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“I’ve liked her from the start, Ajax. Ever since I saw her at the parade in that suit of blazing fire. She looked so proud and strong. You were there; you saw her. I knew I wanted her then. Remember her private training session? When she shot that arrow straight at the Gamemakers? Well, of course us too, but I think she was aiming more for the pig than us. The confidence. The nerve. Gosh I got so turned on by her afterwards. She’s strong and resourceful and tough. She’ll be fun to break.”


“I hear she’s a virgin. Venia is part of her prep team; she told me so when she waxed her. She’s never been touched before, madam.”


The thought alone simmered something inside her. Standing on the platform in front of her mirror, her own prep team worked around her. They fixed up the lace skirt opened in the front, exposing her slim legs and gold shoes. The high neck collar frayed out in yellow tulle ruffles that reached her shoulders. She found the metal rings going around her bust and torso a bit bothersome, but she’d live. It was a special night and she’d look equally so.


“Bend down a bit, madam,” her hair stylist-Fluxen-asked. The orange-haired man began smoothing out stray strands of golden hair. Tonight he'd styled an elaborate braid pinned at the nape of her neck, glittery diamonds and bronze ribbons weaved into it.


“Remember, Fluxen,” Cornelia said, “Make sure the braid looks just like Katniss’s. I want us matching.”


“Yes, madam.”


“Cornelia,” Ajax called from his seat nearest her. His blue and green suit and makeup gave him the appearance of a peacock; his blue hair only added to the effect. He straightened out his feathered cuffs and lapel as he said, “The celebration will be starting soon.”


“I can’t stop thinking about her, Ajax,” she said as Fluxen finished with her hair. Andromeda, her designer, fixed the ruffles around her neck, making sure the diamond pendant stayed in place. “Her smooth skin. Her soft black hair and those eyes! Oh those silver eyes that just pop out against her skin tone.” She turned her head to him, “Have you asked Cinna what she’ll be wearing?”


“I did and, unfortunately, he gave minimal details,” he sighed. He sipped from his champagne glass, “Such as the braid and the color. Though I do like the feathers and the diamond clips you added, Fluxen. It really adds a shine to that braid.”


“Thank you I know,” Fluxen grinned haughtily.


“Ugh, I can’t get this diamond to settle!” cried Andromeda, pushing back sleek violet strands from her pale face. “It keeps shifting and tilting.” She stared at it a moment, before putting it aside, “I can just stretch the ruffles. Then they can see the diamonds underneath.”


“Excellent,” Cornelia nodded. “The pendant was too bulky.”


“And you’re forgetting my handiwork.” Olivia touched up the shimmery bronze eyeshadow and lipstick. “I don’t know why you insist on remaining so subdued, madam,” the pale pink woman frowned, “You could be sparkling like a real gem! If you’ll just let me add some-”


“-No,” Cornelia said firmly. “This is Katniss’s night. I will not steal it away from her.” She sighed, examining herself in the mirror. The slender girl checked her profile and back, giving a small twirl for the group, “So? What do you think?”








“You will blow everyone away dull or not,” Ajax finally said, toasting to her outfit. “You know, I still think we should’ve put a little tiara on you. So you and your love-to-be match?”


“Like I said,” she replied, still eyeing herself in the mirror, “The crowning is Katniss’s night. I won’t spoil it by grabbing attention.”


“But you’re the President’s granddaughter,” said Fluxen, “And a potential candidate for the presidential cabinet!”


“Oh stop,” Cornelia feigned a blush, “There’s others.”


“But you’re the most rooted for, darling,” Ajax said, drinking the champagne. He ordered an Avox-a mute servant of the Capitol-to pour four more glasses. Once each member had one, they lifted them. “A toast!” he called, “To Cornelia Snow! The Jewel of the Capitol!”


“And to Katniss Everdeen,” Cornelia added, “The Girl on Fire and winner of the 74th Annual Hunger Games!”


“Hear, hear!”


They all drank from their glasses and Fluxen helped her off the stand. Cornelia couldn’t get the girl out of her mind. Throughout the games she watched Katniss search for water, hunt down animals and sleep in trees. She particularly liked how she handled the Careers on her trail: cutting down a Tracker Jacker nest so it exploded over them. She managed to kill two of them, but severely injured the other three. Cornelia sponsored her: sending her a tub of cream for her burns and soup for her while she nursed a feverish Peeta. The pair tried selling the “star-crossed lovers” bit so people felt sorry for them. It didn’t work for Cornelia. She hated him. Peeta, a blond baker’s son, got to kiss Katniss as much as he liked. Katniss would’ve done anything for him. Cornelia couldn’t allow that especially when she’d grown to love Katniss so much.


“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” said Ajax, heading for the door. “The ceremony will start in five minutes and we need you up on the balcony!”


Fluxen, Andromeda, and Olivia went to find their seats in the crowds below while Ajax accompanied her up to the balcony. Once there she saw three chairs lined in a row; the middle one resembling a throne for the victor. If things went differently, there’d be four, but Cornelia put a stop to that. Only one can win. Only one can come out alive, and Cornelia made sure it was Katniss. On the third chair sat a thin, white-haired man in a black suit.


“Grandpa,” she called him, kissing his bearded cheek, “Happy Hunger Games.”


“Happy Hunger Games, my dear,” he smiled a yellow-smile. The thick scent of blood and alcohol came in a fog from his breath. She’d grown used to this smell by now, knowing full well why her Grandfather’s mouth sores will never heal. The white rose on his lapel gave off a sickly sweet scent meant to cover it. It did no such thing. “You look stunning this evening,” he said, observing her. He laughed when she spun in place, “Your prep team certainly know what they’re doing.”


