The Real Quiet Place

BY : FullMetalBitch
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Disclaimer: I do not own any Quiet Place content, and I do not make any profit from this writing. As well I do not know celebrity that portrays the character (Emily Blunt) and all of this is fiction and there is no profit/money made from it.

Covered in sweat Evelyn stands before the fence as she is clutching a shotgun that she saved from the burning house, while her family sits behind her talking in sign language. Evelyn is weakened, as she is carrying her husband for hours and night is getting closer, without a shelter in this harsh environment will not be pleasant, as they are lacking sufficient supplies, such as clothing, food, or tent. Her mind is going rampant as she is potentially putting her family in danger, if the person or people inside of that factory turn to be not so welcoming to five hungry mouths, but when she turns towards her family and sees her weakened husband and his legs heavily burned and bleeding, as he can barely keep his eyes open and her kids who are clearly starving at this point, she knows that she must take this risk.


She kneels next to them in her light yellow-green floral dress and starts to talk in sign language “I know this does not look safe, but we have to take this risk. We do not have any shelter, food, or water to survive… We have to try at least, but we cannot pass on this opportunity”. Lee gently takes her hand and looks her into eyes, as he gives her a kiss on the cheek, then proceeds to sign “I know my dear, we have to take this chance… I believe this will work”. Regan waves her arms as she is confused by something as she touches her hearing aid on her ear, both Evelyn and Lee turn to her as she starts to sign “Dad, I think someone managed to build that frequency you were trying to find, as my hearing aid is malfunctioning… I can hear a constant buzzing sound in my ear, same one like on the farm when you tried to make it”, Evelyn and Lee look at each other in hope that this is true, as this would mean they could potentially have somewhat normal life again. Lee turns to her all excited “Are you sure Regan?” and Regan replies with nodding her head, as both Evelyn and Lee smile in joy. Evelyn takes another look at her kids, and at the newborn that is sleeping in Regan’s arms, gives a warm kiss to her husband before she heads inside of the factory.


Evelyn passes through an opening in the fence, as a little bit of her floral sundress catches the edge. Luckily, she did not pull the fence to make any sound, so quickly she let herself go and proceeded towards the factory. After a couple of seconds of walking, she sees the main entrance of the building on the right side, approximately 50 feet away from her, Evelyn takes another glance back towards her family and steps forward, as she vanishes behind the wall. Walking towards the main entrance, she can instantly see various crops of vegetables and small stables with animals such as chickens and cows. Evelyn realises that Regan was telling the truth, as this would not be possible without a high-frequency sound system, otherwise the sightless creatures would kill everything here within a second.

Approaching the main entrance, Evelyn hears light music playing from the inside, something that she did not hear in a long time in this way, as she always wears headphones to listen to music, joy on her face is visible in a second as she dreams of a normal life in this place. On both sides there are huge windows, as Evelyn looks, she sees a large human male figure sitting on a sofa reading a book. She is still a little bit scared to use her voice, in fear that creatures will hear her, but she does not want to leave a bad first impression by entering without notifying the unknown male figure. Evelyn starts to wave her arms in hope he will see her, but unfortunately, it fails, so without any other option Evelyn knocks on the window, as silently she could, which the unknown figure notices. Bright smile comes on Evelyn’s face, as the unknown male figure looks at her confused, but with a curious look. Instantly he stands up and now Evelyn can witness how massive this figure really is as he approaches the door.

He proceeds to open the door and says “Hello…” to Evelyn, who almost starts to cry in joy and disbelief, as finally she can hear someone’s voice, as she silently says “It is true..”. Male figure responds one more time by saying “Hello…” to Evelyn, as she looks up and takes a look at this massive white male figure that is towering over her, that stands around 6 foot 8 tall, looking like he is in his late 30’s. As well he has massive broad shoulders, large hands and overall he is overweight, but does not look that he is out of shape, as he shows signs of immense strength. He is wearing light blue jeans with a heavy pair of boots and a flannel farm shirt that is a little bit dirty, as well it is unbuttoned and showing his chubby, but very strong torso. His head is shaved, while his dark thick beard covers part of his face, but overall his hygiene was poor. Evelyn responds “Oh my god… We can talk..”, as she sighs in relief. The male figure notices a shotgun in her hand and tells her “Please, can you put that gun away…”, as he points to the shotgun. Evelyn immediately apologises and proceeds to put her shotgun in her backpack.

“Are you okay, miss? Come inside and have a glass of water and please give me your backpack, I do not like weapons around this place, there are sensitive items that can break easily and endanger all of us”, the figure tells Evelyn, as he can see that she is covered in sweat, dirt and overall she has an exhausted look. “That would be amazing and yes of course, I apologise for that..” Evelyn replies and enters the house while giving her backpack to the male figure, as she follows him to the kitchen. Instantly she can see that it is not well maintained, hygiene is not on a top level, but it is better than being in dirt outside. She is still in shock, so it is hard for her to process everything, as she has not talked to another person in years, it took her a moment to realise that she gave her only defence weapon to him without thinking and she put herself in great danger if this guy turns out to be a psycho.

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