The Real Quiet Place

BY : FullMetalBitch
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Disclaimer: I do not own any Quiet Place content, and I do not make any profit from this writing. As well I do not know celebrity that portrays the character (Emily Blunt) and all of this is fiction and there is no profit/money made from it.

As he hands her the glass of water, Evelyn drinks it in a second, as she tilts her head back the male figure takes a good look at Evelyn’s upper body, as her sweaty, covered in dirt chest entices him as his cock starts to get hard behind the kitchen counter. He asks Evelyn “What is your name miss, mine is Jack” and puts his hand in front of her for a handshake, she responds with her name and shakes his hand, as his hand totally envelops Evelyn’s. He asks her to tell him her story, to which she proceeds “Me and my family are seeking refuge, as our house burned down this morning. My husband is heavily injured and bleeding, I need some assistance with him. I beg you… Please help us, otherwise we will die outside in the forest, we do not have any supplies. We can help you run this place… I have kids.. Please understand…”, but she is unable to keep composure all the way through, as she is fearful for her family, but clearly shows to Jack that she is a born survivor and a hard worker, if you can survive in this brutal environment. His cock starts to get even harder, as he sees her as a perfect woman that he has been searching for a long time now, as Jack was always an outcast, even though he showed incredible intelligence and strength as a kid, but due to his size and social awkwardness he got branded as a weird kid. Due to this outcast brand, Jack never managed to find a girlfriend, as he gave up on the search pretty quickly and focused on getting his degree in medicine.

“Well Evelyn, I have to be honest with you, I designed this place to feed one person and you are coming to me with five of you, and your husband is severely injured. I don’t think this works for me…”, Jack responds Evelyn with something that she does not want to hear, but it is a harsh reality. Evelyn calms herself a bit, before she pleads for Jack’s mercy one more time. Jack can see that she is desperate and he will use this opportunity to get himself what he always wanted, one way or another Evelyn will become his woman. His cock starts to get really hard, as his bulge is now massive and super visible, he takes a step back and leans on a wall and proceeds to say “I think we can work something out Evelyn, you and your starving family need refuge and food, your dying husband needs someone to save his life and this place needs a woman’s touch. More specifically Evelyn, I am the one who is in a dire need of a woman’s touch…”, as he grabs his massive bulge with his dirty large hands.
Evelyn’s body instantly freezes as she hears Jack’s proposal, her eyes tell the whole story, as she cannot believe that this is happening to her. Her eyes drift towards the huge bulge outlined in Jack’s pants with visible massive thick cock-head imprinted through the pants, while the shaft is thick and long, as she gulps in fear and loses train of thought for a second. She is struggling to find words, as beads of sweat start to hit her forehead, face and neck, while still having her eyes locked in on his monster bulge. While she is still looking at his enormous bulge, she puts one of the hands on her face to wipe away the sweat and asks him fearfully while her lower lip twitches a bit “What do you need me to do Jack?”, in hope she misunderstood him. Sight of even more frightened Evelyn makes Jack’s bulge grow even larger, as he lets out a sly grin and crosses his arms, as he proceeds to say “I am in a dire need of a woman and you will be the one, there is nothing that you can do about it. You see Evelyn… I am quite lonely here and I need a competent, hard-working woman that will make this place even better. We both know that you cannot say no, because of your unfortunate situation. No harm will come to your husband or your kids, however, you will have to please me whenever and however I want. Do we understand each other, Evelyn?”

For a second Evelyn’s eyes switch to a backpack that is standing next to Jack, but Jack responds with “Oh look at you… I love when I see frightened women, especially when they are beautiful like you. No need to look for the shotgun.. I have one shotgun loaded just for you right here.”, as he grabs his gigantic bulge again that grabbed Evelyn’s full attention yet again. Evelyn closes her eyes slowly and thinks about her poor husband and kids that are waiting for her outside as images pass through her mind, as she realises that this is the only way to save them.

Couple of seconds pass in silence as broken Evelyn nods in agreement with her eyes tearing a bit and proceeds to say with a heavy heart “Okay.. We have a deal. No harm will come to my husband or my kids, you freak, do you understand?!”. Jack replies with a grin and short response “Of course Evelyn…”

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