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Her day went on as expected. Her lunch with Kalista and Pan proved to be boring. Kalista recently shaved down her jaw and cheekbones, which made her hard to digest. Pan dyed his hair an unnatural shade of pink that clashed against his blue-tinged skin. She spent most of their time asking about wealthy friends interested in meeting her. Ajax quietly wrote down their names; Cornelia advised him to get in contact with said persons. Their funding can help the campaign immensely. Cornelia then purchased a multitude of clothes and shoes for her closet. Despite appearances, Cornelia humored them in a threesome in Pan’s new penthouse. Cornelia enjoyed Kalista's newest implants, ignoring her banshee screams. Oral skills left to be desires, Pan’s length still made Cornelia squirt all over his sheets.


Her grandfather gave her the usual lectures in his garden. He told her about the importance of the people’s interest while she tugged out weeds from the rose beds. He explained she should promise them safety and security. He also mentioned the nastiness about one of her opponents. He claimed it's a shame to lose such a promising candidate. Trimming bushes, Cornelia listened to him talk about uprisings in the districts. Not everyone believed Katniss’s girl-in-love act. They took her trick with the nightlock berries as an act of defiance. They saw it as her beating the Capitol at their own game. Peacekeepers have controlled the situation, but the risk is there. The threat is right at the edge and spreading fast. Cornelia immediately began throwing suggestions at him. They scan intimidate them, crush their hopes, and burn out their dreams. He said that’ll only worsen things. They needed a softer approach. He told her his worries about Katniss; he plans to visit her himself. He assured her Marcus will not be a problem much longer. Everything will fall into its rightful place, he said.


Taking another Upper, Cornelia rode her driver’s long member in the front seat. The tip of his cock hit her in the right spot every time, causing her to cum hard all over him. Then they picked up her sister. Slim, her brown hair falling past her shoulders, Justice is the Capitol’s sweetheart. Only twelve, she already captured so many hearts including Cornelia's. They’d talked about her day at school all the way home, until she asked the fatal question: “When will I have a pet?” to which Cornelia responded, “When you’re old enough and if you still want one.” She’ll be lying if she said the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. Her free time ended up spent picturing her sweet sister. Blossomed into womanhood, she’d lay naked on Cornelia’s bed. Her warm cunt ripe for tasting, she'll squeal and giggle at her sister's tongue. She’d ask her to fill her, to make love to her, to be her first. In some versions, Katniss sat beside them. Yet, she came imaging Justice telling her how good her dick felt in her. She saw her slim figure bouncing up and down on the long toy. She imagined her tits in Cornelia's gentle hands. She came twice from the thought alone. She saw Justice again after the campaign meeting, and gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek.


Then time came for the interview. Her style team spent hours putting her in a backless dress of shimmering orange and black. Sleek lines curved out her figure for people to drool over. Butterflies clipped into her updo, she pitied Katniss. It’ll be her interview, but people will only look at Cornelia. She’d have divulged in the pretty Avox who served them drinks, yet gave her up to Fluxen instead. She can’t mess up her outfit now. At the interview, Caesar Flickerman asked Katniss all kinds of questions. The blue-haired man wore a sparkling suit of midnight blue. He changed his outfit every Hunger Games, which became a recurring theme. The girl answered in her usual forced smile way. She hated the Capitol people. She hated the way they lived so rich and carefree. Cornelia knew this of course, and wished Katniss acted more natural. People in the districts need to believe she did it out of love for Peeta. They need to think that Katniss is not the smart, resourceful girl they'd seen in the games. She's a giddy schoolgirl who'd fallen in love at the wrong time.


“But you’ve gained one good thing from this experience,” Caesar said, glancing to the crowd, “A new best friend.”


“Oh yes,” Katniss reached for Cornelia’s hand, “Cornelia is my best friend.”


“So we’ve heard. So we’ve heard. Now, how did this friendship come about?”


“Well,” Cornelia answered, “When Katniss made her big splash at the Tribute Parade, I just had to get to know her! I wanted to know who was that cool girl in the cool costume!” she waited for the audience’s laughter. “We got to talking after the parade and we met up the next day after her training sessions. She’s really a sweetie once you get to know her. Very funny.”




“Cornelia’s been very nice to me,” she replied. “I don’t think I’d have gotten through the past few days without her. She’s been very supportive.”


“As a good friend should,” he nodded. “From what I understand, Cornelia, you were there in the hovercraft when they picked up Katniss?”


