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He still couldn’t believe Han was gone. Luke had never thought anything could take down the old smuggler, well other than his sister of course. Now Chewy had showed up brining this force sensitive girl to his hiding place. This island was supposed to be his sanctuary. Ever since his last round of pupils hadn’t responded well to his training methods and fled after destroying his school.

Han and Leia had been oblivious to his training methods no matter what had been said. Chewy though had known all about how Luke had used his students. How he had taught them to submit to him as master in every way. Chewy obviously saw nothing wrong with it or he would never have brought this girl, Rey from nowhere, here.

Luke had always been considered a little strange, even growing up on Tatooine among farm boys. All of them had hunted womp rats and he was exceptionally good at killing them with the guns on his T-16. The problem was that while the others enjoyed the hunt for the sport Luke took an almost sexual pleasure in the slaughter. He would brag about his kills in the same way others would talk about the cute girl they were sleeping with.

He had joined the Rebellion and become a big-time war hero by learning how to use his Jedi powers and faced down his father Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine in the battle for Endor. Despite being barely trained he had gained an almost cult like following as the only known Jedi left.

Luke had used that to his advantage and had slept with as many women and men as he could. He didn’t care what their gender, race, body type, or even species were. All he cared about was that they would submit to him and let him get off using them however he saw fit.

Eventually the new Republic was formed, and his star began to wane a bit. He was still worshiped as a hero of course but other politicians and generals were also receiving a lot more fan worship and he grew bored of using the same people.

When he found out that there were more force sensitive people in the galaxy, he decided to set off on a quest to find all the old Jedi training material. He would form a new school for force sensitive people and through them create a harem of force sensitive sex slaves that would in turn train another generation like he had trained them.

His legacy would be to turn the old cult of the monk like Jedi to a sex cult that could still be called upon to defend the new Republic from threats so it could continue on without fear of destruction or scrutiny.

On his journeys he had found texts from both the Jedi and the Sith and had studied both in depth to learn the ways of all of the force. He epically paid attention to the Sith texts that explained how strong emotions could help strength force powers. He also studied mind manipulation powers from both sides.

He had returned and formed his new temple of the Jedi and took on his first class of students. There were twelve in total that volunteered to be trained. Among them was Luke’s own nephew Ben Solo.

The group had been willing and able to submit to his training techniques. The temple was secluded, and no one visited the temple except for droids making deliveries so Luke was free to do as he pleased, and he did. A large part of his training was centered around group sex and honing some force powers to serve a more sexual nature. His favorite being teaching them to use force choke for pleasure and not to kill.

The only one to show any sort of push back was Ben. It wasn’t that he didn’t through himself mind, body, and soul into his training but it was the fact that he had tried to set up his own haram inside the haram.

Luke had made the fateful decision that family or not Ben had to be taught his place. He and the rest of the students had come to Ben’s room late one night with the intent of gang raping him until he was broken and willing to submit.

They had rushed in and held him down. Luke had decided to lead by example and was the first to rape his own nephew. While he was in the throes of passion Ben unleashed a power none of them had seen before. He unleashed a force lighting that instead of coming from the hands was created in the atmosphere.

The initial strike killed all the other students but left Luke and Ben untouched. The second strike annihilated the building and Luke fell backward barely able to keep the collapsing building from crushing him.

When he managed to pull himself from the wreckage, he found that Ben had escaped. Latter he would rebrand himself Kylo Ren and join The First Order. He declared himself a Sith and took control of a group of force sensitives known as The Knights of Ren and by all reports used them as his own haram beating his uncle at his own game.

He had made up a story about Ben being corrupted by the dark side and while his sister had always seemed to question it, she never outright blamed Luke for the loss of her son. She kept faith that he would see reason in the end.

Luke, however decided to find a solitary retreat and continue to study the old texts to see where he might have gone wrong and how he could keep from making that mistake again. He had learned much more and had even been able to cut himself off from the force so he wouldn’t risk Kylo Ren or any of his knights finding his hiding place and trying to finish him off and steal his knowledge.

Now, Chewy had hand delivered this force sensitive naïve girl right to his door. He had rejected her right from the start but that was all part of it. He wanted to make her show how much she wanted this. How stubborn she would be to be trained. The more they wanted it the more he could do with them without them doubting his methods.

She had already proven she wouldn’t leave and had gone so far as to follow him all day as he did menial tasks and things that even he considered a little disgusting, like drinking the milk he got from the creatures raw instead of boiling it first like he always did.

