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There are pros and cons to having Avoxes. Since they committed a crime, they have their tongues cut out and forced to serve Capitol elites. Having no tongue meant no talking or fighting back. But yet, having no tongue also meant no receiving oral for Cornelia. They stuck to sucking and fingering, which she tolerated. They can’t refuse either way. Rolling over under the silk and cotton sheets, she found Katniss sleeping beside her. In a few hours, Effie Trinket will come collect her charge. Then later on, the pair will see each other again at the Victor’s interview. It’s a popular segment after the games and the crowning. The Capitol citizens finally get first-hand accounts of the victor’s journey in the arena. Katniss will no doubt talk about Peeta and surviving the games. Cornelia insisted she sit beside Katniss, playing the supportive best friend. In reality, it’d be a statement. Katniss is hers, and nobody else can have her.


Leaving Katniss to sleep, she rolled off the bed. Pushing messy hair from her face, she saw the servants must’ve cleaned up while they slept. Katniss’s torn dress and underclothes no longer laid on the floor. They’d hung up last night’s dress and tucked away the shoes. They must've taken the box back to her bedroom before they woke. Another benefit to Avoxes: they make no noise. She threw on a black silk robe before heading to the adjacent bathroom. A room of marble and tile, wide windows gave her a view of the mansion garden, a view like in Katniss’s new bedroom. In the center, they’d filled up a bubble bath that gave the room a fresh lavender scent. You tended to choose other scents after years of smelling roses on your grandfather. One blonde girl and one red-haired girl stood ready for instruction on either side of the tub. They'd gone back to wearing their usual loincloths which pleased Cornelia. She inspected the blonde’s breasts first: a little over a handful, but still didn’t match up to Katniss’s perky ones. The redhead’s felt firm, though smaller in comparison. Neither girl flinched as Cornelia examined them. They grew used to her after a while.


Holding out both arms, the two Avoxes removed her robe and she stepped into the warm bath. She didn’t need to say anything. Both and blonde and redhead grabbed a bath pouf, dipped them in the water, and began cleaning. Her thoughts drifted back to last night. Katniss took to her new role easier than Cornelia expected. She’d fought and pleaded here and there. She must’ve overestimated Katniss’s strength. Only in life or death situations Katniss came out fighting. No matter. Cornelia enjoyed herself. The blonde smoothing the pouf over her breasts sent a tingle down her spine. She remembered exactly how Katniss’s nipples felt in her mouth; little nubs that grew hard right away. She’d loved her pussy much more. Soft, waxed and wet, she tasted like heaven. She’d learned the extent of the damage when Katniss took her bath: it stung and she winced at Cornelia’s touch. She might’ve done her right there if their schedule allowed. Perhaps she can convince her grandfather to postpone Katniss’s trip back home. She’d like her broken out before she goes back home. She can move her back into the Tribute Center instead.


“Keep doing that,” she ordered the blonde, who’d moved on from her breasts. She bit her lip feeling the delicate, mesh pouf over her skin. “Right there,” something stirred deep in her feeling it pass over her tits. “You,” she directed her attention to the red head, “Down there. Now.”


The red head slipped her pouf down Cornelia’s body to her center. Already, it pulsed at the brushes of the pouf. She hooked her legs over each side of the tub for easier access. She laid there in the warm bubbles, savoring their gentle touches. Katniss. Sweet Katniss. One day she’ll be doing this herself rather than Avoxes. Wouldn’t that be delicious? The Girl on Fire giving her a bath before being completely ravaged by her. The image in her mind set off sparks between her legs. Since hers are bigger, Cornelia felt up the blonde’s chest first. She rubbed and pinched them while the girl grazed hers. She pulled the girl closer so her breasts hung closer to the tub. Avoxes cannot speak, but Cornelia allowed small sounds. The blonde fought against the tiny hums Cornelia’s mouth brought on.


“Use your hands,” she said on her chest, “Both of you.”


