny silver fish. Peacekeepers met them at the station. While the train refueled, they escorted her down to the visitor’s area for the meeting. She’d not being going down into the actual district. For what reason, they didn’t tell her. An ocean breeze blew cooly into the wooden building when they walked in. On the bluffs in the distance, she saw wooden houses painted various shades of green, white and blue. Boats big and small floated in and out of the harbor bringing in their daily catches for sale. The warehouses at the end are where they’re packaged to export to the Capitol. The ocean beyond glittered in the bright sunlight. White waves rolled in and slammed onto the wet shores. She considered setting up a beachfront house. It'd make a nice getaway from the bustle and noise. Ajax appeared beside her holding a bubbly, clear drink.


“I heard oysters are best when straight out of the ocean,” he delighted, handing her the drink. In a shimmery silver shirt, he’d added matching streaks in his green hair. No doubt for a chance at Finnick’s attention. “I paid a local to go fetch some. Do you think Finnick actually knows anything?”


“No, but it’s worth a shot.” They’d mixed lemon and lime into the drink; the alcohol set off the taste. She took another drink from it. “I’d rather have asked and gotten a ‘no’ than to not have asked at all.”


Oysters are the last thing on her mind. Marcus televised his last rally early that morning. He claimed if voted into the assistant office, he’ll listen to all their complaints. He told them the current establishment is at fault for the lack of goods. If they’d listened to their people, they’d have no problems. He never mentioned the word ‘rebellion’ or ‘uprising’, but people read between the lines. How can he be so foolish? He is weakening the very government he is trying to join. Then again, it can be a clever tactic. Sipping from her glass, she kicked herself for not thinking of it first. Bring down the government, then build it back up in his own image. He’d turn himself in a savor of the people. Cornelia scowled.


“Madam Snow, what a pleasure.”


Finnick Odair only grew more handsome with age. Tall and tan, his thin white shirt didn’t hide the athletic body underneath. Bronze hair brought out his sea-green eyes, which were full of delight. She’ll admit her eyes ate him up. Her grandfather forbid her from taking him; he’d brought in good money over the years. Not that she wanted him. He’s too popular and she’d been his age at the time. But she’d enjoyed very little this morning: two quickies and a light breakfast. She thanked Ajax for bringing another bottle of Uppers.


“Finnick,” she held out her hand and he kissed her knuckles, “Thank you for seeing me so suddenly. Then again, Victors have all the time in the world these days.”


“But it appears Capitol citizens don’t.”


“Not this one anyways,” she smiled.


The two sat at one of the tables overlooking the ocean. It is a beautiful place. Out of all the districts, Cornelia wouldn’t mind living in the fourth. They made small talk about his life in District 4. She learned seafood production slowed down, but will pick up shortly. Cornelia, for some reason, worried this might be wrong. She noticed the mass amount of Peacekeepers on the beaches. They stood armed at watch posts and near the docks, armed and watching the fishermen work. Had District 4 attempted their own riot? She didn’t ask. She came for secrets.


“You frequent the Capitol, don’t you Finnick?” she asked, picking up a bread from the basket. She noticed the green tint to the fish shaped bread. She gave a nibble, then used the lemon drink to wash it down. “Meet up with the usual clients for private dinners?”


“On occasion when called. Why?”


“I hoped you might know anyone associated with Marcus Helms?”


He stared a moment, then gave a smile. “I do. His sister is one of my biggest clients.”


“Is she now?” she called a waiter to refill her wine glass. “For how long?”


“Since I won my games.”


“So that means you must know a thing or two about her and her family.”


“I do.” He finished off his bread before speaking, “What is your real reason for coming here, Madam Snow? I know it’s not just to look at my pretty face.”


She snorted, “I always knew I liked you Finnick. I’m here on your beautiful beaches to ask you about Marcus.”


“What can I possibly know about him?”


“Anything his sister told you.”


“Don’t you have your own people to look into him?”


“They’ve found nothing. He’s squeaky clean and nobody is squeaky clean.” She leaned back in her seat, “I need information and I need it now, Finnick.”


“His sister would never tell me anything about him. My secrets are about my clients, not their relatives.”


She studied him. Through his handsome looks, strings of lovers, you saw him. The Finnick Odair who puts on a charming show for the Capitol, when in reality, he’s the opposite. A lot of people sponsored him in the games, but his own cunning helped him win. He'd fashioned nets from anything he found. Then he'd gone around catching other tributes, and stabbing them. Like fish in a net. His handiwork with fish hooks and ropes only added to his abilities. His looks blinded people to what he was actually like. “You have no loyalty to anyone in the Capitol,” she told him. “All your admirers are people who buy you. Whether they live or die doesn’t matter to you. Why safeguard their secrets?”


