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By Acaciah Seremonde, Angylinni, Indigomoone13 and Morgaine Ancasta

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AU, Graphic Sexual Descriptions.

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What if the universe wasn’t what it seemed. What if the Jedi Council knew more than it was letting on? Could they be just as bad as the Sith, using the Force for their own gains, rather than for the betterment of all? What if they withheld the knowledge that there was more than one chosen by the Force, and used that knowledge to take children from all over the galaxy in their search? This is that story.


The red-haired woman panted in agony, and Obi-Wan Kenobi rubbed her shoulders and wiped her brow. His little Padawan, Anakin, had never seen anything like this before in all his nine years. He was an only child, and of course didn’t remember his own birth. The woman’s name was Lady Miriam Sakarte’, and she was giving birth to a baby girl. The Jedi had sent them because the baby she was giving birth to was supposed to be special, and his master had to take the girl to the Temple as soon as she was able to travel. Miriam gave a mighty push, and the baby came free into the world. Her cries filled the room, and Anakin’s eyes widened as he finally sensed the baby by itself; she was much more powerful than her mother. He looked up at Obi-Wan, who cradled the bundled baby in his arms. “What is her name?”

“Acaciah Karina Sakarte’,” Miriam replied before Obi-Wan could. “Let me hold her before you take her away from me! She is my daughter!”

He handed her the baby Acaciah. “She is mine now, too, Miriam. She will be safe with Anakin and me.” Anakin beamed at his mention. He was proud that Master Obi-Wan trusted him with this important task, and the fetched a medi-scanner so that Obi-Wan could ascertain Acaciah’s vital signs before they departed for Coruscant.

Obi-Wan checked her and was satisfied, and began gathering the baby and her necessary items. Lady Miriam turned away and began to cry softly. Anakin put his hand on her shoulder; she looked at the little boy through tear-stained eyes.

“Don’t be sad,” he said. “Not too sad, anyway. I’m sure Acaciah will love you and miss you, just like you do her.” He paused. “I know I miss my mom, and she misses me. I will see my mom again, and you’ll see Acaciah again.”

Miriam sniffed and wiped her eyes. “Dear sweet little Anakin,” she said. “You do not understand the games your Jedi Council plays. I’m sure they want you both for keeps,” she said derisively.

“Anakin!” Master Obi-Wan’s voice was sharp. “Come! It is time to take off!”

“Yes, Master,” he said obediently. He took one last look at the sobbing Miriam, and closed the ramp. Obi-Wan was rocking the baby in her cradle. The baby had soft green eyes and red hair like her mother. “She looks like her mother,” Anakin said.

“Yes,” Obi-Wan agreed. “She’s beautiful.”

* But she doesn’t look like Master Obi-Wan at all *, Anakin reflected.


Jossiah Kadeen sat in the copilot seat, watching the scene below him with wide, scared eyes. This was his first mission with Master Vale and he was very nervous. They were here to find out what had happened to the colony of Simone on the planet of Gilliana.

Master Vale set the ship down on the outskirts of the wasted city, scanning for life forms with both the sensors and the Force. He started as he felt a small tickle touch his mind. Joss looked up at his Master, suddenly insistent that they get out there; he knew there was someone alive out there!

“Master, did you feel that?” Joss asked, his silver gray eyes wide in his young face. His body was large for a twelve year old, bigger than most of his class of Padawan’s, and he looked far older than his age. Jossiah filled the small cockpit, barely leaving room for his slight Master.

“Jossiah, I felt it as well. I do not understand how anyone could have survived the destruction but we will go out and search. Gather your things.” Master Blucher Vale said quickly, reaching for a medi-kit and his lightsaber.

Jossiah grabbed his lightsaber as well. It was almost brand new, his having just taken the class to learn how to build them. It was the last step before being accepted as a Padawan and Joss had mastered it quickly and accurately, being bested only by his friend, Anakin Skywalker.

The two left the small ship, stretching out into the wastes with their minds. Joss could feel the pain and fear in the small pulse that touched his mind. He stopped beside his Master as Vale brought a set of holobinocs up to scan the horizon.

Suddenly, Joss tugged on his Masters robe, pointing off to his left. “There Master. That is where it is coming from.” Joss moved towards the beacon of Force energy, it was calling him like a siren’s song, he couldn’t resist. Breaking into a run, he vaguely heard his Master’s shout for him to wait. Joss ignored him, heeding the call.

Coming up on the ruins of a small house, Joss dug through the rubble, searching for the signature. Standing up, he saw a small child standing a few feet away from him, staring with large, indigo eyes. A soft cap of honey blond hair wisped around its head, blowing in the gentle breeze.