“They’re a wonderful team,” she said. “They're absolute fashion geniuses!” An Avox passed by with a tray of thin-stemmed glasses of blue liquor.


“The hair though…” he looked at her braid, taking one of the glasses. “It looks familiar.”


“Oh! It’s just like Katniss’s from The Reaping. Cinna said she’d have her hair similar, so I thought we should match.”


“Because good friends always match.” Cornelia detected the disapproval. She knew how he felt about her and Peeta’s Nightlock trick.


She bent down to him, “Grandpa, does it really still bother you? Peeta died in the end, didn’t he? I stopped him. Blew him away when I went into the Gamemaker room. We stepped on the spark before it even took off.”


“I won’t discuss it here, Cornelia,” the firmness in his tone was not unfamiliar to her. “Take your seat now. We're starting.”


“Yes, Grandpa. Love you,” she kissed his cheek again and left him.


She took her seat, Ajax sitting a little ways back from her, and looked out. The entire city came to watch the Victor’s Crowning. A mass of vibrant colors mixed in with black went all around the City Circle; their chanting and cheers echoing throughout. In a few minutes, Katniss will come out in all her gorgeous glory and accept her crown. Then she’ll have a private dinner with Cornelia, because that’s what friends do.


From the very start of the vames, Cornelia picked out tributes she liked. She preferred strong women with soft features, though a man didn’t hurt either. She’d taken her share of male lovers, but the girls aroused her the most. There’s more to feel and squeeze; to taste and fill. Katniss was the first one to grab her out of all twenty four tributes. She’d always been the first. Cornelia needed a reason to get close to her; when people saw her visiting and talking to Katniss, she’d told everyone about the wonderful friendship they’d struck up.


“Here comes your bestie,” Ajax teased.


Cornelia turned her head to see the elevator doors opening. Haymitch Abernathy came out first with the District 12 escort Effie Trinket. She’d gotten tired of the pair. She’d liked Haymitch at first, mostly because she never looked twice at his tributes anyways. Effie knew her role as escort, so she often reluctantly stepped aside for her. However recently Haymitch kept them away from her. He’d kept Katniss away from her. Cornelia had hoped being in a drunken stupor might distract him, but she’d been wrong. She hated him. The dark haired man glanced her away, and she gave her usual sweet smile. Katniss will be hers. She WILL have her tonight and there’s nothing he can do. Cinna followed after, the dark-skinned designer in black with golden eye makeup. He kept a lot of Katniss’s outfits a secret, so Cornelia couldn’t coordinate. When she invented the best-friends-forever image, he had no choice. Cornelia’s golden dress will almost match Katniss’s.


Then Katniss appeared to thunderous applause. In a dress of gold, Cinna gave her a candlelight glow. He'd been right to tell them the color and hairstyle. She looked heavenly.  Her trick with the Nightlock left everyone believing she’d gone crazy with love; she hadn’t thought about the consequences. The innocent, young girl look only stirred Cornelia more. It’s an innocence she’d love to break. She’s so pure. During the games she needed to undress Peeta to thoroughly check his wounds, and she’d blushed crimson. Cornelia knew that will be gone by the next morning. When Katniss reached the throne, Cornelia stood up to embrace her. The crowd awed at their affection.


“I’m so proud of you, Katniss,” she said in her ear. She smelled intoxicating compared to the sweat, dirt and earth like in the hovercraft. “You were wonderful,” she parted from her, looking at her minimal makeup. She saw her braided hair and beamed, “Look! We’re matching! Well, kind of,” she giggled. “I added a bit of flare to mine. Great, huh?”


“Um, yeah,” she nodded. “Great.”


She kissed her cheek and brought her to the throne. President Snow started his introduction speech after a fanfare of horns. To excuse her reasons for constantly being around Katniss and to avoid favoritism, she’d told people her and Katniss became fast friends. Haymitch must’ve told her to go along with it, since Katniss never refused. Not that she could. Seeing all eyes on the two “friends”, Cornelia leaned over. “I can’t wait for you to see your crown! I designed it myself. Ajax said we should keep with your fire theme, but I thought something more leafy. It really symbolizes your love for the woods and nature. I won’t give away too many details; I want you to be surprised.”




A girl of very few words. “They did a full body polish on you,” she said, overlooking Katniss’s smooth arms and legs. What she would give to feel the rest right then, “Not a single scar on you. Not even the ones from before the games. Love it. They did it on me too for tonight. Not that there’s any need, so it was more for a touch up.” She took Katniss’s hand, bringing herself a little closer, “We’re having our private dinner after this. I mean, we’re going to have to see some people, shake some hands and smile for pictures. Though, after that it’s just us girls.”


“Sounds like fun,” though it sounded like she didn’t think so.


Once the president finished his speech, the time came to crown Katniss. Two small girls dressed in white brought forth a red cushion holding a crown. A golden laurel, the leaves went into an upward angle towards the string of emeralds holding them together. Katniss stood up from her throne as the president placed the crown on her head. She looked marvelous. The gold contrasted exactly like Cornelia expected. Perhaps later she’ll wear it when she’s tied down, her legs spread to show off her sweet cunt. The first time is always the most special.


