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Leia was nervous they had just launched into hyperspace after escaping the battle of scarif aboard the tantive V. Leia looked at the Datacard sitting on the table of her room, the fate of the entire rebellion, no the entire Galaxy depended on the contents of that card. Leia took a deep breath and forced herself to relax she knew that while the tantive V was in hyperspace there was nothing she could do but sit back and wait. Picking the Datacard up, Leia opened a drawer on her desk as she withdrew a small plug with a large jewel on the front.

"Mom said that I should use this if I ever needed to hide anything," Leia mumbled as she examined the object Leia unscrewed the jewel to reveal a small compartment in which she placed the Datacard before returning the jewel to its place. "Now how am I supposed to wear this," said Leia as she looked over the plug.

"3PO can you come in here." Yelled Leia into the other room

"Yes, Miss Organa." Said the anxious voice of C-3PO as he shuffled into the room. "How may I be of assistance." said the golden droid as he tuttered over to Leia.

"Do you know how I'm supposed to wear this?" Asked Leia as she held up the plug for 3PO to examine. The droid examined the plug with his large unblinking eyes. Taking the plug from Leia's hands the droid turned it over in his hands.

"In order to properly determine that I would need your permission to access my restricted files," said 3PO as he turned his attention back to Leia.

"Your restricted files." Said Leia puzzled. "Okay yes, I give you permission to access your restricted files." Leia watched as 3PO seemed to lock up for a moment his internal components buzzing as he processed the command. 3PO's hand closed around the plug as he turned to look at Leia. "Nabooian erotic module activated," he stated before he focused completely on Leia. "Get on the bed on your hands and knees." He stated his voice no longer full of anxiety now it seemed to hold a commanding tone.

Leia was shocked at the fact that 3PO was giving her orders. In fact, it was probably that shock that caused her to listen to him. Crawling up onto the bed Leia got onto her hands and knees as she waited to see what 3PO would do. Leia jumped as she felt 3PO's metallic hand lift the hem of her dress as he pulled it up revealing her 19-year-old ass laid bare for him to see.

"3PO what are you doing," said Leia as her face turned scarlet with embarrassment.

"You wanted to know how to wear this plug, well I am showing you where this goes, and it goes right here." As 3PO finished his sentence he moved one of his hands to Leia's ass causing her to gasp from the coldness of his metallic hand as he softly rubbed her left cheek, his other handheld the plug as one of his fingers opened and dispensed lubricant on the plug.

"3PO where are you going to put that." Said Leia as she felt 3PO's hand pulling her asscheek to the side before she felt the tip of the plug make contact with her asshole. Leia's eyes went wide as she felt 3PO begin to add pressure to her asshole slowly pushing in the plug. Luckily 3PO had lubed up the plug beforehand which allowed it to pop inside of her asshole. Leia let out a gasp and arched her back as she felt her asshole stretch to accommodate the large plug.

"That is how you properly were such a plug ." Said 3PO as he slowly rotated the plug inside of Leia's asshole causing the young senator to let out a deep groan as her hands clenched tight around the bedsheets.

"3PO it's in you can stop now." Gasped out Leia from between moans as a small trail of pussy juices ran down the inside of her leg.

"Stop but miss Leia we are just getting started, I'll have you know I am programmed in over six million ways of breaking a bitch and I intend to show you every one of them." Said 3PO as there was a metallic click before a small whirring sound. Looking back over her shoulder, Leia was shocked to see that the metal plate covering 3PO's crotch had slid up to allow a right inch synth flesh cock to protrude out. "Dammit, your mother must have switched out my attachments when my restricted files were offline." Said 3PO as he lined himself up with Leia's pussy. "She knows I prefer the Nerf or fathiers attachment when I'm breaking in a new bitch." Said 3PO as Leia felt him take a hard grip upon her ass holding her in place as he finished positioning himself behind her the head of his cock touching her pussy lips.

"Have you ever had sexual intercourse before?" Said 3PO as his metallic hands kept her hips in the perfect position.

"No" mumbled Leia knowing she should stop this. that if she ordered him to back off 3PO would do as she said but unable to bring herself to utter the command.

"Would you like me to use the full range of my attachments or keep this experience as authentic to a normal organic cock as possible?" Asked 3PO. To emphasize his point 3PO's cock began to spin like a drill and vibrate as he pushed forward pressing it against her clit and causing jolts of pleasure to shoot through her body.

"Normal! Normal!" Screamed Leia as 3PO's spinning cock pushed her over the edge causing her to experience the first orgasm of her life.

Leia's arms collapsed and she fell face-first into the bed as 3PO's cock pulled away and he began activating his subroutines to make the cock seem as lifelike as possible. First, an internal heater warmed up the synth flesh to the same temperature that a human males cock would be during intercourse, second, a small device inside the cock began to pulse with the same beat of a human pulse barely noticeable unless you're looking for it but adding an extra level of realism to the experience. The synth flesh that the cock was made of already held the same texture and feel of a human cock with the added temperature regulator and pulse it not only felt like a real cock but behaved like one as well pulsing and twitching as a real cock would.

