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"But Brie, it's tradition?" Chloe whined, mostly teasing.

"I don't care." Aubrey grumbled, "If we're doing this, we're doing it in a bed."

"Sounds good to me." Beca admitted.

"Thank you." Aubrey huffed.

Beca smirked, "I can think of another way you could thank me."

"I bet you could." Aubrey quipped, and then before one of her girlfriends could tease her anymore she closed the distance between herself and the brunette, and kissed her.

Aubrey Posen kissed Beca Mitchell, right on the mouth. Such a thing would've been unthinkable not so long ago, especially with Chloe Beale watching. And with Beca kissing her back. And most of all, this being a reward for Beca Mitchell of all people being the voice of reason. Well, most of all, what was about to happen, but the point was, even though Aubrey was still sometimes shocked how things worked out, she couldn't be happier. Even if her girlfriends wanted to DP her. Which was scary, but it was something they now constantly inflicted upon Chloe, and she seemed to love it. Of course, as was often the case with them, this whole thing had been Chloe's idea, with poor Beca and Aubrey pretty much helpless to do anything except go along with it.

Luckily kissing these wonderful women were Aubrey's favourite way to relax, as the whole world and all it's worries melted away, and it was just her and a talented tongue, and a knowing pair of lips. Or ideally, two of them. Because they took turns, Chloe kissing Aubrey right after the first kiss was done, and then it was Beca's and Chloe's turn to kiss each other while Aubrey watched. However, it wasn't long before whoever was watching started kissing the necks, shoulders and cheeks of her lovers. Hell, they even nibbled on her earlobe, and Aubrey was more than happy to return the favour. And, to take off her own clothes when the other two were kissing, something Beca had started doing this time first.

Once they were all naked Aubrey pinned Beca down and attacked her nipples, taking one and then the other into her mouth so she could lick and suck on them. Something she would have done with Chloe, but Beca couldn’t be trusted and to lay down next to their girlfriends to receive the same treatment. Chloe on the other hand was only too happy to do it, Aubrey briefly pulling back so she could smile at the redhead, before turning her attention to the brunette's tits. Which she continued working on just long enough that she was sure that the DJ wouldn't move, before switching to the girl who started all of this. Then back and forth between them, worshiping their perky little tits as they deserved to be worshiped.

She did of course, increase the force of the licking and sucking, kissed her way back and forth between them, and eventually even bought her hands into the mix. Anything she could think of to make this as enjoyable as possible. Except perhaps for spending enough time in that area, before slowly kissing her way down Beca's stomach, and then doing the same with Chloe's. Which made her feel a little guilty, but it wasn't like she was not about to make it up to them. Besides, she was sure that at least Beca was just aching for attention at this point. And while in the past she'd been only too happy to let her stew in her frustration, this was one of the times that Aubrey decided to be nice, and not leave her hanging.

Beca was always pleasantly surprised when Aubrey chose her first. Given their relationship, it was inevitable that someone would be left out at some point, and she was honestly surprised that did not happen more often, given that Chloe and Aubrey had been together first. However, if anything, both women acted like they had something to prove to her. Or more likely, they were just trying to quell her insecurities. Because she really should not be having them at this point, but she was. Which was deeply embarrassing, but she couldn't help it. But maybe that was a good thing, if it meant wonderful moments like this, where she found herself the centre of attention.

It helped that Chloe never treated this as being left out, but an opportunity to add to her lover's pleasure. Which was a really positive attitude to have, and one Beca would be happy to return in a bit, especially as that meant rolling over and continuing the making out they had been doing earlier. Except this time Chloe occasionally just broke the lip lock in favour of kissing Beca's neck, and then moving down to lick and suck her nipples. All of which was wonderful on it's own, but was pure heaven when combined with what Aubrey was doing, and had the brunette reaching down to stroke blonde and red hair to show her approval, along with a lot of whimpers, gasps, and cries of pure pleasure. Oh God, both her girlfriends were worshiping her at the same time! Oh God! This was truly heaven.

Of course, what Aubrey was doing was eating her pussy, starting with one long, slow, lingering lick. She then repeated that lick over and over again, more or less ignoring her clit and entrance, at least for now. As the seconds ticked by she brushed against them a few times, and occasionally even lingered on one of them, before going back to business as usual. Which at first was wonderful, because even though Beca was eager to introduce her stuck up girlfriend to the joys of being DP'ed, it was hard to object to being pleasured in this way. Especially when it was a two on one situation. Oh yes, Beca could quite happily received this treatment for hours, and honestly, it kind of felt like she did.

