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"You don't have to get me drunk, you know?" Beca grinned.

This startled Chloe to the point where her only response was, "Huh?"

"Yeah, I'm kind of a sure thing." Beca grinned, before noticing the look on Chloe's face, which caused her to frown, "Is something wrong? You're acting weird. Even by your standards."

"Gee, thanks." Chloe grumbled.

"You know what I mean." Beca groaned, before quickly adding, "I'm sorry, okay? I'm just, I'm trying to be a good girlfriend here, I don't really have experience with that. And, well, I never really cared before. You know? But... I want to be good for you."

"You are." Chloe insisted, "That's why this is so hard."

Which made Beca panic a little, "Wait, are you breaking up with me?"

"What? No!" Chloe quickly clarified, "But I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to break up with me by the end of the night."

"Wow, that's not ominous at all." Beca scoffed, before insisting, "Okay, now you have to tell me what's going on."

Chloe bit her lip, and then looked around the bar, "Are you sure you want to do this here?"

"Yes." Beca insisted.

Deciding everyone around them was minding their own business Chloe relented, "Fine, finish you're drink and I'll tell you."

Beca gave her a look, then downed her drink in one and then insisted, "Done. So what's up?"

"I slept with Aubrey." Chloe blurted out, quickly giving some context after Beca's eyes went wide, "It was before we were together, but it wasn't a one-off thing. It was more like a weekly thing, sometimes more. And I thought it was just sex, because she repeatedly told me it was just sex, that she was straight, and that it didn't mean anything, but in retrospect I should have probably realised she had feelings for me."

There was then a long pause as Chloe gave Beca a chance to say something, ending with of course Beca making an inappropriate joke, "Wow... so... that's what Aubrey's like when she IS getting laid? God, I wouldn't like to see her when she's not. Oh wait, that's the last few weeks, right? Man, that makes so much sense."

"Are you mad?" Chloe asked cautiously.

"Why?" Beca frowned before her brain caught up with her mouth, "Oh, right... erm, no? I mean, I know we only really just got exclusive, so you weren't cheating on me, and... wow, it really does make so much sense."

"Wow, that's very mature of you." Chloe beamed.

"I know." Beca grinned, and then frowned, "And hey! You didn't think I could be mature?"

Chloe gave her a look, "Well, let's put that maturity to the test, shall we?"

"Why? Do you want to date both of us?" Beca joked, and then when she saw the uncomfortable look on Chloe's face her eyes went wide, "Wait... do you?"

"Well..." Chloe began.

"OH MY GOD! YOU DO!" Beca exclaimed at the top of her lungs, getting everyone's attention.

Both girls gave the people around them an apologetic look, and then Chloe took a deep sigh and explained, "Nooooo, I want all of us to date."

For a few long seconds Beca was sure her head was about to explode, and then she weakly asked, "Have, have you told Aubrey that yet? And if not, can I be there when you tell her?"

"I have." Chloe revealed, "And she's on board."

"Really?" Beca questioned in disbelief.

"What? I can be really persuasive." Chloe beamed proudly.

"Yeah, I noticed." Beca grumbled, then after a few long seconds pointed out, "She hates me!"

"No she doesn't." Chloe protested, and then when Beca gave her a look she quickly added, "She hates that you question her in front of the other Bellas. And, well... that I like you so much. But if you actually spend time together you'd actually see you have a lot in common, and could be really good for each other. Especially with me there to prevent you from fighting. But when the inevitable happens and you do fight, imagine the make up sex? And imagine it with the two of us. Can you honestly say that doesn't appeal?"

There was a long pause, and then Beca grumbled, "I need to think about it."

"Of course." Chloe said, quickly slipping Beca a hotel room key, "Aubrey is staying in this room. If you're feeling brave, talk to her later. If you still want some time to think, then go to our room. I'll stay with one of the other Bellas, so you can be alone if you want."

"Thanks." Beca said awkwardly, pocketing the key and turning to go.

