Shower Scenes

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Chloe walked into her bathroom with a beaming smile, and then turned to encourage her dates, "Come on, get in here."

Beca sighed and did as she was told while grumbling, "Seriously Chloe?"

Chloe frowned, "What?"

Beca hesitated as she searched for the least hurtful way to say this, ultimately choosing, "We just had this really great evening. We danced, we sang, we ate... and me and Aubrey actually got along for once. And now, this?"

"She has a point, Chlo." Aubrey said softly, entering the bathroom behind Beca, "If, if this is going to be the first time with the three of us, shouldn't it take place in a nice soft and spacious bed, instead of a cramped, cold and hard shower?"

"We know, we know!" Beca interrupted quickly, seeing what Chloe was going to say a mile away, "You think it's appropriate given how we got together. And maybe it is. But just because it's appropriate, doesn't mean we have to do it. And we can always do this another time."

"I know..." Chloe said softly, "But, I don't know... we have plenty of time to have sex in a bed, but all our best memories? They started here. Or at least, in a place like this. In the shower. And that's where I want our first time together to be. Please? I swear, it'll be worth it. And oh, I can be the one to eat you both out! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I like that. I can be the one to get on my knees on this hard, hard floor, and you two can use my mouth and tongue for your pleasure. Passing me back and forth between you. Pass me back and forth. Ohhhhhhhh, yes please, oh please Beca, Aubrey, take turns feeding me your pussies! That's what I want. Then we can go back to the bed, I swear.

There was a brief pause in which Aubrey and Beca looked at each other for a few long seconds, then Beca sighed, "I'm in."

"Me too." Aubrey said softly.

"Yay!" Chloe beamed, stepping closer to the other girls, "Mmmmmmm, then let's get this party started, shall we?"

Aubrey tried not to be jealous of the fact that Chloe kissed Beca first, but even now it was kind of hard. To be fair it was almost certainly a simple matter of Beca being closer to her, which was Aubrey's own fault for not moving faster, rather than any favouritism, but still, only a few short weeks ago she had Chloe all to herself, and now she had to share, which she had mixed feelings about. Of course she didn't want to mention it, because it really had been a wonderful triple date. One which wasn't just all about herself and Chloe, or Beca and Chloe. No, there had been moments where she had actually felt close to Beca. They would both probably always love Chloe more, but in those moments it felt like there was at least some potential there.

That thought was reinforced when Chloe broke away from Beca and kissed Aubrey instead, the two older girls melting into the kiss and seemingly forgetting all about the brunette for a few long seconds. Then the redhead pulled away and pushed her towards the brunette, the blonde not actually hesitating this time to kiss her. To kiss Beca. Aubrey kissed Beca Mitchell, and actually liked it, which wasn't something she would have thought possible a few weeks ago. Or even a few days ago. But she did. She liked it, and seemingly so did Beca, as like when they had both kissed Chloe they completely gave themselves to it. They didn't even try and compete with each other while doing it, instead just enjoying it for what it was, which was really kind of nice.

Once everyone had settled into the routine between them they began taking off their clothes, mostly when they weren’t involved in the kissing, although occasionally they would help each other with certain things. Those things were then dumped unceremoniously onto the floor, which was kind of painful for Aubrey, and she desperately wanted to put them in the wash basket, or at least fold them neatly, but her girlfriends wouldn't let her. Girlfriends! Oh God, she now had girlfriends, as in plural, which was an amazing thought, and the fact that hands were beginning to slide over her body in addition to the intense kissing distracted Aubrey from her urge to clean and just go with the flow. Especially when that flow was so pleasurable.

When they were all naked Chloe gently but firmly pushed Aubrey and Beca against the wall, and started going back and forth between them. This included briefly worshipping their necks, before moving down to their boobs. Beca started playing with hers whenever Chloe wasn't licking and sucking her nipples, and in her current state of mind Aubrey just couldn't resist doing the same, even though under other circumstances that would be incredibly embarrassing. But she just couldn't be embarrassed right now, or at least that feeling was being overwhelmed by her lust. Especially when Chloe went lower to where Aubrey really wanted her.

