Tina Gray - An Elm Street Nightmare.

BY : Nickamano
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Tina slowly sat up and looked around, her mind slowly making the adjustment from dream state to reality and her heart slowing, as the relative safety of daylight and the familiarity of her bedroom started to seep in through the fear-filled funk of the nightmare. 

As she adjusted her pillows, the drapes covering her bedroom window twitched and then were slapped aside. A large human shaped bulk appeared, clambering in through her bedroom widow from the trellis outside. Tina jumped in momentary resurgent terror, but even as her body reacted to the new fright, her conscious mind recognised the new intruder into her world. 

It was Rod Lane, just as she had seen him in her dream. Tall and broad and fresh olive skinned, glistening dark curls framing a handsome, chiselled face with an ever-present horny twinkle in his eye. She found herself halfway between a tingling attraction and annoyance at his intrusion.

  “Rod you asshole! You scared the crap outta me!”

  “Don’t get your panties in a wad, babe! I wanted to surprise you before school.”

Rod was instantly defensive and that hot-blooded aggression reared its ugly head, but Tina reminded herself that it was that same hot-bloodedness that made her heart race. She calmed her temper and forced herself to smile at him. As he clambered over the window sill and pulled himself into her bedroom.

She felt uncomfortable in her sweat soaked night-shirt and sitting up in bed, so she pulled it off her and tossed it over on to the floor, revealing her naked body beneath. The cold, damp night-shirt brought her momentarily back to the nightmare and she found herself shivering. Rod put a stop to it.

  “Mmmm… Don’t mind if I do.” He sang, clambering over onto the bed.

Of course, he had taken it as an invitation and if Tina was honest, disrobing had been a definite and deliberate flirtation, knowing exactly what she was doing and how it would look to Rod. She gave a wry smile as he threw himself on her, arms encircling, while his mouth went to a breast to suck at her exposed nipple, grunting with playful animal noises and making Tina giggle despite her uncertainty about how far this was going.

Tina had apparently developed a bit of a reputation for being ‘easy’. She didn't think it was fair, she'd only slept with four guys this year, including Rod. What was wrong with that? She liked sex, so what? She also had a reputation for being fast. Maybe that was why she liked sex so much, because she could climax most times, and certainly with a rebellious Latin hunk like Rob Lane. Despite the ‘often-asshole’ nature of the guy, he was still dreamy and when he wasn’t pissing her off or picking fights, she had to admit he made her weak at the knees.

It occurred to her then, like a strange out-of-body moment, that Rob Lane was not a name that went with this hot-blooded guy. She hadn’t thought of it before, but it was strange. They had known each other since the early years. He had been the big older boy from the poor side of town that liked to hang out on Elm street. He had always been intriguing to Tina, even before she liked boys in that way, he had been cool and rebellious with his knowledge of music and his tough guy image. She knew a lot of that was smoke screen, that he was actually quite kind and sensitive when he wasn’t acting up. The songs he had written showed hidden depths and their late-night conversations had revealed a deeper side to him. Admittedly, more often than not it led to sex and they were usually drunk or high, but still... She saw the Rod Lane beneath the tough guy façade. And that was the guy she liked. Though she wondered why it hadn’t occurred to her before that his name didn’t seem right for him. She wondered if it was one of those situations she heard about for non-Anglos who changed their names to make them fit in better, you heard stories about it with immigrants coming to America registering at Ellis Island and all that history stuff. 

Of course, Tina never had the chance to say anything as she found her mouth filled with Rod’s tongue while he fondled her breasts, the kiss continuing and growing more animated and hornier. The next moment her small delicate hands were grabbed and planted firmly to the tell-tale bulge of Rod’s denim covered crotch. Obediently, though still uncertain of whether she wanted this or not, Tina caressed that happy bulge, part of her excited by the reality that it was her who got him so hard. 

The uncertainty continued and continued to be pointless as; pretty much before she knew it; Tina was repositioned, Rod’s erection yanked out of his rapidly unzipped jeans and her face pressed down onto his thick throbbing shaft. She took it into her mouth and started sucking, enjoying the life-pulsing heat and the taste and texture of her boyfriend’s erection as much as she enjoyed the noises and compliments he groaned and panted at her from above. She didn’t particularly appreciate the hand on the back of her head, fingers fisted in her sweaty blonde hair, holding her down and insisting on controlling her depth and pace. Fortunately, Rod’s cock was average in length and she could take it all the way to the back of her mouth without discomfort. He was however, thicker than average and it was never long before her jaw started to ache. That was why sex with Rod was often better with an alcohol or joint buzz to take the edge off the aches and stretching, it made the whole experience that much more fun. 

Rod was already starting to get close, he was groaning louder and deeper, more guttural and it was a sign Tina had long since picked up on. He was also getting more aggressive with his pushing, shoving her down with more force and making her work faster on his erection, it all added up to an imminent climax. 

But then there was the sound of a car engine, a car pulling up onto the drive the engine shutting off, the slamming of a door and then Tina’s heart skipped a beat as she heard keys jingling and then the rattling of her front door.

  “Shit! Mom’s home!” She hissed, forcing her head off Rod’s lap.

She thought for a second that he was going to force himself on her, or at least make her finish him off, but he hesitated, eyes wide. The boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar (why did that remind of her of something, a fight on the street… Something from a dream?). And then his eyes went from Tina to her bedroom door, to the window, back and forth.

Tina roused him into action, cutting through his indecision.

  “Go… Rod, go! Out the window! Now, before she catches us!”

  “Shit!” Was all he could say.

However, he was off the bed and levering his saliva-wet cock back into his trousers, even as he was clambering back to the window ledge. 

