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Not having Katniss around brought on a dull existence. Cornelia trudged through day after day enduring meeting, fundraisers, and luncheons. She drank champagne while discussing the importing issues coming from District 11. The uprising there made producing and exporting goods impossible. District 3 had done the same. A lot of her friends complained about the lack of new music disks in the market. Her mind often drifted back to Katniss. She’d ignited a spark in the districts when she won the games. Cornelia tried reassuring people that Katniss is not involved in anything. Katniss is a humble girl who preferred her simple life back home to the Capitol’s luxuries. She also spent a good amount of time alongside Ajax researching her opponents. Tanners suffered a sudden stroke that disqualified him from the running. Lucretia’s managers struggled to keep her name afloat. Her points are so low in the polls nobody bothers looking her way.


“She’ll get stuck overseeing sanitation at this rate,” joked Ajax.


Marcus proved a bit more difficult. Brown eyes painted with gold flakes, he dyed his hair red. A smug sneer is always plastered on his face, Marcus called himself “The Son of the Capitol”. It disgusted you. Ajax worked night and day sniffing out information, but found nothing worth the time. She’d ask her grandfather for advice, but she’d rather figure it out herself.


The only high point came halfway through fall. She planned on seeing Katniss in a few days. This left her rescheduling meetings and having Ajax take all her messages. Ajax and her prep team compiled several winter outfits for her to take up to District 12. She wanted to look nice for her love. She’d called her a few times since she’d left, but they never measured up to seeing her in person. Cornelia longed to feel Katniss’s body. She spent her free hours rubbing herself to the idea of Katniss’s mouth on her; the sound of her soft sighs. One day after coming back from the garden, she found her bedroom door ajar. She’d ordered her Avoxes to finish packing up her things for the journey, so it hadn’t concerned her. When she opened the door, she saw her sister instead. Little Justice, in her black and white school uniform, sat on her bed holding the black box. A cold sweat came over Cornelia as she stepped further into the room.


“Justice, what are you doing in my room?” she asked.


Kneeling on a bed of crimson sheets, Justice pouted, “I came in here looking for you so you could help me with my homework. But then I saw you weren’t here and I didn’t know where you were, so I thought I’d wait. That’s when I found this box.”


Cornelia saw she’d opened it. “What did Mom tell you about snooping through people’s things?”


“It fell on the floor and opened.” A lie, but a sweet one. “Are these your special toys?”


“Yes, they are.” She came to the edge of the bed. The room became stifling. She removed her light jacket and kicked off her boots. She should take the box from her. She should scold her for picking it up and looking through it. Yet, she did not. “You’ll have your own someday.”


“I want to have a big collection like you,” grinned Justice. She picked up one of the smaller dildos Cornelia owned. “Why is this one so small?”


“I don’t think we should-”


“-I’m not a baby, Cornelia. I know what you do with your victor friends.”


“You do?”


“Yeah. I’ve seen the paintings you keep around your apartment,” she said. “I saw you with the girl from District 1 in the library, and then the boy from District 7.” She rolled the toy between her fingers, “Grandpa doesn’t know that I know. Promise you won’t tell?”


Cornelia couldn’t help smiling, “I promise. Hand that over,” she took the toy from her sister and sat next to her. “This is a dildo. You use it when you want to do things to yourself but don’t have anyone around. They come in all kinds of colors, sizes and materials. This one is silicone. See?” she shook the toy so it flopped around, “It’s shaped like a dick because usually women use it, but men can use it too.”


“They can?”




“Where do they put it?”


“In their butt.”


“What?!” she clapped her own hands over her bottom, “There?!”


She laughed, “Yeah, there.”


“But why is this one so small?” she then questioned.


“I like to use this for teasing.”


“Teasing? Like calling them names and pushing them around?”


“Something like that. You see, whenever one of my servants or a friend misbehaves, I sometimes use this. It gives them that good feeling they want, but keeps them from finishing because it doesn’t go all the way.”




“When you have an orgasm, which is when your insides get tight and you feel like you’re gonna pee.”


“I’ve had one of those!”




Justice blushed a deep red. “I...I sometimes rub it on my pillow at night. I can’t help it. It feels really good afterwards and my underwear get all sticky.”


The thought of her sister riding a soft, plush pillow awakened that beast inside her. She quickly batted it away and put the dildo in the box. “That’s interesting. I used to do the same thing. You shouldn't feel ashamed,” she reassured her. “It’s natural. You’ll be doing it with someone you love one day. Do you do it a lot?”