Chloe knew she should spend more time on their tits, and she promised she would do in the future, but right now she was just aching to taste some pussy, and she just couldn't wait any longer. Luckily the other two girls didn't complain, and seemed to welcome the redhead dropping down to her knees so she could get her favourite flavour. Well, that and cum, which Aubrey and Beca would be giving her soon enough. Chloe would make sure of that. In the meantime she closed her eyes, leaned her head forward and slid her tongue over the yummy treat in front of her, making Aubrey cry out and then whimper with delight. She then got more wonderful sounds she continued squeezing out of the blonde for the next few minutes as she settled into giving her a nice long pussy licking.

She had of course chose to go down on Aubrey first because of the other girl's insecurities, but she had kissed Beca first, and took one of her nipples into her mouth first, so Chloe felt she was being fair to all involved. Which would be a tightrope she would have to walk if she wanted to keep dating them both, but it was an awesome problem to have, and Chloe was determined to continuously solve it, and get what she wanted. Enough for all them to get what they wanted. Oh yes, she would pay attention to both of her girlfriends, and make sure they were as happy as could be. Girlfriends! Oh God yes, that's what Beca Mitchell and Aubrey Posen were now, the thought making the redhead grin happily into the blonde's cunt.

It also made her realise she was dangerously close to leaving the brunette out, so Chloe reluctantly pulled her mouth away from Aubrey's pussy, shuffled slowly to the side and started licking Beca's twat at the same slow and steady pace she had been giving the blonde before. Which of course got the exact same reaction out of Beca that it had out of Aubrey. Beca didn't even try and hide it, like she had during the first few times they'd had sex. Something which even her stubborn girlfriends had learned was a losing battle, Chloe thought proudly to herself. And now she'd trained them to let her know how good she was making them feel, first with moans, gasps, whimpers and cries of pleasure, and eventually even with words.

Beca being the first this time, "Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh Chlo, mmmmmmmm, just like that! Lick me just like that! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, good girl."

Then when she switched back to the blonde Aubrey added, "Yes lick me, ohhhhhhhh, lick me good! Oh my God Chloe I.... oooooooooh, that feels so good."

Amazingly, there were no jabs at each other. At least not yet, and Chloe hoped it stayed that way. Luckily when she looked up at them, they didn't seem preoccupied with each other, or even looking at her. Instead their eyes were closed, and they were just letting the pleasure wash over them, which again made Chloe grin with delight, and focus on what she was doing. And perhaps more importantly, she focused on the heavenly flavour she was being treated too. Oh yes, pussy cream was one of Chloe's favourite flavours, especially when it came to the tasty little pussies Aubrey and Beca had to offer, which suddenly she became completely lost in as she went back and forth, delivering gentle pussy licking after pussy licking until the other girls were begging her for more.

Beca had her eyes closed to avoid the temptation of looking at Aubrey, because it was still very weird to be having sex with another person in the room. Especially when her girlfriend was having sex with them too. But it also made it kind of easy, as while kissing her had been one thing, jumping into straight up having sex with two people might have been too overwhelming otherwise. Maybe especially with two other girls, although probably not, as any combination would have been just as mind blowing. And given they hadn't exactly been the best of friends since they met Beca would be best to forget about her at first, and just concentrate on the heaven which was having Chloe Beale going down on her.

Unfortunately Beca ruined it by opening her big mouth without thinking it through. It was just closing her eyes made what she was feeling so much more intense, and she was overwhelmed by the desire to thank Chloe for it. As it turns out so was Aubrey, reminding Beca of her presence, far more than Chloe's absence from her cunt. Which was annoying, but Beca couldn't criticise her for it, considering she started it. Also it wasn't that bad. In fact, Aubrey's words were kind of having a positive effect on her. Sadly instead of imagining Chloe was still going down on her, Beca found herself imagining what the redhead was doing to the blonde. Then cautiously she opened her eyes and looked downwards, and actually enjoyed what she saw.