“I was. I wanted to be one of the first people she saw. I...I wanted to see if she was okay. After all I’d seen her go through in the arena, I needed to see it with my own eyes. That explosion sent her flying pretty high. I thought she might’ve gotten hit by shrapnel or something.”


“Yes,” Katniss steadying her voice, “She said she wanted to be the first one. She made sure the doctors took good care of me.”


“I was even there when…” Cornelia gave Katniss a careful glance, “When Peeta…”


She squeezed Katniss’s hand as the girl finished, “When Peeta died.”


The people awed. “Oh such a tragedy but so beautiful!” said Caesar, “Two friends looking out for one another! What did you think about the nightlock?”


“I was…” she gave a dramatic pause, “Worried, Caesar. I really was. I knew how much Katniss loved Peeta; that she’d rather die than live without him. But I wanted to reach into that screen, shake her, and tell her how foolish it was.” She made sure the cameras caught her teary eyes, “To throw your life away like that! Oh Katniss! You scared me that day!”


“I’m sorry, Cornelia.” She then added, “I would’ve done the same for you.”


The audience awed at their words. “A friendship we all wish we could have,” said Caesar. “I trust you girls are planning to stay in touch?”


“Yes,” Cornelia said. The thought came back quick and she glimpsed to her grandfather on the balcony. His curious gazed asked her ‘what are you doing?’ “I actually plan to joining her on the Victory Tour later this year.”


This roused the crowd immediately. “Is that so?”


“You are?” asked a stunned Katniss.


“Surprise!” Cornelia beamed. “I asked Grandpa and he said it was okay! Right, Grandpa?!”


Cameras and eyes on him, he gave a curt nod. She’ll explain things later. The rest of the interview focused on them as friends. Cornelia occasionally glanced into the crowd. She spotted a few familiar faces. She saw how some of them ate her up. Victors are novelties in the Capitol; people pay for the pleasure of their company. It’s common for her grandfather to arrange private meetings for the elites. Things are different this year. Since the crowning ceremony, she made her ownership clear. Tonight, she showed them. Holding Katniss’s hand they all knew. Katniss is off limits. Not a single soul may enjoy her.


The interview ended and Cornelia escorted Katniss to the Tribute Center alone. She looked ravishing. Since Cornelia tore her Crowning dress, they fashioned up a replica. She wore her hair loose this time. No doubt they are trying to steer away from her rebellious actions.


“The nightlock will cost you,” she said in the seclusion of the glass elevator. “My grandfather and a lot of others aren’t happy about it. You showed them up and that makes them angry.”


“I didn’t mean to,” she replied. “I only did what was right for me and Peeta. Not that it worked.”


“Yes, Peeta died. Still, people didn’t believe your crazy in love act. I know I didn’t and neither did my grandfather.” She turned to face her, brushing hair off her shoulder, “You’ll have to really work hard during this Victory Tour. My grandfather will visit you beforehand. I don’t know what he’ll ask of you, but it won’t be nice. I’ll be there to help you.” She closed the gap between them, putting her arms around Katniss and kissing her. “I haven’t had anything sweet all day.”


“So having sex multiple times in a day isn’t enough?”


“Not when there’s a fresh supply of Uppers.” She fished out a tiny pink pill from her cleavage.


“Right,” she watched Cornelia take the pill with dread.


“It’s our last night together,” she pecked Katniss’s lips softly, “I want to enjoy you one more time before you go.”


Cornelia pressed the emergency stop button on the panel. The box came to an abrupt halt midway to the penthouse. She pushed Katniss into the glass wall behind her and locked their lips together. This time, Katniss did not bother fighting back. She stayed still while Cornelia enjoyed her. She knew the silent threat the older woman carried: submit or else. Yet, she promised something else. She’d protect her. She’d care for her. All Katniss needed to do was submit and Cornelia will serve her. Lips caressing, tongues flicking together, that tight feeling inside her came to life. Cornelia palmed one of her breasts while keeping a hand in her hair. Her lip gloss hinted at cherries this time. It’s as if her stylist, Cinna, wished to appease her.


“Wa-wait," Katniss mumbled, feeling Cornelia’s lips travel to her collarbone, “We need to go.”


“We don’t ‘need’ to do anything,” muttered Cornelia, giving the base of her neck a nibble.


“Haymitch...Effie...They’ll be waiting for me.”


“They know you’re with me. Don’t worry about them.”