Poufs left drifting in the water, hands immediately began working her. Each girl put a hand on her clit and a hand on her tits. Pushing the girl back into her kneeling position by the tub, she ordered them to kiss. They did so in small, closed-mouth pecks. No point in tongue kissing if they have no tongues. Another drawback. She’ll have Katniss once the girl wakes. She's only warming up. She watched the two kiss over the tub as their thumbs rolled over her center. She thought back to Katniss’s soft lips; how pillable and compliant they’d worked. She’d done well for her first time, which only promised better improvements.


Impatient, Cornelia slipped out from the tub and walked over to a chaise by the window. Back against the window sill, feet propped along the side of the seat, she beckoned the servants to her. On hands and knees they crawled towards her and immediately began sucking her wet folds. It was like having two suction cups roaming up and down her slit, focusing on her clit when directed. Yet, the grazing and brushing didn’t work. She found herself moving her hips around for a better angle. She forced the girls’ heads in different spots. Her orgasm is there at the edge. She can feel it whenever a mouth went beneath the hood. She tried thinking of Katniss tied up on her bed. Sweaty and teary from the overwhelming sensations running through her. Her drenched sex couldn’t take the body wand forced against it, causing orgasm after orgasm. Her clit needed more than sucking. She growled after another failed attempt at finishing. She needed more.


She pushed both to the floor in a grunt. Both girls looked up in fright at her frustration and feared a beating. “Go get the box,” she ordered the blonde, “Don’t wake up Katniss!”


The blonde scampered off while Cornelia flattened the redhead on the floor. Lifting one leg up and the other to the side, Cornelia settled herself down in the middle. She held onto the slim leg facing upwards as they touched. This type of friction felt better. Their slickness brought waves of pleasure through her in each slide. The redhead did the expected: moan and groan. Even if they felt no pleasure, they must. Otherwise their mistress may become upset and whip them for their insolence. They don’t need a tongue for that. She rolled her hips around; she rocked them back and forth. Still, no climax. It tickled itself right inside her as if waiting for the right moment. She smacked and pinched at redhead’s bosom again. Her little flickers of pain should’ve pleased Cornelia. She squeezed them hard while digging herself further into the redhead’s hips. It did nothing.


When the blonde returned with the box, Cornelia ripped it open and pulled out the strap on. Clean of residue from last night, she’d have no trouble using it now. The blonde straddled the redhead’s head, who immediately began sucking the pussy over her. Lubing up the plug end, Cornelia shoved it in her, then spread the redhead’s legs once more. Watching the blonde from afar, she wasted no time in pounding the redhead. All their groans and whimpers echoed in the bathroom. The sudden relief of the vibrating plug caused Cornelia’s back to arch and eyes to roll back. She didn’t stop. She didn’t let them stop either. She tapped the blonde’s firm ass, telling her to lay alongside the redhead she pounded.


“Play with her,” she demanded.


The blonde began sucking and fondling the redhead. The sight should have ended her, but it didn’t. She switched over to the blonde, thinking her tightness might draw it out. She’d taken her from behind, forcing her onto her front and holding her by the shoulders as she rammed away. She watched the redhead sit in front of the blonde with her legs parted; she soon heard sucking and went harder. She pushed her head to the side to watch her pink lips suckle the other’s folds. All her servants knew what she liked to see, and obeyed accordingly. They knew what happened if she’s forced to spell out their directions for them. She grabbed the blonde by her hips, bringing her down so the plug vibrated more. Katniss did the same last night. Cornelia recalled arching her back so that ass stuck up in the air. She’d spread her cheeks apart and rubbed the sweet hole in the middle. Her body caused a fire in Cornelia that she couldn't extinguish.


She came at last. The mixture the toy made filled the blonde up nicely, dripping out of her as it’d done to Katniss. She used the redhead’s mouth as a wipe for the remains left on it. She didn’t release either of them until they’d licked it clean. Once they finished and Cornelia caught her breath, she dismissed them. She’d finish her bath alone. So much for warming up for Katniss.


Coming back into the bedroom sometime later, she found the bed empty. Her eyes darted to the Avox-a skinny, pale boy-taking sheets off the bed. “Where is she?” she asked him.


