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Aubrey Posen hated crying in the shower. It was so cliché. Not that it stopped her from doing it on a regular basis, it just meant that she hated it even more. And often herself. But for better or for worse this latest crying session wasn't because of something she had done, or hadn't done. No, lately the source of her misery was all about Beca Mitchell. Actually with Beca it was more likely Aubrey would scream in frustration, bang her head against the wall, or just go to a gun range and shoot something, but this time Beca had really done it. She had screwed both of them and The Bellas once and for all, and worse stolen Chloe from her.

Speaking of her so-called best friend she'd of course somehow got into Aubrey's hotel room, despite the fact that she had insisted on sharing a room with her precious Beca, and found Aubrey curled up in a ball in the shower. Aubrey didn't even have the strength to try and hide the fact that she had been crying, and she certainly didn't have the strength to try and pretend she minded Chloe seeing her naked body. The gorgeous redhead had seen it a dozen times, and given the way she was curled up she wasn't even that exposed. And of course Chloe seemed to barely notice, which didn't do Aubrey's fragile state of mind any favours as the other girl quickly turned off the water, kneeled down beside her and pulled her into a gentle hug, whispering soft and sweet things to her. Okay, maybe Aubrey liked that last part.

Despite that when she had the strength Aubrey mumbled into Chloe's neck, "Just go."

Chloe smiled softly, "I don't think you really want me too."

"Well I do." Aubrey snapped, pushing Chloe away, "Just go! Go to your precious Beca!"

With a hurt expression Chloe began, "I know she screwed up, but I stand by what I said before. I know it's not what you want to hear, but we were losing anyway and at least she tried something different."

"Then why are you even here?" Aubrey yelled, trying to keep the sorrow out of her voice, "Why aren't you with Beca and kissing her ass right now?"

"Because I know you, and I know her, and I know who needs me more." Chloe said firmly before sighing, "And I know you want me to curse her name, but I just can't. And not just because I think she's right."

"Because you love her." Aubrey said bitterly.

"Who wouldn't?" Chloe smiled affectionately.

"Trust me, it's easy." Aubrey grumbled, "Just wait until she destroys something you love with her negativity and bad taste."

"Her negativity is part of her charm, and I like her taste." Chloe argued, and then when Aubrey pouted she quickly added, "Oh don't give me that look, I love you both."

"Not in the same way." Aubrey said bitterly.

"Well, yeah..." Chloe frowned in confusion, before realisation slowly started to hit, "Wait a second, you were the one who told me it didn't mean anything. That we were just friends. That you weren't gay. That-"

"I know what I said!" Aubrey snapped.

There was a brief pause and then Chloe pushed, "And?"

"And nothing." Aubrey grumbled, and then when Chloe opened her mouth quickly added, "Seriously Chloe, just go be with your precious Beca."

"Oh my God! You really are jealous!" Chloe exclaimed with delight.

"No I am not!" Aubrey snapped, "What I am is furious that some random girl, who didn't even want to be a Bella, has ruined it for the rest of us and is stealing my best friend from me."

"You know perfectly well I wanted more from her right from the start!" Chloe pointed out with a raised voice of her own before sighing, "I told you that."

"To make me jealous." Aubrey huffed.

"It worked, didn't it?" Chloe grinned, before quickly adding, "But that was only part of it. I was also being honest about what I wanted. I never lied to you Aubrey. Not about this. It matters too much to me. You matter too much to me. And so does she."

There was a brief pause and then looking away Aubrey grumbled, "You can't love us both."

"Says who?" Chloe asked.

There was another brief pause and then Aubrey began, "Chloe-"

"No, seriously? Who says that a person can't be in love with two people at the same time?" Chloe exclaimed softly, going all in, "The Bible? Some long dead white men? Society? God dammit Aubrey, it wasn't that long ago we would have been diagnosed as insane and/or locked up if we were even accused of having an interest towards each other, so why should we care what anyone thinks?"

"Because that stuff still matters Chloe." Aubrey pointed out.

"Not as much as it used too." Chloe counter argued.

