Tina Gray - An Elm Street Nightmare.

BY : Nickamano
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Mere moments after that emergence from the nightmare of the boiler room, the two teenagers were walking up the back alley to the garden door of Tina’s house, through the door and along the concrete path, past the shed and across the lawn up to the French doors and then into the house and then, in an excited giggling sprint, straight up the stairs. 

It even started on the stairs. Playful and excited. Anwir’s hands on her; here and there; playful and sweetly gentle; stroking and touching her; squeezing. Fingertip touches on her thigh; her calf. A hand on her bottom; a playful squeeze. A butterfly-light stroke along the hot bulge of her pussy. An engaging; tantalising touch that made her heart flutter and a gasping moan escape her lips. Then a slap on her ass that made her squeal and giggle in erotic excitement.

They hit the top of the stairs and turned the corner. Tina led him to the door on the right at the end of the short landing and they darted into her bedroom, giggling. It almost felt like she was being chased again but this was fun and it was only Anwir, he was kind and harmless and at this moment she was as horny as he was.

Once inside the room and with the door shut, they didn’t waste any time. They practically slammed together in their mutual desire; mouths locked; tongues frolicking; hot and horny and unrelenting. And the kiss was just as good as yesterdays on the street leading back here, just before Rod had butted in. And drunk with a new post-fear excitement, Tina kissed him back with a passion. 

Anwir’s talented tongue was surprisingly long and Tina pictured how good he’d feel going down on her. Something that other asshole never did, even though he always expected her to suck him off. The boy’s hands were all over her; fondling her bottom; stroking up and down her back; cupping and squeezing her breasts; fingertips running erotically in little circles at the nape of her neck; making her shiver and she let out a little accidental whimper in her rapidly building pleasure.

Then Anwir’s hand slipped down her stomach, slid beneath her night-shirt and under the waist band of her panties. His breathing matched hers, a fast; needy panting intercut with moans of passion. But of course, Anwir’s was deeper; more masculine; guttural. 

His fingertip slipped down through her desire-soaked pubic mound and found the swollen lips of her pussy. Tina’s knees buckled at that fantastic contact but he was strong and supported her with barely any effort. She moaned loudly; the sound developing into a curse that made him laugh; a deep filthy cackle that surprised her; it didn’t sound like the kind of laugh she would have expected from this boy.

His caress was firm though gentle, an intimate touch that felt much more mature, experienced and confident than she would have expected. How many times had he done this? Was he some kind of dark horse? 

He dipped into her furnace-hot dripping pussy with two fingers and she marvelled at how tight she was around them. Rod often teased her that she was loose and made jokes about being able to hear an echo that always pissed her off; but he did it anyway. Anwir on the other hand, took his attentions seriously. He stroked her tunnel entrance with practiced, fast rhythmic strokes that had her on the edge in seconds. She was silently praying for him to touch her clit and; as if reading her mind; his thumb began to swipe across like a windscreen wiper, teasing the soft hood of her inflamed clitoris. It was another fast though controlled motion, never any direct contact; which would have been for too much and probably spoiled the moment; just flicking at the hood with the pad of his thumb, fast and light.

Tina lost it. She squealed and bucked; knees buckling; arms around him; gripping like pincers. And she shook and flailed in erotic heaven as he got her off with just two fingers and a thumb.

She swooned for a while, slipping in and out of pink fluffy clouds of divine pleasure and moments of disembodied awareness. Catching glimpses of what they were doing without really feeling anything.

They stripped each other quickly, desperately. Anwir marvelled at Tina’s smooth creamy nakedness and sucked on her nipples while she worked on the buttons of his shirt and then his trousers. She could tell she was shivering with erotic fire as he played with her perky naked body. 

Anwir naked was a mild and pleasant surprise. He wasn’t quite buff, but he had a better body that she would have expected, compact power and halfway toned muscles, though pale and in need of a little sun. His limbs were quite hairy but the rest of him was hairless, and revealed a hint of the power within unfortunately non-toned muscles. 

And his cock. Boy it was nice. A nice thickness, silky and veined foreskin and super hard, like it was made of warmed steel and even an inch or so longer than Rod’s. She just hoped he knew how to use it. She encircled it in one small hand and it seemed bigger still. 

Another swoon-induced moment of blankness revealed her to be lying on her small single bed with her legs spread wide, heels pressing into Anwir’s shoulders as he buried his face between her sweat gleaming thighs. As she watched she could feel those full lips suckling on her pussy, the tip of his tongue roaming in small circles around her entrance; lapping up her heady juices like it was nectar; fingertips teasing the periphery of her clit and the tightly cinched ring of her ass hole. 