Then just as Aubrey was starting to linger on her clit maybe a little too much, she suddenly switched over to licking Chloe's cunt. Beca maybe took a few long seconds, or even a full minute, to recover from that onslaught, especially as the redhead was too busy letting out sounds of pleasure to continue their fun. Of course, as soon as she felt able too, Beca gleefully took over the neck kissing, gradually working her way up to pressing her lips to Chloe's lips, and then down to her tits. This process was repeated over and over again. Which again, was heaven. Truly. But an ever-growing part of the brunette, and probably the redhead, was craving more, from the beautiful blonde. However, she knew it was any matter of time before they got it, allowing her to relax and enjoy.

Chloe thought the same thing, but she also knew there was only so much that anyone could take, and Beca wasn't always in the mood to be patient and allow all involved just to enjoy this wonderful moment. Thankfully this seemed to be one of those times she's willing to just relax and let herself be worked over, much to the delight of the redhead. Of course, Aubrey was doing most of the work, but Chloe adored doing her part, especially encouraging her lover to do the same to her. Meaning that she and Beca became kind of lost in playing with each other, while their wonderful girlfriend Aubrey went back and forth between them, for what felt like an eternity, but at the same time, not nearly enough.

If Chloe was lucky Beca wouldn't push them, but if she's really, really lucky, Aubrey would wait for permission before even increasing the pace, let alone making them cum. For better or for worse, Aubrey teased her, and from the sounds of it Beca, by building them up right from the start. Brushing over their clits, and the entrances to their pussies, with her talented little tongue just before she was about to switch to one of the other yummy treats available to her. As a result they got a decent chance to come down from their highs somewhat, but the constant foreplay made sure it wasn't far, and it was only a matter of time before it became too much. Hell, it almost felt too much right away, but Chloe refused to have this heavenly experience end so soon.

Although towards the end, Chloe had to question whether or not she was being selfish? Not because she was denying Beca an orgasm, because it just meant that her brunette girlfriend would cum that much harder in the end. No, her concern was for her blonde girlfriend. Because Aubrey had done this before, and it could mean nothing. But it could mean everything. Like she was nervous about what they plan to do, and just wanted to get this over with. Or maybe she just wanted to swallow some girl cum, to take the edge off? Either way, ultimately it pushed Chloe into begging from more sooner than she would have liked. Something that of course Beca was quick to approve of, by joining her in.

"Fuck us! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, fuck us Aubrey, fuck us harder!" Chloe moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck us real good. Fuck us, and make us cum! Please? Oooooooooooh please, oh baby, mmmmmmmmmm, tongue fuck us! Tongue fuck me! And Beca! Just make us cum! Please? We need to cum! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, make me and Beca cum with your wonderful little tongue. Make us cum in your hot little mouth, mmmmmmmmmm, and all over your pretty little face. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, ah fuck! Fuck us, fuck us hard! Harder! Harder, harder, HARDER! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah!"

"Me too! Make me cum, oooooooooooooh, oh God Aubrey, make us cum!" Beca cried out joyfully, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, fuck us and make us cum! Please baby? Fuck me! Fuck Chloe! Fuck us, and make us cum in your mouth, mmmmmmmmmm, and all over your face. Ohhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck us, ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, tongue fuck me, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooddddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, tongue fuck my cunt! Oh baby! Oh fuck! Aubrey! Oh Aubrey! Oh my God, OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for Aubrey to give them what they wanted, obviously shoving her tongue inside Beca first, triggering a powerful climax, and several more. Something which at first Chloe just had to watch with delight, before gently leaning in to kiss her shoulders and neck, avoiding her lips all together, because she wanted to hear all of the wonderful sounds that her girl was making. Or more accurately, one of her girls was making the other make. Oh yes, that was pure heaven for Chloe. Almost as much as cumming herself. Almost. Because nothing quite compared to a powerful climax, especially when it came from one of the two girls she was madly in love with.

Aubrey love to go back and forth between Chloe and Beca, but when it came to making them cum, she preferred to concentrate on one, and then the other. It was easier to get to multiple climaxes that way, and Aubrey prided herself on being able to do that on a regular basis. Which was something she had never imagined before hooking up the first time with the redheaded nymphomaniac, but then again, there was so much that she could never imagined taking pride in, before she met Chloe Beale. Like embracing her love for women. And their cum. Beca's cum. Oh God, Aubrey Posen loved Beca Mitchell, just as much as she loved Chloe Beale. She was in love with them. And if possible, she was in love with their delicious cum.