"It's enough." Aubrey said softly, "And I told you a million times, my parents would never accept a gay kid."

"And I told you before, I've met your parents. Their ass holes who don't deserve your devotion." Chloe said firmly, "You don't need them. You've never needed them."

"So what? I'm supposed to ruin my relationship with them to be the third wheel in your relationship with... Beca." Aubrey said bitterly, putting extra hateful emphasis on that last word.

"You wouldn't be a third wheel." Chloe said firmly, then when Aubrey gave her a look added just as firmly, "You wouldn't! I wouldn't let you. I promise."

"Please, Beca walks into a room and you forget I exist." Aubrey grumbled.

"No, that's..." Chloe began, before correcting herself, "Okay, maybe in the beginning because she was all shiny and new, but also I really was trying to make you jealous. And I succeeded. So yay me. And without it we might not be even having this conversation."

There was a long pause and then Aubrey scoffed, "So what? I'm just supposed to walk over to Beca's hotel room after she ruined my life and beg for the privilege of going down on her?"

"Or, maybe we could put aside our differences and have an honest conversation with her about what we want." Chloe counter offered, before grinning while giving another offer, "Or, we can forget about Beca tonight and I can show you just how much I adore you. Or at least cheer you up with orgasms."

Aubrey hesitated and then murmured, "Chloe, I..."

"Oh come on Aubrey, orgasms are the best medicine when you're sad."  Chloe argued, "And you know I give great head."

"I know." Aubrey blushed.

"So what's the problem?" Chloe protested, "Why can't we just-"

Grabbing Chloe's face with both hands Aubrey forcefully pulled her into a brief but passionate kiss and then told her, "I was trying to say yes, but you kept interrupting."

"Oh." Chloe blushed, before grinning, "That's great. I'm glad we're on the same page. I was beginning to worry-."

"Shut up and fuck me." Aubrey demanded.

"I'll definitely do one of those things." Chloe grinned.

Which was hopefully just Chloe's attempt to make Aubrey laugh, and to be fair it worked, but sometimes Chloe could be a little too talkative during sex for Aubrey's liking. It was literally the only downside to having sex with her best friend. Well, that and the crippling questions about her own sexuality which Aubrey had been desperately trying to avoid. Most notably she distracted herself from them with more sex with Chloe as that always seemed to work, at least for a while. Which reminded Aubrey, kissing Chloe had the same effect as earth shattering orgasms, at least as far as leaving her mindless was concerned.

Seriously, all Chloe had to do was kiss her and suddenly Aubrey was putty in her hands. Especially when it was like this, Chloe straddling her waist shortly after the kissing began and cupping Aubrey's face with both hands while Aubrey's hands rubbed up and down her friend's back and pushed her further into her. Then they were both tearing off Chloe's clothes so they could grope each other's naked bodies while making out even more passionately than before. Happily things continued like that for quite a while, Chloe only breaking away to press kisses to Aubrey's face and neck, and to whisper soft words of love to her. Then just as it was becoming too much Chloe gave her what she really wanted.

Chloe loved making out and could do it for hours. At least under the right circumstances. Sadly these weren't the right circumstances, at least for Aubrey. Chloe was perfectly happy with sitting on her friend's lap and having fairly PG-3 fun, minus the nakedness, but Aubrey had probably been sitting here for quite a while, which just wasn't good for her. When she first found her she was naked and shivering, and while Chloe had a good job of warming her up Aubrey's butt was probably a little sore from sitting on the cold, hard floor, and if she was going to continue to sit there Chloe should probably stop putting weight on her, get off and give her something really distracting.

Of course they could have moved to the bed, but Chloe was developing a real kink for shower sex, especially in this case as it made her feel like Beca was already here with them. The thought making Chloe smile, because if she was here Beca would totally freak out, but Chloe could pretend they had already got over all that and just moved onto all having fun together. Yes, she could imagine Beca watching with approval, or even joining in, as Chloe showed Aubrey just how much she loved her. Besides, Aubrey didn't have to know exactly what she was thinking while she went down on her, or kissing her as the case might be right now. Although not for much longer.