"I love you." Chloe blurted out before she could go, "I know it's too early, and I know you don't want to hear it, but I do. Or at least, I'm falling for you Mitchell. I'm falling for you hard, and I don't know if I can stop. But... I love her too. I love both of you equally, and I don't care that society thinks I shouldn't. I don't even care if anyone understands it. Even you and Aubrey. But if you think this could work between us, even for a second, please give it a chance? Please? Please don't make me choose between you two, because it would tear me apart, and... and I'm not sure I could be fine with either choice if it meant breaking the heart of one of you. I'd... I'd rather us all suffer, except only one or two. And I'm sorry, because I know that's selfish, and it isn't fair, because of how I feel. But I have to be honest, you know?"

"Yeah." Beca said softly, before admitting, "And no... I mean... I still have time to think."

"I know... I love you." Chloe repeated, even though Beca didn't say it back, instead choosing to disappear into the crowd.


Beca was falling for Chloe too. Oh who was she kidding? She was head over heels for her. Which was ridiculous considering they hadn't known each other for that long, but Beca had fallen hard and fast. It was embarrassing, really. Thankfully here was a deal-breaker to put a stop to this relationship before it got out of hand. Because that's what this should be, right? Dating another chick was one thing, but two? Actually, just one was pretty weird for her, and dating in general was out of her comfort zone, so this should have been the easiest decision she ever made. Hell, she should have turned down Chloe the second she bought it up, after laughing for about a solid hour at the thought that she and Aubrey could ever co-exist together, let alone date.

However Beca hadn't done either of those things, and instead found herself wondering in the streets, so lost in the pros and cons of this indecent proposal that she didn't realise where she was going until she was there. Namely, the hotel again, but not outside her door, or the door of one of someone that Chloe might be staying with. No, Beca found herself in front of Aubrey's door, her hand itching to knock on it. But she couldn't. Could she? This couldn't ever possibly work. And there was no way Aubrey had actually agreed to it. Wait, what if this was all a big practical joke? Yes, it was just a joke, and if she knocked Chloe would just jump out yell 'gotcha' and laugh. Or Aubrey would do it. Either way, Beca should totally knock to find out.

Almost the second Beca knocked on the door Aubrey answered and awkwardly smiled, "Hey..."

"Hey..." Beca replied just as hesitantly.

There was a long pause, and then Aubrey stepped back and pointed out, "You should probably come in."

"Right... thanks." Beca said awkwardly as she shuffled through the door.

Aubrey close the door behind her and then the two girls stood there awkwardly for a few long minutes, then the brunette grabbed the blonde's hand and pulled her in the direction of the bathroom, causing Aubrey to frown and ask, "What are you doing?"

"I just, I just can't have this conversation out here." Beca explained herself, feeling like a total dork.

"Oh, but this is fine?" Aubrey grumbled, seeing where this was going.

"Trust me, considering how all this started, this is appropriate." Beca said, letting go of Aubrey's hand once they were in the bathroom, and then stepping into the shower. Then after just standing there for a few long minutes of just looking at the blonde the brunette gently pushed her, "Well, come on then."

"Fine." Aubrey sighed, awkwardly getting into the shower next to her fellow Bella, and then grumbling, "So, I take it you talked to Chloe?"

"Yeah." Beca said awkwardly.

"And?" Aubrey pushed.

"And this is insane!" Beca exclaimed, "You really agree to this? You!"

There was another long pause, and then Aubrey confessed, "I, I would do anything not to lose Chloe."

"That I get." Beca smiled, "Believe me."

"I do." Aubrey said softly, then after yet another long pause continued, "I, I wasted so much time telling myself that I didn't really want her. That it was just a phase. Experimentation. That every girl does it. That it's no big deal. But it wasn't just a phase or experimentation, and it was a big deal. And because I couldn't admit that, even to myself, I lost her. You swooped in, being all... you, and you stole her from me without even trying."

