The Real Quiet Place

BY : FullMetalBitch
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Disclaimer: I do not own any Quiet Place content, and I do not make any profit from this writing. As well I do not know celebrity that portrays the character (Emily Blunt) and all of this is fiction and there is no profit/money made from it.

Evelyn and Jack share a moment of intense looks in silence as the power dynamic has been established between them, then Jack steps around the kitchen counter and approaches Evelyn who is still frozen in place. He raises his hand to drag his dirty fingers through her light dirty-blonde hair, but Evelyn moves her head from his hand, as she does that Jack says “Do not play games with me Evelyn… We both know what is the deal”. Jack turns her face towards him and raises her chin, so he can take a deep look into Evelyn’s beautiful pale blue eyes that are watery, as Evelyn starts to sob a bit. Now Evelyn can feel Jack’s massive presence, as he towers over her, she knows that she is at his mercy now, until she finds a solution.

Jack bends down a bit to meet with her on the eye level, as he starts to sniff her hair and neck , then proceeds to comment “You smell so lovely Evelyn, I will enjoy every second of it, you can trust me on that. But I need to know Evelyn if you are serious about our deal here, so please get on your beautiful knees…”, Evelyn starts to sob even more to realize that this is happening now. Reluctantly Evelyn starts to slowly nod her head and bend her knees, which is met by Jack’s hand that pushes her down faster. In a matter of seconds, which were one of the longest and painful ones in Evelyn’s life, she finds herself kneeling in front of Jack, this large hideous figure that is looking down on her like a executioner. Due to her fragile and weakened mental state right now, Evelyn did not even realize how badly Jack smells, as she is finally close to his presence, combination of not showering for weeks and working in the farm and around the factory made Jack smell awfully unpleasent, especially his groin area that starts to kick Evelyn’s nostrils, which makes her move her head from him.

But Jack’s massive hands quickly find themselves on the back of Evelyn’s head, as she was surprised by his agility and suddenly she felt this immense force that pushes her face into Jack’s crotch area and buries her face into his bulge. Jack sighs in relief as he has this beautiful woman buried in his crotch, as tilts his head back and softly says “Best day of my life..”, while Evelyn on the bottom starts to hit his thighs and stomach, as she cannot breathe.

It takes a moment for Jack to realize that Evelyn is hitting him, as he pulls her head back while clutching her beautiful dirty-blonde hair in his left fist. Their eyes lock in intense look, but that is broken by Jack’s right hand that starts to unbuckle his large belt and slowly starts to push his jeans down, revealing his boxers that are stretched out to their limits because of his massive cock, which is still not fully visible to Evelyn, but she can clearly see that it is gigantic. Her eyes bulge a bit at the sight of Jack’s enormous bulge, as she gulps little bit of saliva she has in her mouth, but that is broken by an intense smell that comes from his crotch area, clearly Jack is not keeping up with his hygiene in that department. Jack proceeds to say “Kiss it…”, to which Evelyn replies with determined “Fuck you!”, in a matter of seconds she is met with a slap that leaves a huge red mark across her face. Jack repeats it one more time “Kiss it!”, while he clutches her hair even tighter, pulling her head even more back. Evelyn, fearful of his slap, as she felt his strength with just one, starts to lean forward to Jack’s massive bulge and clearly dirty boxers, which she reacts to in disgust and gives it a kiss.

Immediately after the kiss Jack replies with a slight moan “Fuck.. yes..”, just as Evelyn is below him, he pushes his boxers down and his massive thick cock flops next to her face, which almost makes Evelyn’s jaw drop as she has never seen this big of a cock in her life. He pulls her head back, so she can take a good look at it and she cannot believe with her eyes, it is at least double the size of her head or good 15in as she estimates, however, she is more astounded by its thickness, as it's thicker than her whole arm. Down below his horse-sized cock is a gigantic pair of balls that are the size of a normal human clenched fist. His whole crotch area is very bushy, unkept and balls show the same level of poor hygiene.

Jack looks down towards her as he grabs his thick white cock and says while slapping his fat cock across her face and lips “This is going to be your breakfast..” slap, “your lunch…” slap, “your dinner…” slap, “your snack… Do we understand each other Evelyn!?”, to which Evelyn responds with nodding. With each slap Jack saw that Evelyn is getting weaker, clearly she loves his massive cock, but he will break her body with his manhood until she says it herself. As he was slapping her Evelyn just tried to think of her poor husband and kids, but with each slap of his massive cock she would lose train of thought and focus on his cock, which in the end got her full attention as her eyes locked on his magnificent cock.

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