They played recaps of the games after. The film reel highlighted everyone’s favorite moments. Cornelia spotted a few herself: Katniss dropping the nest on the Career tributes, her singing the sweet song for little Rue, and when it came down to just her, Cato and Peeta. How she ended Cato’s life out of pity since the muttations tore at him. Yet, throughout the films, she continued glancing to Katniss. Her eyes trailed down to her bust. Not too large but not small either; little handfuls she’ll squeeze and suck. Cornelia bet all the clothes and jewelry she owned that nobody’s ever touched them. Heat pooled between her legs picturing sweet Katniss riding her, moaning and groaning while those perky tits bounced. She’ll enjoy it soon enough. Cornelia certainly will.


Then the finale came: Peeta and Katniss stood in front of the Cornucopia, both holding out their palms full of berries. Nightlock is a deadly plant that will kill anyone in a minute. Katniss meant them to be for an unsuspecting Cato, though that plan hadn’t worked. Instead, the pair planned on a double suicide. The Capitol couldn’t allow that. Cornelia certainly wouldn’t. If Peeta lived, Katniss will never submit. She’ll have Peeta keeping her strong. Cornelia recalled rushing down to the Gamemaker center where they controlled elements of the arena. She commanded a maker place a bomb just beneath Peeta. When Seneca Crane, Head Gamemaker, said it’d be against the rules, she punched him. When they stood close together, Cornelia detonated a mine deep in the ground. On screen, everyone watched Peeta and Katniss be blasted up into the air. Katniss received a few burns, broken bones and lost hearing in one ear. Peeta’s body came back in pieces, charred and completely slashed from shrapnel. A pity he actually lived through it. The Capitol doctors able to help him kept him on life support until he'd fully heal. Cornelia remembered his groaning and screaming in the infirmary of the Tribute Center. In her defense, she did the boy a favor. The morphling dosage she gave him put him straight to sleep. A high dosage. A fatal dosage thankfully.


The ceremony finally ended and the party started. She linked her arm around Katniss’s as they entered the garden. All of the Capitol's elite showed up to meet the victor from District 12. Cornelia already knew all of them, tolerated their company and introduced everyone to Katniss. They awed at how she’d volunteered for her sister at The Reaping. They gushed about her dress during the interviews and if they’ll ever see such a marvelous thing again. They asked for millions of details about her and Peeta, giving their condolences in the process. Well, those who had the sense. Katniss merely smiled and thanked them. Cornelia saw the pretense right away. Katniss didn’t want to be around any of these stuffy elites no more than Cornelia did. Halfway through the festivities, she took Katniss’s arm again.


“Forgive us, everyone,” she said to the room at large, “But Katniss needs her beauty sleep!” People groaned and huffed as the pair passed them. “I know she’s an absolute delight, but she has her big interview tomorrow. She needs as much rest as possible. Come on, Katniss.”


She led Katniss away from the partygoers into the mansion. Her heels clicked underneath the marble floors while they bypassed the paintings on the walls of the presidential palace. Katniss stayed quiet through their walk, simply observing the lavish rooms of the mansion. Excitement electrified Cornelia’s body. She already wanted to skip dinner and get on to her dessert. Her hands tingled and her mouth watered again.


They reached her apartments in the mansion, seven rooms solely for Cornelia’s use. They entered the foyer first where visitors often waited to be seen by her. She let Katniss take it all in. Not just the white walls gilded by gold or the dark plum colored furniture, but the artwork. Marble sculptures depicted various sexual acts: people locked in passionate embraces in trios or duos. They passed paintings of people in tunics having orgies, couples romping on beds or women scantily dressed across black backdrops. Her eyes glanced over to Katniss, whose cheeks turned pink at the sight. “This is my foyer,” she told her, “It’s not always this decorated, but I wanted you to see all the artwork.”


“It’s…” she continued looking around, clutching the skirt of her dress, “It’s interesting.”


“I love it. Most of my collection are commissions, but some I bought from friends of mine. I just love expression through the human body, don’t you? There’s something interesting about seeing people in their most vulnerable moments.” She then said, “Kind of like you. Nearly dying from dehydration, being chased by a wildfire, chased by Careers, losing poor little Rue, and then Peeta. It was interesting seeing your reactions and how you handled them. I got the feeling you don’t show your true self a lot, but those moments really showed me the kind of person you are.” The mentioning of all she’d gone through turned Katniss’s face to stone. “I know you must be going through a lot, but it’ll get better with time. I suppose…”


They reached the lounge area, expansive and equally lavish. The only erotic art here was a portrait of Cornelia looking over her shoulder with her body covered by a black bed sheet. “I had this one done last year,” she pointed it out, “Do you like it?”


“It’s nice.”


“A friend of mine got into this painting streak so he asked to paint something of me.” She chuckled, “You can imagine what happened when he finally finished. We’ll be eating in the dining room. I had them prepare a special dinner for the two of us.”


They reached the hall that’ll lead them there. Cornelia looked to Katniss now. More portraits lined the walls, framed in gold and gazing down at them. “I call this my Hall of Victors,” she told Katniss, “It’s not every single Victor, but the ones I grew close to during their year. You’ll recognize Sienna from District 4? She won the 71st,” a blonde girl sat on a rock looking over crashing waves, her breasts on full display under a necklace of seashells. “And Bronn from District 7?” a shirtless boy with rippling muscles stood amongst a forest of trees, his erection very prominent in his pants. “All Victors. All mine. I’ve been collecting them since I was sixteen; I would’ve started sooner but my grandfather didn’t approve of a thirteen-year-old going after Victors. Oh this one’s my favorite,” she stopped by a brunette kneeling at the edge of a canopy bed, sparkling gems and pearls littered the red sheets and adorned the girl’s neck. “This is Gem from District 1. She won her games solely through seduction. She seduced and manipulated the others to their deaths. I swear, the girl had a natural talent. That was a very...entertaining year here in the Capitol.”