Beca tried to protest, "I wasn't trying to-"

"I know!" Aubrey quickly interrupted, "I'm not blaming you. I can't. It was my fault. I'm the reason we're in this position, and if you want to hate me, that's okay. God knows I hate me."

"I don't hate you." Beca said softly, and then when Aubrey gave her a look she insisted, "I don't! I never have, not really. And I might have said it, and I know we've had our differences, but... I never hated you. And this isn't your fault. It's Chloe's. I... I love her. Like, I think I might actually love her, but that girl is a little crazy. Or very crazy, if she thinks... you know..."

"Is it really that crazy?" Aubrey questioned, and then when Beca gave her a look she explained, "Well, at least it's not crazy for us. We both love Chloe, and would do anything to be with her. Including this. We wouldn't be having this conversation if one of us wasn't. And, and if this is just a way to let me down easy, so be it. Maybe it's a day, maybe it's a week, maybe it's an hour, but I actually get to be with her a little bit longer. More than I ever have, actually. Then if she has to choose one of us, so be it. I can be devastated then. But for now, I can be happy. If that means sharing her, I can do that. I don't really like it, but I'll do it. I mean, I was sharing her before, when I couldn't admit I actually wanted her, so the only difference now is that I'm sharing her with just one person."

"Even if that person is me?" Beca questioned with an awkward smile.

"At least I know you love her as much as I do." Aubrey shrugged, before frowning, "Which is also kind of the problem, but whatever. I can deal."

"Me too." Beca smiled, the blonde smiling back, and then after yet another brief pause the brunette asked, "So, what now?"

Aubrey bit her lip, and then confessed, "Chloe wants us to have sex."

"Of course she does." Beca laughed.

"Is, is that a problem?" Aubrey asked hesitantly.

"Hell no!" Beca scoffed, and then when her fellow Bella gave her a look she quickly pointed out, "Why would it be a problem? You're smoking hot, and I've totally daydreamed about grudge fucking you."

"Thanks." Aubrey blushed, and then when the other girl gave her a look she quickly added, "Me too. And sometimes, not just grudge fucking you."

"Me too..." Beca softly said, stepping forward into Aubrey's personal space, "In fact, I had a dream, just like this."

"Oh yeah?" Aubrey questioned softly, "How did it go?"

"A little something like this." Beca answered before moving forward again.

She did this hesitantly, but that's just because Beca was nervous, and clearly so was Aubrey. But she pushed through that to press their bodies together, and moved her lips until they were hovering directly over the lips of this intimidating woman. Their lips lingered like that for a few long seconds, and then Aubrey closed the distance between them, causing Beca to smiled triumphantly into the kiss, while eagerly responding. Of course, as this was very much a new thing for them the kiss started off slow and gentle, but the more they got into it the more passionate it got, until Aubrey was grabbing Beca's butt, giving the brunette permission to slide her hands over the blonde.

For a few long minutes they continued kissing passionately like that, but it wasn't long before Beca started slowly and cautiously taking off Aubrey's clothes, and not only did the blonde help her, but she actually started helping the brunette with her clothes. Then once they were both naked Aubrey shoved Beca against the nearest wall while still making sure they were pressed firmly together, and even more so now they had something to lean against. At which point Aubrey broke the kiss and dug her teeth straight into Beca's neck, while her right hand first cupped one of her boobs, and then started sliding that hand down her stomach. Which was great, but it wasn't what Beca really wanted right now. Although things were going so well should she really complain?

After debating it for a few long seconds Beca spoke just before that hand reached her needy junk, "Wait!"

"What?" Aubrey pulled back immediately, nervously asking, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No." Beca quickly reassured, somewhat seconded guessing her decision, before she pointed out, "From the sounds of it, it's just you and me, all night long. So, let's not rush this. Okay?"

Aubrey blushed, before smiling softly, "Okay."