There was her beautiful Chloe going down on another woman, and that woman was equally beautiful in her own right, just in a slightly different way. Which made this two beautiful women having sex in front of her, and she wasn't just watching porn or something, she was involved with it. Waiting her turn for the beautiful redhead to bring that talented tongue of hers back to her needy twat. Something which Beca ached for, and yet watching Aubrey receiving the same treatment was almost as good. Especially when she and Aubrey actually locked their eyes and exchanged a bashful smile. And then more. Oh yes, Beca leaned over and kissed Aubrey. Which wasn't the first time it happened, but somehow seemed more intense.

Initially Aubrey seemed to be taken aback by the olive branch, but soon she was melting into the kiss and cupping the back of Beca's head to pull her deeper into it. They then continued kissing as Chloe went back and forth between them. Then just when Beca didn't think it could get better, or more intimate, Aubrey reached over, and started cupping her boobs. She was adorably nervous at first, but when the brunette moaned into her mouth, the blonde grinned into the kiss and started groping more boldly. Which in turn inspired Beca to do the same, and eventually move her hands lower whenever Chloe wasn't eating Aubrey's pussy. Oh God, it was also wonderful. Too wonderful! Because sooner than anyone would have liked it became overwhelming, and Beca didn't know how much more she could take.

Aubrey was feeling the same thing, even before she had initiated the kissing and groping with Beca, which made the addition kind of a bad idea, but she just couldn't help it. She wanted to complete the connection between the three of them, and honestly she was just overwhelmed by how beautiful Beca was in that moment she just couldn't help reach out for her. Which she then kind of regretted, given how much fuel that added to the fire inside of her, but she knew from experience that Chloe was perfectly capable of making her cum without the additional stimulation, so either way she would soon be cumming. Besides, either way she was getting additional stimulation, just from Beca being there watching her getting head, or receiving head from Chloe while Aubrey was the one who watched.

One very much benefit of this addition was that Aubrey came down even less from her high when Chloe moved away from her and over to Beca, and she was sure Beca felt the same, both by the way given how she moaned into her mouth, and trembled within her arms. It also prevented herself and Beca from begging for more too quickly, as mostly they were too preoccupied with kissing each other. Then it started becoming too much, and they started trying to pull away from each other, the other girl would chase their lips and pulled them more firmly against them, stopping them from begging too soon. Although ultimately it became too much for both of them at once, and somewhat hastily they pulled away simultaneously and started begging.

"Oh God please Chloe, make me cum! Oh fuck, make me cum, oh fuck!" Beca blurted out, while desperately trying to think what her girl would like to hear, "Please Chloe, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me and make me cum! Please? Oh please, pleasssssssssseeeeeeeee ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh Chloe! Tongue fuck me Chloe, mmmmmmm, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk, please fuck me with your tongue, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, I wanna cum! Please, ooooooooooooh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ah fuck, ah fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh God please Chloe, make me cum! Oh God Chlo, please, fuck me and make me cum!" Aubrey cried out loudly, not having to think very hard what her girl wanted to hear, as she knew her so well, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, stick your tongue as deep into my cunt as it will go and make me cum! Yessssssssssss, oooooooooooh my fucking God, do it! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, oh Chloe, mmmmmmm, tongue fuck me Chloe! Fuck me and make me cum in your wonderful little mouth and all over your gorgeous face! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddddd Chloe!"

Just before they started to beg Chloe not so subtly told them she was ready to make them cum by lingering on their clits. At first it was just for a few seconds at the end of a nice long lick, but when they started to beg Chloe started focusing on their clits, going back and forth between them more rapidly to make sure they were increasingly incoherent. And then she started bringing a hand up to play with whichever clit her tongue wasn't attacking, making sure that both Aubrey and Beca were on the edge at the same time. At which point of course, they were completely incoherent, and were even crying with need. Which would have been humiliating, if Aubrey hadn't been so out of her mind. Then, it finally happened. She came! Oh God, she came.

Then of course she came over and over again, Chloe Beale once again proving that she truly was amazing at making another woman cum, and not by just how she was making Aubrey feel. No, the wonderful redhead was making Beca cum just as hard and as frequently, and at the same time at that. Okay, it wasn't simultaneously, but it felt like it, making the whole experience that much more intense. That, and the fact that Beca grabbed a tight hold of her hand in hers and squeezed it, Aubrey squeezing right back as she became truly mindless, cumming over and over again in Chloe's hot mouth, and all over her face or fingers. Which was normal, but again, somehow she was doing it to Beca too.