“She slept her way to victory,” said Katniss disdainfully. “She barely tried. She stabbed the last guy in his sleep.”


“You disapprove? Not everyone has guts and smarts like you. Gem knew she’d never win out against her opponents, so she used them as weapons instead. I think it’s rather clever to be honest.”


“I don’t.”


They reached the dining room. They’d set only two places at the long table. Small candles gave off an earthy smell between rings of wildflowers. Off to the sides by serving tables stood Avoxes. Unlike in other places Katniss visited, Cornelia’s Avoxes wore nude colored loin cloths that hung from their hips. The women are normally topless which usually delighted her guests as wine flowed freely and plentifully. Given the company, the women wore straps of cloth over them tonight. They’d stay like that until Katniss grew used to the naked body. Nevertheless, Katniss’s face continued to gawk at them. As they entered, Ajax appeared from the other end of the large room, a broad smile on his face. He greeted Katniss with kisses on her cheeks.


“Katniss, sorry I missed you at the party,” he smiled, “But alas an assistant’s job is never finished! Please, please, please come sit.” He pulled out a chair for the stunned Katniss, “I talked with the kitchen in the Tribute Center and got a list of all your favorites. Including that lamb stew and wild rice you’re so partial to,” he winked at Cornelia.


“Um, thank you,” she said. “That’s very kind.”


Cornelia waited until Ajax finished schmoozing Katniss to speak with him. “Is everything set?” she asked him in a hushed whisper. “For after dinner, I mean?”


“Of course, madam,” he nodded, “Everything is exactly as requested. The box, the whips, the petals, etc. How did she react to the art? They’d just finished putting up The Ox and The Maid before you arrived.”


“She seemed conflicted. She found them interesting but a few downright uncomfortable.”


“Perhaps a few nights here might change that.”


“Perhaps. You’ve done well, Ajax. Go downstairs and enjoy yourself. I have it from here.”


“Thank you, madam. Enjoy your dinner,” he winked and then left the room.


She sat down across from Katniss and the female Avox stood at the table for instruction. “What drink would you like?” Cornelia asked Katniss, “Tea? Water? Wine? I can have them pour this delicious orange spirit from District 11.”


“Just water is fine.”


The female Avox retrieved both the water and the orange spirit, pouring for both women. The male Avox came by with a serving cart of appetizers. At least seven types of soups and salads sat on the cart for Katniss. “Pick whatever you like,” Cornelia said, “I had such a hard time choosing one thing that I just had them make anything you might’ve liked. I recommend this pumpkin one if you don’t mind nuts and seeds in your soups.” She pointed to it and the male laddled it into her bowl.


“I’d take the green leaf salad,” Katniss nodded to it, the male serving it right away. “I had this in the Tribute Center. I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he asked.”


“I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect!” she spooned up some of the soup, the cinnamon-nutmeg flavor hitting her taste buds. “You’ve gone through hell and back, Katniss. I wanted your crowning ceremony to be stupendous. I know you don’t like the people here in the Capitol-”


“-Oh, n-n-no, I do-”


Her chuckle cut Katniss off, “No need to lie. I don’t like them all that much either. They’re a bunch of mindless sheep who only enjoy bloodsport, alcohol, food and fashion. I hope things are different when I run for election.”


“Election?” Katniss chewed on the salad, curiously looking at Cornelia.


“I’m running for a spot in the presidential cabinet. I won’t be taking any big branches like defense or security, but I’d get an assistant's spot. Hopefully, right under my grandfather, right?”


“Shouldn’t the president choose that?”


“He does in the end, but he normally takes the people with the most votes. You have to show the people you care; that you’re dedicated to them, their safety and wellbeing. People who are assistants to branch heads usually end up succeeding them after death or retirement.”


“What ‘branch’ are you going into?”


“Imports and Distribution,” she ate more of her soup, chewing on a pumpkin seed, before saying, “It’s the branch of government that controls all the imports coming in from the other districts and distributing them into the appropriate areas. It’s a small part of our city, but it’s very important.”


“Sounds like it.”


“So,” she drank from her glass, “What do you plan on doing when you get home?”


They talked throughout dinner. Cornelia knew to keep the conversation light and friendly. The more unassuming she appeared, the more comfortable Katniss will become. She ignored the games entirely; upsetting Katniss is the last thing she’d want. The girl had no idea the impact she had on others. Dozens of other people asked for Katniss’s “company”; they’d paid thousands of dollars for it. Her grandfather considered it before she steered him away, offering Gem or Sienna instead. She refused to let some stuffy, disgusting elite get their hands on Katniss first. Katniss is hers. She’d fought tooth and nail for her, and she will have her tonight.


“I was thinking about something,” she finished off her lamb stew and rice, putting the spoon down on the plate, “I was wondering if you’re up for it.”


“What?” Katniss nearly finished her second plate, which Cornelia found endearing.


“We make this dinner a sleepover,” she grinned widely. “The tribute center is so far away and you must be exhausted and stuffed. I have a spare room you can use until tomorrow when Effie comes to collect you.”


Katniss considered it a moment, “Sure.”




When dinner finished, she guided Katniss through other rooms before the guest room. Little did Katniss know, Cornelia’s guest room is for special guests only. People special like Katniss. Cornelia saw they’d already lit the fire place for her. A portrait of a minotaur humping a female victim in the woods hung over the mantle. The emerald carpet matched the covers on the canopy bed; golden curtains kept them out of view of the garden outside.