Deciding it was time to move on, and more importantly downwards, Chloe got off of Aubrey's lap and kissed her way down to her neck. Aubrey had told her not to leave marks there, but this was going to be one of those times that Chloe simply 'forgot' and did it anyway. For once Aubrey didn't even complain, perhaps liking the idea that she would have something to show off to Beca and prove she wasn't the only one Chloe desired. Or maybe, like Chloe, she was tired of hiding their true relationship with each other. Either way Aubrey cried out loudly in approval, which just made Chloe bite down harder. And make it up to Aubrey's neck with kisses, licks and even some gentle sucks.

She then moved down to Aubrey's tits and basically did the same thing, only Chloe spent even longer there as she went back and forth between each breast, of course mostly concentrating on Aubrey's nipples although giving the surrounding flesh plenty of kisses, especially in the beginning. Then as time went on Chloe concentrated more and more on those nipples, increasing her suction tenfold and roughly biting down on them almost hard enough to draw blood. Both of which only caused Aubrey to cry out with joy, and whimpering need for more. Then beg for it, and as much as she tried Chloe just couldn't deny giving her friend what she wanted.

"Please Chloe, fuck me! I need you to fuck me! Oh fuck me! Oh God! Oh Chloe." Aubrey whimpered, blushing as she became more graphic, "Lick me! I need you to lick my pussy. Please Chloe, mmmmm, no one licks my pussy like you do. Please? Oh God yes, that's it, mmmmm, lower, ohhhhhh mmmmm, lower, oh God!"

Aubrey was very, very thankful that shortly after she began begging her best friend started kissing her way down her stomach. She did this incredibly slowly, but it was enough to make Aubrey trail off and practically quiver with anticipation. Or maybe she was still a little cold, whatever, the point was she was moments away from getting what she wanted and she spread her legs wide open so that Chloe could have all the access she wanted. Unfortunately Chloe took advantage of this by ignoring Aubrey's needy pussy in favour of kissing up and down her thighs for a few long minutes, although just as Aubrey summoned the courage to complain about this she finally got what she wanted.

That first precious lick came almost without warning. Sure, Chloe's mouth had been moving in that direction, but it hadn't been quite there yet, and she had done this enough times that Aubrey was taking off guard when she felt a tongue pressing against the bottom of her pussy and began sliding its way up to the top. Also for that first lick Chloe lingered on her clit, which was enough to make Aubrey tremble with delight and make her forget her words. They also mercifully made it hard to think anything really. Which was also the case for the following licking, even though Chloe completely ignored her clit and settled into giving her a long slow pussy licking, a.k.a. Chloe's favourite type to give.

For the most part they were Aubrey's favourite type to receive, but that was because she was normally relaxing in her bed while receiving it and lovingly stroking that strawberry hair, trying to decide what was more pretty, that long-haired head in between her legs, or Chloe's startlingly blue eyes staring up at her lovingly. Because she didn't always get the latter thing, but when she did it made her heart flutter. Although there was definitely something to be said for what she was receiving now, namely Chloe giving her pussy her full undivided attention, and perhaps now they were in an angle it was even more obvious that it was a girl between her legs, and in that moment it was too thrilling to worry her. But her ass was a little sore, and there was a bigger problem.

Normally Aubrey found it difficult to think of anything which could put her off this act while Chloe was even giving her a gentle licking, but maybe there had been one thought which crept into her mind when she was receiving this type of head from her best friend, and ironically it wasn't the worry that she may not be entirely straight. No, it was far worse than that, it was the fear of losing Chloe to that annoying, and okay, incredibly hot, bitch Beca Mitchell. Sometimes she could even picture her here with them, mocking her and taunting that she was going to take Chloe away from her. It was enough to make Aubrey want to beg for more, just so she could have mind destroying orgasms. But it just felt too good for that, at least right now.