Beca returned that smile, and then checked, "Unless you really want too, in which case-"

"No!" Aubrey insisted loudly, before softening her tone, "I'm good with slow."

Aubrey cursed herself for her impatience. Beca was right, this was their first time together, and she shouldn't be trying to rush it. Which made her behaviour a little embarrassing. But then again it was probably understandable, and Chloe would no doubt get a kick out of hearing just how eager she was to fuck Beca after spending so much time badmouthing her. Certainly Beca seemed amused by this, not that Aubrey could blame her, although it was the first thing the tiny brunette had done since she got here which really annoyed the blonde. Luckily there was an easy way of dealing with that. Well, definitely more than one, but the one Aubrey chosen that moment was to lean forward, cup Beca's pretty little face in her hands, and kiss her again.

For a few long seconds Beca continue to annoy her by grinning into that kiss, and thankfully they both became lost in it again, with pretty much the same results as before, a.k.a. they started out slow and gradually became more passionate and gropy. The big difference was this time when Aubrey pulled back she was still in control of herself, and while she again leaned into Beca's neck instead of biting it. She covered it with gentle kisses, eventually even sucking it a bit, while her fingers concentrated on Beca's tits. Oh yes, she cupped one in each hand and gently massage them, and her friend's nipples, getting them ready for what was to come. Namely her mouth, Aubrey gently kissing her way down to them after concentrating on her neck for a few long minutes.

Pretty much repeating what she had done to Beca's neck Aubrey kissed her way up one boob and then swirled her tongue around that nipple, before taking it into her mouth and gently sucking on it. She then kissed her way down that breast and up the other to repeat the process. Which she did over and over again for several long minutes, Aubrey preening at the soft moans of encouragement she got from this girl who she had hated for so long, and even the way that Beca cupped her head to her chest. However as enjoyable as that was Aubrey wanted even more positive sounds, and to fulfil a fantasy she'd been having ever since Chloe suggested this, a.k.a. taste Beca's pussy. Also this position wasn't super comfortable for her, so it wasn't long before she started heading downwards.

While this was arguably also a sign of impatience Beca didn't complain this time, likely because she was just as eager to be licked as Aubrey was eager to lick her. This made Aubrey very pleased with herself, but she was also a little ashamed of herself for not spending longer on Beca's cute little titties, so to try and make up for it she first lingered on her friend's stomach, before moving to her thighs, getting as close as she possibly could to Beca's cunt without actually touching it only to pull away at the last second. Although even that she could only do for so long, as she was so close to her prize, and it smelt so yummy that inevitably Aubrey had to lift her head up, closer eyes, stick out her tongue, and then slide it across Beca's pussy. Something which caused both girls to moan loudly.

Although not before Beca, of course, swore loudly, "Fuck!"

Beca let out a sharp cry with that word, which was then followed by a loud moan which drowned out Aubrey's. She could still tell she did one though, as she could feel the vibration against her pussy lips, which in turn just gave Beca more pleasure. Which continued to be the case throughout the next half a dozen licks. And even when Aubrey somewhat got used to the flavour, and stop moaning as much, the pleasure still felt amazing. Which shouldn't have been a surprise, given that Aubrey had learned from the best, and the uptight blonde was definitely the type to practice something until she was perfect at it, but the brunette was so blown away by just how skilled those first few licks were.

What added to the equation even more was that Beca was vividly picturing Chloe doing this to Aubrey, and then allowing Aubrey to return the favour. For them to repeat that process over and over again, with perhaps a few 69s thrown in, until Aubrey was just as amazing at eating pussy as Chloe. Well, maybe almost just as good. Because maybe it was just the fact that she was in love with Chloe, but Beca couldn't help feel Aubrey's inexperience shined through. Or maybe that was just her nervousness? Whatever the case it still felt pretty fucking awesome, especially during that first lick where the taller girl lingered on her clit so perfectly.