“Every night since I started.”


“Do you last long?”


“Not always.”


She had a thought. “There’s this too,” she pulled out a silver egg-shaped toy, “It’s called a bullet and it’s attached to this.” She took hold of the remote inside the box, “You put it on the top part of your thing and turn this on.” The bullet on the bed, it gave a loud hum once she pressed the button. Justice giggled, “And it feels super good.”


“Can I try it?”


Cornelia hesitated at the question. She shouldn’t. She’s too young. Then again, her own sexual journey began at her age. She’d stuck to humping pillows or stuffed animals much like Justice. Would it be so bad? She can teach her to make it last. Justice can learn to properly please herself and what a real orgasm is. Cornelia turned off the bullet and held it in her hand. A bullet will be a nice first toy. There’s no insertion needed. She can roll it around her soft, warm, hot clit until she shuddered in an orgasm. Cornelia’s mouth watered thinking of it. She’d wanted to wait until she grew older and she will. A little taste though…


“Yeah,” Cornelia nodded. “Sure, why not? It’s a pretty simple toy, honestly. You do what I said and it’ll work.” She handed the bullet and remote to Justice, who stared in wonder.


“You really mean it?”


“I do. Just don’t tell Mom or Grandpa. I’m not supposed to give you this stuff.”


“Oh thank you, Cornelia!”


She flung her arms around her older sister and hugged her. She body molded right into Cornelia’s embrace. The temptation to feel down her back tickled Cornelia, but she didn’t take the bait. Not now. There’s too many people walking around. Even Ajax will have to whisper in her grandfather’s ear. When she pulled away, Justice kissed her cheek and slid off the bed.


“Now go hide that and then finish your homework,” Cornelia told her.


“Yes, Cornelia.”


When she knew Justice left the apartments, she pulled the brunette Avox into her bedroom.


A long day of work concluded, the family sat down to dinner in the east dining room. Right next to the west gardens, she admired the waxing moon bright in the sky. It’d be clear skies tonight. Perfect. Digging into her lamb chops and mashed potatoes, she listened to her father drone on about his day. He said he’s glad his little girl is going into his department. She’d didn’t tell him her plans did not involve working there the rest of her life. It’s a simple title for her resume. As her grandfather said, she needed proper credentials and experience. Her mother talked about an amazing luncheon Cornelia just happened to miss. Her eyes landed on Justice across the table, who spooned peas and carrots into her mouth. An angelic thing, she’d changed out of her school clothes into her silk pajamas. Made of satin, she awed at the small kittens printed on the pink field. Her nanny told them she’d made use of her mother’s spa. Her skin looked fresh and her hair sleek and shiny. Cornelia knew her mischief. She used to spruce herself up when she planned a particularly long session.


“When do you plan on going up to 12, dear?” her mother, a blonde woman with rhinestones dotted around her eyes. “I want to throw a dinner party to send you off.”


“Day after tomorrow,” she said, cutting into the last bit of lamb chop.


“Is it necessary for you to go up there, darling?” asked her grandfather, wiping his beard. “The outline districts are nothing to look at.”


“I’m only going to visit Katniss,” you told him. “Plus, it’ll be good for me to see the other districts. If I’m going to be president one day, I should be familiar with Panem, shouldn’t I?”


He gave a smile that worried her. “You certainly do a lot for your friends, my dear. I know that for a fact.”


“It’s why she has so many,” her mother sipped her wine, giving a wide smile.


“If you want, I can get in touch with my supervisors down there,” her father told her. “They can give you a little tour of their productions. You can even observe an inspection.”


Cornelia glanced to her grandfather, then back to her father, “Yeah. That’ll be nice.”


“Do you have to go?” frowned Justice.


“It’s only for a short while, little dove,” she smiled softly. “I’ll be back before you know it.”


“Can I come?”


She paused, “Next time. Promise”


The family retired to their rooms. Ajax left an Avox-this time a slight, pale boy-on her bed. The boy held onto the edge of the bed, eyes cast downwards onto the burgundy carpet. Any other night, she’d have him. Tonight she wanted someone else. “Get my white night dress,” she ordered, unclipping her hair, “The silk one with lace. I’m seeing someone special tonight.”