She was addicted to them, and everything they had to offer, maybe this most of all. Well, number one was probably the love and support she received from them, closely followed by all the orgasms she received from them, and just the sex itself. But being able to do this was definitely somewhere in her top five reasons for loving these girls. Something she happily showed now, by putting her all into it. And to her credit, she was able to swallow every drop of that precious liquid, at first. And that was for Beca, and later Chloe. Because in both cases, there was just too much to swallow in the end. Although that in itself was a good thing, as it just marked her as a pussy slut. Their little pussy slut.

That idea was almost enough to make Aubrey cum without being touched, and would definitely make what was to come easier on her. Of course, thinking about what was about to happen to her help prevent her cumming. Unfortunately, it also distracted her from tongue fucking those cunts, in between trying to swallow what they had to offer. Luckily for all involved, Beca and Chloe were only too happy to help. Oh yes, they were only too happy to grind themselves against Aubrey's face, or pushing her deeper into them via the hands on the back of her head. Even sweet Chloe Beale did that, and honestly, Aubrey only loved her even more for it, because even if it meant she struggled for breath, she was pleasing her girls, and that was the thing which meant most to her.

Of course, her girls made sure to take care of her as well, Beca pulling Aubrey's face out of her cunt just as she was beginning to feel faint, and then giving her a few long seconds, maybe a full minute, to catch her breath, before pushing her over towards Chloe. And when the time came, it included the first part, but not the second. No, instead of pushing Aubrey towards Beca's pussy, like at least part of her wanted, she was pulled upwards into a kiss. She was still given a few seconds to recover, only this time it was with Chloe's grinning face directly in front of hers, and then the redhead licking some of the girl cum and pussy juices off of her face. Something Beca happily did during the first kiss, before taking a turn kissing each of her girlfriends, so they each got a share of those juices.

"So, you ready for this?" Beca asked, breaking the latest kiss.

"As I'll ever be." Aubrey said softly, with a nervous nod.

"Alright then." Beca shrugged, before turning to Chloe and grinning, "So, who gets her butt cherry."

"I do." Chloe said simply, and without hesitation, before pointing out, "What? You got mine, meaning I get Aubrey's, and Aubrey gets yours. Fair's fair."

"I suppose." Beca grumbled, who honestly wanted to be greedy and insist that she get Aubrey's anal cherry too. But rather than make a fuss, she simply offered, "Okay, but in that case, you should get the toys."

"Fine by me." Chloe grinned, leaping up and disappearing out of the bathroom for a few long minutes.

In that time Beca turned to her other girlfriend, who was clearly still nervous, and again pointed out to her, "We don't have to do this, you know? I know that saying no to Chloe is like kicking a puppy, but if you really don't want to do this, she'll understand. Or we could just stay away from your butt, if that's what you want."

"Yeah, but then she'll just try and talk me into it again." Aubrey pointed out, "So I figured, better to get it over with, right?"

"I guess." Beca said softly, before pushing, "Are you sure? Because it not, I can talk to her. If we both stand up to her, she has to listen. Right?"

"Thanks, but... I, I kind of want to try this." Aubrey admitted with a blush, and then when Beca gave her a look she pouted, "I know you think I can be boring, and set in my ways, but I can be adventurous. Sometimes. Okay? And even I thought what it may be like. Especially considering how hard it makes Chloe cum, you know?"

"I know." Beca said softly, before admitting, "I think about it too sometimes. Which is good, because Chloe won't stop until I try it too."

"Yeah?" Aubrey questioned softly.

"Yeah." Beca confirmed, "And for the record, I don't think you're boring."

"Really?" Aubrey questioned, giving her girlfriend a look of disbelief.

"Really." Beca insisted, before admitting, "Maybe a little uptight, but I love you."

Aubrey gave the other woman another look, then smiled softly, and admitted, "I love you too."

The two girls shared a soft smile, then leaned in for a gentle kiss, or more accurately a couple of them, becoming lost in them until Chloe came back, and even then the redhead just watched her girlfriends kissing each other for a few long seconds, before announcing, "Awww, it's so great to see you two getting on. And getting it on. Mmmmmmmm, but you can do that while we DP Brie. In fact, I hope you do. Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, I hope you both kiss while she rides your cock with her pussy, mmmmmmmm, and she takes me in her ass. So here, put this on, and maybe Aubrey can suck it. Then again, given what she just did, I doubt she needs it, do you Brie? Huh?"