Chloe could vividly imagine Beca as well, and it was also making it harder not to make Aubrey cum, and/or rub herself against the hard concrete until she came, or moved them into a 69. Of course it wasn't because she wanted a distraction from Beca. No, it was because she was so turned on by the idea of Beca just watching them it was a struggle to control herself. But she forced herself too, because Aubrey deserved to have her pussy properly worshipped, especially after admitting to all her insecurities. Besides, Chloe loved licking pussy. Especially Aubrey's pussy. And Beca's, she thought wickedly even as she began occasionally touching her best friend's clit with every other lick, taking one small step towards what she was so desperately craving right now. Well, one of the things.

That small step brought her closer to tasting Aubrey's cum, which again she loved above all others except maybe Beca's, but she also hoped it was one step closer to making her wildest fantasies a reality. Like the one of Beca watching her going down on Aubrey, and then Aubrey watching her doing the same to Beca. Maybe they could even take it in turns, lying down next to each other so Chloe could go back and forth, either under her own steam or the two other girls could be fighting over her tongue, grabbing her head every so often and pulling her towards them. Maybe they would even argue verbally, telling each other Chloe was theirs and treating her just like a fuck toy to be used. Oh yes, Chloe loved that particular fantasy.

She was also partial to the idea of Beca or Aubrey sitting on her face while the other ate her out, especially if the other girls switched places a few times. Then they could get a couple of toys and really double fuck her. Or she could fuck them, maybe even at the same time, both of them bent over in front of her so she could pump a few handheld dildos in and out of their cunts. Or ass holes. Or maybe she could get a strap-on and go back and forth between their fuck holes. Or they could DP her. Oh God, Chloe could find out what it was like to be fucked in her pussy and ass at the same time. Or she could team up with Aubrey or Beca to double-team the other, and treat them to one of those wonderful things.

While she was lost in those particular fantasies Chloe's mouth and tongue went into business for themselves, not just increasing speed and force of the licks but her mouth wrapping itself around Aubrey's entrance so she could drink the heavenly juices now easily flowing out of her. Although when Chloe did come out of it she was to far gone to stop, so she began taking Aubrey's clit into her mouth to suck it as well as lick it. Sure, she started off reasonably gentle at first, but it was more than enough to make Aubrey squirm and eventually starting to beg for more, which Chloe happily gave to her. Just perhaps not in the way that Aubrey wanted.

Aubrey was in love with Chloe. It wasn't something she liked to admit to herself under normal circumstances, but in wonderful moments like this it was undeniable, not just because of the incredible head she was receiving. No, Aubrey had pretty much loved Chloe since the moment they met, and while originally those feelings might have only been friendly to start with they had quickly crossed the line even before Chloe had successfully seduced her. And Aubrey didn't want to be afraid of that, she wanted to be out and proud, but it was just so hard. And not just because of her parents. But she might just have to go through with it, because there could be nothing worse than the thought of losing Chloe, and of course the amazing pleasure she was receiving now.

Seriously, Chloe built her up expertly to the point where Aubrey was whimpering and writhing, and of course desperate to cum, to the point where she just couldn't take it any more. Just before that point she could imagine Beca Mitchell in front of her, only instead of smirking or talking trash she was just standing there staring at Chloe and obviously wishing she was receiving this treatment. Not that Aubrey could blame her. But Beca had received this treatment, and that made Aubrey mad. It also made her want to cum even more, because this Beca was naked as Aubrey and Chloe were, and despite herself Aubrey found that a turn on. Then thankfully Beca disappeared and Aubrey was left with only what she was feeling, which for once wasn't all good.

"More! Please Chloe, give me more!" Aubrey whimpered, "I need to cum so bad, mmmmmm, soooooooo bad, oh fuck! Fuck yeah, lick me, suck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhh, I don't care what you do, just make me cum. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, lick my clit! More, more, more, ohhhhhhh shit, fuck me! Oh God! Oh Chloe! Tongue fuck me Chloe! I need you to fuck me with your tongue. Please? Oh Chloe, ohhhhhhhhh fuck, make me cum! Make me cum make me cum oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk make me cum! Please, stop teasing me and just do it. FUCK ME! FUCK ME AND OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS, OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Considering she was feeling insecure, and worse had just admitted that to Chloe, her supposed best friend didn't make Aubrey cum nearly soon enough for her liking. In fact Chloe completely abandoned her clit in favour of lingering her tongue on her entrance, which was great for upping the anticipation but didn't exactly keep the same level of pleasure going. Then just as Aubrey was seriously coming down from her high Chloe finally pushed her tongue inside her, which as always made her cum instantly, but not this time. No, Chloe went just slowly enough not to make her cum, and then when her tongue was completely buried inside of Aubrey's pussy she left it there for a few long seconds.