Sadly she then ignored her clit, but that was probably for the best. Beca was just saying how they had all night, and they should take their time. And this would be something out of Chloe's playbook. So it seemed hypocritical and just wrong to even think of complaining. So Beca didn't. In fact, she did exactly the opposite, continuing to encourage her new lover with soft little moans, gasps and cries. Her new lesbian lover! That's what Aubrey was now, and no matter what happened next freaking Aubrey Posen would be the second ever woman she had sex with! And from the sound of it, it was going to be the same for Aubrey, which was kind of mind blowing. Oh God, Beca hoped it wouldn't be too big a disappointment.

Don't get Beca wrong, she knew she was attractive, and maybe even hot, which was pretty much proven by the fact that two women wanted to have sex with her. But compared to Chloe Beale? Man, that was without a doubt one hell of a demotion. She knew for a fact she didn't taste quite as good, having tasted herself on Chloe's lips and tongue a number of times now, but on the bright side, Aubrey very much seemed to like it, given just how eagerly she was lapping away at Beca's cunt. Hopefully Beca could be just as eager when it came to returning the favour, although given just how much she was enjoying receiving she liked her odds. Especially as this clarified for her that beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was into women.

Aubrey appreciated the same thing, although if she was honest with herself she'd always known she was into women. More than that, she had known she was gay, so it was truly a relief in that moment that she didn't have to fight it any more. That she could just embrace her 'sinful' desires with other women who wanted the same thing she did. In this case, literally. Beca wanted the woman she loved, not that Aubrey could really blame her. Chloe Beale was perfect in every way, as far as she was concerned, and if this was what she had to do to be able to keep her it was a sacrifice Aubrey was willing to make. Only to her surprise, it could hardly be described as a sacrifice, because, despite their differences Aubrey found herself loving every moment of this.

There was no one in this world who could get under her skin quite like Beca Mitchell. They had been fighting like cats and dogs right from the start, and now Beca might have cost Aubrey her dream of winning a national championship, and more importantly, there was still a very good chance she would cost her Chloe. God, Aubrey had hated Beca so much, especially when she cost them in the competition, and it seemed absurd they could ever be in a relationship, and especially that they could ever enjoy having sex with each other. And yet, Aubrey found herself loving every moment of this. Which may be just proved what a massive lesbian she was, but maybe, just maybe, there was more to it than that.

Maybe underneath the animosity they felt for each other there was a genuine connection which was actually something they could build on, turning that initial hate to love. Or at least something where they could do more than just coexist for Chloe's sake. Because as much as Aubrey unsurprisingly loved the taste of this pussy because it was simply a pussy the fact that it was Beca's pussy made it even better. She certainly didn't want to admit it out loud, even now, but that weird connection made Aubrey hopeful for the future. A future that would hopefully be full of her going down on both Beca and Chloe on a regular basis. Hell, in that moment Aubrey didn't even care whether Beca returned the favour, as long as she got to do this on a regular basis, and maybe even everyday. Or close to it.

Luckily once she was lost in that heavenly idea Aubrey's body went into autopilot. More accurately, her tongue switched to autopilot, as a result of paying close attention to what Chloe did to her during all the sex they'd had, giving her enough thought to get lost in. But even as her mind wandered her tongue continued sliding over Beca's pussy at a slow and steady pace, keeping away from her clit as she wanted this to last for as long as possible. Maybe forever? No, that would mean she wouldn't get to indulge in Chloe's tasty twat. But she at least wanted to keep going until she had the satisfaction of Beca literally begging her for mercy. Just admittedly not in the way that she had initially thought she would want to hear it.

Beca also wanted this to last for a long time to maximise the pleasure she was feeling, and just to savour having Aubrey Posen munching on her muffin, which was still kind of mind blowing. Perhaps most of all, Beca was hoping if she waited long enough Chloe would come to check on them, just to make sure they weren't killing each other, and be delighted by what she found. Oh yes, Beca could so vividly picture Chloe walking in on them, and be delighted to see the progress they made, which probably shouldn't have been hot, but it was. So fucking hot... that it kind of made her want to cum. Which again, wasn't what she wanted right now, so sadly she couldn't focus on that fantasy for very long, but it still warmed her heart.

