Tina Gray - An Elm Street Nightmare.

BY : Nickamano
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The boy watched Tina as she ran toward him.

He was hiding underneath the metal steps leading to the exit and he was mesmerised by her. She was fucking fantastic, fifteen years old like him, a totally hot little cock-tease. But the slutty kind, not the narcissistic arrogant - “no one’s getting near me”, “no one’s good enough” - kind. At least, that was his assessment. And his wish. 

He watched her running this way through the thick clouds of steam and fiery smoke. Her eyes were wide with terror. Everyone that came here was like that. It just made them sexier, dirty little whores.

She was only wearing a plain white night-shirt and it was dirty, stained with sweat and steam, saturated by moisture that made it cling to her in the best way possible, like a second skin. She might as well be naked and it was glorious. Her sweet tits - small but high and firm and totally perky, maybe a b-cup, with nipples and areolae - a dark pinkish brown against the sweetly clinging cotton - were bouncing around ecstatically to the off-beat of her sprinting pace. Her cute bobbed hair, collar length and strawberry blonde, with a full-bodied fringe that made her lovely, long lashed and big blue eyes pop, was cut through with damp-darkened curls due to the steam and the heat of the boiler room. That same heat that had plastered her hair, had also adhered her night-shirt onto her smooth, flat stomach. It had rucked up the hem line above the tops of her thighs, flashing her saturated panties, revealing a shadowy hint of dark blonde pubic hair and the succulent pink split-peach beneath. The “guy pleaser”. 

She had great legs too, long and shapely and athletic, that gleamed smooth and damp in the firelight and looked just terrific. Like a cheerleader or a runner. The boy wanted to be between them, rutting away while she writhed and moaned beneath him. The thought gave him a total boner.

He remembered her from a decade ago when she was sweet and innocent and tasty, now she was fantastically sluttish and he wanted her really bad. 

It was time. He waited until she was looking behind her with those huge, delightfully terrified eyes, a doe in the headlights, and then he stepped out from his hiding place. 

She screamed when she ran into him, but he was strong, belying his small geeky frame and he didn’t give in the slightest. He smiled down at her, three inches taller than her five foot four and embraced her reassuringly.

He squeezed her, enjoying the feel of those tits squashed against his chest, the sweet smell of her sweat and fear. He allowed one arm to snake to the small of her back and then a little lower until the softer, smooth upper curve of her delectable ass was under his little finger. He stroked that sweet upper curve with his finger, groaning inwardly, wondering if she took it up the ass… That would be the icing on the cake.

She calmed as her eyes focussed on his familiar face.

  “Anwir? Anwir Shultz?” Tina gasped, incredulous.

Anwir Shultz was in Tina’s English class and maybe a couple of others, she couldn’t really remember. He was a bit of a geek, not quite a loser but certainly no jock, more academic than athletic. She vaguely remembered him helping her with keeping her averages up a couple of years ago, but all in all, he was a long way from being on her radar. What was he doing here?  

  “You okay? I heard you were down here…”

  “How?” Then she became distracted with memories. “There’s someone in here. Someone… Touched me… I couldn’t see anything…”

Anwir liked the way she blushed when she said “Someone touched me”. It made him think of all the ways he wanted to touch her. Maybe helping her would win him a favour or two, he had no doubts what he would demand.

  “I can help you get out of here, Tina…” He offered with a slightly feral looking grin. 

Tina, so blind by panic and terror, didn’t seem to notice.

  “Oh God, please! If you know a way out of here I’ll be your pal for life!” She gushed with a slightly hysterical giggle, relief starting to overtake the fear for the first time.

  “C’mon.” He said simply.

He wanted to wrap an arm around her and keep her fine body pressed against him but she kind of took charge again and pulled herself out of reach, he did manage to take her hand but she slipped out of his grip as they started up the steps toward the door.

  “Hurry, oh God Anwir, hurry.” She cried, rising desperation once again thick in her sweet voice, hating to be at the back.

  “Relax.” He said, a little indignantly.

Every time he looked back at her she was staring back into the mist of the boiler room behind them. Anwir grinned, it just gave him more chances to stare at her body, close up this time. See more detail through the saturated night-shirt. At one point she turned completely around and Anwir stared. She had an ass he wanted to bite.

He came to the small, metre square, platform in front of the door and stopped. The girl was so afraid that she pressed herself up against him, clinging to him, hating to be at the rear with her back exposed to the evil suffusing the place.

Anwir paused and drew in a deep preparatory breath then braced himself, lifted his foot and kicked out, a Chuck Norris style karate kick, slamming the ball of his right foot into the metal centre of the door.  

The best Tina would have hoped for was the geek’s foot kicking a small hole through the surface of the rusted metal of the door, but she was blown away.

The door slammed backward as if it was made of cardboard, a deafening boom leaving her ears ringing. The door’s hinges broke away and the latch (there was no handle again) gave at the same time. The centre of the door bent inward where Shultz’s foot had connected and then the whole thick chunky slab of rusted metal fell out of its frame and beyond was a startling blindness of the morning sunlight of her beloved Elm street.

The nightmare was over. The two teenagers stepped through hand-in-hand into the light. 