Which was wonderful because she loved having Chloe inside her, and again the anticipation, but at that point Aubrey just needed to cum so bad it was torture. Even though that 'torture' only lasted for a few long seconds it felt like an eternity. Then suddenly Chloe was thrusting her tongue in and out, triggering an incredibly powerful climax which made it extremely difficult for Aubrey to think coherently. It was then followed by another, and another, and another as Chloe once again effortlessly made her cum, all of Aubrey's troubles and indeed her entire world falling away until there was nothing but the ecstasy only her precious best friend had ever given her.

Chloe prided herself on being an expert at eating pussy, especially Aubrey's pussy. After all, because of their arrangement, which for better or for worse might be coming to an end, Chloe had spent the last few years sleeping with as many people as she could, tasting a lot of different pussies along the way, but Aubrey's had been her favourite. Or at least, it used to be. Now it was probably 50-50 between Beca and Aubrey, which was just another reason an arrangement between the three of them would be perfect for Chloe. But the past few years she'd practically lived with her face buried in between Aubrey's legs, so there wasn't anyone else in the world she found it easier to make cum, because she knew just how Aubrey like to be fucked.

It wasn't just a matter of fucking her with her tongue and fingers, it was when to make the switch, what angle she needed to thrust in and out, what pressure to use on her clit when she went back to it, etc. To comfort her paranoid roommate, and to make up for the teasing, Chloe used all those little tricks to make Aubrey cum as hard and as frequently as possible. Well, and her own selfish desire to swallow as much of Aubrey's girl cum as possible, which again was only equal to Beca's girl cum in terms of what Chloe loved to swallow. And thanks to all of her experience, she swallowed most of what Aubrey had to offer right from the beginning, and it really only changed later because she switched from tongue fucking to fingering her friend.

As she was done with teasing as soon as she made the switch Chloe pushed two fingers straightaway into Aubrey's cunt and started rubbing the other girl's clit with her thumb. She even added a third shortly afterwards, and considered going further, but instead ended up switching again so she could collect some of the girl cum that was waiting for her from Aubrey's last couple of orgasms. She then switched back and forth for a while, listening out for the tell-tale signs that her friend was getting closer to unconsciousness, and then pushing her right up to that and before reluctantly pulling away from her pussy and smiling at her. As her reward Aubrey bashfully returned the smile and then reached for her.

During other occasions Aubrey would grab hold of her head again while Chloe was still fucking her and pull her up into a kiss before Chloe wanted to stop, but clearly the blonde was feeling needy and had allowed the redhead to indulge her love for pussy to her hearts content. As a result Aubrey looked like she was about to faint, but Chloe had seen this expression before, and knew just how to reinvigorate her best friend. Namely by pressing their lips together and feeding Aubrey some of her own cum, which as always worked like a charm. Oh yes, it didn't happen right away, but gradually Aubrey started kissing her back with more passion, before eventually gently switching their position so she was the one pushing Chloe up against the wall.

Just before this Chloe broke the kiss, rested her forehead against Aubrey's, and whispered, "You're shivering."

"You just made me cum really hard." Aubrey pointed out, before blushing.

Which made Chloe smile widely, before she asked, "Do you want me to dry you so we can go and cuddle in bed?"

"No." Aubrey growled, roughly kissing Chloe and switching their positions.