In a really weird way another thing which warmed her heart was just how into this Aubrey was getting. Considering how hesitant Beca had been expecting her to be this was truly incredible, and it gave her hope for the future. A possible future where she could have TWO girlfriends. Which, considering she thought she was straight until recently was, well... FUCK! Just, fuck. But throughout this whole thing, Beca somehow wanted it. She wanted it to work out between herself, Chloe and yes, even Aubrey. Especially if it meant that she could be licking Chloe's pussy right now, while Aubrey was still licking hers. Or vice versa, or some other kind of combination like that. Which again accomplished getting her way too close to cumming.

This time Beca just had to do something about it, namely whimpering, "More! Oh please, give me more! Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, oh please Aubrey, mmmmmmmm, fuck me! But not, ooooooooooh, not literally. Just, OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS! Mmmmmmm, lick my clit, lick my fucking clit! Oh my God, that feel so good! Soooooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddddd, oh fuck! Fuck! Oh Aubrey, more, ohhhhhhhhhhh, more! More! Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, OOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK ME AUBREY! FUCK ME! OH FUCK, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, ACA BITCH!"

For better or for worse, as soon as she was given permission Aubrey instantly increased her attention to Beca's clit, not just touching it but lingering on it with every stroke of her tongue, which quickly caused Beca to dissolve into a series of mindless cries of pleasure. Then whenever it felt like she was getting her senses back Aubrey would do something else, like take her clit into her mouth or increase the suction so much Beca thought for sure she was about to cum. But she didn't, not even thinking of Chloe and the future, they might share with this wonderful blonde could push her over the edge. Which for a moment Beca wondered whether it was away to get vengeance for Aubrey, but she couldn't really care at that moment. All that mattered was cumming.


This time Beca was definitely grateful that Aubrey was quick to make her cum, because it felt like she never needed it more. Oh yes, prim and proper Aubrey Posen, who Beca had initially assumed was as straight as an arrow, much like herself, pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into her pussy, instantly triggering a powerful orgasm which rocked Beca's poor little body. That poor little body was then bombarded with climax after climax, completely robbing Beca of the ability to think. Although her final thought just made her cum harder. Which of course, was the thought of Chloe, and the thought about how much better it would be if she was involved, and how that could happen in the near future.

Aubrey removed her tongue, just as quickly as she pushed it into Beca's pussy as she could tell she was about to be treated with liquid heaven. And sure enough, her training pretty much allowing her to swallow every drop of that precious liquid, before she went right back to trying to get more of it by tongue fucking the other girl. Just like Chloe had trained her. Oh yes, Chloe Beale was the only reason she was being able to swallow so much girl cum right now, and Aubrey could practically hear Chloe in her ear, encouraging her to make their girlfriend cum harder. Which almost made her cum too, and she probably could have done if she would only pushing a hand downwards, but she couldn't. Not when she had to concentrate on making Beca cum.

So that was exactly what she did for the next few long minutes, repeating the initial process over and over again of shoving her tongue into Beca's pussy, fucking it with her tongue and then quickly removing her tongue so she could swallow as much cum as possible. Which was heavenly at first, but unfortunately she got an increasingly smaller amount as Beca started grinding her cunt against her face. Even in this delirious stage Aubrey could tell this probably wasn't intentional, but that didn't make it any less annoying when she wanted to get every drop of that incredible liquid. Unfortunately that just wasn't possible right now, although she would get most of it later, as it was covering her face. Which had the added bonus of making her feel like the pussy slut she apparently was.