The boy helped her dress, then she sent him back to his post. Soft-sole slippers quieting her footsteps, Cornelia snuck down the dark hallway. Her grandfather is not doubt snoring in his bedchamber. Her parents will be fast asleep after a few more glasses of wine. The Avoxes can’t and will not say anything. She tiptoed past all the rooms until she found Justice’s near a parlor. She pressed her ear to the door for a listen. Whimpers and buzzing came faintly to her through the wood. She clenched her thighs continuing listening on. She sounded so much softer than in Cornelia’s fantasies. The dirtiest images filled her mind and she knew she should turn back. Leave Justice to her exploration. Come back when she’s older and more at home with her body. But hearing the continued whining, she turned the knob and slipped inside.


In a room of pink and white, the scene before her appeared more sinful. A pair of ruffled underwear dangling from her ankle, Justice kept a hand between her legs. Her thighs shielded the part Cornelia wanted the most. Staying in the shadows, she watched her sister from afar. The small bullet remote laid beside her on the bed, a red light indicating its usage. Her hands rolled the bullet over herself, making her give such delicate sounds. Cornelia took in her slim figure against the white sheets; the way her hair fanned out on the pillow under her. Pearly teeth bit down on rose petal lips; her eyes full of desire and need looked to her hands below. Her breasts, two small lumps on her chest, remained covered by her top. Cornelia snuck a hand into her panties, copying her sister’s motions from afar. Oh how wonderful it’d feel to have something so precious. It’d be the one time. She’s only being a good sister. Cornelia slid her fingers around her lips in circular motions. Were Justice older, she’d ravage her right there.


Cornelia let out a moan and Justice shot up from her bed. “Cornelia!” she cried out, legs now locked together, “What are you doing here?”


“I wanted to see if you were enjoying your new toy,” said Cornelia. She came into the moonlight, “Do you like it?”




“There’s no need to be shy.” Her pussy throbbed, but she calmed herself. She reached the bed and sat down, “How are you using it?”


“How you said.”


“Show me.”


“Show you?”


“Yeah, so I can see if you’re using it right.” She noticed damp spots near Justice’s crotch, and she smiled, “You must be. How many times?”


“Just once.”


“But I bet it feels so good you’re going again?”


Justice remained quiet. She looked at her knees as she said, “Cornelia, can I ask you something?”


“Anything.” Seeing her sister reluctant, she drew closer. “What is it?”


“Can you do to me what you did to the District 1 girl?”


“What I did to the-”


“-Please, I promise I won’t say anything. You said she was special to you and I want to be special to you too.”


“You are special to me, little dove.”


She laid back on the pillows and spread her legs. The bullet, still vibrating, went back to her swollen lips. She quaked each time it passed over her clit, which is most likely sensitive by now. She angled her hips to show Cornelia how she used it like a rolling pin for her velvety folds. Cornelia sighed deeply as she watched, swallowing back the lump in her throat.


“You can do it like this.”


Cornelia took the bullet from her. She laid down in front of Justice; her face inches from her sex. It glistened in the half light from the windows. The tip of the bullet brought out more fluid from the center, which she pushed around the swollen nub. It felt harder than a rock; it asked her to come play. Cornelia remained in awe as she pleasured her sister. She didn’t stop her hips from moving or quiet her cries. She let Justice’s body fully enjoy the pleasure filling it little by little. Cornelia grabbed a pillow near Justice and straddled it. The plush cushion molded to the curvature of her body to give her the proper friction. She slipped the bullet through the middle where Justice began lifting her hips. She wants more. Every woman gave the exact same signal. She lapped up the juices spilling to the sides as the toy stayed on her clit.


“Corne-ne-nelia,” Justice gasped, back arching and hands clawing her pillow. “Corne-nelia, I think I’m going to-to-”


She came in hard tremors. Justice covered her mouth with a stuffed animal, crying out through the furry fabric. Cornelia continued until her body finally relaxed. In the meantime, she propped herself on her elbows and began riding the pillow fully. The pillow brushing on her exposed pussy drove Cornelia insane. On a whim, she stuck the bullet inside her panties right on her entrance. Nestled there, desire crashed over her like a tidal wave. Cornelia hooked her arms around Justice’s thighs. She attacked her overly sensitive sex right away. Her sister squeaked and yelped at the broad licks and flicks she gave her. Cornelia spotted her hands near her breasts.


