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"Princess Josephone, please.  We can't do this."


The princess didn't slow.  The house was dark as the two moved through long corridors, their footsteps silent on the plush carpeting.  Though the setting called for stealth, the lady rushed forward with little caution.  She had a plan of action and there was only one person that could stop her, and that just wasn't a possibility at this late hour. 


The King slept, tucked into bed, and would only learn of her absence in the morning.


"We are not doing anything.  I am."


A sudden gasp of realization.  The princess was brought short as the younger woman grabbed hold of the suitcase she'd been pulling.


"Cairen!  Damn, my arm is attached!"


"You do not mean to take me?"


Josephone looked into the expectant face of her 'companion'.  The girl was a maid, simply stated, but since Josephone had little contact with others her age, Cairen had also become her friend.  Hurt and anxiety now twisted Cairen's pretty features as she waited for her mistress to speak. 


Jo had known this was coming, the moment when the girl realized that she wouldn't be leaving.  "I can't.  Not even I could save your job if Papa thought you had helped me.  He wouldn't tolerate an accomplice.  And the whole point of me leaving is to be alone."  She smiled here.  "With you along I won't have to do a damn thing for myself."


Cairen looked close to crying.  "But I just thought . . ."


"I know what you thought and I'm sorry, but I want you to be here when they bring me back."


Finally Cairen nodded solemnly and Jo was relieved that the girl was accepting being left behind.  In the end she wouldn't have had a choice, what Jo wanted would be, but it was easier and made her feel better if she didn't have to lay down the law.


"Okay, so go back to bed."


Cairen's eyes widened at the command, obviously not having thought that her role in this escapade was over just yet.  Josephone smiled and stepped closer to the girl to give her a quick awkward hug.  Isolated from peers and having been taught that to her showing anyone affection could be taken advantage of, Jo was unaccustomed to such close contact.  Intimate matters were strange to her, witnessed, but never experienced.


When Josephone had the handle of her wheeled case in hand again she looked back at the girl to see that the look on her face wasn't the one of abandoned hurt.  She was smiling slightly, making Jo feel even more uncomfortable for giving in to the spontaneous embrace.


"Bye, Cair.  I'm sure it won't be long."  Here she grinned, thinking of how her father would send out armies to comb the entire universe for her.  She'd be found, she knew, it would just be a matter of time, but she'd have fun while she could.


Cairen smiled as well, "Be careful."


Josephone nodded and turned away.


The house, or castle, whichever you called it, was designed to be self-sufficient, so in essence was a compound, complete with its own water and electricity sources, and landing pad.  Defense was at a minimum in these more peaceful years, but guards still kept watch.  The landing pad was not one of the areas patrolled.  It was between the two high protective walls surrounding the grounds and sufficiently monitored by the nearby airport/flight pad.  What this meant to Josephone was freedom.


She chose the small craft that she'd learned to pilot in, as it was familiar to her.  After she secured her suitcase in the master suite where she already had many belongings.  She checked the ship over.  Repairs and maintenance were done regularly, keeping all of the castle's fleet ready to fly at all times.  She checked the fuel and then unlocked the hangar door so she'd be able to get out.


Inside the cockpit she encountered her first obstruction.  As soon as the ship began powering up static sounded across the radio and then, "Vessel 200312, you do not have clearance for flight.  What is your status?"


Josephone let the request go unanswered as she continued prepping the ship.  The question was asked twice more in the same woman's monotone voice, but she ignored it.  When she was ready she set the hangar doors to open.  The voice's tone changed.


"Vessel 200312, respond now.  You do not have clearance for flight.  You are ordered to power down and lock down the hangar."


She finally hit the button to respond.  "This is Princess Josephone.  I am taking off without clearance.  Stand down immediately."


Silence for long seconds.


"My lady, there is no report of your flight.  Request authorization."


Jo rolled her eyes, watching the hangar doors continue their slow widening.  "It was not reported because there is no authorization.  I'm taking off, that's your authorization.  Now, stand down."


Finally the ship's defense system showed that the automatic targeting it had been detecting was disengaged.  Planetary policy was to fire on all unauthorized ships within the planet's protected atmosphere.  After the recent threats of terrorism, the method wasn't as severe as it sounded.


Finally the hangar doors loudly banged open to their full extent.  She steered the ship into position and then took off. 


Heart-pounding minutes passed.  Breaking through the atmosphere was the most nerve-racking thing she ever did while flying, but eventually the sun rose over the horizon, the drag on the ship lessened, and the stars clarified. 


Now she had to get through the security barrier.  There was a safe zone in the ship-debilitating magnetized net.  It was secret of course, and she wasn't absolutely certain it was really there or of exactly where it was.  A few prying questions to the right people and some eavesdropping had gotten her the purported location.


She sped up as she reached the barrier and then winced as she passed through.  Nothing happened.  She grinned like an idiot at the same time as she heaved a sigh of relief.  She'd done it.  Excitement didn't begin to describe how she felt.


Over the next day as she headed for her first stop of freedom the comm. link beeped constantly, unanswered.  Finally, teeth grinding in annoyance, she found a manual on repair and cut the wires.  The resulting silence was thunderous.  She felt guilty for not responding to the radio calls, but had determined before she left that they would have to bring her home bodily.  Speaking to her father would weaken that resolve, so she just couldn't.


On her first stop she found a mechanic.  While she had the oddly smelling man alone doing inconsequential repairs and some necessary maintenance, she flirted brazenly.  After effectively convincing him that she thought him to be the most attractive man on the planet, she offered him a rare treasure, a few silver coins to do a few covert 'repairs'.  The tracking system had to go.  She made sure that she witnessed him remove it, and then she destroyed it.


Within minutes she was back in the air, knowing that her pursuers would come to her last known location.




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