And then the tongue dipped into her. He slid in deep; deeper than she would have expected. Her pleasure levels twitched beautifully and another climax burst over her as his clitoral teasing went up a notch. She erupted in a violent and noisy gusher that he drank down hungrily as she thrashed and squealed on her bed in renewed ecstasy. It almost looked like she was being murdered, she was flailing around so violently. But she looked great doing it, dancing in the throes of passion. 

Another swoon found Tina on her knees with Anwir standing in front of her and she was sucking his cock with; by the look of it; all the talent of one of Rod’s Electric Blue VHS porn stars. Voraciously; noisily; a totally down-and-dirty slobbery blowjob. And this time it was Anwir’s legs that were quivering. It was the boy that was having trouble staying upright.

She was really deep throating him; slamming his glistening shaft back and forth. The polished purple cock head popping into view for a moment around the ring of her wet lips before she shoved her face down it until her chin met his swollen balls. She went rapidly; back and forth like that; her eyes wide open and staring up at him. One hand reached around and gripped one of his surprisingly lovely firm buttocks (maybe his best feature) while the other was palming his big ball sack; fingertips rolling the testes and giving gently squeezes. The boy had both his hands on her head but he wasn’t pulling and tugging the way guys usually did; he was just stroking her erotically mussed hair; gently guiding and Tina found it heart-warming and sweet. Tina wondered how he was able to keep from jizzing already. If she’d handled Rod like this, he would have pre-matured all over the place! 

For a long moment it was an out of body experience she was watching herself perform in her own bedroom and enjoying how good she looked doing it. Her own talent. She put those Electric Blue girls to shame. And by the state of Anwir’s facial expression and reactions, he wouldn’t disagree with her assessment.

And then; in that precise moment; she was back inside her body again, connected to her senses. Her ears filled with the noise of their mutual passion. Anwir moaning and groaning continually, muttering Tina’s name again and again in his euphoria. The slightly icky sounds of her own wet; slobbery sucking; the wet sounds of her forcing in intakes of breath. Feeling herself fighting her gag reflex as she fought to get this beautiful cock all the way down her throat. Fought and won over and over again. 

She knew he was going to cum when she felt his hands gripping her hair more tightly and his hips started to thrust and he went fast. She didn’t usually like to swallow if she was given the choice (she often hadn’t been) and she had no doubts that if she had tried to pull away Anwir would have let her go, but for some reason she wanted to feel him shoot off in her mouth and; of course; he did just that. 

He shoved forward hard; the one time he showed more dominance; pulling her face hard into the muscles of his abdomen. The head of his cock buried itself deep in her throat and with a wheezing grunt of her name, he let fly. Of course, the first mouthful went straight down her throat. She could feel the viscous fluid like a long, hot streamer bursting under pressure before hitting her oesophagus halfway down and then proceeding to trickle thickly downward, oozing its way into her stomach. But the boy released his grip of her right then and Tina drew the cock out of her throat so she could feel it tensing and pulsing and jetting across her flicking, caressing tongue.

As she sucked and swallowed; she was half aware of him leaning down; his upper body and arms encircling her head and felt his hands grabbing her tits, squeezing and stroking her nipples with gentle fingertips as she sucked him dry. And again, he maintained control of his lusty caresses of her when; in her experience; guys tended not to. The feel of the thick and heady sprays of hot spunk shooting at the back of her mouth three; four times was a strange yet marvellous sensation. The taste was salty and sweet at the same time and his load was thicker than she had expected and surprisingly plentiful, and the pressure under which he let fly was an eye opener. She almost choked a couple of times; though instead managing to maintain her oral control and swallowing each mouthful down hungrily, gorging herself on his spunk. 

Tina made sure to clean Anwir thoroughly before she let him slip out of her mouth. While he moaned “…so good, so good…” over and over again.

The next thing Tina knew was that she was on lying back on her bed with Anwir on top of her, and he was pressing her down into her red and green striped blanket with that lovely cock stuffed deep inside her wanton pussy and pumping away. And she was only just coming down off another orgasm from the simple; initial feel of being penetrated.

He thrust fast; the usual unrelenting passion of a teenage boy; overwhelming her senses. Though he maintained a controlled rhythm of someone older and more experienced, more able to pace themselves. He also positioned himself so that she gained the best results of his hammering erection. The slick hot friction ticking all her boxes, his firm groin-muscles slamming her clit with each pussy-stretching; bottoming-out thrust.

And all Tina could do was lie there and enjoy it, feeling each thrust adding another layer to her ever-rising pleasure. She didn’t know how many times she’d cum, didn’t know how many more she could take before it was all too much. She envisioned herself as a balloon expanding with steaming pink pleasure, getting bigger and bigger, each expansion an orgasm that collected and mingled inside her ballooning body until she was stretched to bursting. What would happen when she burst? 

The next climax caught her by surprise and she lost herself in her euphoria. On some level she was aware that she was squealing out her pleasure, weeping Anwir’s name as he fucked her right through her ecstasy. 