“As you can see,” Cornelia said, shutting the door, “I had them stay with the ‘forest’ theme. The fairy lights on the ceiling were my idea. Kind of like looking up at the stars at night. Marlac Finnair painted the trees on the walls and the minotaur painting. I thought you might like it.”


“It’s…” she hesitated, thinking on what to say, “Thank you.” Katniss gazed up at the portrait, the fire light giving her a warm glow. It intrigued her, Cornelia saw. “Why do you have these?” she suddenly asked.


“What do you mean?” Cornelia inched closer, her body burning hotter than the fire.


“These...things. Everything here is so…”


“Sensual? Erotic? Arousing?”


“Obscene,” she stated. “Haymitch told me what kind of person you are and that I should be wary of you.”


She hid her glare. Of course he would have. “That’s...interesting. What do you think?”


“I think you want more than you say you do. It was you who sent me the burn cream. It was you who passed along the soup. You told Haymitch to pretend it was from him.”


“Because I care about my friend.”


“I’m not your friend. You don’t intend on being my friend either.”


She took another step, “Then what do I intend on being?”


“What you were to those other victors: my master.”


“Mistress,” she corrected.


“You want to own me. Haymitch said you do it to victors you like,” she accused. “You threaten them and their families if they don’t give you what you want. You’ve ruined people’s lives just because they didn’t want to be your slave.”


She smirked, “Fiery. I see the games gave you a little bit of guts. You’ve caught me red handed.” She closed the gap between them until they both stood in the firelight. “I will be taking your virginity tonight. I hoped you might be willing since that makes things easier for me.” Katniss flinched when she tucked hair from her face, “You’ve captivated me, Katniss. The same way you did with Peeta in that arena. The same way you do with everyone you meet. I’ve wanted you since I first saw you during The Tribute Parade. All those little meetings of ours during your time here only fueled those flames for me. Yes, people have tried keeping you from me, but there’s only so much they can do. I want you, and in case you haven’t noticed,” she ran Katniss’s braid through her hand, “I get what I want.”


Cornelia pulled her close, earning a gasp from her. She looked over the flawless face, the silver grey eyes, and soft lips. She nuzzled her nose delicately, a smile creeping on her face. Katniss only ever kissed Peeta. Now, she’d get more than a kiss. Their lips pressed together in a soft peck as if testing the waters. Then, grabbing the nape of her neck, Cornelia deepened their kiss. The fire burning in her exploded once their tongues touched. The food and drink on her tongue flowed through and mixed with Cornelia’s. The young victor kept herself still while Cornelia explored her mouth. Cornelia felt her trembling in her arms; it sent a pulse through her she would not ignore. She nipped on her bottom lip and swiped her tongue over it. Her hands pressed onto Katniss’s back and they came together.Katniss wanted to pull away, though she knew better. .


“I’m going to fuck you,” Cornelia whispered, putting her forehead to Katniss’s. “If you refuse, well...I’m sure your sister is equally delectable. You can even watch me do it. I don’t usually go for ones so young, but Prim is so angelic.”


“Don’t you dare touch her!” she immediately spat back.


“Then perhaps you should volunteer for her again!”


Cornelia grabbed the front of Katniss’s gown and ripped through the fabric. Underneath, she wore a simple set of white underwear. Cornelia took a deep breath finally seeing it; she pulled off the rest until the dress became a tattered thing on the floor. She’s a beauty. Being well fed filled out Katniss well. The body polish left her skin flawless and smooth. Cornelia gave her arm a gentle feel that the girl batted away. She only laughed. The resistance is feeble at best. Katniss tried shielding her chest with her arms; a deep pink came over her cheeks and she looked away. Cornelia nearly groaned. To the rest of the country, she’s a flaming mockingjay. In here with Cornelia, she’s a lamb waiting to be devoured. Without a word, she yanked Katniss’s arms from her breasts and then tugged down her bra. Small pink nipples became erect once exposed to the air. Katniss swatted her hands away, but Cornelia overpowered her. Pressed to the edge of the bed, Katniss ended up whimpering while the older girl fondled her breasts. Perfect handfuls. They felt warm in her hands, and they rippled when she slapped one of them. Katniss winced at the smack, which only made Cornelia do it again. Her sex throbbed underneath her clothes. Her body ached to feel Katniss under it; her legs spread and sex aching for relief. She took one in her hand and sucked on the pert nipple, feeling every wrinkle on her tongue. She rapidly flicked over the very tips of them while grasping the other. Katniss said nothing. She didn’t even utter a plea. Cornelia never gave empty threats.


She might even do it because “why not, right?”


Cornelia pulled her by the hair to the bed where she flung her onto the sheets. Roughly, she tore the panties from Katniss and forced her legs apart. Katniss covered herself with both hands and clenched her thighs. This went ignored as well. Ajax left the box beside the bed for easier access. A bit of fishing gave her a thin rope. When Katniss saw this rope, she tried scrambling off the bed, but Cornelia took hold of her braid. Straddling her chest, she grabbed both wrists and tied an intricate knot around them. The length that remained ended up tied to the headboard behind them. Katniss still kicked at her, small screams now coming out. Fear filled her pretty eyes when she watched Cornelia hurriedly pull off her dress. She wore nothing underneath since the dress didn’t allow for it. This only made things easier.


“Wait,” Katniss gasped, “Please, wait. No. Don’t, please. I’ll do anything else. Please.”