"No." Aubrey blushed, before softly pleading, "Please, please just fuck me. I'm ready. I'm so ready for it. Please?"

"Relax babe, you've convinced me." Beca reassured with a grin, taking the offered strap-on from Chloe and quickly attaching it to herself.

Beca exchanged another soft smile with Aubrey, then the brunette was laying down on the thankfully soft bed, which was way better than a cold shower floor, something that she would have to thank the blonde for again later. Well, technically it would be something to be able to do right now, given that Aubrey straddled her waist, lined herself up with Beca's cock and then pushed herself downwards, slowly but steadily. This caused them both to let out a sharp cry, followed by a moan, as the head of the strap-on slid into Aubrey's pussy, quickly followed by the rest of it as the blonde continued pushing herself downwards, something that the brunette loved. Especially as she got an up close look at the look on Aubrey's face every step of the way.

In what seemed like no time at all, Aubrey was sitting on her lap, with every inch of the dildo buried inside of her twat. Something they both got to savour for a few long minutes, and in the process Beca leaned up and pulled the other woman down into another kiss. Which was both the reward she wanted to give her for her chosen venue, and just simply another sign of affection. One which Aubrey was unsurprisingly eager to return, the two girls becoming lost in it for a few long seconds. In fact, it was still going when Aubrey started bouncing up and down on the dick. At least at first, then the blonde broke the kiss in favour of letting out a loud happy cry, which caused the brunette to chuckle wickedly.

Then Beca realized it wasn't just from the dildo in Aubrey's cunt, but the fact that Chloe had already joined the fun. Not by inserting the other strap-on up the blonde's virgin butt, as although she was less relaxed in that moment, it would've probably been too much. However, it was another penetration, in the form of her finger. Oh God, Chloe had her finger in Aubrey's butt, while Beca's cock was in Aubrey's pussy! Oh God, this was so hot. Also, the first taste of DP'ing Aubrey. Something which caused the redhead to grin wickedly, and then leaned down to kiss the brunette, while the blonde was sandwiched in between them. The three girls then exchanged several kisses with each other, before the process was then continued.

From the way that Chloe's arm seemed to be moving, Beca guessed first she buried her finger inside Aubrey's butt and left it there. Then she actually started to thrust it in and out, and then maybe even adding a second finger to the equation. That would be logical, given what was about to happen, and Aubrey's reaction to it certainly seemed to support this theory. Whatever the case, Chloe made sure to stretch out their girl's ass hole for a few long minutes, before replacing her fingers with her cock. Even then, she double check to make sure that the nervous blonde was ready for this extreme act. Which to be fair, was the least she could do under the circumstances.

"You sure you're ready for this Brie?" Chloe asked softly.

"As I'll ever be." Aubrey said softly.

"Hey, look at me!" Beca insisted, and then when her blonde girlfriend was looking her directly in the eye, she told her firmly, "You're the strongest person I've ever known. You can do this. You know you can. We believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself. Because if you don't, it's going to hurt. Like, way more than it has too. So please Brie, just relax."

"You promised to give this an honest shot." Chloe reminded her girl, knowing that Aubrey required a challenge, "So not relaxing counts as failure, so we'll stop. And yes, we'll probably just end up right back here, but you're forgetting, that I know you Brie. I know you more than anyone, even Beca and yourself. I know when you're forcing yourself to do something that's bearable. So don't think you can pretend otherwise."

This response had Aubrey smiling softly, then she insisted, "Please Chloe, just do it. I'm ready. I promise. I'll be good. Oh God, I'll... I'll be a good little anal slut for you. Just please, get it over with. Take my back door cherry! Shove your cock up my ass, while Beca is in my cunt, so you can double fuck me! Please? I wanna be DP'ed by my girlfriends!"

"Well, if you insist." Chloe smirked, smacking Aubrey's butt to emphasize her next words, "Beca, spread those cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, make it nice and easy for me to butt fuck our girl."

"Gladly." Beca grinned wickedly, and quickly did as she was told.

Chloe admired that beautiful sight for a few long seconds, and then again when she pressed her cock against her target. However, it really was not long before she started pushing forwards. She did this as slowly and gently as possible, but it was so hot to have the once prudish Aubrey Posen gasping, whimpering, and even crying out as her ass hole began stretching like never before. Oh yes, it stretch wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of the cock slid through that forbidden hole, and into that tight little virgin ass. Aubrey's virgin ass! Oh God, Chloe had done it! She had just taken Aubrey Posen's back door cherry, while Beca provided her with the best view of it. Oh God, this was so beyond hot, that it felt like it literally fried her brain for a few long seconds.