Normally, that thought would embarrass her, but in that moment she couldn't deny it was true. Besides, trying to deny it had almost cost her the most perfect person in the world, and Aubrey promised herself that would never happen. That she would embrace her true feelings for Chloe, and even for Beca, no matter how scary it was, and how much it pushed her out of her comfort zone. It would be worth it for the happiness she had found with Chloe. And not just when they were having sex, but that was a hell of a bonus. Hell, it was worth going out of her comfort zone, just for the happiness she felt now here, with Beca. While fucking Beca's pretty little pussy with her tongue and fingers, making the other girl cum over and over again.

It was the kind of happiness Aubrey wished could never end, but inevitably it had too. Knowing that, she tried to have it end by knocking Beca unconscious, something which would give her a great amount of pride on multiple levels, including satisfying their old rivalry. Aubrey was even pretty sure she got really close to achieving that goal, but at what felt like the last moment Beca pushed her away, giving both Bellas a few long seconds to recover, and contemplate what they had just done. Then Beca gave her a look which practically had Aubrey cumming on the spot, and then again when the other girl jumped her, pinned her to the cold floor of the shower, and started ravaging her body.

At first this just meant a lot of passionate kissing, something which both girls definitely enjoyed a lot given that Beca was tasting herself on Aubrey's lips and tongue, and inside of her mouth. Hell, it made both of them moan in satisfaction. Well, that and the kiss itself. Then Beca grabbed her boobs, squeezing and fondling them for a few long seconds, before pushing one downwards. She did this part slowly, possibly to give Aubrey a chance to object, which might be also why she broke the kiss in favour of going after her neck. But why on earth would Aubrey object to this when it felt so wonderful? And, as bizarre as it was to admit it, even to herself, she was getting it from someone she wanted. Maybe even the person she wanted the most in that moment, especially as she could imagine Chloe grinning wickedly in approval.

Once that descending hand reached it's destination Aubrey let out a loud cry of joy, which in turn caused Beca to grin with satisfaction against her neck. She then continued crying out, as well as letting out gasps, whimpers and moans as Beca started playing with her pussy. At first that just meant gently rubbing her pussy lips, and mostly ignoring her clit, but that was probably for the best, because Aubrey was so wound up, it really wouldn't take much for her to cum at this stage. But Beca then started going after her clit, increasing the pleasure just enough so that she could make her cry out pathetically without making her cum, which of course made her tormentor chuckle and smirk against her neck with satisfaction. Which was annoying, but Aubrey was willing to do anything she had to do to get what she wanted in that moment, and she had a suspicion what Beca wanted.

Namely to hear her beg for it, something Aubrey struggled to find the strength to do, but eventually she succeeded, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh Becaaaaaaaaaa! Beca! Fuck! Oh fuck, fuck me Beca! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, fuck me good! Please? I need it! Oh please Beca, mmmmmmmm, it's only fair. Oh yes, oooooooooooh, fuck yes, it's only fair when I fucked you and made you cum. Come on, oooooooooooh, return the favour already, and fuck me! Finger fuck me you bitch! Ah fuck, just do it! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, it's what Chloe would want, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk, so do it!"

"You're right..." Beca whispered wickedly into Aubrey's ear, "Chloe would want me to do it. She, would want me, to do, exactly, THIS! Yessssssssssss, cum for me bitch! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, fucking cum!"

As she spoke Beca circled Aubrey's entrance with her fingertips, and then slammed two fingers straight into her cunt as deep as they would go, which was pretty much all it took to trigger a powerful climax. The kind that Aubrey had only really had before with Chloe, which once again seemed to seal her fate. She was a lesbian. A lesbian who had two beautiful women vying for her affection, making her the luckiest lesbian ever. Especially as they were willing to share, something she was surprised that she was also willing to do, as long as it meant incredible pleasure like this became the norm for her. Oh yes, Aubrey could definitely get use to this.