“You’ll do exactly as I say,” Cornelia hissed, forcing her legs apart. “Fuck,” she moaned, seeing Katniss’ bare sex before her, “They did a hell of a good job on you. It’s all smooth and pink.”


Katniss bucked her hips but Cornelia’s hold kept her still. She didn’t wait anymore. Hands still feeling her breasts, Cornelia’s mouth latched onto the sweet spot between her thighs. She groaned into the folds she tasted. It’s better than she’d imagined. Regardless of her cries, a tiny drop of wetness touched Cornelia’s tongue. The body can’t help itself sometimes. Long, broad strokes made Katniss shudder; the tip of her tongue stimulated that hard nub hidden behind them. Cornelia never tasted anything so wonderful. Not too sweet or too bitter, the taste left her knees weak. She took in each lip for a firm suckle and lick, then slowly made her way inwards to the middle. Her own pussy throbbed hearing Katniss’ struggled moans; she took in every pitch and gasp flowing in the air. Rapid flicks only heightened them, the juices oozing out making them slick on the tongue. Katniss fidgeted once that tongue began coming up the slit, around her clit, before going back down again. She did this a few times as her soft pussy grew wetter and wetter. Then she zigzagged. Then she whirled slowly, then quickly. Cornelia’s hips grinded against the sheets bunched against her core. All her fantasies finally came true. She moaned into Katniss when the sheets brushed right on her; her pussy ached to be touch by Katniss.


It was when her tongue snaked inside truly fought against her. So tight. So eager. Katniss’s body completely betrayed her. As Cornelia stuck her tongue in and out, her walls clenched and squeezed. Keeping her legs spread, she did this more vigorously. Katniss’s pleading fell to her groans once a thumb began rubbing her clit in time with her pumping. Perhaps she’s too eager. She knew she should slow down, but she couldn’t help it. She’d wanted Katniss for such a long time; craved her touch and taste so badly she’d nearly died from it. By the end of the games, Cornelia wore out her Avoxes and made herself sore.


“Now,” Cornelia pulled away, kissing up her inner thighs, “We’re going to have a little lesson. Straighten yourself out.”


“No, please,” Katniss huffed. “Please.”


She’d never heard Katniss beg. Throughout the games Katniss never onced begged for her life. Here in the guest bedroom, she begged Cornelia. The elder girl straddled Katniss’s head so her pussy hung inches above her. Cornelia kept her legs open as she went back to giving her kitten licks. “Just do what I do, love,” moaned Cornelia, giving her a chance to accept. “I heard I taste quite delightful. Go ahead,” she rocked her hips closer while slowly rolling her fingers over Katniss’s soaked sex, “Enjoy me. There’s no point fighting anymore.”


Nothing happened. Katniss remained firm against the bed, perhaps hoping she might sink into it. Cornelia growled her frustration before forcing herself downwards. The friction of Katniss’s mouth and nose caused a needy whine. She quickly ran her fingers up and down her slit as she forced Katniss to lick her.


“Lick me,” Cornelia grunted, hoping to push her lips apart for more, “Lick me.” When Katniss didn’t, Cornelia spanked her center. The sharp sting shook Katniss’s legs, “Fucking lick my pussy before I spank this raw.” She grinded on Katniss’s face a bit more, but still no response. Cornelia began gradually slapping the wet center in front of her. She started in taps that eventually turned into harsh slaps. Soon, the folds turned bright pink from Cornelia’s fingers. The sight made her more desperate. “Eat. My. Cunt,” she forced two fingers inside Katniss now. “You fucking love this,” she pumped them down to her knuckles, wriggling the tips inside, “So might as well stop pretending, you little tease.” Katniss attempted to turn her head, but the thighs on either side won’t let her. “Hm, perhaps I was wrong about you after all,” she kept her fingers in place as she said, “Maybe you do want me to fuck Prim instead. Maybe you do want to watch the ravaging rather than experience it yourself. Is that what you want? I’ve never done a non-victor before, but that can always change.” Katniss laid still under her, not moving or speaking. “Imagine the things I can do to her little body. She’ll be so pliable and supple. She probably won’t even know what I’m doing. The young ones are always so naive and curious. So, if you don’t want to pleasure me, I can get little Prim to do it instead.”


She felt her hesitate, but then a tentative tongue began rolling around. “Yes,” Cornelia breathed, “Fuck yes. Just like that. Whirl it around my clit; that little bundle at the-argh, fuck.”


The two began pleasuring each other. Katniss eventually got the hang of things, not muttering anything when Cornelia began riding her tongue. To keep her in line, Cornelia continued spanking her every so often only to then soothe it with her mouth. Katniss’s walls continued squeezing her fingers. Cornelia enjoyed her fair share of virgins. Whenever they replaced her Avox, she’d break them in their first night. Most of her victor lovers start off as virgins. Yet, Katniss seemed so much more arousing. Something about breaking through into her tight hole made Cornelia hotter. Katniss’s body betrayed her again once Cornelia began curling her fingers upwards in steady strokes. The pleasure mounted into a tight ball in her lower stomach. Surely Katniss felt it too considering her quaking thighs and stifled moans. Soon enough, both girls climaxed. First Cornelia, muttering curses and shuddering over Katniss. Then Katniss, who clenched the sheets as if trying to fight off her orgasm.