“Grab them,” she told her in a breath. “Grab and play with them, little dove.”


Justice did as asked. She squeezed and toyed with her small breasts under her shirt. Cornelia did the favor of lifting it, aweing at the tiny pink nipples there. She took a break from her cunt to suck and nibble on them. The bullet vibrated lightly on her due to the shift in position. They'll have coated it completely by now. She kissed her. She caressed her. She explored every inch of her body. The only person as good was Katniss. Finally returning to the middle, she slid a finger carefully into the tightness. Her hole lubed and open, she knew it didn’t hurt. She only used one the entire time, pushing on her core and sucking her small, hard button. Justice’s third orgasm stayed in little squeals in time with Cornelia’s fingers. Cornelia’s vibrated into her sex alongside her finger.


“Stop, stop, stop,” said Justice, who scrambled away giggling. “It’s too ticklish now.”


“Well, you came a lot, sweet dove,” murmured Cornelia, planting wet kisses on her inner thighs. She took up the remote to shut off the bullet, the ball finally resting inside her soaked underwear. “Let’s clean you up so you can sleep.”


She drew the bath herself. The two sisters slipped into the citrus scented bath Justice loved so much. Cornelia washed her sister from head to toe in soft strokes until she smelled fresh and clean. They shared a few kisses and comforting words. She’d done so well for her first time. Most girls don’t do as well. When they finished, she slid into bed beside her. She adored no other. She cherished no other. Katniss can easily become a fleeting fancy; a girl she’ll pass on over once the next Hunger Games comes around. Justice will always be there. She gazed on her sleeping and the uprisings came back. What if the Dark Days returned? What if it happens again? She kissed her sister’s forehead. She’ll protect her. Always.


The following day she tolerated more meetings. Ajax set up interviews for the campaign trail. He secured locations where she can hold rallies for supporters. Marcus booked those same places, she’d learned. She steadily began hating him. She thought of the snotty boy during her free period. She’d called in the skinny boy while she overlooked investigation reports. Bent over the files, the boy held her by the hips as he did his duty.


“How can someone maintain a clean record?” she asked herself, feeling the boy’s long rod slide in and out of her. “He-He has no secrets? Impossible. Everyone has secrets.”


Secrets. Secrets can break his golden boy image in a snap. Pushing herself faster onto the cock, she knew two people who dealt in secrets. Ajax, master of persuasion and discretion, and Finnick Odair. Victor of the 65th Hunger Games, the man is the youngest victor to date having won at age 14. Due to his good looks, he gained a reputation in the Capitol as a heartbreaker. She hadn’t bothered. He’s too popular. The Avox began pushing right on the sweetest spot and her eyes rolled back. She’d get in touch with Finnick. It is a stretch, but he may know a secret she can keep.


“Ajax!” she called on the brink of climax, “Ajax, in here now!”


The man appeared almost instantly. Completely unbothered by the scene before him, he stood patiently as Cornelia came.


Spiraling down from the high, Cornelia pulled herself away. She noticed the boy remained hard having not reached his peak with her. Without word, Ajax approached him and grabbed it. “Nice,” he awed, “I didn’t think it’d be this nice since he’s so thin. Pretty too,” he examined the boy’s face. He looked to Cornelia while he stroked him, “You rang?”


“Get me Finnick Odair.”


“Finnick Odair? Heartthrob Finnick? I thought we’d settled on Katniss-stay still,” he snapped to the shuffling boy. “-Why the change of heart?”


“It’s not for sex. He might be in touch with people who know Marcus.”


The boy whimpered. She noticed tears beginning to fall down his pink cheeks. Cornelia coughed and pointed his way. “Stop crying,” Ajax ordered, “Or I’ll give you something to cry about.” The boy hushed up, looking away at the hand violating him. “That can certainly be arranged. I can organize a pit stop on the way to 12. He can meet us at the station.”


“Perfect. I’d hoped for a holiday, but desperate times call for desperate measures.”


“I said stop crying!” Ajax slapped the boy’s wet face. He turned him around and forced him onto the desk. “Do you mind?” he glanced at her.


“Not at all. He’s new. He needs proper training."


Ajax took off his belt and folded it. Cornelia watched him lay the first few smacks across the boy’s ass cheeks. The leather made beautiful red marks right away. “As I was saying,” she said, “Desperate times. I need to ruin his image somehow and he’s got nothing. Everyone has something.” She wiped a wet cloth over her slick center, “Finnick might know something useful.”