Ultimately that was a good thing, because while Chloe was busy savouring the moment, and having those previous words echoed in her head in some form or another, she was allowing Aubrey and Beca to have the same experience. More importantly, it was giving the blonde some much-needed time to relax, which was always good, but especially under these extreme circumstances. And especially, because even in her lust clouded haze, Chloe was vaguely aware of Aubrey crying out in pure pain from losing her anal cherry. However, she had done the same thing, and that had worked out. Also, the normally argumentative Aubrey Posen didn't actually offer a word in complaint, and she could just about tell from her body language and sounds that was making the experience bearable. At least for now.

Of course, Chloe kept a close eye on that when she did eventually start pushing more of that dildo into that back door. She also gently rubbed Aubrey's back and cooed softly, anything she could think of to make this easier on the once prudish girl. Thankfully Beca had the same idea, sliding her hands all over their girl's body, and perhaps more importantly kissing her right on the mouth, which from Chloe's experience was the best way to distract any of them. God, she was so lucky. Two beautiful and wonderful girlfriends, who against the odds loved each other as much as they loved her. Which certainly wasn't the first time she thought that, but it had never seemed more important than right now.

It was a wonderful thought, but not one she could afford to get lost in. Or the amazing sight of her dick disappearing into that forbidden hole. Maybe the ultimate forbidden hole. Oh yes, Beca taking it up the ass was would be a big deal, given that she wasn't nearly as tough as she pretended to be, but it was nice. But so was prudish straight girl Aubrey Posen being DP'ed by her girlfriends. Oh God, nothing could ever compare to this. Certainly not when Chloe would find herself in this position. Because sure, that wouldn't actually be something you for her, but compared to what her girls were going through it would be no big deal. Which was why against the odds, she was able to control herself.

Aubrey couldn't believe that she had agreed to this. Any of it really, but this most of all, as it felt like she needed to use the bathroom during sex, which was so humiliating it was overwhelming. But she had promised to give this a decent try, so she stayed silent. Well that, and the fact that Beca was doing a wonderful job at relaxing her the entire time. Oh yes, the cock in her pussy might not have been enough, but Beca was making sure by caressing her body and kissing her. God, Aubrey had never loved this girl more. Admittedly, she was rather focused on her tits, but that was definitely a good thing right now. As did the fact that Chloe was rubbing her back, and cooing soft words of encouragement.

Then all of a sudden Aubrey felt something pressing against her butt cheeks, causing her to first frown in confusion, and then blush furiously as she realized what it was. Oh God, those were Chloe's thighs, pressing up against her ass cheeks, which could only mean one thing. Namely, that she had taken the full length of Chloe's cock up her ass! At the same time Beca's dick was in her cunt! Oh fuck, she was being DP'ed! Oh God! Her girlfriends had stuffed her pussy and ass with strap-on cock, making poor Aubrey feel ridiculously full and slutty. Which was something all three girls got to savour as nobody moved or said anything for a few long seconds. Of course, that didn't last.

No, inevitably someone said something, namely Beca, who broke the kiss with Aubrey and smiled warmly at her, "You did it baby. Didn't you? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I can tell. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss, I can always tell when Chloe is taking both of us all the way, and now you're doing it too, and I'm so proud of you. We're so proud of you, right Chloe?"

So, so proud." Chloe quickly agreed, before continuing with a wicked grin, "Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, we're both sooooooooo proud of you for taking every single inch of both our dicks like a good little DP whore! Oh yes, that's what I am, and now, that's what you are Aubrey. Oh yes, we're DP loving sluts! Anal sluts! Oh God Beca, I can't wait to see you were Aubrey is now. It's so hot. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I love the feeling of my thighs pressing against our girl's butt, mmmmmmmm, making it crystal clear she just took every inch of my dick deep into her shit-pipe! Just like I do! Just like I love. And soon, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, you will too Beca. I promise you that.

"Sounds like more of a threat, but okay." Beca quipped, before gently pushing, "So, how about butt fucking our girl, huh? Give her a taste of the good stuff? Make her see why you love it so much, huh? Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh Chloe, fuck her onto my dick. Let's DP high and mighty Aubrey Posen, and make her love getting double stuffed."