Chloe had been planning the specific attack for a long time. If she was honest, ever since she first laid eyes on Beca Mitchell. Admittedly back then she thought it would remain a fantasy, but she was so glad she was getting to make one of her naughtiest fantasies come true. Of course, it wasn't easy. Hell, just going back and forth between the two women initially had been challenging, but this? This was truly overwhelming. Also a little heart-breaking, because no matter how hard she tried Chloe just couldn't keep up. Because in her fantasies she had been taking it in turns to let them cum in her mouth, and all over her face, but in reality her fingers were also doing the job.

Admittedly she shouldered most of the blame for that herself, as she was no longer simply rubbing their clits with her fingertips, like she had been when she initially added her fingers to the equation. To be fair, in their current state that might have done the job, although Chloe just couldn't resist shoving first one and then two fingers inside her girls, and hammering them with those digits as hard as she could. Hell, she couldn't even get herself to remove those fingers when she returned her mouth to one cunt, instead latching her mouth onto a clit just to make sure she made the other girl cum harder and faster. Of course, while she wished the majority of the girl cum was covering her face, or especially in her belly, she could always get most of the cum from her fingers later.

More importantly, she was making Aubrey Posen and Beca Mitchell cum hard and frequently, and that was all that really mattered here. Oh yes, she was sexually pleasing the two women she loved the most, and at the same time, creating such a mental high that Chloe thought she was going to cum without touching herself. Especially as while she was too focused to look upward much every time she did was amazing to see how happy they looked, and the fact that they were holding hands particularly made her happy. And then there was the fact that she could hear them the whole time, their screams, cries and whimpers echoing throughout the shower and warming her heart.

It was a heaven which Chloe wished could last forever, and she certainly did her best to try. Sadly she knew that wasn't possible, and ultimately Aubrey and Beca gently pushed her head back, and then pulled her hands away from their pussies. Then exchanged an exhausted look, followed by a wicked one, as Aubrey and Beca took the fingers, which had just been hammering their cunts into their mouths, and noisily sucked them clean. They even moaned happily while they did this, making Chloe beam with delight. Which only continued when they kneel down beside her, then started taking turns kissing her lips, and her face, making sure that they could taste their own and each other's girl cum, which had them all chuckling wickedly with joy.

"What now?" Beca asked with a grin, after several long minutes of kissing, "Do we get to return the favour?"

"Uh-huh." Chloe grinned, before quickly adding, "Wait right here a sec, okay? I just need to get something first."

"Okay..." Beca replied, but before she could say anything else Chloe was already out the door, leaving behind an awkward silence, which of course the brunette had to break, "Wow... I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave, am I right?"

Aubrey gave her a soft smile, then correctly guessed, "I take it she didn't tell you what she would want tonight beforehand?"

"No. What, is it a foursome?" Beca joked, her eyes even going comically wide.

"God, I hate you." Aubrey smiled fondly, her words soft and with no bite to them.

"Awww, I hate you too, sweetie." Beca smiled back, her words equally soft, "Seriously though, what does our girl have planned?"

"And spoil the surprise?" Aubrey raised an eyebrow.

Beca was just about to push when Chloe reappeared with a smile and two large objects in each hand, causing the brunette's eyes to go wide momentarily, before she nodded, "Strap-ons? Cool, cool, cool, I can roll with this. So... were you thinking we take it in turns, or did you wanna take it in both ends?"

"Not exactly..." Chloe confessed, biting her lip as she handed one of the harnesses to Aubrey, then try to help Beca put the other on.

"Wait... a, a DP? Are you serious?" Beca's eyes when possibly wider than ever before. "Chloe!"

"We don't have too if you really don't want too... but... please Beca?" Chloe pleaded, "I want too. I want to so, so bad. So... please?"

There was a long pause, then Beca turned to Aubrey and questioned, "And you want too?"