“He’ll want a secret in return,” said Ajax, spanking the boy a few more times. Over the boy’s cries, he asked, “What should we tell him?”


“It’d have to be something juicy. He’ll take nothing less.”


“And you have so many juicy ones,” he smiled teasingly.


“It can’t be anything he can tell Marcus should the bastard ask.”


“That you enjoy women over men?”


“Hm, maybe. People aren’t as picky about that these days. We’ll mull it over later-oh will you shut him up?! I’m trying to think! Here,” she handed him tape from the desk.


He stuck a few strips together, then sealed it over the boy’s mouth. He continued belting him and Cornelia said, “I have gag balls in the guest room. Feel free to use them.”


“Such a generous woman! Come on, you,” he forced the boy to stand, “You’ve gotten my blood going, boy.” She heard him say as he left the room, “You’re relieved of your post for today. I have a brand new bottle of Uppers we can try!”


She knew one thing for certain, she’ll never tell Finnick about Justice. If she did, it will definitely end her. It’ll end her entire family. Slumping back into an armchair, the exhaustion of the day came crawling over her. She rifled in a nearby drawer for a small prescription bottle. She swallowed the Upper dry, then waited patiently. Marcus will go down. She will take the position from him. Her eyes landed on a picture of her grandfather on the fireplace mantle. She will take his place one way or another. The bell chimed and she realized it was lunch time.


Her mother invited all her “friends” for the dinner party. For most, a dinner party consists of full course meal of three or four dishes in total. Knowing her mother, Cornelia definitely expected more. They started with hors d'oeuvres: a wide range of finger foods served on silver platters. She nibbled on deviled eggs listening to them talk about the latest trends and gossip. She’d much rather be upstairs strategizing. This election meant everything to her. It’d give a proper jump start on her career. The servants then brought out the second course: soups. Springtime mint broth, raspberry froth soup, seafood stew, and various other kinds. She sipped a tomato based soup that also brought bread rolls. Justice sneaked one onto her plate and bit it. She thought back to their night together. Justice appeared overly affectionate and clingy tonight; not that she expected anything less. Thankfully only one person noticed.


“You two are awfully close tonight,” her grandfather noted as he ate the seafood stew.


“She doesn’t want me to go. You know how she gets when I leave home.”


The excuse did not fool him. Had he heard them? Had he sent Ajax to spy on her comings and goings? She’d never put it past him. The third course-exotic sushi and smoked salmon-sailed by them. People asked her questions about her friendship with Katniss. She rolled out lie after lie to whoever asked. She’d never tell them the truth; they’d absolutely die. They stuffed themselves on the fourth course of rare roast beef and green peas mixed with onions. Katniss and her are the best of friends and talk every day. She’s highly supportive of Cornelia’s campaign. If she could vote-Cornelia claimed-it’d be no question. After a palette cleanser of melon balls, servants removed the dishes. They replaced them with fowls stuffed with nuts and berries. She dodged questions about the tiny cuts on her face. Nobody needed to know about Katniss’s disobedience. Ajax appeared beside her as she cut into her fowl.


“I arranged the meeting,” he whispered. “Finnick will meet us at the station tomorrow. I set a course to have one of the stops there. Oh gosh,” he went weak in his knees, “To go to the beach! Please tell me we’ll get some sun while there. I heard the weather is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Can we split some time to visit the seaside arena too? I’ve always wanted to see it!”


“Do as you please, Ajax. I’d never stop you.”


“And, madam, if I may ask,” he leaned in even closer, “The boy from this afternoon...May I-”


“-He’s yours,” she smiled. “A gift from me to you, my old friend.”


He beamed and kissed her cheek before returning to his seat. Her grandfather spoke again, “Finnick Odair?”


“A strategy for our gold problem,” she hinted. “It’s becoming bothersome and he can help shovel some of the dirt underneath.”


“I see,” he nodded. “Good thinking. Make sure you don’t-”


“-Don’t tell him anything in return. Ajax and I have it sorted out.”


“Yes,” he drawled, “It’d be especially awful if a particular weed came out of the dirt.” He glanced to her sister eating nearby. “You have no restraint, Cornelia, and you will need it if you ever want to be in my place. I told you to wait. She is much too young.”


“Grandpa, she-”


“-I won’t discuss this here. I will only tell you that you’re lucky it was Cecelia I sent after you.”


