The Apocalypse Begins

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*After they talked Anakin went to do his saber training. Jenny had no idea who to pick from the younglings if this went though.*

*They called her back in for what going to happen. She stands where she had from earlier.*

We have decided you can take a few younglings on this trip you wish to take. Master Windu said.
Thank you.
But, there will be somethings you need to know.
You are totally responsible for them while your gone & if you are in major troble return to the ship & call for help if needed. Yoda said.
Yes, Master Yoda.

*She leaves the room after showing respect..
She bumps into Padme.*

Sorry my fault. Jenny said.
It's ok I'm not hurt.
So, how have you been?
Good & u?
I'm alright. Jenny said.
Sorry but, I need to go.
Then be safe & may the force be with you.
Same to you.

*Walks to her room. *

{why can't I be wrong?} She thought.

*She didn't really have alot to pack for this trip nor did she know how long they'd be gone for. The one good thing about it she could save a few not that she didn't want to save them all but, she knew she wasn't as powerful as some. Maybe if she could just leave the first ones off with someone she could trust she could come back in time to save more. She went to do some math on how long it would take her from where she's at.*

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