"At this point, I'd do anything to please Chloe." Aubrey admitted, before adding shyly, "Besides, Chloe promised I wouldn't actually have to do anything."

"Oh great, so I'm the one fucking your ass? No pressure." Beca turned back to Chloe and grumbled.

"Well, I could lower my butt down on Aubrey's dick, and you could fuck my cunt." Chloe pointed out amazingly casually even as she went into specifics, then bit her lip and pleaded, "But I really wanted you to bend me over and butt fuck me. It's something I've wanted for a while, and maybe this would be easier, you know? Take some of the pressure of, with Aubrey in my pussy. I mean, if you really don't want to, I'll understand... but please baby?"

There was another pause, and then Beca sighed, knowing that she couldn't deny Chloe anything, "Okay."

Chloe let out a squeal of joy and jumped into her lover's arms, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"But just to be clear, you ride Aubrey's cock with your pussy, and I get your ass." Beca quickly clarified, slowly warming to the idea even as she talked, "That way at least I get one of your cherries."

"Not really." Aubrey smirked.

"Yes really." Chloe countered, pulling away from Beca so she could look her in the face while clarifying, "You and Aubrey will BOTH be taking my DP cherry. And you'll be taking my lesbian anal cherry. So that's something."

"Oh..." Beca replied, weirdly jealous of the guy who got Chloe's ass first, before trying to hide it with a smile, "Great, let's do this."

"But remember, you promised me you would tell us if it was too much." Aubrey reminded firmly.

"And I will. I promise." Chloe lied effortlessly, before quickly adding to try and hide it, "And you too. Tell me if you wanna stop."

"I'll keep that in mind." Beca said dryly as she fiddled with the harness.

Chloe giggled with amusement for a few long seconds, and then slowly dropped to her knees in front of her girlfriend and softly asked, "May I?"

"Yeah, yes." Beca stammered hoarsely, seeing where this was going.

Aubrey had opened her mouth to playfully mock Beca for not being able to figure out the strap-on, but she was silenced when Chloe dropped to her knees to help her. Given her current position it was unlikely that was all she was going to do, and sure enough when the harness was properly attached Chloe grabbed a firm hold of the dildo, bought it up to her lips, and then while staring up at Beca took that 'cock' into her mouth. Sure, Beca couldn't feel it like a guy could, but the visual was incredibly erotic, and Aubrey knew from experience it created a powerful mental high. So even though she didn't want to be, Aubrey found herself jealous as she watched Chloe begin to bob her head up and down Beca's dick. Thankfully she wasn't left out of the fun for long.

Pulling her mouth away from Beca's cock and looking at her other girlfriend expectantly Chloe questioned, "Well? Did you want me to prepare your cock too?"

"Ye, yes." Aubrey stammered.

"Well then, get over here, next to Beca, and let me." Chloe pushed, before wrapping her lips around Beca's strap-on again.

"Yes Ma'am." Aubrey grinned, doing as she was told.

Given the shower wasn't exactly big Aubrey was soon stood right next to Beca, her strap-on as close to the other girl as she could get it while Chloe was still bobbing her head on it. Something Aubrey enjoyed even more, now she knew she was seconds away from receiving the same thing. And then she did, Chloe starting to go back and forth between them, making sure each of them had the same amount of attention, and both of them were ready for her holes. Well, Aubrey wished that they were using some lube too, but hopefully if things became too much for Chloe she'd insist on getting it. Which was thankfully something she wasn't left to dwell on for too long before Chloe gently pushed her down and straddled her.

Both Aubrey and Chloe then let out a soft gasp as Chloe penetrated herself on the dildo. Chloe's was louder of course, drowning out any other sound, which continues to be the case as she cried out, whimpered and moaned in mostly pure pleasure as the redhead pushed herself all the way down the blonde's cock. She then gave herself a few long seconds to get use to it before beginning to bounce up and down, with even more loud sounds of pleasure. God, it was so hot. It wasn't even the first time they were doing this, and yet it felt like it because it was the first time with an audience. An audience which was about to join in, and fuck her girlfriend in the ass while Aubrey's dick was still in her pussy. Oh God!