He stared right back at her. “Why do you want them so bad?”


She hesitated, “I need them. It doesn’t have to be big, but worthwhile.”


“For your campaign?”


“Maybe.” She gripped the stem of her glass. Why was he being so complicated? “I’m not asking for anything unreasonable. I can’t be the first to ask.”


“You’re not. I get people like you all the time.”


“Like me?”


“People looking to destroy somebody’s image. People who want to slander another person’s name; drag it through the dirt.”


“It’s the only way to win these days. You victors got to swing weapons at your opponents. Us Capitol politicians have to use words.” She finished off the drink, the sour lemon taste in her mouth. The mixture of the relaxing ocean waves and the alcohol made her sink into the chair. She could sleep right then if she wanted. “What’s your price? A secret?”


“It is my usual price for giving away other secrets, yes.”


She glanced to the Peacekeepers stationed around the area. The waiters and bartender didn’t go unnoticed either. “Then let’s discuss our trade elsewhere.”


She’d give a secret he won’t forget.


They finished their drinks and headed back to the train station. They’d given her the run of the newest train model; the one not available to regular citizens yet. Decked out in lavish furniture Cornelia had every possible comfort aboard. Workers still refueling and prepping for departure, she took note of their time. Her business with Finnick should not take long; her body itched too badly to hold out. She’d planned on saving it for Katniss, but a lot of her plans break these days. Ajax reappeared with a train servant holding a large box of oysters and other mussels. She sent them to the kitchens at the far end of the train. She sent away the servants in her compartment, and made sure to lock her door.


“Well you do know how to travel in style,” said Finnick. He eyed the furniture and large bed of different furs. “And you don’t travel light either,” he nodded to the large walk-in closet nearest him.


“Always be prepared, my grandfather says,” she told him.


At the mini bar, she grabbed a small bottle and an Upper. All the effort of the day drained her. She only needed enough for Finnick. Seeing him in the mirror behind her, she looked over his sun kissed skin, his muscled arms and back. The linen clothes did nothing to hide him. She downed the liquor bottle in one shot, letting the Upper work through her body. They began filling up her chest the way they did. Alertness hit her like a bullet. She wanted to jump Finnick right then and ride him all the way to District 12. But she took a deep breath and turned to him. This is one plan she can’t screw up.


“But I didn’t bring you here to look at my nice things. Secrets. Now.”


“You want something really good?”


“Of course.”


He stayed silent a moment, “They’re fucking.”


She’d have spat up the pill had she not swallowed. “Who?”


“Marcus and his sister. They’ve been doing it since they were kids. Their parents don’t know. Their friends don’t know. Nobody does. She told me the last time I was there.”


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. She took a swig from another little bottle. Her mind began swimming, but she steadied herself. The Upper and the liquor combated for her mind. The rumor of Marcus Helms sleeping with his own sister will disgust his followers. How can they trust a man who shares his bed with his own flesh and blood? How vile. How terrible. It’ll be a stretch, but it’ll work all the same. It puts a black smear on his golden name. She smiled to herself. Her grandfather will be as pleased as her.


“Thank you, Finnick.”


He stood waiting, “Our deal? What’s your secret, Madam Snow?”


“You want a secret, Finnick? A real good one?” She left the bar for her closet, unclipping the shawl from her wrists. “The kind that astounds you?”


“That’s usually the kind I deal with, yes.”


She grinned at the trunk at the end of the walk-in. The black box sat at the bottom of the trunk under her sweaters. A dozen ideas came through her mind at once. She’d only thought of it this morning during her after-breakfast romp. Unzipping the side of her dress, it fell to her ankles. “Finnick, after having so many lovers I’m going to assume,” she untied her shoes and kicked them off. Then off came her stockings and underwear. “There’s nothing you haven’t sampled before?”




“You know what I mean. Being tied down, whipped and fucked. Being forced to suck toes, lick ass holes, and watch people fuck goats or something like that.” She opened the trunk and sifted through the sweaters. “All kinds of nasty, depraved things?”


“I suppose. My clients pay handsomely for the pleasure of my company; it’s only fair I give them what they want.”


“I bet.”