“You’re dripping,” Cornelia hummed, sucking juices off her fingers. “But we’re not done yet, love.” She rolled off Katniss and reached for the box again. Looking through it she found a small strip of thick leather. It’d do nicely. She grabbed more rope and a white body wand. She thanked the R&D department every time for it. Katniss must’ve been worn out; she didn’t fight back as Cornelia tucked her legs together, keeping the wand tip pressed on her cunt. Once the knots were set, she said, “Our next lesson is mixing pleasure with a bit of pain. Considering it like a cocktail: you might not appreciate it at first, but after a few sips it gets better.”


For the first time, Katniss let her cry out. Flipping the wand’s switch, it buzzed right up on her sensitive clit; the vibrations must’ve flown right to her core as well. Cornelia watched in fascination at the quivering body on the bed. Sweat matted small stray strands onto her forehead; her breasts bounced every time she wiggled. Cornelia picked up the leather belt and smacked them one time each. Katniss barely flinched at it, so she did it harsher. She tapped it right over Katniss’s hard nipples; she smacked under and over the curves, and the sides. Her arousal flamed up again seeing Katniss start cumming again. Cornelia began beating down her body, leaving marks as she went, while the head of the toy shined. Smiling, she pulled apart Katniss’s outer lips and the wand sunk deeper between them. The vibrating head now right on her clitoris, Katniss began screaming.


“Doesn’t that feel good?” Cornelia cooed, running the belt over the overstimulated pussy before smacking it hard. “Having your tits slapped while that wand abuses your pussy? I want you wet as possible before I fuck you hard and deep. Don’t you want that?”


“N-N-N-o-o-o,” Katniss cried, tears leaking down to her temples. “Ple-leas-e sto-oopp! It-It-I-t hur-hur-ts!”


“But isn’t it aching for more?” Cornelia asked in mock curiosity. “Isn’t this pretty pussy aching for solid pleasure? God, my cock is going to love being in you.” She smiled, tapping it a few times, “I bet Peeta would’ve loved this.” Too bad he’ll never have it. Then-ropes allowing-she rolled Katniss onto her back. Her screams now muffled, Katniss grinded her hips against the bed for more friction. Cornelia laughed, “Oh, you do want more.”


Her bare ass in front of her, she couldn’t resist. She groped, spanked and spread the firm cheeks for a while before switching to the belt again. She rarely got anyone so responsive. Most victors try pretending it doesn’t hurt. Katniss did the opposite. She did this until her buttocks, hamstrings and calves were red. Katniss’s orgasms continued wetting the sheets, pooling at the apex of her thighs. The slickness made the wand shift around which only added to her torture. Cornelia pulled the ass cheeks apart just to see the small hole inside. She’d have that another time. She gave each side a kiss before Katniss laid on her back. Her skin marked in rectangular shapes welts and bruises already formed in harsher places.


“My pussy wants more too,” Cornelia laid herself on top of Katniss, their hips coming together. “I wanna cum one more time before we fuck. Come on, Girl on Fire. Make your mistress cum.” The wand now pressed between them both, Cornelia stayed flat on Katniss as the girl pushed into her. “That’s it,” her eyes rolled back a moment, “Just like that. Keep going. Good girl.”


He moans became muffled by their next kiss. Their sweaty bodies stuck together, Cornelia suckled and bit on Katniss’s neck, collarbone and breasts. This left small hickies all over her that Cornelia found absolutely stunning. She whispered sweet words to Katniss while the girl continued rubbing the wand on them both. Katniss came for the fourth time before Cornelia finally let go. She gripped the silk pillows under them, jerking herself up and down in time with her lover’s and nearly screamed into the bed. Her muscled burned from the work, but she loved it.


“You’re a quick learner,” she whispered on her lips, giving her a gentle kiss. “Let’s get that toy out and have more natural pleasure, no?” Cornelia dismounted and untied the rope from her thighs. She chuckled, “Look at wet this is,” she showed her the coated wand head. She rubbed it over Katniss’s mouth, who gagged at the taste, “That’s all you, love. A little bit of me but mostly you.”


She licked it herself before putting it aside. The panting Katniss then muttered, “Please, no more. Please.”


“But we’ve only just started. I haven’t even opened you up yet.”


She made for the box again. Withdrawing the toys inside, she unhooked the false bottom. It is her greatest treasure. Constructed specifically for her, the long strapless dildo became an instant favorite of hers. Its inventor, DeeDee-a fellow deviant like herself-customized it to match her skin tone; its length based off her hip and thigh width, and stayed firmly in place. It truly was a wonder. She’d tried it out on three different Avoxes before using it on a pet. The girth, length and heaviness made it feel so real. If Cornelia didn’t know any better, she’d thought she’d finally become a boy. It truly did amaze her. It functioned like most strapless dildos but was given a special feature. The vibrating half inside the giver pulsed according to the pace set during sex. If she went fast, the toy resonated higher. If she slowed down, so did the frequency. Instead of using fake semen inside the pouch, small tubes sucked up Cornelia’s juices, mixed it with a thick substance and shot it outwards. The toy was the closest thing she’d get to a real cock.


“Do you like it?” she showed the model to Katniss. “It’s one of a kind,” she brought it closer to the girl’s face, “A cock without a man attached. I’ve used it on everyone I’ve had in this bed. Now, I’ll use it on you.”


She couldn’t wait to fill her. Cornelia untied the rest of her legs so they laid on either side of her. Katniss no longer fought back; her exhaustion kept her complacent. Cornelia licked her pussy again, the juices covering her mouth and chin from a few simple licks. She’ll never get enough of the taste. Once deemed ready, Cornelia prepared herself. She slipped the giver’s end-a small plug-inside herself easily. She moaned from the pressure already settling it. The rest of her sat on the cushioned curve that mimicked a pair of balls. They’ll certainly add to the mounting pleasure she’ll feel.