Aubrey wasn't lying exactly, but that was a half-truth. There was definitely part of her which wanted to just go to sleep cuddling her favourite person and forget all her troubles. After all, she knew that was the best way she could get some sleep, even on a normal day, was Chloe giving her orgasms and then cuddling. Which hopefully they would do later, but for now that desire was being overruled by a need to return the favour. And that's what it was, not a want, but a need. Because Chloe had made her feel better when she didn't think it was possible. Again. More importantly, she wanted to remind Chloe she was hers, not Beca's.

So Aubrey somehow found the strength to continue the kissing, switch their positions, and slide a hand down Chloe's body until she reached the ginger's cunt. Well, she did know what gave her that strength, namely tasting her own cum and pussy cream on Chloe's lips and tongue, reminding her exactly what the other girl had just done for her. And of course Chloe offering her an out if she wasn't in the mood, or didn't have the physical or emotional strength, to return the favour, once again showing what a wonderful person she was. But that didn't matter right now. All that mattered was making Chloe cum for her, something that thankfully Aubrey always found easy to do.

Publicly Aubrey had mocked Chloe for being horny 24/7, but at times like this she definitely counted it as a plus. Besides, after Chloe had worked so hard to make her cum Aubrey wasn't surprised that her friend whimpered into her mouth with need just from gently sliding a hand down her body. And of course when Aubrey's hand reached it's destination Chloe gasped and moaned into her mouth, which in turn made Aubrey grin with satisfaction. She then kept grinning as Chloe continued gasping and moaning, whimpering soon being added to the mix as Aubrey began rubbing her pussy slowly and gently, which she knew wasn't what her friend really wanted at this stage, but it would make her eventual orgasms that much harder.

Of course it wasn't long before Chloe broke the kiss and pleaded, "Aubrey, please, aaaaahhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd, yessssssssss fuck me!"

Normally Aubrey would tease Chloe for some more of those sweet words, but this time she just couldn't resist pushing two fingers into the other girl's needy cunt. She made sure to do it slowly as she didn't want Chloe to cum just yet, and honestly, Aubrey wanted to just enjoy the feeling of being inside a woman, which was a feeling she loved more than she wanted to admit, even to herself. Which was why when she was completely buried inside of Chloe she stayed still for a few long minutes to savour that feeling, before beginning to pump in and out, again making sure to go nice and slowly to make sure Chloe didn't cum too soon.

Chloe mostly loved this treatment. Sure, her body was getting increasingly desperate for an orgasm, but she had no doubt that Aubrey wouldn't leave her hanging this time. She rarely did. In fact, it was mostly Chloe's fault that she occasionally did, as she loved fucking her beautiful female friend into unconsciousness. Also she liked having sex in public, and while she could just about talk Aubrey into that it was harder for her to convince her to return the favour afterwards when they had already spent a long time in the bathroom or whatever. But here and now Aubrey would definitely make her cum, and it really wouldn't take much. Although Chloe couldn't help but hope for something extra special.

They more or less gotten halfway there as Aubrey slowly and cautiously added a third finger, obviously not ready to make Chloe cum yet, even though that addition pushed her tremendously close, which led Chloe to plead, "More! More, more, more! Please Aubrey, mmmmm, give me more! Ooooooooh God, give me more fingers! Fist me! Oh shit, fist fuck me please?"

"Are you sure?" Aubrey asked softly.

All Chloe could really do in response was nod, which really wasn't helping her case, and it made Aubrey look even more nervous and unsure about this. But just as Chloe worried that she would have to stop to talk Aubrey into this, like she had during the first time they had done this, she felt Aubrey pushing that fourth finger into her, making her smile with relief. Then her eyes went wider in surprise as those fingers picked up the pace, and the roughness, and Aubrey started rubbing her clit so rapidly she had no choice but to cum. Which was wonderful, but it wasn't exactly what she asked for, and Aubrey only gave her one orgasm as she slowed down the pace right afterwards. But then Chloe got exactly what her friend was doing, and she beamed happily.

