Little Jackie

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Disclaimer: I do not own Pitch Black, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author: Melissa Richardson
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Riddick/Jack
Summary: ?? PWP
Warnings: Story deals with slight bondage, rape. Well, not really rape it's role-playing.
Note: This is my first Pitch Black Story so feedback be nice even if you don't like it. Also Jack is older than 18 in this story. Also thanks to Vin Diesel (Mark Vincent) for playing Richard B. Riddick so well.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything having to do with Pitch Black and its characters


Riddick watched the young female. In the dim light of the ship he was concealed, making her the perfect prey. Slipping the goggles off his eyes; he waited for his time to come.

"Hello, is anyone there?" The soft sound of her voice called out.

When her back was turned towards him, he struck. Quickly he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to him at the same time thrusting a shiv under her jaw.

"Don't move. Don't scream. Understand?" he growled in her ear.

Carefully Jack nodded, fearful of the blade at her throat. How could she have been so wrong about him?

"Are you afraid of the dark, Jackie?" he asked, loving how vulnerable she looked.

Her answer was a small whimper.

Very good, he thought as hesseessed her back into a support beam with a cross-section above it. Time for some fun.

With nimble fingers he unbuckled his belt and grabbing her wrists together, he wrapped the cloth around them once, then tossed the brass buckle over the metal section above his head.

A slight hiss came from his captive as he tied her up high enough until her toes were just barely touching the floor.

"You thought I wouldn't know you were a girl, did ya, Jackie?" he asked, smoothing his large hands down her arms and over her sides.

She nodded 'No'.

Moving in closer he brushed his lips over her jaw. "Figured you could hide behind all those clothes in this heat. But you couldn't hide your scent nor the way you walked."

Silver flashed as he cut away at her tops. "Mmm, look what I found here," he said as he ran the shiv over the cloth that was tied tightly over her chest, "this wille toe to go."

Once the binding was cut, Jack's breasts fell into their natural shape. Nipples long denied freedom puckered in the cooler air. Jack sighed in relief at having the tight material gone.

"Beautiful." She heard him whisper right before she felt his warm wet tongue flick across one of her nipples. Shivering, she now knew exactly what he had planned for her.

Beautiful, wasn't really what he was thinking as he began worshipping her breasts. Heaven was what he thi thinking, pure heaven. Pale skin with rosy tips that puckered deliciously in his mouth. He couldn't stop himself from nibbling on them, causing Jack to try and move away from him.

"Be still," he growled at her.

"Please don't," Jack begged.

Riddick ignored her, instead he continued playing with her breasts. Scraping his teeth along their fullness. Gently he caressed them with his fingers, massaging the nipples with his thumbs while palming the rest.

Jack couldn't believe what Riddick was doing to her. The sensation was causing a throb between her legs that she couldn't understand. She felt wet and restless. What she didn't realize was that she was now starting to moan softly with each passing moment that he was sweetly torturing her body.

Hearing Jack moan was causing Riddick his own share of problems. His cock twitched to life at her first moan, easily letting him know he desperately needed attention.

Satisfied after playing with her breasts, he moved on. He removed her boots and socks. He grinned when he found pink painted toes and pretty ankles.Running his hands up, he could feel shapely legs under baggy pants. Hurriedly he unbutton and unzipped her pants, he was impatient to see those legs. He was more than pleased when her lush long legs were finally revealed. God, he couldn't wait to feel those wrapped around him.

Finally Jack hung before him naked, trembling and so beautiful. He could feel the lust now raging through him.

"Riddick, please. Let me go," Jack begged again.

"Ssshh," he whispered as he rained kisses upon her lips and cheeks. Slowly he moved down her jaw to her neck where he sucked the tender skin, marking her as his. He licked his way to her breasts, giving each nipple a swirl then a light nip. Next he rubbed his lips caressingly over her stomach and then nibbled at her right hip before crossing over to her left hip to do the same.

Above him, Jack was now panting. She frantically wanted something but didn't know what it was. Sweat was beginning to appear on her neck and drip down her chest. Her arms were aching from being tied and stretched upwards.

Again she begged Riddick to let her down, but got no answer.

Riddick wouldn't have answered even if he could. He was running on his infamous animal instinct and it seemed as if all the blood in his body had flowed south to his painfully bulging cock. Inhaling deeply he took in the welcoming scent of Jack's arousal. Riddick loved the smell of an excited woman, especially when he was the cause of it.

Kneeling, his face was level with a very attractive view of her finely trimmed pussy. The growl that was released made Jack jump slightly on her toes. Seizing her thighs he gently opened her up to him and his questing mouth.

Tenderly he lapped her pussy from vaginal entrance up to her clit, making sure he tongued her softly so as not to startle her with rough treatment. Hearing the gasp and then moan from above him encouraged him to go farther. Leisurely he licked between the inner and outer labia on one side then the other. Once done he licked his own lips, tasting her flavor.

"Please, Riddick," Jack moaned.

Why did he stop? she wondered in confusion. God, her skin felt too tight and too warm.

She rubbed her legs against his arms in an effort to get him to continue.

Chuckling, Riddick returned to his private little heaven to continue what he started. Gently he flicked his tongue across her clit only to have Jack surge upwards and away from him. Growling, he pulled her back to him and continued his assault on the tender pearl.