The walk back took little time, the sidewalk was lined with bushes and Tina knew on the other side of the bushes was a little scrubby wasteland, but it was nice, grass and trees and bushes. They were close to Nancy’s house.

When they had emerged from the boiler room it had been early morning, that bright pristine cool morning light. However, by the time they were passing Nancy’s house is was already late afternoon. And by the time they were passing down the back alley to the backyard gate of Tina’s place it was dark again.

They walked side by side, Anwir had an arm around Tina who was cold and shaky, exhausted from all the running and the terror, the cuts on her shoulder were thin and shallow and the bleeding had stopped but they itched and irritated. Two long scratched slices, three or four inches long and perfectly parallel and around an inch apart. Anwir had taken a look at them but declared them nothing to worry about. Tina was acutely aware at the time that pulling on the neckline of her night-shirt the way he did, to look at the cuts, also enabled him to look down the inside of her top at her unencumbered tits. It irked her for a moment but then she remembered the state her clothes had been in before and she thought to herself that he would have seen everything she had to offer anyway, so what did it matter?

She cast aside her discomfort, reminding herself that the geeky boy had in fact saved her, any longer inside that demonic boiler room would have been the end of her and she didn’t think she would have been able to open that door herself. 

She deliberately caught his attractive and luminous, bespectacled green eyes with her own and gave him her best smile. Her gaze taking in his wide straight nose and rather full lips in the centre of a round face, framed by straight and slightly unkempt brown hair that hung down either side of his brow like drapes.

The desire in his expression, the gleam in his intent eyes and the smile playing across those lips was obvious and unmistakable. For once, Tina actually felt her heart soar a little, enjoying the attention and the reality that at least this one time the geeky looking boy had been her knight in shining armour. 

Even if he wasn’t her type, and Rod could kick his ass any day of the week (though that Chuck Norris crap had surprised the hell out of her, maybe she was a little quick to judge?), she still got off on the attention. She thought to herself that there weren’t enough nice guys in her life and what could it hurt to propagate an extra friendship?

  “I don’t know how to thank you for helping me out back there…" She said softly.

  “I’m sure we can think of something.” He replied with a grin.

Tina did her best not to roll her eyes at his corny pick up line, all the while thinking to herself that maybe she should give him a quick kiss for his trouble. He obviously fancied her, what was wrong with giving him a little extra jerk-off material?

As though half-way reading her thoughts, Anwir went in for a kiss and Tina found herself lifting her face to meet his, deciding to let him. Their mouths came together, an initial moment of chasteness and then, like an eruption of teenage hormones their mouths clashed, lips parting together and then they were all tongues and sucking and moaning and swapping saliva.

Tina actually found herself enjoying it, those full lips were nice, soft and expressive and his tongue was good too, not too wet and full of passion. When she felt one hand cup one of her breasts through her grimy, filthy night-shirt and the other cup her ass gently, she shrugged inwardly. 

Let him have a little fun, he wouldn’t get many chances with girls like her anyway. Tina wasn’t blowing her own trumpet saying that she was out of his league, she was just stating a fact. She felt the pad of a thumb stroke the erect nipple and a flash of pleasure shot through her chest and her panty gusset started to dampen again, though this time it wasn’t because of steam and sweat. Tina moaned, pressing against him enjoying the now blatantly erotic kiss.

  “Tina, what the fuck!” The voice, all smooth Cuban-Italian heat and bravado cut through the moment like a rusty knife.

Tina jumped in surprise and guilt, pulled herself free of Anwir’s embrace as quickly as she could.

  “Rod, wait, just… Rod!” 

She tried to stop the altercation before it began but it was no use. Rod was always jealous of other guys showing interest in his on-again-off-again girlfriend, and he was no fan of geeks. Or anyone touching his stuff.  

   "Get away from my girl you little dickweed!"

Anwir stood there like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He didn’t even try to defend himself. Rod leaped forward big, tall and powerful - he could have been a jock if he wasn’t a dropout musician. Denim jeans and black leather jacket flashed under the streetlight as he jerked forward and literally swatted Anwir away from Tina.

Tina leaped forward as well to try and intercede before her boyfriend really got into trouble. It was the mixture of Italian and Cuban blood that made him hot tempered, hot bloodied, horny and impetuous. All things about him that turned her on, but also made her crazy and tended to be the reason for their constant fights.

But then the switchblade came out. However, the blade was odd, instead of the five inch straight double-edged thing he always carried, it was a long, curved and wicked-looking kitchen-type knife that sprang out from the black and chrome handle. The blade both tarnished and shiny at the same time.

Tina grabbed at Rob, grappling his arm to try and stop him using the switchblade but he twisted suddenly and powerfully, shaking Tina off and tossing her to the street. She hit the ground hard and rolled over into the gutter and then found herself enveloped in bed sheets, half wrapped up by the sheets and thrashing around in her small, single bed to try to free herself.

She realised she was awake. The bedding was damp with her sweat, but she was safe in her own bed in her own room with her crucifix right there above her head. The morning sun was sneaking in around the edge of the drawn drapes and she could hear the birdsong outside.

She was awake and the nightmare was over.

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