She glared to the dark-skinned woman down the table. She should’ve known. “Yes, Grandpa,” she pushed away her fowl. “As you wish, I will restrain myself next time.”




Different flavored sorbets came as their sixth course. They dived into roasted pigs, chicken or lambs for the seventh. More salads for the eight course. By this time Cornelia thought she’ll explode. She called for a servant who brought her a shot glass of clear liquid. They called it a Flusher, considering it flushed all the food from your stomach. She drank it in the bathroom, then ended up hurling into the toilet. She learned several other people did the same afterwards.


“Cornelia,” Justice grabbed her attention, “Will you sleep in my room again tonight?”


“I can’t, little dove,” she told her, dabbing her mouth.


Following the salads, they served cold puree vegetable soup or spring vegetable rolls. “How come? You don’t like it?” Justice asked, biting into a crunchy roll.


“I do,” she admitted. “But I think we should wait until your older to really have fun, okay?”


“I’ll be thirteen in a few months!” she smiled. “Then can we?”




The answer should have been ‘no’. Yet, seeing Justice’s hopeful eyes and cheery smile, she couldn’t say it. Finally, the sweets course arrived in the form of cakes, pies, eclairs, and ice cream. Cornelia sampled every dish in front of her as she talked politics with cabinet members. A few of them favored Marcus. Knowing his connections, it didn’t surprise her. She’ll change their minds after she talks to Finnick. Ending on chilled fruits and assorted cheeses, the party moved into their cafe parlor. People drank coffees, smoked cigars and asked for more wine. Her mother hired a small band to play for them, which resulted in lots of drunken dancing.


“Katniss would like this,” the blonde said to Ajax. “She’d certainly enjoy the food.” She noticed a few of the Marcus supporters standing in a corner. She wondered how Marcus enticed them. Money, no doubt, but they had more than enough. Gifts? What kind? These men had every luxury possible. Cornelia then noticed the lack of women around them. Their wives must be off elsewhere or otherwise absent from the party. Lounging on the sofa next to Ajax, she smirked. “Want to make this party a bit interesting?”


Ajax studied her face, a wicked grin curling the longer he stared. “What are you thinking?”


“Where’s my mother?”


“Drawing room next door with the book club.”


Flanked by her assistant, Cornelia found her mother sitting with other middle-aged women. “Oh sweetheart,” her mother called, “I was telling Anaya about your outfits for the trip! She’d love to-”


“-Mom, I’ve been talking to a few people around here and…” she gave her a worried glance, “And they’re getting bored. The dinner, as always, was fabulous but the after party is stale.”




“Mom, look at the entertainment you’ve set up.”


“Jazzy and the Limestones are a great band!” she said affronted.


“But they’re old news, Mom. May I suggest something?”


“Of course, love.”


It took more convincing and lies, but before anyone knew, the doors opened. Cornelia headed to the front wearing the largest smile. This will get Marcus’s supporters considering. A long line of Avoxes walked into the room single file. She stood atop a chair and addressed her guests. “Ladies and gentleman, as a thank you for coming to my vacation send off,” she began, “I’ve arranged a special gift.” The word ‘gift’ caught their attention. She knew the alcohol and food floating around the room sedated most of them. “May I present diamonds in my collection; the freshest fruits of the basket..." She gestured to the Avox group, “My personal Avoxes!” Many of the people clapped and cheered. Men and women pressed forward, examining and feeling the silence servants before them.


“Please, feel free to sample whatever flavor you like. My assistant Ajax Connor will provide you with the necessities should you want them.”


After a bit of coaxing, persuasion, liquor and Uppers, the fucking began. They did it in duos, trios, and groups. She saw a group of men carry off one of the blondes, while two women took turns riding her large, burly Avox. They licked wine off their conquests; rubbed food spreads over Avoxes to eat from each other. They ate more, drank more, and took whoever passed by them. It was beautiful. The debauchery spiraled further down as the night wore on. She noted her grandfather taking two girls upstairs with him. Her father ravaged a tearful boy in front of his coworkers. Her mother pegged the one across from him, forcing the two boys to kiss. She sat back in a chair in the corner, legs open for an Avox to fill or suck on, and drank more wine. She promised a member or two if they played their cards right, they can keep the ones they liked. She can always get replacements.


By the next morning, all the cabinet members promised her their vote.

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