"Finger me!" Chloe moaned eventually, turning back to look at the brunette, "Please Beca, mmmmmmm, finger my butt. Get my butt hole nice and ready for you to fuck! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, stretch it good. Stretch it out good so I can take both my girlfriends inside me, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, inside me at the same time."

"You manipulative bitch. God, I love you." Beca chuckled, getting down behind her girl.

Honestly Aubrey had been expecting Beca to need to be talked into this a lot more, but apparently the tiny girl was only too happy to stick her fingers in her mouth, given them a good suck and then put them to good use. Chloe helpfully stopped her bouncing so that Beca could press her fingers to their target, and then from the look on Chloe's face immediately pushed them inside her butt. Or hopefully just one of them, and then eventually another, like Aubrey had done when Chloe had talked her into doing it. Either way from the looks of it, and the sound of it, the redhead mostly enjoyed herself, and so did the brunette, who slowly fingered Chloe's butt for a few long minutes.

Then Chloe whimpered, "Please Beca, fuck me! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck my butt! Butt fuck me, oh God, mmmmmmmm, fuck me in the butt. Please? I want it, mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk, I want to be DP'ed! DP'ed by my girlfriends, mmmmmmmmm, both of you inside me, ohhhhhhhhh, as deep as you can go. Oh yes! Give me every inch. I want every single inch of both your cocks inside me, ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, fucking me deep and hard, and make me cum like never before. Please Beca, ohhhhhhhhhhh, Aubrey, oh fuck, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!"

Beca bit her lip nervously as she cautiously removed her fingers from Chloe's butt hole and replaced it with her strap-on. The toy had seemed big before, but now it just seemed to be ridiculous and there could be no possible way that anyone would be able to take something like this in that hole. And yet to her amazement when Beca began pushing forwards not only did that hole begin stretching, but Chloe actually let out a soft gasp of pleasure. Although that was probably in anticipation of future pleasure, as Beca couldn't imagine this part was actually pleasurable, and for better or for worse Chloe kind of proved that point by crying out in pain when her ass hole finally stretched wide enough for the head of the toy to slide inside her forbidden hole.

In turn this got Beca to exclaim, "Chloe!"

"It's okay, just keep going." Chloe reassured, "Please?"

Then when Beca continued to hesitate Aubrey spoke up, "It really is okay. Chloe is tougher than she looks."

"I know that! It's just..." Beca protested.

"Please Beca? I want you in my ass." Chloe pleaded, "I want both of you inside me at the same time. Fucking me. DP'ing me. Making me feel good. Please give it to me."

Those words combined with the fact that there were no more obvious sense of pain was just enough to convince Beca to cautiously push her hips forwards, causing a little more of the dildo to slide into her friend's butt hole. She then stopped again as there was another cry of pain, but to her surprise it wasn't all of pain. No, it was about 50-50, and the other thing was clearly pleasure. Chloe really was enjoying this just as much as she said she would. In fact she may have undersold just how much she would like it, given that she was freaking getting off on getting her ass stuffed, Beca so blown away by that fact that it was a few long minutes before she even gave another thrust, which achieved the same result.

Despite being unconvinced Chloe was actually enjoying this Beca continued stopping every couple of inch to let her friend get used to the sensation. This seemed to be the right thing to do, because logically even though she'd been butt fucked by Aubrey this was a whole new sensation for Chloe what with the cock in her cunt, so it seemed only right to give her the chance to get use to it. Besides like before neither Aubrey or more importantly Chloe complained about her actions, which told Beca she was on the right track. It also made the experience easier on her, given she was still overwhelmed by what she was actually doing. Especially as to her shame she actually found it hot to watch a dick sticking out of her crotch disappearing into another girl's butt hole.

Somehow using this technique Beca was able to push every single inches of that dildo into Chloe's butt. Or more accurately somehow Chloe was able to take it, at the same time her pussy was also stuffed with strap-on no less. The point was that eventually her thighs came to rest against Chloe's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her dick was buried in another girl's ass. Which Beca never imagined herself being a part of, much less enjoying it, but here they were. Just as she weirdly enjoyed the next moment in which she began thrusting her hips back and forth, moving the toy dick in and out of Chloe's ass hole and thus officially beginning the sodomy. Something to her amazement, Chloe seemed to love.