Unable to answer, he pointed to the open doorway. Had she escaped? Impossible. Someone would have alerted her about it. Effie isn’t due until noon, which means Katniss will be stuck in the apartments until then. Tying her robe around her she headed into the hallway. Walking throughout the rooms, she saw the servants stored away most of the art. Only the tasteful things remained in their usual places. It must be Ajax’s doing, she thought going from room to room until she reached her sunroom. A large room with glass walls, Katniss will be able to see the whole of the City Circle from there. She did so now in her green satin robe. She looked beautiful in the early morning glow. The sun gave her wet braid a small shine, and made her skin tone glow. They’d given her a bath, Cornelia noticed. A cup cradled in her hands, Katniss gazed out at the city before her. A mixture of sadness and longing came over her face. Signs of homesickness came across her face in the sunlight.


“Coffee,” Cornelia told the Avox posted in the sunroom. The Avox-a brunette no older than fifteen-nodded and left the room.


Katniss tried ignoring her presence. She could tell in the way she stiffened at her touch. “Sleep well?” Cornelia asked, taking the space behind her on the lounge chair. She began running the braid through her braid; it smelled like flowery like Cornelia’s.




“Do you still ache? Sting anywhere? I can have them bring some cream for it.”


“I’m fine, thank you.”


Cornelia slid her arms around Katniss, who stiffened again. It felt like two puzzle pieces coming together. She couldn’t help herself. Cornelia’s hands slid down to her strong thighs and gave a gentle grip. “You’ve bewitched me,” she whispered in her ear. She gave the lobe a kiss, “I usually can save my arousal for various parts of my day. I have a quick fuck in the morning. Then I have another after breakfast, and one before lunch; sometimes after if there's time. If I can, I have a quick rub before dinner and an Avox before bed. It makes getting things done easier. But since you’ve come into my life,” she placed a kiss on the crook of her neck, “I’m horny all the damn time. I can’t think about you without getting turned on.” She giggled, “I had to change out a few Avoxes because I’d worn them out.”


“Then maybe you should stop,” she said, sounding disgusted.


“But why?” her hands slid upwards to where her thighs bent to her hips, tenderly rubbing the crease there. “Why hold it back when it’s always paraded in front of me? It’s like you and that hot chocolate of yours,” she nodded to the cup in her hands. “You see it presented on a table, you take it, don’t you?” Cornelia continued kissing up and down her neck; her hands took in the shape of her body, strong and small in her arms. Katniss wiggled away once those fingers danced over her chest to the opening of her robe. “I mean, I do take the Upper vitamin in my coffee.” As she said this the Avox returned with it on a silver tray. Cornelia took a drink and savored the rich flavor. If one concentrated enough, a slight bitter aftertaste came through. “It’s not the most delectable thing, but it definitely keeps up my energy. Don’t worry, love,” she kissed the nape of her neck, “You can have one too. I’m not greedy.” She slipped one hand through the robe to cup her, “Except when it comes to you.”


She kissed and felt Katniss, who sat still and let her. Cornelia slid the robe from her shoulders so only her breasts remained exposed. She pushed it open at the bottom to reveal new underwear underneath. Thin cotton acted as barrier covering Katniss’s warm center. The two stared out at the city coming to life in front of them while Cornelia touched her. Silence came over the room which soon became broken by Katniss’s muffled whining. Regardless of how she felt, a spot of wetness seeped through her underwear. This tightened the sensations inside her. Katniss can fight all she liked, her body always submitted. Cornelia pressed on it, the juices helped her fingers find the bundle in the middle. One arm keeping her in place, the older girl finally pushed aside the panties and uncovered her wet sex. She wasted no time in sliding both fingers into her. Her tight walls clamped around the probing fingers once more. It was the sweetest feeling. She loved knowing she brought so much pleasure. Katniss shifted around to the sensation, either trying to get away or trying to get them deeper. Thankfully a reflection in the window gave her an idea of what Katniss looked like in that moment. Her body grew warm in Cornelia’s arms; her braid dampened the back of her robe and the front of her mistress’s. Cornelia drowned herself in Katniss; she took in every drop of bliss flowing out of her. She straddled the cushioned seat, its soft cushion pressing on her naked folds. Cornelia began rubbing herself on it while fingering Katniss. The brushes against her slick lips made her groan loudly. She’d never fallen so hard. Previous Victors aroused her of course, but not this way. Not like Katniss. She rolled one of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger only to hear Katniss gasp. She kept the pace slow despite Katniss’s squirming.