Out came the strap on. They’d cleaned and refilled it like she’d requested. She picked up the lube from the box. She thought about Katniss. If only she were on the train right now. The idea of two victors in her bed made her shiver. Only seven more districts laid between her and Katniss’s warm cunt. She’ll lick, suck and fuck her until its raw and sore. She’d gone too long without her. In slow circles, she spread the lube over her smooth folds. Her tongue. Her hot tongue slipping all around it as Cornelia returned the favor. She’d settle for Finnick, train servants and Avoxes, but Katniss. Katniss is so much better. She throbbed against her fingers, but pictured Katniss instead.


“Madam Snow?” Finnick must’ve noticed her silence.


“Who was your last client?”


“Kalista, one of your good friends.”


“Have you ever had another Victor?”


“Of course not. I’m not ordered to.”


She coated the plug with lube. She poked her entrance a few times before sticking it in to the base. Cornelia picked up the pace of her fingers, lightly brushing her clit still. Their last time left her disappointed. Andromeda buffed up the injuries in a body polish so her skin remained smooth. She imagined Katniss’s prep team did the same. They’ll need to do a full one when Cornelia finished with her.


“But you never know. One day you might,” she said.


She came out of the closet, dildo standing straight up where her clitoris should be. In the mirror, she saw the nude base matched her tone. It looked almost natural. It’s why she loved it so much. Her eyes met Finnick’s. She saw the shock on his chiseled face. He took a small step back from her towards the door. For a man who’d seen it all, she’d thought he’d seen this. Stroking the long toy, her tender squeezes pumped the plug inside her.


“Well, you wanted a juicy secret,” she smiled, “Here it is.”


“You’re...You’re a…”


“Man? Only partly. I normally keep it tucked so it doesn’t show in pants or dresses.” Ajax thought of the pegging. She thought of the cock. “Do you at least like it?” she tittered, “I’ve never get any complaints about it.”


“It’s...It’s nice,” he composed himself again. Hands behind his back, his chest see-through the shirt, he put on a brave face. “Use it often then?”


“As often as possible. I have a lot of stress,” she walked towards him, cock still pulsing. “It builds up over time and, well, I have the prettiest Avoxes in the entire Capitol. They might not have tongues, but they still have mouths good for sucking.” Cornelia stood in front of him, “On your knees, Odair. You’re going to enjoy my secret.”


“Seeing it is enough for me.”


“Is it enough for Annie then?”


He gulped at her name. “That is her name, isn’t it? The love of your life? Annie Cresta?” Cornelia remembered the red-haired Victor who’d lost her senses in the arena. They said she wasn’t the same afterwards. It still didn’t stop Finnick from loving her; not that anyone else knew. Cornelia asked, taking his hand to put on her dick. “I wonder what she’d think. Should I have the Peacekeepers bring her here and we can find out?”


“You wouldn’t.”


“Oh, I would. She wouldn’t be the first or the last.”


“You stay away from her.”


“Then you should rethink your decision,” she curled his hand around her shaft. His fingers brushed the toy. “Don’t be shy, Finnick. I’m not asking you to do anything new. I’m sure you’ve done this plenty of times.”


Fear settled into his eyes. He must have, but he’d never enjoyed it. She’d never fathom why. Dick is great, especially when long and thick. She took hold of his shoulder and forced him to the ground. He looked much better on his knees. She awed at the worry starting to settle into compliance. He has no choice. They’ve never had a choice. The odds are never in their favor. She prodded his mouth a few times before he finally opened. She knew he’d be good. Finnick’s lips wrapped tight around her going down. The hard sucking caused the plug to vibrate in her. The Uppers brought out this new energy that helped her thrust forward into his mouth. She imagined his tongue licking the underside; his teeth grazing the tender skin. She took hold of the back of his head and forced him down. He loves it. She knew he did. She spotted the tent building in his pants below.


“That’s it,” she groaned, pushing forward. “You just stay there and let me fuck your pretty mouth.”


The tip stuck all the way to his throat where he gagged; his chest caved in every time she went deep. He took her well all the same. She loved the choking sounds coming from him. She loved the saliva dripping from his open mouth when she pulled out. Cornelia slapped the shaft over his pretty face. Streaks of precum and spit glistened on his cheeks. He is a beauty. His bulge grew harder though not hard enough. If she wanted to ride it, she’d need it harder.


After watching him longer, she tugged him by the hair to the bed. Cornelia wasted no time. She yanked down the linen pants hiding his best parts. He’s the perfect size. Some Victors are too big. Others are too small. She understood now why so many people wanted him. She took him in her mouth right away, the salty precum touching her tongue. Stroking from middle to base, she suckled on the tip. Finnick did what they all do: tried not enjoying himself. His lovely dick told her otherwise. The tip grew harder and redder from her teasing; she felt it twitch in her mouth. When she went down to the hilt, a sudden groan came from him. They always caved in the end. She stroked and sucked him until he became so hard the muscle stayed flat on his stomach. Even then she licked it a few more times. She worked on his balls next: she craddled them in one hand while rolling her tongue over each one. She’d heard he loved this. He proved it by twisting in place. She gave each ball a suck before pulling away. She ordered him onto his front.