Little did Leia know but the finest engineers of both the Naboo royal family and the Alderaan royal family had their best minds on outfitting 3PO into what could be considered the greatest erotic protocol Droid in the galaxy, and Leia was about to feel the fruits of there labor. Pushing forward with a consistent and unstoppable Force that only a Droid could 3PO pushed his cock deep inside of Leia's pussy Tearing through her maidenhood and stealing away her virginity. Leia screamed into the bed as she clawed at the sheets as 3PO set a steady pace, his hips slowly postponing back and forth with mechanical precision as he held Leia's hips in place.

3PO's programming allowed him to know exactly how to hold Leia's hips and at exactly what angle and depth to fuck her at to maximize pleasure. Now this wasn't exact and each individual was different and needed to be adjusted for their personal preference, but 3PO had found that when fucked in the manner in which he currently has princess Leia he had a 99.6 percent success rate at bringing his partner to a mind-numbing orgasm.

3PO's calculations were once again founded as he felt Leia tense up around his cock as she began to cum. The princess had stopped screaming about halfway through the session and instead just laid there moaning and grunting as 3PO fucked her but now that her body was once again being racked by waves of pleasure from her orgasm she rose up and let out a deep scream as she began to shake and spasm her eyes rolling up before she collapsed onto the ground.

3PO examined the princess trying to determine if this was the optimal time to stop or if he should continue further. Checking his databanks he saw that the canister inside of himself that he usually kept filled with cum was currently empty thus making it so that he could not flood the young girl's unprotected womb with cum or roll her over onto her back and paint her face 3PO pondered what to do next. Luckily for him, his restricted files held a backup of his memory core within it, meaning that he had full memory of the clone wars despite his memory wipe at the end of the conflict. While those memories were only accessible when his restricted mode was unlocked they did allow him to remember back to his days with Leia's mother Padme. In fact, 3PO thought he remembered the day he had been loaded with a canister of cum collected from his builder Anakin Skywalker of all people before he pounded Padme into unconscious bliss, completely filling her unprotected pussy with cum on her most susceptible day. Meaning in a way 3PO was the one who helped create Leia not biologically of course but he was the one who deposited the cum within the Padme.

Leia moaned from her bed and 3PO contemplated reaching out and slapping her ass, of making her call him daddy as he had another go at her tight pussy. Her tight dripping pussy, 3PO's large glowing eyes focused in on her most intimate of places. The shining blue jeweled plug covering her asshole, her slightly parted lips and engorged clit all soaked in her juices.

Damn the maker for not giving me a mouth, thought 3PO as he stared at Leia's wet pussy. I am programmed with over 3 million different forms of cunniglus, as well as rim jobs but I can do nothing with that knowledge because I was given a square hole with a speaker inside of it instead of lips and a tongue.

I thought back to the file that R2D2 had sent me, it had shown master Skywalker as he was defeated by master Kenobi and left on the banks of the lava River on Mustafar. I found it odd how in my normal configuration I had felt sad or at least as sad as a Droid could feel about the thought of my master my maker being defeated in such away. But with my restricted programming activated I only felt pity. The core programming of my restricted files was completely sex-based and seeing as Skywalker was not exactly the most skilled in the bedroom, I don't blame master Skywalker after all if you were taken in by a bunch of celibate monks, well they were until I began to work with them, when you are ten then the chances of you being very skilled at sex were going to be very low. Add to the fact that the woman you love was the queen and all-around top slut of Naboo a planet that was infamous with the sexual promiscuity of its women and the odds are stacked against you. After all, I am ashamed to say that even I failed to be able to properly satisfy that nymphomaniac upon our first meeting.

As 3PO reminisced her noticed Leia beginning to stir. Reaching down to Leia's ankles 3PO pulled them out from under the girl causing her to fall onto the bed laying on her stomach before he flipped her onto her back. Reaching up he pulled down her dress so that it was scrunched around her waist revealing her small but perky breasts as he once again positioned himself at her entrance.

3PO knew that this position was considered more intimate and tended to avoid it with his partners because many found the unemotional metal face of a Droid hovering over yours as you get fucked unsettling. But the fact that 3PO had been a staple of Leia's life since she was born, removed the lack of intimacy as the young girl clung to the Droid wrapping her arms around his chest as he pressed his cold metal plating against her causing her nipples to harden more than they already were.