Sure enough Aubrey removed her thumb from Chloe's clit, tucked it underneath her fingers and then pushed forwards until her knuckles were stretching the redhead's nice and relaxed entrance. It still wasn't easy, Chloe having to hide the pain of the stretching, which Aubrey saw right through, but she kept pushing forwards anyway until those knuckles slip through, the rest of the blonde's hand entering easily after that. Then Aubrey just stayed wonderfully still so both women could savour the emotional and physical high of having Aubrey's entire hand inside Chloe's cunt. Aubrey then kissed her gently and briefly, before starting to thrust in and out, officially beginning the fisting.

After what was probably a few long minutes of this Aubrey growled, "Is this something you did with your precious Beca?"

Chloe briefly hesitated, and then answered truthfully, "No."

"Good." Aubrey grinned, kissing her again.

It was difficult for Chloe not to add, 'not yet', but she guessed that Aubrey didn't want to hear that. In truth there was a number of wonderfully wicked things she wanted to do with BOTH Beca and Aubrey, ideally at the same time, but clearly it would take a little more work to bring the two people she loved the most together. But that was okay, because Chloe was confident that she could do it. Not that it was her main focus right now. No, that was the hand gently moving inside her cunt, keeping her almost unbearably close to another orgasm. And of course Aubrey's lips brushed against hers, her neck, her face, and occasionally the other woman just pulled back so they could stare into each other's eyes as one fisted the other.

Aubrey had always loved the feeling of being inside of Chloe since their very first time together. She often tried to deny it, but it was impossible to do so, especially when she was back inside of Chloe again and her friend was whimpering, gasping and moaning with pure pleasure from what Aubrey was doing to her. It gave Aubrey an intoxicating sense of power to been able to do that, and despite the fact that Chloe wasn't exactly picky about who she slept with it made her feel so close to the other girl in that moment. Most of all though, Aubrey just liked making Chloe feel good, especially as it was normally in the name of returning the favour.

Right now there was an additional thing, which Aubrey felt a bit guilty about, but she couldn't deny there was a great sense of satisfaction from being inside of Chloe in this extreme way that Beca hadn't experienced. At least not yet, Aubrey thought bitterly. Knowing Chloe it wouldn't be long before she talked Beca into doing this, and everything else she had done with Aubrey, but for this shining moment this was something just between them, as Chloe promised it wasn't something she trusted anyone else with. Which wasn't something Aubrey ever thought she do, or enjoy, but feeling pure Chloe wrapped around her entire hand was more erotic than Aubrey could have ever imagined, or could ever put into words.

Of course this moment wasn't about her feelings about this experience, or Beca, or even Chloe. This wasn't about Aubrey at all. This was about Chloe's pleasure, and thoroughly returning the favour. As Aubrey was attempting to do that she did her best to stay out of her head and just concentrate on thrusting in and out of Chloe's cunt, slowly and gently picking up the pace until she was pulling out to the knuckles, stretching her friend wide, and then thrusting as deep as she could go into the other girl's pussy. She was doing this extreme hard and fast, which probably should have had Chloe screaming in pain, but instead she was screaming in pleasure and inevitably cumming on her hand.

Over and over again Aubrey made Chloe cum, the two women mostly exchanging a truly intense stare, at least until Chloe could no longer avoid closing her eyes or tilting her head back from a particularly powerful climax. But the redhead returned her gaze to the blonde's without needing to be asked, allowing Aubrey to see just how much Chloe was loving this. And perhaps how much Chloe loved her. Not friendship love, but the real love she had secretly always wanted from her best friend, and now maybe she had it. Which initially seemed like may be the case given the way they kissed gently afterwards that Chloe could take no more, and then kissed again after a brief interlude involving Chloe licking her hand clean and Aubrey giggling with delight.

Then Chloe pressed her forehead against Aubrey's and softly whispered, "I love you Aubrey. I always have."

"Me too." Aubrey was unable to resist admitting in this vulnerable moment, mostly because she'd already admitted it. Just as she'd already confirmed, "But I'm not the only one."

"No, you're not." Chloe admitted softly, before grinning, "But that doesn't have to be a bad thing."

Practically seeing the wheels turn inside her best friend's head Aubrey grumbled, "You have a plan?"

"Oh yes." Chloe grinned again, before confessing, "And it involves more fun with showers."

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