“Do you want to cum?” she asked, feeling Katniss clench and unclench around her fingers. “Do you?”




“Do you want to cum on my cock? I just tucked it away,” she rapidly rolled her fingers on Katniss’s clit, “But I’ll bring it back out.”




“Fingers it is.”


Katniss came in shudders to Cornelia’s curled up fingers. She felt for the spot right inside Katniss that made her quiver. Hot fluids covered her fingers and palm that made a obscene sound in every push. The hot chocolate she’d held fell to the floor in a crash both girls ignored. Cornelia coaxed it out completely before finally stopping. For fun, she continued making figure-eights on her sensitive clit. She loved how Katniss felt on her hands. She continued playing while she bucked her hips on the seat. In a few seconds, she climaxed as well.


“You see?” Cornelia breathed, “Here. Touch.” She took Katniss’s hand and placed her fingers on the large spot on the pillow, “Look what you do to me. I’ve already cummed today and you’ve made me do it again.”


“Be-Because you’re an animal.”


“An animal who will fuck you whenever she damn well pleases." Cornelia tugged on her hair, pulling her head back, “You’ll soon learn to appreciate me.” She pecked her cheek, then let her go. “Let’s have breakfast, then we’ll have you spruced up for Effie.”


The two girls walked into a smaller dining room next to the sunroom. Cornelia ate in here when not entertaining guests. Four chairs at a small square table faced another fantastic view. Katniss definitely noticed the lack of erotic art in there.


“My little sister, Justice, sometimes comes and eats here. I don’t want her exposed to such adult material so early. I’d rather she learn that much later in her own time in her own way.” Not that Justice is a foolish child. She knew her big sister did less than innocent things in her private apartments. “I’ve thought of teaching her, you know." The pair sat at the table as an Avox-a strong bull of a man-pushed the breakfast buffet their way. “When she’s older obviously.”


“Teach her?”


“Sex. Romance. How to dominate,” she picked out eggs, bacon, sausage, and batter cakes covered in a maple syrup. “Or submit if that’s what she’ll prefer. She’ll have her pick from tributes and victors when she’s my age. I was sixteen when I started my collection.” She spotted Katniss’s disapproving look while she scooped up eggs. “Prim will have to learn too. It’s better they learn early and gain some experience.”


“Prim isn’t like that,” spat Katniss.


“She doesn’t have to be.” She ate her eggs mixed with bits of bacon, then said, “Oh wouldn’t it be grand if they learned together?!”


Katniss nearly choked on her new hot chocolate. “What?!”


“Prim and Justice. We can teach them together; we can swap. Unless you prefer teaching-”


“-I am not gonna let Prim do any of those dirty things with you and your sister! She’s twelve!”


Cornelia laughed at her fire. “I didn’t mean now, my love. I mean when they’re older and more mature. We can bring them here. They can lay them down comfortably on the guest bed. They'll have lots of toys for them to then you’ll have your own toy to use on Justice. The girl is already showing interest in boys believe it or not.”


“I will not. I will do anything other than that. Prim is-”


“-Then it can be you, me and Justice,” Cornelia gave ane sigh. She ate a piece of her batter cakes, then said, “You’ll have to learn to not be so prudish, Katniss. It’s no fun if you’re not open minded.”


“You’re talking about doing….that...with your little sister!”


“Better me than some brute who doesn’t care about her or her pleasure.”


Katniss glared at her. “You’re sick.”