But while it was extremely tempting just to relax and become lost in the pleasure she was experiencing Aubrey suddenly had an overwhelming urge to return the favour again. Maybe it was their rivalry rearing it's ugly head again, or just her competitive nature, but Aubrey reached down in between Beca's legs, and shoved first one, then a second finger inside of the other girl's pussy. Which understandably distracted Beca initially, but then the tiny girl seemingly became more determined to make her cum. And then later, to make Aubrey cum more than she did. Which was a tall order for the short girl, as the taller girl was starting off with an advantage, but the blonde had to give the brunette credit, when it came to being determined to get the job done. Or maybe stubborn would be a more accurate term?

Beca could admit she was stubborn, especially when it was impossible to deny, like when she was trying to make Aubrey cum more than the other girl made her cum, but in that moment she just can't help it. She didn't really care why, she just refused to be outdone. Of course Aubrey felt the same way, which led to a lot of orgasms. Along the way fingers were continuously added into all five were buried within both pussies, which was the widest Beca had ever been stretched. Then Aubrey started pushing her hand forward, causing Beca's eyes to go wide as saucers. She then continued based on the silence, until her entrance stretched over the older girl's knuckles, allowing that entire hand to slided inside her.


"Sorry." Aubrey apologised, realising what she'd just done, "Do you want me to, you know, stop?"

"NO! No, oh fuck, just give me a minute." Beca croaked, before grinning, "Damn Posen, who would have thought you would have been this much of a kinky bitch."

"It was Chloe's idea." Aubrey blushed, quickly clarifying, "I mean, she asked for it first, and it made her cum so hard, and I... I just wanted to, you know... win?"

"Typical." Beca rolled her eyes, before grinning wickedly, "So, think you can take some of your own medicine?"

In response Aubrey simply blushed furiously, then gently nodded, which both surprised and delighted Beca. It also scared her, because it meant not only going way out of her comfort zone here, but she'd probably have to do it with Chloe too. But she could worry about that later. Now she had to concentrate on shoving a whole hand up another girl's cunt without hurting her. Which of course was impossible, as some pain was inevitable, but Beca did her best, using her other hand to rub Aubrey's clit and going back to kissing the blonde, who thankfully stayed still and allowed her to work. God, it was so weird to feel her knuckles stretching over soft, wet flesh. Weird, but also very thrilling.

Eventually she succeeded, Aubrey understandably crying out and swearing, much like she had, and then the two of them stayed perfectly still for a few long minutes. Then Aubrey started pumping her hand back and forth, which Beca took as her cue to do the same. She then continued taking cues until they were both cumming again, this time while fisting each other. Which was wonderful, but also a little too overwhelming, especially given all the circumstances around it. So it wasn't that long before they simultaneously slowed down, bringing each other down from their highs, before one by one slowly and cautiously pulling their hands out of each other's cunts. They then collapsed in exhaustion within that shower, desperately gasping for breath, until a wicked thought popped into Beca's head.

"So, shall I call Chloe now and invite her to join in round two?" Beca teased.

Initially Aubrey laughed, and then just to make sure the brunette wasn't serious, the blonde quickly added, "No. I love her... God, I love her... but Chloe can be, a lot. Which I also love. I wouldn't have got through this year without her enthusiasm and energy, but right now I just want to lay here and go to sleep. You know?"

"Oh believe me, I know " Beca nodded, before pointing out, "But maybe we should go somewhere more comfortable? Like a bed?"

"Definitely..." Aubrey agreed, before admitting with a blush, "When I can feel my legs again."

Which of course led to the two exchanging a laugh before Beca rested her head against Aubrey's shoulder in a surprisingly comfortable silence. Beca couldn't have imagined herself in this position when she woke up this morning, or even right after Chloe told her what she wanted, but she was so happy she was in this position now. That they were. That this meant the three of them were going to try it. Herself, Chloe and Aubrey, all together. Which admittedly seemed exhausting, but totally worth it. In fact, Beca couldn't wait to add Chloe to this situation, because while this had gone better than she could ever have expected it still felt like there was something missing, and she was sure that Aubrey felt the same way. But thankfully, it wouldn't be missing for much longer...

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