Chloe did love it. She loved every single second of it. Even getting her ass stretched open and then filled with strap-on made her feel like a naughty little slut, a sensation which she loved. And of course, it was Beca doing this to her, which just made it perfect as far as she was concerned. So perfect, that she kind of wished she had saved her anal cherry for this wonderful moment. Well no, she wished she'd saved it for Aubrey, but the advantage to her experimentation with butt sex was that now her backside was trained in the art of taking a cock, making it easier on her. Although, Beca did a wonderful job of stretching her out in the beginning, and sodomising her nice and slowly, causing whatever pain there had been to fade away.

Another thing which helped a lot, was the fact that there was a cock in her cunt at the same time. Which was actually a first for her, something Chloe was very, very happy with, as no other threesome could ever compare. She just loved these two women so much, and being able to have Aubrey looking up at her with such love and concern in her eyes the entire time, and seeing the same thing if she looked back at Beca, was just so wonderful. Just like the kisses she initiated with Aubrey as Beca butt fucked her. And perhaps the best part was that each time that the brunette thrust into her ass the redhead's pussy was pushed down onto the blonde's strap-on, meaning that effectively Beca was double fucking her and using Aubrey to do it.

The thought had Chloe smiling dreamily, but she wanted more. She wanted both her girlfriends to actively fuck her at the same time, and she wanted it now. Although at the same time she wanted to savour every single moment of this pure heaven. And as she had persistently wanted the latter more than the former she was able to resist the urge to beg for more for several long minutes, and thankfully Beca continued gently butt fucking her that whole time. Again Aubrey was a help, although this time because it covered her mouth and prevented her from saying anything. Of course ultimately just just felt too overwhelmingly good, and Chloe just couldn't hold back any more.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Chloe cried out, seemingly becoming more desperate by the second, "Fuck my ass, ooooooooh, fuck my pussy, mmmmmmmm, fuck them both! Both at the same time, mmmmmmm, and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, make me cum make me cum make me cum! Please? Oh please Aubrey, ohhhhhhhhhhh Beca, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee, oh fuck! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM, OH GOD, FUCK ME HARD AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

It took longer than Chloe thought it would, and if she was honest longer than she would have liked, but it finally happened. Beca increased her pace ever so slightly, and not to be outdone, Aubrey gave her a strategic thrust, which was all it took to make her cum. To be fair Aubrey waited to deliver that thrust exactly at the right time, just like the half a dozen that followed, but to Chloe it only felt like a few seconds between Beca fucking her ass harder and the wonderful moment that she started cumming on Aubrey's cock. And once she started she just didn't seem to be able to stop, her wonderful girlfriends pounding her pussy and ass through climax after climax, completely robbing Chloe of the ability to think.

Beca wasn't expecting herself to enjoy this nearly as much as she did. After all, even though this was an all girl threesome, this was just such an extreme she initially didn't think any girl could truly like it, but the fact that Chloe clearly did was an incredible turn on. Oh yes, the fact that her kinky little girlfriend gasped, whimpered and cried in pleasure as Beca sodomised her was a incredible turn on. And that was just during the ass stuffing. When the party really got started Chloe's sounds of pleasure were truly indecent, and when she actually started begging for more, begging her girlfriends to make her cum this way, then Beca just completely lost it, picking up the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to brutalise her girlfriend's butt hole.

When she came to her senses Beca felt incredibly guilty, although that didn't last as she quickly realised just how hard Chloe was cumming from this. Cumming from being fucked up the butt like the dirty little girl she was. Oh fuck, just seeing how much Chloe was enjoying this made Beca cum incredibly hard herself. Well that, and the other end of the harness bashing against her clit. And the wonderful sounds her girlfriend was making. Also the feeling of her thighs smacking against Chloe's cute little ass cheeks, making them jiggle with the force of the blows. But most of all, the sheer joy that she was making her girlfriend cum from something so naughty and forbidden. Well, doing it with the help of her other girlfriend, which was both wonderful, and kind of annoying.