This time Cinna added a clasp to the neckline of the dress. Hidden behind a small rose in the center, the little hook helped the front fall to the sides. No bra this time. She saw they’d built it into the dress. She’ll reward Cinna heavily for this. Still caressing them, she kissed down Katniss despite the roughness of her dress. She smoothed it around her so she can feel her hips, her thighs, the shape of her. Cornelia will never get enough no matter how many times they met. Katniss tried pushing away her hands once they slipped under the dress. She kicked her knees at her arms and hit her palms through the dress. Cornelia struggled through to the underwear that she yanked down. She slapped one of Katniss’s breasts, but she continued on fighting.


“Settle down,” cooed Cornelia, “Settle down, pet. I only want a little taste. Surely you can give me that?” Katniss continued fighting as Cornelia lifted the dress. Her bare sex inches away, she held Katniss against the wall tightly and gave a single lick. “Delicious.” As she began rolling and whirling the delicate folds, Katniss continued wrestling away. No matter how many hits or bites she gave to her thighs, the girl persisted. “I guess you’re in a fighting mood tonight, huh?” Cornelia smirked. “Alright, I’ll play for a bit.”


Cornelia threw her to the floor by her hair, then slid over her. Katniss punched and kicked at her in spite of Cornelia’s roaming hands.


“Get off me!” she smacked Cornelia across the face.


The hit burning on her cheek, she only smiled. “That’s it,” she said, grabbing the sides of the unzipped top, “Fight me. Hit me. Come on, Girl on Fire. Fight back.”


Katniss hit her again, this time near the neck. Cornelia retaliated with a backhand, the ring on her finger cutting her cheek. She fought for Katniss’s wrists. She pinned them to the floor, Katniss now screaming for help, as her hand went back between her legs. She gave the lips a few rubs before finally slipping inside. The intrusion made Katniss cry out loud. One of her hands broke free and she pulled Cornelia’s hair hard. Tugging her to the floor, Cornelia’s fingers slid out of her and Katniss made for the elevator panel. She did not get far. Cornelia grabbed the back of her dress, using it as a leash to bring her back onto the floor. This time, she straddled Katniss’s face and buried her own into her pussy. Sweetness touched her tongue and filled her mouth. She forced Katniss’s thighs onto the floor while her tongue attacked her center. This was their best time yet. Katniss then locked her legs around Cornelia’s head, rolled them both over and tore herself away.


“Come back here, slut!” called Cornelia.


Katniss reached for the elevator buttons, but Cornelia pushed her back. Their bodies crashed to the floor, Cornelia once again on top. She lifted both Katniss’s legs until her body curved into a C-shape. Bottom half exposed to the air now, Cornelia kept thighs and torso together. She snaked her tongue inside Katniss. Her fingers flattened on the floor and slid herself upwards. She hoped this might break Cornelia's hold. But Cornelia only followed her.


“I’ve never seen someone run from pleasure,” she told Katniss, rubbing her clitoris now. She held on tight and flicked her tongue over Katniss’s wet holes. Small strands of stickiness streamed away from her entrance whenever Cornelia licked upwards. She used this juice to lube her tight bottom. Then she started swirling her tongue around the little entrance while teasing her clit. “Perhaps tonight I can play with this,” she grinned, poking the tip of her tongue into it.


“No!” she retorted.


Tearing a butterfly clip from her hair, Katniss slashed the clip end at her face. Cornelia felt the small sting of a cut on her skin, though it didn’t faze her. She decided enough was enough. Unrolling Katniss from her position, Cornelia hiked up her dress to her waist. She’d purposefully avoided wearing underwear for this moment. Hips rocking over Katniss’s mouth, shocks of pleasure sparked all over her. Like last night, she played with Katniss while riding her face. She looked sweet as always. The hard nub moved around her tongue, her juices making her wetter and wetter. Suddenly, nails dug into the backs of her thighs. The pain surprised her and Katniss shoved her off. When she managed kneeling back up, Katniss’s fist slammed into her nose. A burning pain filled her sinuses, making her eyes water and she groaned.


“Bitch!” Cornelia grunted, scrambling over to Katniss.


