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"Diana, we can't save everyone in this war. It's not what we came here to do!"

The Princess of Themyscira fumed as Steve Trevor refused to do what was right, turning his back on her and heading further down the trench, towards their goal of stopping Ares. Her royal eyes stared daggers at him as her strong hands moved to her braided hair, letting the waves of divine brown flow freely down her back as she loosens them. Next came her heavy jacket, revealing her golden, red, and blue battle armor. The soldiers in the trench around her ogled her, their mouths slack in surprise at her beautiful body in her revealing outfit.

"No, Steve, but it's what I am going to do."

Steve rushes towards her from down the trench, but she's already up the ladder. To the superheroine and her super speed, everything seemed so slow as she strutted across No Man's Land, her hips and delicious ass swaying from side-to-side. It turned out to be no effort for her to smack the slow as dripping honey bullet from the air with her magic bracers of submission. Then came two bullets, and three, and four. They came like rain after, each deflected away from her lithe frame with no effort. Her battle-trained senses saw a slow mortar come, and Diana batted it away with ease with her hephaestus-forged shield. She squared her body behind the shield after, as the machine guns from the German line focused their fire on her, not even putting a dent in the godly forged shield.

So focused on the bullets plunking against her shield to no effect, she never heard the sound of the field artillery far, far behind the German lines fire. Even so, she did hear Steve shout a warning from behind her as the allies ran across No Man's Land, firing their guns on the run. Wonder Woman looked up in surprise at the falling explosive, just in time for the man-sized shell to connect directly with her forehead. The last thing to go through her mind was surprise, followed quickly by over one thousand pounds of German steel and explosives.

Her divinely beautiful face was caved in from the momentum of the shell, crushing and folding her toned body into the ground, every muscle and bone yielding to the power of the German munition. The amazonian's body barely slowed the shell, and after burrowing a line of gruesome death through her, it hit the ground and exploded. In a fraction of a second fire burned the remnants of her flawless skin away, and what followed was a bloody fountain of gore as the tattered remains of Wonder Woman rained over No Man Land.

Hermione Granger's sobbing and begging from her rape turned to incomprehensible gurgles as both halves of her broken wand were forced into her eye sockets, popping and destroying her watery green eyes and burrowing a destructive path into the brain of the brightest witch of the age, turning her into a mindless mudblood fuck hole.

Natasha Romanoff has planned to lure the Russian arms dealers into false sense of victory, allowing them to spill their secrets to her as she was tied to the interrogation chair in little more than lingerie. She never expected that, instead of gloating about his victory over the Black Widow, the Russian general would give a quick kick to her chair, tipping her bound body over the edge. The last thought to go through her head before her skull shattered into a million pieces on the concrete below was, "This wasn't how I expected the evening to go."

"The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!"

This nobles in the royal meeting chamber echoed the statement as the seventh nobleman in a row groaned and shuddered in climax, spilling his seed over Queen Elsa of Arendelle's uncomplaining face, adding his load to the disgusting half dozen already drenching her royal features. This sort of bukake would normally be something Elsa would never permit, but she wasn't complaining, nor would she do any complaining ever again. Just ten minutes ago, after sipping her morning tea, the Snow Queen began coughing and desperately staggering around the meeting room, trying to get her noble counselors to help her. Not a single one moved a muscle to aid their monarch, their faces as unmoving as statues as the poison they slipped her took fast effect. She latched onto the nearest one with her trembling hands as she dropped her knees, her face already turning a sickly purple. Foamy drool started to bubble from her mouth, and a veritable stream of blood started to pour from her nose.

Her fingers lost their strength and she tumbled to the ground, landing hard on her back as spasms wracked her body. Her pale face was dark royal purple now, and her eyes bloodshot with crimson death. She clawed at her neck, drawing bloody lines to no effect across her creamy skin. In moments she was still and dead, eyes vacant and her hands clutching at her neck forevermore. The nearest nobleman slowly stood over his deceased Queen and, almost nonchalantly, withdrew his already stiff cock from his breeches. The death of the incompetent bitch had got him so hard, it took just a few pumps on his cock for him to groan in climax, "The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!" as the first load of many drenched her gruesomely purple face.

Trinity ran as fast as she could towards the phonebooth, towards freedom from the Matrix and the Agents chasing her. Across the street, the garbage truck driven by Agent Smith barreled forward. She knew she was going to make it, how couldn't she? There was no one in the world like Trinity, no one faster, no one better, she was a highly trained killer of the machines. She staggered into the phonebooth and her reaching grasp found the handset of the payphone. Relief washed over her and her eyes closed for a fraction of a second - she was safe.