"Oh, right." Chloe grinned bashfully, before gleefully doing as she was told.

Of course this meant Chloe thrusting her hips back and forth, which indeed caused not only a dildo to slid in and out of Aubrey's ass hole, but another strap-on to slid in and out of her pussy. At the same time! Technically Aubrey knew what that was what was happening, of course, but no matter how hard Chloe tried to describe it, words couldn't do it justice. Although it probably didn't help that she hadn't really believed her. But wow, this was really amazing. Weird, wrong and gross, but it also felt better than it had any right too. And oh God, those toys rubbed against each other through the thin wall separating them. Which somehow caused the pain and the discomfort to fade, or at least be overwhelmed by another sensation. One which was even more embarrassing. Pleasure. Oh God, she was enjoying this now, something which didn't go unnoticed by her girls.

"Ooooooooooooh, you wanna cum for us baby? Already?" Beca grinned wickedly, then added, trying to be supportive, "Because that's so cool. Mmmmmmmm, please Aubrey, cum on my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, cum nice and hard with two big dicks inside you. With our dicks inside your pussy and ass. Please? Oh yes, be a good girl, and cum for us."

"We won't think any less of you." Chloe promised, and then added, as she just couldn't help herself, "Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, please Aubrey, cum for us. Cum like you make me do. Cum... like a DP whore. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooh fuck, cum like a DP slut. Please baby, for me? For Beca? For both of us? The girlfriends who love you? Please?"

Which just made Aubrey blush furiously again, and disparately try to save herself from the humiliation of cumming from this. It soon became obvious that she was fighting the inevitable, but at least she was able to hold off for a decent amount of time. Definitely longer than Chloe, that was for sure. And when it all became too much, her girls realized that, and picked up the pace. Or maybe they could just no longer wait anymore? Whatever the case the result was the same, Aubrey Posen experiencing maybe the most powerful orgasm of her life, and before she could really recover from it, or even appreciate it, she was bombarded by another, and another, and another. Which on the bright side, left her unable to think, meaning that she could just enjoy that blissful pleasure, and the fact that it was being given to her by the two women she loved.

Chloe felt a little bad for not waiting until Aubrey begged for more to increase the pace. Admittedly, they might've been there all night, as prim and proper Aubrey Posen might not have been able to bring herself to such a thing, but if she was, the orgasm she received after that would be so much more intense. Something which Chloe knew from experience. Ultimately, she decided this was a form of mercy, saving her uptight girlfriend from having to say those words. But she still felt a little guilty for it, although at this point she couldn't take it back, and just had to go all in on making her girl cum as hard and as frequently as possible, to ensure they would do this again. Because God, she wanted to do this again.

Luckily it seemed she wasn't the only one who wanted to do this again, or make their girl cum as much as possible, as Beca started pushing upwards, deep into Aubrey's pussy, which was definitely having a positive effect on their girlfriend. Which led to Chloe and Beca exchanging a loving smile and look, before refocusing on Aubrey. Because don't get her wrong, she would've loved to kiss the brunette in that moment, but they both needed to concentrate on the blonde, especially the redhead. Because after all, it was Chloe who was doing the lion share of the work here, given their positions. And for better or for worse, she got one hell of a show because of it.

Sadly, she couldn't get a good look at Aubrey's face, but she could see Beca's face, and that certainly told the story. As did the wonderful sounds that their girl was making. Perhaps most of all though, Chloe was getting to see her thighs smacking into those cute little butt cheeks, making them jiggle slightly for her with every blow. And the fact that she had prim and proper Aubrey Posen bent over for her and taking it in the ass and pussy at the same time. And Chloe was the one to take her anal cherry, and she always would be. And it was all just too much. Too much for poor Chloe, especially when combined with the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, and she went crashing over the edge of an orgasm of her own.

To her credit, she was able to push herself through that orgasm, and several others, to make sure that she and her girls maximize their pleasure. Sadly, it was the beginning of the end, and ultimately Chloe would be forced to stop, one way or another. She made sure to use every ounce of her strength while doing so, so she could keep this up. Specifically, with the three of them on their side, so they weren't squashing Beca underneath them. Admittedly, that wasn't so much Chloe's idea, as something that happened, that she was barely aware of. But she definitely supported it. Especially as it likely meant that snuggle time was drastically increased.

"So, can we do this again?" Chloe asked hopefully.

"Sure." Aubrey smiled, recognizing the words, "Just, not in a shower."

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