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Raoul looked at his new wife as they sat in the carriage that was to take them to their new life. He wasn’t sure if she realized that she’d picked a wedding dress almost identical to the one she’d been forced to wear that night. He pushed away the thought of that night. That part of our lives has ended, he thought. Christine looked up at him, squeezing his hand as she smiled at him. He was comforted, and thought no more of that darkness.

Christine leaned on Raoul, happy to be with him. If only Erik could be this happy, she thought sadly. Raoul wrapped his arm around her, and she forced herself not to think of Erik anymore. That part of our lives has ended, she thought, closing her eyes and settling into the comforting embrace of her husband.

Erik watched the couple climb into the carriage, wishing he was the one Christine’s hand reached for. He smiled sadly as they waved to their few friends as their carriage was pulled away. His heart seemed to swell as her eyes wandered over the small crowd, only to be crushed again as they found the Vicomte again. Her face seemed to brighten as her husband looked into her eyes. Erik tried to be happy for them; he had tried so hard to disappear from their lives. I can’t let that part of my life end.

As the carriage that held his life disappeared around a corner, Erik spun around and headed quickly back to where he now lived. He sat at his desk, and wrote a note.

Christine found the note on her vanity one night, two days after her marriage. Her breathe quickened as she broke the seal, knowing who it was from.

My Dearest Christine,

You know I love you, and I will always love you. The kiss you gave me meant more to me than you will ever know, and even if you will never say the words I long to hear from you, I will die happier than I ever could have hoped to be.

But all that I am sure you know. What I am writing to tell you is this: I need you in my life. I do not wish to keep you from your husband; I wish only to be in your company at some time, in whatever way you are willing to associate with your old teacher. If you are willing, you can contact me at the address attached. .

I will wait for you forever.


Christine cried as she finished the letter, holding it to heart as though it would bring Erik to her. She had tried so hard to think of everything wrong with him. He was insane; he’d murdered anyone who threatened him. He would have taken Raoul from her, if she hadn’t stepped in. He basically robbed the managers of the opera, and he ruined Carlotta’s career and life.

But no matter how hard she thought of these things, his voice would sound in her head. She knew what had made him the way he was, and she was sure that with love and kindness, he wouldn’t need to kill anymore. It was his way of protecting himself, and if she was with him she would protect him.

She stood a moment more, contemplating what to do. She had to show Raoul, though she feared he would react badly. But she refused to keep a secret like this from her husband so early in their marriage; she would be too tempted to secretly contact Erik.

She walked with determination to their bedroom, where Raoul laid in the bed reading. He looked up as she rushed in, his eyebrows drawing together in concern as he saw her.

“Christine, what’s wrong?”

“Raoul, I have to tell you something.” He eyed the paper Christine still held to her chest, recognizing the black outline on the small paper and envelope.

“Anything,” he answered, swallowing to contain his fear.

“You know I love you,” he relaxed a little at her words, though his eyes did not leave the paper.

“And I love you,” he whispered.

“Then you know I won’t leave you, and so you mustn’t react badly. I just have to show you this.”

Finally she pulled the paper away from her chest as she sat on the edge of the bed. She hesitated a moment before handing it to Raoul. He read it in silence, then handed it back to her without comment.

“Raoul?” Her voice shook, afraid of what he would do next.

“Christine, you make me happy every day. I thought we had left that part of our life behind, but it seems I was right when I said he would haunt us.” Christine began to cry, knowing he was plotting a way to kill Erik. “But it seems he has left the decision to you, and I must do the same. Think carefully about your decision,” he squeezed her hand, “My love.”

Christine broke down, her body wracked with sobs. The paper fluttered to the ground as she brought her hands to her face. Raoul’s arms encircled her, and she went limp in his embrace. She cried herself to sleep in his arms.

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