The Mistress Desires

BY : TheFlyingDrake
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Disclaimer: I don't own this brand, I just enjoy playing it's games and writing porn about it. This is my first posted Fic ever I think, so feedback would be appreciated if you want to share :)

The cargo hold was cold, the Mistress liked it that way.


Not that it mattered, Slave TF-013 did what the Mistress commanded. Which is why it hung from the ceiling by its ankles, lekku wrapped in stun cuffs and arms locked in an armbinder.


The Mistress delighted in it's suffering occasionally, and today was one of those days.


looking across the room, 13 watched MF-001. Until a few minutes ago, 01 had it's fist in 13's cunt at the mistresses desire. It was now licking the mistress’s pussy while fisting it's own ass with the same hand it had used on 13.


Nearby, EF-003 danced provocatively with HF-017. The former's white hair contrasting vividly with the latter's red hair. The Mistress was watching them dance while 01 continued to service Her, enjoying their performance.


Of course, 13's own role was not forgotten. The Mistress had been using one hand to force 01's face deeper into Her pussy, but the other hand held the remote to 13's stun cuffs which she had been softly tapping for a few seconds now.


The Mistress was sure to press that button and get some screams out of 13 right before she started Her orgasm. Mistress had explained it to someone once as screams making Her sensations more intense. 13 was happy to serve the Mistress in this way, it's pain being pleasurable for Her.


13 watched as the Mistress let go of 01 and slowly began to grind Her pussy across the slave's face, Her eyes fixed on the dancers in front of Her while Her free hand now reached to Her side.


HF-018, so far kept kneeling beside the Mistress with hands folded behind it's back, was grabbed by the hair, pulled up, and adjusted till it was positioned at the mistress’s nipple. The brown-haired slave from Korriban immediately began worshipping the nipple with its mouth, all the slaves knew the mistress’s desires implicitly after all. The Mistress barely spoke on the ship anymore, it was not needed with the slaves the ship carried.


The Mistress's hips began jerking faster, ever closing in on the point of orgasm. The feelings from the Mistress washed over 13's mind, reinforcing it's obedience. The Mistress was perfect, Her mind so beautiful and strong that it demanded obedience from all those beneath it.


With 18 continuing it's task, the Mistress carefully switched the controller to the stun cuffs to Her other hand. Reaching down with Her now free hand to HF-019, who had also been kneeling in the same position, and pulled 19 up by it's silver hair and positioned it to the mistresses other nipple.


The Mistress seemed to enjoy those two slaves in particular positioned manually, Her desires stripping those slaves of the ability to move themselves. 13 would have rubbed it's cunt at the thought had it not been restrained.


The Mistress desired that 13 retain it's ability to move, but also often desired to see 13 restrained. 13 was happy to fulfill both desires for the Mistress


Faster and faster the Mistress rubbed Her pussy on 01's face, it slid from the slave's chin to it's blank eyes back and forth. the slave, for it's part, attempted to use it's tongue to increase the mistresses pleasure while the openings were aligned.


Soon now, the Mistress would activate the stun cuffs on 13. Everyone would feel the mistresses orgasm peak, drowning them all in pleasure none of them could feel even an echo of themselves.


03 and 17 stopped their dancing to run over to 13. Wasting no time in fulfilling the mistress’s desires, they both rubbed their fists with the copious arousal leaking from their cunts and jammed them deeply into 13's wildly contracting holes.


The Mistress slammed Her finger down on the remote, activating the stun cuffs.


Placed as they were on the base of 13's sensitive lekku, the shock travelled immediately through the neural tissue tied into the base of the lekku causing the most exquisite pain. 13 screamed, there was no choice in the matter, though 13 loved that the Mistress was using it in this way.


A surge of the force slammed into Her at almost the same time as the shock started. All the slaves here were healing Her as fast as Her sensitive lekku were numbing up from the electricity. 13 appreciated the support from the fellow slaves. The Mistress wanted Her to scream and cry honestly for some time yet, and keeping 13 susceptible to the pain made it automatic that she would continue to scream for Her.


As 13's screaming rose in pitch, the Mistress was pushed over the edge. She orgasmed hard, squirting all over 01 and taking such a tight hold of the force nearby them that 13 almost felt the space nearby flex with Her power.


Every slave felt the rush of pleasure overwhelm them, those fulfilling the mistress’s desires like 01 or 19 continued their desperate acts while their bodies came repeatedly, cunt's leaking and breath hitching in response to the orgasm. Those without, or with tasks now completed like 03 and 17, fell to the floor. Spasming and cumming wildly, fists sliding out of 13's holes now that the desire was fulfilled and orgasm had taken them all.


From every open mouth came a chorus of moans, gasps, and cries. Every mind was unified in worship of the Mistress. Nothing existed outside this moment, the Mistress had wiped all minds clean.

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