The small form ran to him and Joss dropped to his knees, opening his arms. He was knocked backwards with the force of her embrace. He looked down into her face, somehow knowing instinctively that it was female and was lost in the depths of her eyes. She clung to him as he shrugged out of his cloak, wrapping it around her nakedness.

Master Vale ran up behind him, lightsaber at the ready, his eyes scanning the horizon for danger. “You found the signature?” He asked, his hand resting on Joss’ shoulder.

“Her name is Elizara, Master.” Joss said, raising his shining eyes to his stunned Master’s.

“How do you know that?” Master Vale asked him, scanning his padawan with the Force. He could feel the strong signature of the small being in his arms, her eyes locked onto Joss’ face, looking at him in rapture.

“She told me,” he said simply, unable to come up with another answer. He felt like he had always known her name and that he had always known that he would find her and rescue her.

“Jossiah, that child is barely a year old, how could she have possibly told you anything?” Master Vale sputtered, unable to accept his answer.

“Master, she told me. I swear to you.” Joss said, rising to his feet, cradling her small body in his arms.

“We shall speak of this later, right now let’s get her back to the ship and checked over. Gods know how long she has been out here. Give her to me, I will carry her back to the ship.” Master Vale reached for her and she screamed, clinging to Joss with every fiber of her being. Vale backed up, suddenly afraid. When she saw that he was no longer trying to pull her from Joss, she quieted immediately, settling back down into his arms and sucking on her thumb.

Joss looked up at Master Vale and slowly started making his way towards the ship. The Master followed, unnerved by the strange happenings.

Elizara, or Liza as Joss took to calling her wouldn’t let him out of her sight. She followed him all over the ship, crawling into his lap as soon as he sat down, sleeping cuddled next to him at night. She screamed in pained agony if Vale tried to hold her or even go near her. She would allow only Joss to touch her and examine her.

Vale saw the small marks on her back the morning of the second day that was was with them. They looked almost like they had been burned into her delicate skin. Three symbols, unreadable in any language Master Vale had ever seen.

Joss looked at them and pronounced them, Fehu, Derb and Berkhana. He traced them softly, whispering the words. Vale had looked at him in shock, asking him how he knew what they meant. Joss shrugged, finding no answer other than he just knew.

Vale contacted Masters Windu and Yoda on Coruscant immediately, closeting himself in the cockpit to make the private call.

“Masters. We have found a girl child, alive in the ruins of the colony. She has bonded to my padawan, unwilling to let me near her. Her name is Elizara, which is all I know other than she has a very odd birthmark. Three symbols that look almost like they have been branded onto her skin.”

“Felt her signature we did.” Master Yoda said, stroking his chin.

“It is almost as strong as my own Padawan’s Masters. What do you wish for me to do with her?”

“You did the midichlorian count?” Master Windu asked him.

“First thing, it was off the charts.” Vale replied, his skin crawling. He felt like he was being watched, he turned to look around him, finding no one there.

“To us bring her, test her we shall. “ Master Yoda said thoughtfully.

The itch on his skin intensifying, Vale nodded to the Masters before ending the call. As he rose from his seat, he opened the door, jumping back in shock as he saw the small form staring at him curiously. She watched him for a moment more before darting back down the hallway, running into the safety of Joss’ arms.

The rest of the trip passed in uneasy silence as Vale wondered exactly what kind of child he had discovered.


A new baby had arrived at the crèche, and Galaxa Tri Sephone, nine years old and the padawan of Adi Gallia was excited to go and meet her. Jedi child or not, many little girls this age loved babies, and she had overheard her Master talking to the Council about spe special this one was. This baby was found wandering the ruins of a planet, Master Adi had told her.

With gentle sigh, Master Adi finished re-pleating Galaxa’s ebony colored padawan braid, now just reaching her shoulder. She looked into her almond shaped green pools and smiled thinly. “Not a word of this, child, remember,” she whispered. “It is not customary for a Jedi to spend as much time as I indulge you in the crèche.”

Galaxa crinkled up her nose and her eyes widened. “I know Master, but I only want to give the babies a kiss goodnight!” she defended herself, easily embarrassed.

Adi sighed, enfolding her padawan in a spontaneous hug. “My dear, you will understand one day, but for now, you must learn to curb your personal affections for others.” Galaxa’s response was to stifle a tear, as it was very difficult for her to control her emotions. She then wrapped her arms around Adi’s neck and squeezed tightly.