Focusing on Aubrey she quickly realised that the other woman was strategically thrusting up into Chloe's cunt, and totally stealing her thunder. The bitch. Well, two could play that game. Oh yes, Beca started abruptly stopping her thrusts whenever Aubrey would thrust upwards, which was unfortunate denied Chloe an orgasm or two, but it was worth it to see the look on Aubrey's face. Besides, it was worth it for Chloe in the long run, as the blonde started thrusting upwards constantly into the redhead's cunt, leaving the brunette no choice but to continue the sodomy otherwise her other girlfriends would leave her behind, which led to a few intense moments of Beca and Aubrey using every ounce of their strength to make Chloe cum as hard and as frequently as possible.

Unfortunately Beca didn't have unlimited stamina, and those orgasms really wiped her out, forcing her to eventually stop. She knew that it would probably be better to quit while she was ahead, but she just couldn't let Aubrey outdo her, so Beca literally used every ounce of her strength to sodomise Chloe and then collapsed down onto the equally sweaty body of her lovers. She thought that would be it, and she was more than fine with that, but instead Aubrey rolled them onto their sides, and continued to fuck Chloe's cunt. Which made Beca tried to continue butt fucking Chloe. Or maybe that was just her hips moving because of after-shocks? Either way she was then taken out of the equation, and got to just watch her girlfriends have fun, which like everything else was more enjoyable than she thought it would be.

Aubrey knew that she should be mature, and put the rivalry with Beca behind her, but in this moment she couldn't. She just couldn't. No, she needed to outdo Beca by making Chloe cum for her more, and harder. Something she initially tried to achieve by being strategic, which for a while served her well, but then she just let her lust completely taken over, and she started pounding Chloe with every ounce of her strength, just like Beca was. Then Beca completely ran out of steam, which was Aubrey's chance to impress. Hoping to do just that Aubrey first rolled them all onto their sides, and then pulled Chloe away from the other girl so she could have her all to herself.

Taking advantage of Beca's handiwork Aubrey switched holes, slowly pulling her cock out of Chloe's cunt, and then pushing it right up her butt, much to the delight of her twisted little girlfriend. Which was on perfect display for her, as she had the other girl on her back and Aubrey was mounting her in the traditional missionary position, only using a hole which was anything but traditional. Something she never could have imagined herself doing before she fell deeply in love with Chloe Beale, but now it was practically second nature. Which was pretty embarrassing initially, but in that moment Aubrey didn't care. All that mattered to her was making Chloe cum again. And again, and again, and again, this time all for her.

She definitely achieved that goal, Chloe constantly squirting her cum against her stomach, which just might be even more wonderful than Chloe cumming on her cock. At the very least, it was equal, Aubrey smirking with triumph over at Beca as she did this. Although that led her to as surprising discovery, namely that Beca didn't look annoyed. No, if anything she was impressed, and like she was enjoying the show. Which probably should have made Aubrey annoyed, but instead she felt flattered, and it reminded her what was important here, that being Chloe's happiness, which was the one thing she and Beca could always agree upon. So she refocused on the love of her life, making them both cum wonderfully hard and frequently in the process.

Ultimately, this was also her downfall, because while she had been able to recharge her batteries while letting Beca do all the work, and happily took out all that pent-up energy on Chloe it wasn't unlimited, and ultimately Aubrey ran out of steam. By the time she did so even Chloe, who by far had the best stamina at of all of them, seem to be on the verge of begging for mercy, so maybe it was a good thing that they stop now. Although as Aubrey kind of want to hear that she was able to push herself to one more climax before collapsing and rolling off her exhausted girlfriend. Sadly she didn't hear any begging for mercy, but maybe with Beca's help, she could finally achieve that. Or perhaps even fuck Chloe into unconsciousness. Another time, obviously. Now she just wanted to rest, but Beca wouldn't let her.

"So, wanna do this again?" Beca asked cheekily.

"Sure." Aubrey said with a soft smirk, "Just, not in a shower."

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