Firm and tanned, Finnick’s ass only made her harder. Her walls throbbed around the plug, the small toy vibrating faintly within her. She’d seen the shape in the wet clothes he’d worn in the arena. They’d taken hundreds of stills of his soaked clothes sticking to him. The thin pants he’d worn showed the curvatures of his bottom, which people loved. Now she saw it in person. She slapped his backside hard; hitting one cheek and then the other. Unlike Katniss, he didn’t bother running. He knew what he was getting. She massaged his cheeks, watching the way the mass molded in her hands. She’d cup and squeeze them together; pull them part and kiss them. Cornelia wanted him. Getting on top of him, she rubbed her shaft over the crack of his ass.


“I wonder, considering all the dicks you’ve ridden, if this is still tight?”


Bending down, she gave it a small lick. She heard him grimace at the tongue rimming him. She kept him open as she poked, stroked and licked his entrance. He didn’t sound as good as Katniss, though it pleased her. She noticed his member sticking downwards against the bed. The head poked out right underneath his balls. She gave both a slow lick that went right to his ass hole. She palmed and squeezed the cheeks she buried her tongue in him. He whined whenever she spanked one side; even louder when both together. Soon, Finnick began pushing into her face. Her laugh became muffled by his hole on her mouth. “I think,” she spat on it, “I’m going to see for myself.”


She rubbed her tip over the lubed hole a few times. Finnick’s strong hands gripped the sheets under him; his body angled in a way to give her more access. He loved this. He loved the attention it gave him. He might hate Capitol people, but he definitely loved this. Propped on her hands, Cornelia drove herself into him in a swift motion. After that, she didn’t stop. Over and over her girth broke him open. His tightness sucked her in and the blew her back out like his mouth. The plug went off to the rhythm. His strained cries and whimpers all reminded her of Katniss. Her own moans joined his in the symphony. Cornelia looked down, pinning him by the waist, to see the long member driving into him. He wrapped around it perfectly; his round cheeks rippled in each thrust. She kept hold of him for a while before she pulled out.


“No,” he whined, bucking his hips up. “Keep going.”


“Roll onto your back.”


She grabbed the lube from the bedside table, dripping it onto his pulsating dick. She put a little over her own ass hole, then carefully slid downwards. The pair gave groans of relief when he filled her. Cornelia pressed her hands onto his broad chest and began bouncing. He felt amazing. His tip hit the right spots each time. Naturally, he must be a pro by now. She put his hands on her breasts to toy with while he pushed up into her. The plug in her pussy and Finnick in her ass, she found herself close to the edge. For a better angle, she turned her back to him, resting forward and letting him watch. The sensation twinged a bit, but the pleasure ran too deep now. She jerked herself until her orgasm sat right in the front. Still, she held it back. She whirled and rocked her hips onto the blissful Finnick, who’d lost all sense underneath her. Hot strings of cum soon shot inside her. Finnick moaned her name into the air, back arched and hands gripping her waist. In a few minutes, the plug sucked up every drop of cum inside her. Immediately climbing off him, Cornelia settled herself over his face. She pushed the head into his mouth and stroked herself. He didn’t need instruction. Finnick swallowed each drop, not bothering about the stuff pooling over the sides. Once he’d finished, she smeared the leftover cum onto his mouth with it.


“So that’s my secret,” she whispered in his ear, “Tell anyone and I’ll ask around about you. I’ll take notes on every disturbing thing you’ve ever done and do it to her. Now out.”


Finnick left, naked and ashamed of what he’d done. No doubt he’ll lie to his girlfriend. He’ll tell her Cornelia wanted nothing from him. He’d never say he loved what she’d done. They never do. Finally alone in her room, she withdrew the plug. Seeing it slick and wet, she laughed. She’d thought Finnick might know the difference between men and women. He’s slept with enough to know. She crashed into the fur lined covers of her bed; the cold air cooled her hot, sweaty skin. Katniss will be even better. Others are snacks or appetizers. Katniss is one of her mother’s eleven-course meals. A press of a button brought a servant into her bedroom. She ordered a warm bath and food.


“Some of those oysters,” she said, “I’m sure they’re equally delectable.”

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