  “Jesus babe!”

  “I’ll make it up to you at recess. I promise, but for now, get going!” 

  “Fuck!” He cursed but then he was gone.

After that, and helped by the sound of Rod getting stuck halfway down the trellis, cursing in harsh whispers, falling to the ground with another curse and then running off, Tina couldn’t stop laughing.


That night, Tina found herself back in the dream world and back in that infernal boiler room. The teenage girl didn’t know how she had found herself back in the labyrinth again, but there she was. However, this time she wasn’t alone. Anwir Shultz had been with her from the start, waiting for her just on the other side of the entrance, promising to show her a short cut through the boiler room and back to the safety of Elm street.

It was strange to be in the boy’s company. She had spotted him in school that morning, just before class. She usually didn’t give him the time of day. She didn’t think she was being cruel or anything, he just wasn’t a part of her circle, those guys, the geeks, the academic kids. The smart kids, she supposed. They were like non-entities to her and her friends, except for Nancy maybe, she liked everyone. Tina wasn’t a bully like Rod could be, she just avoided interacting with certain types.  

This morning however, she had seen Anwir on his own near the library and she had felt a strong compunction to go over and speak to him.

It had been a weird moment and she hadn’t been sure how to speak to him, or what to say. She knew he had the hots for her, plenty of boys in school did both younger and older, but she more or less ignored that attention, unless it could help her in some way of course. She was no saint. But Rod’s jealousy and mistrust often caused problems, so keeping a certain distance from guys, especially guys Rod might either feel threatened by or boys he could potentially bully, was usually a good idea. 

She had gone over and got his attention, smiled at him. And the slender boy with the round face and glasses, not altogether unattractive but unable to hold a candle to Rod (or half a dozen other guys who liked her) had smiled back uncertainly, halfway between hope and suspicion. And for a second afterwards there had been an uneasy silence between them. Tina had broken it.

  “Hi, I was just wondering where your name comes from. It’s kinda unusual…”

  “Oh… Well my mom’s of Welsh descent.” He had said uneasily, not quite stammering and throwing back a smile of his own. “…Don’t know what it means but it’s Welsh.”

  “Oh, Welsh. Right… Like from the UK?”

    “Yeah, that’s it... Tina’s a real pretty name by the way….” He had added hurriedly, gushing and turning red at the same time.

Tina had smiled back sweetly, feeling herself blush at the compliment. But hadn’t been able to think of anything else to say. 

The real boy was different to the guy from her dream. It had all but faded from her memory now, just feelings, sensations. Most of them unpleasant. Though one of them had been a strong attraction to Anwir. But the real-life version was quite a lot different. Her curiosity satisfied, Tina hadn’t been able to think of any more reason to speak further.

  “Thanks…” She had said, kindly dismissive. “…See ya ‘round!”

She had walked away and not given the boy a second thought.

But this was the dream-Anwir and somehow, he was an altogether different kettle of fish. He didn’t look any different, still geeky and barely any taller than she was, but there was an inner strength and a warmth and almost palpable confidence in him that caught Tina’s attention, like a fish on a hook.

She felt mesmerised by him and took on some of his confidence herself, the feeling of dread that permeated the boiler room somehow lessened by his company. So, when he asked for payment for services rendered, she hardly baulked at the price.  

  “I think… This time, I deserve something in return, Tina.”

  “Oh yeah, what might that be, Anwir?” She replied, playing along, deliberately teasing him.

  “Well, I’m thinking we can carry on from where we left off last time, before that Neanderthal turned up? But maybe move the fun over your bedroom?”

  “Oh really… Is that what you deserve Anwir?”

  “Erm, yeah y’know, if that’s okay with you… I mean, I think you know how I feel about you…”

  “Relax, sugar pie. Fine, get me outta here and I’ll show you the time of your life…” She said with a flushed giggle.

Anwir’s face blossomed and a new animated excitement took him over. He grabbed her hand and led her at a near run through the well-worn and rusted gantries of the Abaddonic boiler room.

They made their way quickly, continuing downward and staying to the left and within a minute, they had come to the diabolical sheet that had molested Tina the previous night. Anwir took a quick right turn that Tina had never noticed before. It was a dark and shadowy turn that led the around the back of one of the huge school-bus size boiler cylinders and then up a flight of metal stairs.

The stairs led to another earthen floored passageway between more of the huge boilers and illuminated by one of the grate-fronted furnaces that contained a degree of heat that felt comparable to molten lava, the furnace set into a little recess off the passage. The firelight illuminated the rusted metal of the pipes and boilers all along and Tina started to notice that everywhere there were scratch marks in the metal, deep and gleaming, the rust slashed away leaving new, clean, polished metal beneath exposed. It caught and reflected the firelight, sometimes as bright silver flashes, while other times the rusted metal looked like it had vents in it that revealed a glowing red hot and flowing molten metal surface beneath.

The scratches and gouges had a lasting effect on Tina, something about them scared her, some association in the back of her mind that wouldn’t come forward. However, even as she was trying to shake it free, this scary feeling of dread, she realised that they were back at the staircase leading to the exit door. 

Anwir sprinted up the steps and booted the door open, its hinges held this time but the catch broke and the door swung open, the boy going straight through. And for a horrible moment Tina was alone in the boiler room again and it was right there; all of it behind her; a great weight; a presence of utter evil. She instantly felt a powerful oppressive wave of sheer terror closing in on her, as if something was about to leap onto her back at any moment and drag her back into the unseen horrors of the boiler room. But then she was at the open door and then through the door and onto the peace and safety of Elm street with Anwir at her side.

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