Galaxa was a natural empath, one of the reasons why she was destined to be a healer, and not a warrior. It was logical and natural that she would gravitate to those like her. The burden of knowledge was great for this Master, for much she knew and would have to withhold from her padawan until the time was right- if ever. Adi would indulge the child in seeing the special children in the crèche this last one last time. First Acaciah Sakarte, and now Elizara Simone. Gods knew that Galaxa had already found the other two Padawans that were ‘different’; to try and quell her relationships with Anakin Skywalker and Jossiah Kadeen would probably do more harm than good. There were five of these children at the temple, in all. The last one was sent away. And for this, her heart was heavy.

They walked to the crèche in silence, Galaxa holding her Master’s hand as she skipped beside her. When she was alone with her Adi, she was afforded the indulgences of a child, not a Jedi. If they were in public view, she would be required to walk at her Master’s side in solemn silence, her head bowed with reverence. These were things that Galaxa just came to accept in her life as a Jedi padawan. The life of an ordinary child, she knew she would never have.

Upon reaching the nursery, Galaxa broke free of her Master’s hand and ran forward to look into the bassinet of the baby Sakarté. Adi watched her padawan charge across the room while dismissing the Jedi nurse on duty.

Galaxa smiled down on the infant, standing on tiptoes so that she could see better inside of the bassinet. She giggled as she looked at the baby, Acaciah’s green eyes opening to meet hers, instinctively. “Hi baby Acaciah!” Galaxa squealed excitedly. “Yep, it’s me!”

Adi sighed deeply, watching her padawan as she lifted up the new ward, a one-year-old girl, who peered into her eyes all too knowingly.

“Galaxa,” Adi called. “Come and meet Elizara.” Their gazes locked squarely before she rushed over to meet her.

Galaxa had only been holding Elizara for a few moments when Masters Yoda, Windu, and Obi Wan entered the nursery. The Dark Woman lurked behind them, her cloak pulled over her head, only her lips visible.

Gal stiffened in her seat, clutching Elizara who was sitting in her lap. She felt as if she should hide.

It was if time stood still. They had stopped and stared, Yoda’s eyes widening in something that resembled horror, Master Windu clasped his hands together as Obi Wan glanced at the nearby crib holding Acaciah, then back to search Gal’s face.

Adi rose and stood erect, placing her hand on Galaxa’s shoulder, as The Dark Woman seemed to float into the room, looming above the baby Sakarte.

“In the same room theses three are! Bad enough it is not, Master Gallia that the older ones have found each other?” Yoda said softly, his voice full of derision.

Baby Sakarté suddenly let out a loud scream, shrieking until Obi Wan crossed over to her, caressing his daughter’s cheek lovingly as Morgaine stepped back and behind Adi. Mace bowed his head in silence as Adi looked at the floor.

“What have you to say, Master Gallia? Of the prophecy, you know.” Yoda continued.

Adi did not answer; too busy shielding her own thoughts of the Sixth. Finally she spoke, quietly, “ I was merely indulging my padawan in innocuous play.”

“Most esteemed, Masters, it is not such a travesty,” the Dark Woman suddenly spoke. She nodded toward Galaxa, who was trembling. “Galaxa is but a child, and was merely playing with the babies.” She spoke evenly, a rich and sonorous voice, smoothing the situation. Whether or not it was truly for Galaxa’s benefit, Adi’s, or some other reason was something Yoda and Mace would wonder about in times to come.

“Galaxa, you are excused,” Adi interjected abruptly, gently taking Elizara from her. “Go back to our quarters and wait for me to return.”

“Yes Master,” Galaxa nodded deeply.

“Perhaps you should go and find Padawans Skywalker and Kadeen, first,” the Dark Woman laughed sarcastically.

Galaxa’s eyes widened as she backpedaled in bewilderment. She did not understand the sarcasm, and feared the Dark Woman as it was.

* GO! * Adi fiercely pathed. The child ran as the room erupted in loud talk.

“Say such things, you dare!” Master Yoda grunted warningly, pointing his gimmer stick at the Dark Woman.

Obi Wan stepped forward in the silence that ensued, reaching out as Adi handed Elizara to him.

“We have come to see Elizara, not to begin a war of words and the dispute of schools of thought, Master Gallia,” said Obi Wan factually, cradling the child against his chest.

“Very well, then,” Adi replied coolly. “ I will take my leave, for I have had my fill this evening of nonsense.”

Mace’s eyebrows shot up as he stepped in Adi’s path. He clutched her arm as he leaned forward, speaking gravely. “Adi, is it not bad enough that we could not hide the entire prophecy? How can you allow them to have a chance to bond before we can decide what this will mean to our future?”

“You have only revealed the adapted version of the prophecy because it suited the Jedi as a whole- if you had not, you could not have taken Skywalker,” Adi hissed, shaking her arm free of his grip. “Good evening, Masters.”

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