As 3PO continued his steady pace he once again began reminiscing. 3PO thought back to his time on Tatooine of the years he spent assisting Shmi around the homestead, and of the various places he had fucked her, of how much he hated to see Padme leave after her first visit, the sharp contrast it had been when he had moved from fucking the older milf to the young Naboo slut. How he had failed to satisfy her and instead watched and recorded as she moved on to getting fucked by that bumbling fool Jar Jar, who I had to admit did have a large cock, something that I found out was common to all Gungans and contributed to the raised level of sluttiness that Naboo women were known for. But not even he was enough for the young slut who went on to get fucked by both Subolba and Watto before she was finally satisfied.

I was eventually upgraded to the point I could single-handily fuck not only Padme but also all her handmaiden's into a pleasure induced coma, but that was not until I had received many many upgrades. I once again thought back to master Anakin and again felt a pang of pity for him, for while he had captured the queen/senator's heart he was not nearly enough for her body. They had sex very little in their relationship, him being a Jedi meant that he didn't feel the need for it and her being a total slut meant that she needed someone a lot better than an inexperienced Jedi. Speaking of inexperienced Jedi I thought back to master Skywalker's apprentice Ahsoka Tano, of how spunky and competitive she was. She had little respect for me because of the more timid personality that I have when my protocol functionality is operating. Something that I took advantage of when I challenged her to a contest saying that I could make her submit and proclaim that I am better than her. Of course, she scoffed at that at first but by the end of the day, she was naked laying under me as she screamed for everyone to hear that I was the greatest Droid she had ever met and begged me for more. After the bet she returned to her normal self and refused to even acknowledge what had happened, though she would occasionally approach me after a mission or anytime we had free time, sometimes she would say I cheated on the bet or make up some other excuse and challenge me again, while other times she would simply drop her pants before turning around a presenting her orange ass to me.

I was responsible for many different Jedi to break their oaths of celibacy though from my understanding of the Jedi code I don't know if it counts considering I am a Droid and we were not entering into a relationship.

Coming out of my memory I once again focused on Leia who was little more than a drooling mess underneath me. As I had been reminiscing I had continued to fuck her my body working automatically as it continued to fuck her. My internal counter notified me that Leia was currently on her fifth orgasm since he had begun fucking her.

Realizing that he had gone on a little too long 3PO withdrew his cock from within Leia wiping it clean with the sheet of the bed before retracting it back into his body. 3PO stood on standby as he waited for her to wake up wondering where R2D2 was 3PO figured she was probably doing what he was doing. He knew the little droids habit of presenting the various flashlights she had stored with her cylindrical body to anything with a dick that was willing to fuck it. Not that 3PO was complaining R2 did a good job collecting semen for his eternal tanks he would need to see about having her refill his tank for him next time he saw her.

Leia moaned as she woke up rubbing her head as if she had a hangover, she looked over at 3PO with a look of shock as well as a tinge of lust. 3PO would have smiled if he could have, looks like she does take after her mother, he thought before he was interrupted by the alarm to the Tantive V sounding. He watched as Leia quickly fixed her dress before running off to try and find out what had happened the plug still firmly in place.

3PO headed off into the ship himself in search of his companion R2D2 finding the Droid as she rolled out of the main barracks, while any of the passengers had already left the barracks to prepare for boarding, the globs running down R2D2's casing made guessing what the little droids had been up to an easy feat.

"Well, I hope you at least collected enough to refill my tanks." Said 3PO as the pair made their way through the Tantive V's corridors. R2D2 beeped out a yes as the two soon found themselves rushing through a firefight as the door to the ship was breached and Stormtroopers rushed inside. Quickly making their way to the escape pods R2D2 arrived first where she was met with Leia.

Leia had Artoo begin recording her as she asked Obi-wan Kenobi for help. As Artoo shuts off the recording she watches as Leia reaches behind herself pulling up her skirt as she takes a hold of the plug before slowly pulling it out. Leia groaned as the plug popped free before she turned to Artoo, Leia started to open the plug to hand the data card to the astromech unit but was shocked when a compartment opened within Artoo presenting what could only be described as an asshole for her to insert the plug into.

R2D2 gave a beep of joy as Leia shoved the plug inside the little Droid before turning and motioning for R2D2 and C-3PO to enter the escape pods and head planetside. The duo did as they were told 3PO internally cursing his luck at finally getting another slut that might rival Padme only to have to leave her on board a doomed ship. Turning to R2 3PO considered asking the Droid to present one of her fake pussy's to fuck but decided against it instead turning to watch the orange ball of Tatooine as it approached.

So this will hopefully be a story following the original trilogy only it will be filled with a lot of sex. Let me know in the comments or pm me if you have any ideas you would like to see included in this story and I will probably do a few one-shots containing characters from the clone wars like Ahsoka or Padme, I might do a full series on that time but it will be after I complete this series.

I decided on having C-3PO as a programmed sex God of sorts because I had never seen a story like that before, as well as the idea that R2 was a girl, I had seen multiple stories and pics of him having all kinds of dildos hidden in him but the idea of her being able to open up different compartments to reveal.

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