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Raoul watched her as she slept, the picture of peace and calmness as he ran his fingers through her curly hair. Inside he struggled with fear, and the anger that fear brought on. Christine meant more to him than anything in the world, and he needed her to be happy. But that thing felt the same way. Christine hadn’t been far from the truth when she predicted he would “react badly”. It was only her gentle warning and words of love that kept him from storming off to finally rid the world of that monster.

Even now, he thought of a million plans to kill him. Ways that meant that Christine would never know. But as Christine shuddered in his arms, he knew he couldn’t do that either. He briefly considered running away to a far off land, but he knew that his parents would never approve. It had been difficult enough to get their consent to marry the opera singer. It had only been his threat that he would marry her without their approval and allow her to continue working that finally convinced them to allow it.

He wished that she could still be on stage. She thrived in the light, and she was born (and trained, an upsetting voice whispered) to be a diva on an opera stage. But that had been too much for his parents, and Christine had tried to convince him that she never wanted to be on stage again anyways. He still felt guilty for denying the world her voice.

She stirred in his arms, and he kissed the top of her head.

“Christine?” He whispered, her hair tickling his lips. “Will you sing for me?”

She squeezed her eyes closed and nestled into her husband’s neck before nodding. He smiled, and squeezed her before letting go. She kissed him lightly, before sitting up. She opened her mouth, and the voice of an angel came from her.

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