“I’ll go slow,” Cornelia huffed, rubbing the head to wet it. Katniss shuddered in a cry, but Cornelia only said, “Just relax. This will feel good after a while.”


Aligning herself with her entrance, Cornelia slid in one fluid motion. Katniss came back to life. Her fists clenched at the intrusion; a burning pain must be filling her right then. However, she kept to her word and gave gradual thrusts. The dildo gave sporadic vibrations each time that drove Cornelia crazy. It took all her willpower to overcome the urge to pound Katniss. There will be plenty of time for that later. As the victor grew accustomed to her width and length, she picked up her speed. She kept hold of the knees at her sides while Katniss moaned and groaned from her cock. She looked beautiful this way. Her body glistening, her lips parted, her skin marked and bruised, Katniss never looked more gorgeous. Her style team can turn her into a heavenly goddess and it’ll still never compare to this.


Soon, the love making turned into fucking. Her ankles on Cornelia’s shoulders, Katniss felt every inch plunge inside her. The plug made her walls clamp around it, staying in place despite the flood of precum coming from her. Cornelia still kept a firm grip on her orgasm. Katniss felt too good to ignore. The balls smacking, their hips crashing together, Katniss’s tits bouncing from the force, Cornelia knew she’d cum soon if she let go for a second.


“How about you show me how you work it yourself, huh?” Cornelia grunted. “I really wanna see this in action.”


Staying deep within, Cornelia pulled at the knots keeping Katniss to the headboard. The thin ropes falling away, she thought Katniss might fight back. However, the weariness turned her into putty. Cornelia then tied the rope back around Katniss’s arms so they stayed behind her. On her front now, her ass in the air, Cornelia guided her hips along her length. She did this for a while before Katniss began moving on her own.


“Yes, that’s it,” Cornelia kept her fists on her hips, watching Katniss go up and down. “You keep being a good girl and I won’t fuck Prim. Come on, go faster. Cum for me some more,” she spanked one cheek and Katniss listened. She never thought it’d be this easy, though glad it was.


Katniss came on the dildo one more time before Cornelia flipped them over. It threw her into a whirl of bliss. She watched Katniss try to ride her despite her bondage. Cornelia helped by bucking her hips up and down just to feel that sweet spot again. Cornelia fell into a deep passion that slowed down time that night. The only feeling in her was the throbbing need for release. Katniss continued weakly fighting her off, though only became trapped by her pleasure and pain. Cornelia held back most of her plans; they’d have plenty of time for that now. She simply enjoyed the basic positions. After being ridden for a while, Cornelia sat up and bounced Katniss in her lap. She put her on her back again, pounding her hard and sinking in deep. When they laid on their sides, her long cock going hilt deep, she grabbed the wand to place back on them both. The vibration plug in her and the one on clit made Cornelia fill Katniss with fake cum. The thick white liquid coated her dick so she slipped in and out easily. She watched it spill onto the sides and shine on Katniss’s inner thighs. This made Katniss orgasm for the sixth time, all the while Cornelia spilled the dirtiest whispers to her.

“That’s right, that’s right,” Cornelia encouraged, “Cum for me, slut. Cum all over my cock.”


It was after Katniss came one final time-bent over the edge with her tits swinging over the side-Cornelia pulled her back by the hair. Forced back onto the bed, Katniss simply laid there as Cornelia jerked herself over her. Cornelia felt the small tubes in the plug sucking up her cum and mix it with DeeDee’s special lube. The sensation made her nearly double over. When it began warming up, she straddled Katniss’s chest and pressed her tip to her lips.


“Open up,” she grinned, smearing precum over the pink lips, “I have something special for you.”


“No,” Katniss merely turned her head, whining as tears streamed her face now. “Please…”


“But it’ll taste good…” Cornelia pinched her nose until Katniss was forced to gulp for her, “I promise!”


Keeping her nose pinched, Cornelia slipped her dick all the way into Katniss’s mouth. The soft gagging sounds, her pleading watery eyes and saliva dripping from her lips sent Cornelia over the edge. She closed her eyes as her orgasm waved through her a fourth time that night. Her body tightened up and her hips moved faster into Katniss’s full mouth. She let go of her nose, letting her breath for the briefest seconds while cum dripped down her chin to her chest. When she finally relaxed, Cornelia pulled from Katniss whose body twisted sideways as she coughed up whatever she didn’t swallow.


“Because it’s your first time,” Cornelia breathed, “I’ll let you get away with spitting up. We’ll have to work on your swallowing technique.”


She rolled over her and collapsed onto the bed. The dildo turned softer between her legs, the plug no longer vibrating or collecting, and she became aware of her sore muscles. She knew she’d feel it in the morning. Taking deep breaths and wiping sweat from her brow, she suddenly heard muffled crying. She turned to see the oddly stiff body next to her. She recognized stifled sobbing when she saw it. She’d done it herself a few times.


“Oh Katniss,” she cooed, “Don’t. Oh please don’t. It always hurts the first time, but you get used to it.” She made Katniss face her. Grabbing a corner of the bedsheet, she wiped the remains on Katniss’s face. “You’ll learn to love this, I promise. Everyone does in the end. I’ll have someone draw a bath for you to help you relax. You have to look pretty for our interview tomorrow.”


She pecked her lips, then slid off the bed. Katniss is going to be her greatest treasure.  


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