The Real Quiet Place

BY : FullMetalBitch
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Disclaimer: I do not own any Quiet Place content, and I do not make any profit from this writing. As well I do not know celebrity that portrays the character (Emily Blunt) and all of this is fiction and there is no profit/money made from it.

The planet has been taken over by sightless creatures that hunt people with their incredible sharp hearing and in the process exterminate most of the human population. However, there are still humans that are surviving. The Abbott family consists of mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt), father Lee, daughter Regan (she is deaf) and son Marcus and 3 month old baby Beau live on an isolated farm in the middle of a forest. Due to these aliens having such an incredible sense of hearing, humans must be very careful to not make a sound, so they use sign language and walk very carefully. Lee discovered that high-frequency audio feedback makes the creatures disoriented and scared to approach, but he did not have sufficient equipment to produce a system that will protect his home.


However, after an incident at the farm that caused the house to burn down, the family had to evacuate promptly from the house in fear of the aliens. In the evacuation process, father Lee got heavily injured as he got paralyzed from waist down from debris falling on top of his legs. Determined Evelyn would never leave her family behind, especially her beloved husband, so she carried him until they were safe. Exhausted Evelyn carried husband with brakes for good portion of a day, as her worry grew each second whenever she would look at her husband’s severely injured legs that are bleeding, until they came up to an old steel factory building, that was guarded heavily with fence, and it was evident that someone lives inside, as smoke was coming through the chimney from the inside.

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