“That’s bold of you to say,” Cornelia fired back, “Considering how hard this ‘sick animal’ has made you cum. I bet you’ve never touched yourself either. Too busy wandering around the woods with your cousin Gale.” They always did family interviews during the games. For Katniss, they'd interviewed a strong, broad boy. He looked like Katniss with grey eyes and dark hair. He claimed to be her 'cousin'. “I’m surprised you haven’t given that horse a ride or two. I bet he’s huge.”


“Leave Gale out of this.”


“You think he’ll pound me into my mattress if I asked nicely? I’m told I give pretty good-”


“-Stop it!”


Katniss banged her fist on the table, her eyes full of fury. Cornelia laughed, “Gosh, I didn’t think it’d be so easy to rile you up like this.” She washed down her meal with coffee. The rush from the Upper began taking hold. She began feeling alert and the exhaustion in her faded away. She ate more of her batter cakes as she said, “It’s a shame you can’t stay longer. I’d love to break you out more before you go.”


“Is sex all you talk about?”


“Well, I thought the rest might be boring to you.”


“What’s ‘the rest’?”


She wished Katniss hadn’t asked. She grabbed a remote from the side of the breakfast cart and pressed a speaker button. “Ajax,” she spoke in a bored tone, “Are you awake?”


A voice came out of a little speaker. “I am now,” said a sleepy voice, “How can I be of service today?”


She looked at Katniss, “What’s my schedule for today?”


After a few seconds, Ajax responded: “Your appointment with Effie Trinket to pick up Katniss is at noon. Your grandfather implores you to make sure she is presentable before she goes back. We cannot afford any more rumors. The style team will show up before your lunch with Kalista and Pan. Then there’s some free time before tending the garden with your grandfather. A bit more free time; then you pick up Justice from school. You get some free time and then have a meeting with the campaign team. Another spot of free time before dinner with the family. Oh! I've already selected Avoxes for dessert. If you want, I can set up one before dinner as well."


"Hmm," she thought for a moment, "I'll see how I'm feeling. Is the Upper prescription filled out?"


"Of course. They should be sending someone to deliver it."


“Kalista and Pan?” Katniss asked.


“Old school friends,” Ajax answered for Cornelia. “Kalista is absolutely dreadful and Pan is ladder-climbing scum. Unfortunately, they're also two of the richest people in Panem. Their connections can help garner votes for Cornelia in the upcoming election.”


“Speaking of which, poll status?” asked Cornelia.


“Marcus is in the lead by five points. Your projected to go up within the next few days.”


Cornelia couldn’t stand Marcus. A boy from a well-to-do family who wants to play at politics. She finished off her batter cakes.“Remind me to talk with Grandpa about it. Put it in the planner.”


“Will do. You’ll be happy to know Livia dropped out of the race. A bunch of rather compromising pictures of her surfaced over night and she dropped out an hour ago."


Cornelia grinned. Grandpa. “What a shame. What about Tanners and Lucretia?”


“Both still in, but I wouldn’t worry. Tanners is old and out of touch with the people, and Lucretia has terrible campaign managers.”


“Good thing Grandpa took over mine,” Cornelia said to both Ajax and Katniss. “He did win his election, so I guess that’s one advantage I have.”


“Aren’t you a little worried though?” Katniss finished her meal, but went for a second plate. “You can still lose even with the president’s support.”


“Very true, pet,” Cornelia raised a cup to her, then sipped it. “With a little persuasion and hard work, I can get to where I want to be.” Which is the top. “I might skip over importing and go right into presidential. Grandpa says I need to have proper credentials and background experience. Ajax, put that on the list as well. I want to have all my points in line before I go.”


A chime rang through the room and broke through the conversation. “Breakfast is over, madam,” said Ajax, “Trinket just called. She’s on the move.”


Cornelia grumbled, tossing a fork on the table, “Great. I suppose that’s after breakfast dessert canceled, right Katniss?”


Katniss stuffed eggs into her mouth. Cornelia snorted again, then hung up with Ajax. “Not all Capitol citizens are lazy. I have a lot on my plate. If you’re interested,” she considered it, “You can join my campaign trail. They usually run after the Victory Tour, but I can do little spurts alongside you. I am your best friend after all.”


Her smile sickened Katniss.

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