Then things started to get a little crazy. When she came back into her body after her orgasm she was in mid-air, Anwir standing on the mattress still driving into her as fast and deep as ever, his hands entirely clenched on her ass to hold her up. Her legs were scissored around his waist, ankles crossed tight. And she was leaning back so far that her short, sweat soaked hair was brushing the mattress. And as the next climax began to build within her, Tina felt like she was floating and she writhed; almost struggling under the boy’s increasingly hard thrusting.

The next three orgasms all rolled into one another and she weaved in and out of rolling breaker-waves of extreme erotic sensation. 

At one point she was up against the window, her back slick with sweat, sliding about against the creamy, flower-patterned wallpaper and he thrust into her wide spread; almost numb thighs. She felt the window frame to her right and it felt odd, she must be up near the ceiling but that was impossible. The sweat was trickling off the both of them and they were both moaning and grunting and wailing in their mutual passion, each using the other for their sexual pleasure and each relying on the other’s lusty talents to get them off. 

Tina felt the ceiling against the top of her head and then they were actually there; on the ceiling; still fucking in the missionary position but writhing around all over the white painted boards, their own sweat making their screwing like some kind of crazy mud-wrestle. She felt one quaking; jerking thigh bash the ceiling light; making it swing wildly on its electric cord and Tina assumed she was having some kind of euphoric out-of-body orgasmic hallucination. And at once, that realisation made her relax and just go with it; she thrust back on Anwir; driving him into her as deeply as possible while she squeezed him with her talented pussy muscles. 

She could feel two of his fingers stroking and probing at her ass, using their mingled sweat to lubricate the tight little hole to accept a finger and then two. And that threw Tina right over the precipice again and she howled out as yet another orgasm detonated inside her and filled her with its joyous sensation. The teenage girl yelled out “yes” so many times, the word lost all meaning. 

And this time Anwir joined her, adding his own wordless wheezing cacophony to hers and clenching her hard against him as he rocked his hips, slamming his swelling cock-head hard; up into her uterus and letting fly. 

His liquid-fire climax felt twice as big; twice as hot and twice as pressurised as the blow-job load she’d swallowed. And all that heat and power erupting inside her refuelled Tina’s own orgasm and it abruptly leapt to a whole new plateau; like a starburst blazing in her mind and again; the sheer pleasure of it took her right out of her consciousness.

She fell from that enlightened euphoric plateau as the two of them came crashing down onto her bed, from what felt like high up. And as they landed Tina felt splashes of mingled sweat spraying in all directions saturating the walls and the floor and the bed covers. And lying there, Tina had to tell herself to breathe as she didn’t seem to have any sense of bodily control. 

She felt like she had died, and all she knew was Anwir’s invisible weight on top of her, his molten steel cock still filling and stretching and scalding her core; still thrusting; still pumping his cum into her.

With tired; exhausted eyes she glanced up seeing nothing but feeling him still lying beside her. A dim movement caught her attention and she forced her eyes over to its source, her dressing table mirror. And there he was lying beside her in the mirror. However, for just an instant he looked different. Tina glimpsed a red and green sweater and a felt hat that was tipped back on his head like an at-rest cowboy.

But it was just a split-second hallucination, a trick of the light, because she was alone in her room, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. Her eyes travelled upwards around her bedroom, looking at that dark patches of her sweat forming a liquid trail from the bed, up the wall by the window, across the ceiling and then back down to the bed again.


Eventually Tina - naked and already starting to miss that fading euphoria which; as it departed; left behind nothing but aching tiredness and lethargy - managed to sit herself up on her bed and force her eyes to focus.

She was no longer in her bedroom but in what looked like some kind of institution for mental patients, something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. There was a certain feel of rundown art deco décor to the place and the flaked paint job. And in amongst the safety-caged ceiling lights and bolted down tables and chairs there were Christmas decorations, mostly handmade cut-out pieces out of coloured paper, paper chains, snowman silhouettes and the like.

Tina spun around at the clang of a heavy metallic lever and she saw that all of the entrance and exit doors had slammed and locked securely shut, while simultaneously, all the cell doors along both walls in the prison-like chamber swung open as one. 

And she realised for the first time that she was dressed in the white garb of a novice catholic Nun. That the name on her assistant-nurse identity card inexplicably read Amanda Kreuger. And that as she stood there; alone and accidentally locked inside the Westin Hills Asylum on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, 1941; one hundred maniacs had just been freed from their cells and each and every one of them were coming toward her from every direction and all with the same maniacal lust in their criminally insane eyes.

And that now; with the holiday break having begun, each and every one of them had all the time in the world in which to slake their long pent-up lusts. 

For Amanda Kreuger the nightmare was just about to begin. 

While for Tina Gray, the nightmare continued.

The end.

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