The Apocalypse Begins

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*After she did that she went to get the kids she could so, they could be on their way.*

mean while...

*Anakin see's Jenny with the younglings.*

So, what are you up to? he asked.
I thought I watch them for awhile is all.
If you say so.
So, what's happening on your end of things?
Just the same things. he answered.
When do we play that music u told us about? 'Chris' ask.
What are they talking about? Anakin ask.
I promised them to play some music from Earth. Jenny Stated.
Because I thought it would be something good to learn & if nothing else it'll be fun.

*She smiles, He smiles back.*

Your home sick aren't u? He ask.
Truthfully sometimes.
I think we all do weather we say it or, not.
I believe ur right sorry but, I have plans that need to be done & the younglings wanted to help me & u know how that can be.

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