He was watching her practice with the lightsaber that had first been his. He would find out where she got it from but that was a question for another time. For now he was watching her try and practice her blade work against a stone pillar. Of course, Luke was checking out more than her form and realized she had a lovely tight ass and a perky set of tits.

“I’ll train her.” He told himself out loud as he adjusted his hardening dick. “And I’ll enjoy every second of it.” He said as he played with himself watching her swing the blade back and forth.

The next day her training officially began. He took her to a flat rock overlooking the sea. She was dressed in her usual grey outfit and had her hair in her triple back bun style. The outfit was loosely fitting but Luke still caught glances of her amazing form and was already half hard by the time they walked to the rock.

“Sit there.” Luke said pointing. She complied and he stood next to her.

“Are you going to teach me to lift rocks with the force?” Rey asked in a sweet but naïve voice.

Luke shook his head. This will be easier than I imagined. Luke thought. “The force is more than lifting rocks, it’s life and emotions. Everything that binds the universe together.” He told her. “Now close your eyes and reach out.”

She did as she was told, literally. She shut her eyes and reached out her hand into the air in front of her.

Time to let her feel the force. Luke thought as he freed his hard cock. It was seven inches long and two inches thick. His students had said how much it felt like their lightsaber handles. She reached out blindly, and he moved his cock right in front of her hand.

She gasped as her finger brushed it. “I feel it. I feel the force.” She said with a rush of excitement.

“You should reach out and grasp it lightly.” Luke told her taking this to the next step. He wanted to see how she would respond.

She did exactly as she was told. “Like this Master Skywalker?” She asked him as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and even started moving her hand back and forth on the shaft. She was only moving slightly and softly so she wasn’t touching the tip or hitting the folds of his robe.

“Yes, just like that.” Luke moaned a little as she was giving him a gentle hand job. “And you can just call me Master.”

“I’m doing it Master, I’m feeling the force.” Rey said, her eyes still closed as she jerked him off a little more.

“Next you’ll need to take the force into yourself.” Luke told her as he eyed her soft lips.

“What should I do Master?” Rey asked desperate to learn more about the force.

“Let go of the force. Keep your eyes closed and open your mouth.” Luke instructed her. He repositioned himself closer to her face as she did what she was told. He grabbed her hair by the top two back buns and thrust his cock into her mouth hard.

She finally opened her eyes but didn’t pull away as he started to fuck her face slowly. He was pulling her face down onto his cock so hard her nose was being pressed into his robes and she was gaging. Spit was coming out of the sides of her mouth as she tried desperately to do as he wanted.

He wasn’t even trying to be gentle anymore. She was responding just the way he wanted. She was eager to please and believed him completely because of his position of power. “You’re doing an amazing job.” He told her as he held his cock in her throat until she was struggling to breath. He backed out and she was gasping and drooling.

“That training is intense Master.” She whispered as she caught her breath.

“It’s not over yet, but if it’s too much for you feel free to give up and leave.” Luke told her plainly but with enough of a hint of disappointment at the thought that he knew she would never choose to.

“No Master.” She said with a hint of desperation afraid she had offended him. “I wasn’t complaining, I was just saying it was intense, but I’ll do anything to be a Jedi.”

“We’ll put that to the test over the next few days but for now open your mouth again.” Luke told her pulling her head back into position. This time she simply opened her mouth and closed her eyes. “Perfect.” He told her and he saw the hint of a smile cross her lips before he rammed his dick back down her throat.

He felt her throat relax more this time and was able to get into a steady rhythm. She was picking this up quickly and her briefly wondered what she had done to survive alone on that back water planet she came from. Not that he cared or felt any pity for her, but he wondered how gentle he really needed to be with her other fuckable holes.

For now he was content with her skill in sucking dick. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer but her training was just beginning so he wasn’t worried about how quickly he came. He picked up speed and force as he started using not just her head but his hips as well. Not long now.

He felt it welling up inside him and he looked down at her. “You’ve done well, now here is your reward.” He moaned as he pushed as far down her throat as he could and held himself there as spurt after spurt of his hot cum shot into her throat.

She swallowed it all down greedily. She would obviously take anything as a meal after living the way she lived on Jakku. After she swallowed the last of it, Luke pulled out his cock and looked her over. She would make a great new toy.

For now though it was time for a real lesson. “Now that you have expertly taken the force inside you let’s work on controlling your abilities.” Luke said as he put his softening cock into his robes. “Lesson one.” He said as he bent down and picked up a small stone. “Lifting rocks with the power of the force.”

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