She threw her into the side of the elevator. A swift punch to her gut made Katniss double over. Another sent her to the floor and curl into a fetal position. Why didn’t she want her? Why did she fight back? Has Cornelia not been a benevolent mistress? Has she not offered Katniss every possible comfort during her stay? She slammed her fist into Katniss’s face again, creating a split on her bottom lip. She licked up the bleeding wound, then kissed her hard. A mixture of herself and blood mingled in her mouth, but she didn’t care. Katniss will submit to her. Had she not offered to help her? She’ll die. Her grandfather will kill Katniss if he thinks she’s starting a rebellion. To make things quicker, Cornelia forced Katniss’s legs apart and sat herself in the middle. Their centers meeting at last, Cornelia rubbed herself in quick thrusts. She’d intended on having her in her bedroom in total privacy, but an elevator will have to do. They can always romp in the bedroom later. Soon, moaning and snarling filled the small elevator. Her pulsing clit continuously brushed on Katniss. It created the perfect friction to strengthen the ball inside her.


Katniss climaxed unwillingly. Cornelia could tell. The girl forced her body still even though it trembled at the impact. Her cries strained themselves in her throat and she looked away from the scene before her. She liked pretending it wasn’t happening. Cornelia’s own high point reminded her where she was. She shook and gripped Katniss’s lifted leg, riding out her high until she became a sweaty, sore mess. Blood caked over her upper lip, the taste of lead in her dry mouth. Her knuckles ached from the punches, and she touched her cheek for the tiny cut. She’d been through worse. She looked to Katniss who sported bruises and the ring gash.


“Oh Katniss,” she sighed, getting off her and sitting straight. “Look at you. We’ll fix that-”


“-Get away!” shrieked Katniss, who landed one last slap to Cornelia’s face.


Cornelia returned it sharply. Standing on wobbly knees, she pushed the elevator button. She waited until they reached the eleventh floor, then pressed the open button. “You can clean yourself up then,” Cornelia breathed, “Ungrateful bitch.”


With that she walked onto the eleventh floor and left Katniss for her mentor to discover. Entering the empty suite, she barely noticed the lack of servants in the place. There wouldn’t be. Both District 11 tributes died and the games are over; there is nobody to live here. She kicked off her heels and ripped the butterflies from her hair. By the time she reached the black and white bathroom, she’d torn off her dress. How dare she, Cornelia thought. After all Cornelia has done to safeguard her. She disobeys. She fights back. She’ll admit she enjoyed it for a bit, but the game grows dull. She only wanted a taste. Why can’t Katniss give her what she wanted? She’d done it last night. Storming towards a speaker on the wall, she abused the call button until someone answered.


“May-May I help you?” asked a confused voice.


“Get me Ajax Conner,” she hissed, “Now! And bring up a damn Avox!”


“Ye-ye-yes, Madam.”


In a few minutes, Ajax arrived with two Avoxes at his heels. Dressed in a hot pink suit, he came straight into the bathroom where she’d stayed sitting on a chaise by the window. He gasped, “Oh Cornelia! Cornelia, what happened?! Were you assaulted? Oh my...You,” he hastily called an Avox, “Get a medical box. You, start up the bath.”


The two did as told and soon Ajax swabbed blood from Cornelia’s face. “She fought back this time,” said Cornelia, watching the Avox fill the bathtub nearby. “It surprised me at first. I thought she wanted to please me.”


“Then she punched you.”


“Then she punched me.”


“Well Cornelia dear, this only started yesterday. It’ll take a while for her to adjust I suspect.” He cleaned off the blood, then focused on the bridge of her nose. “There will be some bruising, but nothing makeup can’t conceal. Should I expect more of this during the Victory tour?”


“No,” you answered. “I’ll have to break her in before then.”




“You know what’s great about being me?” she smirked, “I get to use the trains whenever I please.”


“Don’t tell me...No! Cornelia, you’re not seriously thinking of going into that smokey hovel?”


“It’s not like I’ll be living there, Ajax.” He guided her over to the steaming bath. She settled down into it, sighing at the relief touching her skin. “Relaxing bath salts,” she inhaled their gentle scent, “Oh Ajax, you do know me well.”


He smiled gratefully. “I don’t see why the girl can’t live here. She’ll do much better here than back home. She’ll want for nothing: food, comfort, security, all the clothes and jewels she can dream of. You’ll be taking her to lavish parties, sipping on exotic drinks and rubbing elbows with the rich. She’ll have access to you twenty-four-seven.”


“She’ll want to be with her family. I can grant her that at least despite her impertinence.”


“How long will you-”


“-A day. Maybe two.”


“Should I arrange that now then?”


“Later. Give her a few weeks to herself, to recuperate and cope. Perhaps she’ll have seen the light by then.” She then said, “Ajax, grab a face mask for me, will you? My skin feels so dry from that makeup. Tell Olivia never to use matte based powders again.”


“Of course. Right away.”

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