Jack wept when he continued. Sweat now covered ever inch of her skin. Her thighs shivered even as she felt him lift them up and place them over his massive shoulders. She sighed with relief because the pressure had at least been taken off of her arms.

Noticing that his captive had gotten quiet, he doubled his attention. He stiffened his tongue and plunged it into Jack's wet hole, while gently caressing her clit with his fingers. After several minute he was reward when she cried and shook wildly. Lowering her legs, he stood and look at his beautiful girl.

Now she was ready for him. Not only was she soaking wet with perspiration, but honey flowed from between her legs, all for him

Slowly he removed his shirt then unzipped his cargo pants, sighing when the confining material parted from his throbbing erection. Lifting her head Jack looked up to see Riddick slowly caressing his flesh.

"See what you've done to me, Jackie?" he asked as his hand ran up and down the glistening length. Mesmerized and a little scared, she gazed at his cock. It would never fit she thought, surely he would kill her trying to stick that thing in her.

"You're mine, little Jackie, all mine," he whispered, kissing her shoulder and moving even closer until they were skin against skin. Lifting her legs, he wrapped them around his waist. He ran the head of his cock over her weeping hole, moaning at the feel of her heat and slickness.

"God, Jackie," he said with his eyes closed for a few seconds as he rubbed against her. Through teasing himself, he carefully pushed his cock into her hole slowly inch by inch. He gritted his teeth together until he was finally seated all the way to the hilt.

Jack's eyes rolled shut as she hoped to block out any pain that might come. To her Riddick looked more than simply well endowed, he looked huge. But other than a small pinch, there was nothing but him sliding inside her.

"Open your fucking eyes," he snarled at her. "Don't ever close your eyes when I'm fucking you. I want you to see me and only me. Understand?"

Jack nodded, not knowing what to make of this sudden behavior, only knowing she should do as she was told.

Getting his answer, Riddick started slowly thrusting in and out. He was more than pleased when he heard Jake moan his name.


"I got ya, little Jackie," he replied, holding on firmly to her hips as he pistoned in and out of her body. Lovingly he bent down and suckled a nipple, successfully bringing it back to hardness. He did the same to the other one as he listened to her moan.

"Yes, Riddick," Jack moaned as he sucked one nipple roughly. She started to meet each of his thrusts with one of her own, taking him in deeper and deeper.

"Yeah, that's it baby. Take me in. God, Jackie."

Riddick moved his hands down from her waist to her ass, where he clutched her strongly.

Their thrusts became faster and more moans filled the air. Sweat pooled on the metal floor and their bodies rode slick against each other.

"God, Richard please," Jack called out.

Stopping for just a few seconds he pulled his shiv from his pocket and in a quick flash the belt holding Jack's hands above her head was cut. Her arms wrapped around his neck as her lips attacked his. One step brought them closer to the support post and he shoved her against it.

"Better?" he growled - barely keeping from coming.

"Yeah, go baby," she replied as she licked his neck.

"God, Jackie do you know how good you feel on my cock?" he asked, as he began to pump in and out again.

Jack couldn't answer him, so she just moaned and continued licking and sucking at his neck.

All too soon Riddick felt his balls tighten.

"Shit baby, I ain't going to last long," he whispered in her ear.

"Do it, Richard," she told him.

Swirling away from the post he fell to the floor, pinning Jack beneath him. Planting his arms on either side of her head he lifted his chest away from her and roughly began fucking her. Now Jack was almost squealing with pleasure.

He watched as her hands caressed her breasts.

"Baby, touch yourself for me," he said huskily.

"Anything you want." She replied as she placed her hand between her legs. But she didn't rub herself at first, instead she rubbed the base of his cock.

"Damn it, Jackie. Not me, you," he snarled trying not to come before her.

Smiling, Jack batted her eyes at him before gently rubbing her clit.

Riddick grit his teeth. God, he could already feel her beginning to contract.

"Come on, baby. Come for me"

"Yessss." Jack hissed as she rubbed herself faster and thrust harder against him. Suddenly she felt her orgasm rip through her like fire and screamed in final release.


"Shit" Riddick hollered as Jack convulsed under him. Grabbing her hips again he thrust in and out of her body uncontrollably. The tightening around his cock sent him into a painful orgasm.

"Fuuuccckkk, Jaacckkkiieee!" he screamed before collapsing on her, where he laid for several minutes panting like dog.

"Shit, Richard, get your ass off of me. I can't breathe," Jack wheezed from beneath him.

. "Sorry, Jackie," he mumbled, rolling over.

A few more minutes went by as they caught their breath. Finally he rolled back over
and looked down at his love.

"That one was good," he whispered kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Mmm, it was," Jack replied looking at her lover as she ran her fingers over his head and back. "but we need to get some sleep before meeting Iman tomorrow."

Nodding, Riddick rolled them over and made himself comfortable on the floor. Snatching the farthest corner of the blanket, he wrapped it snugly around them and tenderly kissed her head as she snuggled against his chest.

"Night, Jackie," he whispered.

"Umm oh night, Richard."

Riddick smiled as he watched his little Jackie fall asleep comfortably on his chest before closing his own eyes.

The End..Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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