It was that brief moment of hesitation before she lifted up the handset that killed Trinity. She opened her panicked eyes as the garbage truck barreled into the phonebooth, crushing every bone in the rebel's body. When the truck was slowly towed backwards a few minutes later, nothing remained of one of the Machines most hated enemies except a gory red splash on the truck's front end and the broken flattened remains of her body stuck against the wall.

In the real world, Trinity died laying on her jack-in chair and, unbeknownst to the rest of Morpheus' crew, with her the hope of the rebellion died as well.

Abra Stone had no more screams, tears, or fight left in her as the woman flaying her removed the final thin strip of flesh from the teenager's long and skinny right arm, making it match it's left degloved partner. She no longer was reacting to either her torture or the man - whichever man it was, they had all taken turns these past few days raping her in every hole - that was on top of her nubile body continuing to drive his cock inside of her clenching bloody cunt, adding more pain and humiliation into the young woman's last few moments alive.

Rose the Hat saw that the bitch was hovering on the edge of death after a week of delicious torture. It had been some long minutes since the last gout of steam weakly sputtered from her parched lips. She knew this cunt could have been a problem, but Rose was too clever for her. She hadn't split the True Knot, and hadn't fallen for any of her little tricks. The ageless creature leaned down and her own supple lips met Abra's, kissing the girl in a savoring, memorizing way.

Abra's breath hitched, and the last of her life - and her steam - exhaled directly into Rose's mouth, which opened and gave the dead girl's lips one last lingering lick with her soft pink tongue, sad that the meal was over so soon.

Harry Potter was cursing his bad luck. If stupid Malfoy had waited just waited a few more hours before he betrayed Hogwarts to let the murderous Death Eaters in, eventually ending up with Dumbledore dying on the Astronomy tower soon after, everything would have gone differently. He had thought that Dumbledore was about to leave with Harry to go retrieve the Horcrux from the cave with him that night, but they never got the chance.

Instead, several weeks later, here he was in the cave at the edge of the cliff with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. He was here with his best friends, and he was here watching them die. They had solved all the puzzles and tricks Voldemort had put before them, until they got to the cursed potion in the bowl. Harry had been kneeling in front of it in terrible agony as Hermione frantically kept trying to force feed more cursed potion down his throat, when Ron dipped a bowl into the lake to get him some water to soothe him.

With his blurry green eyes he saw pale hands grab Ron's arm and pull him under the water, never to resurface. Dimly he heard screaming nearby, but he didn't care. This was all his own fault, Harry knew. He deserved the torturous pain he was in, deserved it and could do nothing to stop it. He didn't feel Hermione nearby any longer, and when - with all the will and strength Harry had left - he looked up for her, he started crying.

The Inferi were swarming over her prone body like zombies, ripping and tearing chunks from Hermione with both their teeth and jagged nails. Her wand lay snapped beside her as an Inferi held her arm, ripped wholly from her shoulder, in both his hands and to his mouth as the creature hungrily devoured it. Gurgling sounds were coming from Hermione's torn open throat as an zombie buried his face into it, blood soaking the stone beneath her. Another zombie was leaning over her chest and had some short time ago torn her clothes to pieces, baring Hermione's divine body to Harry for the first, and last, time. He had her beautiful, supple right breast in his teeth and was pulling back with all his might. Harry watched with numb horror as seconds later the skin ruptured and Hermione's titflesh was destroyed, a meal for the happy monster. A third and fourth Inferi had claimed her sleek legs, huge holes ripped in her pliant thigh muscles. Harry barely reacted when he noticed an Inferi was behind his best friend, fucking a pale and putrid cock into her dying pussy. Hermione's eyes met his and her quivering mouth tried to plead for help. Harry didn't, couldn't, react.

He also didn't react as a number of pale hands wrapped around him from behind, pulling him into the water of oblivion. He was thankful, in the end, just that the pain would stop.

The fight had been going poorly for Scarlet Witch and Vision from the start. Ever since Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight nearly killed Vision outright with his sneak attack, she has been fighting for her life against both opponents. It took all her power, considerable as it was, to constantly block, attack, and keep Vision's helpless body safe. It also only took one mistake to cost her her life. 

Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight lunged at her from both sides at the same time, and she had to choose which one to block. With a quick wave of her hands she sent Proxima Midnight hurtling through the air with her powers, then turned to Corvus Glaive too late. His eponymous weapon was coming down, and sliced through her forearms as if they were paper-thin.  Her scream rent the air as she lifted the stumps of her powerful hands and stared in abject horror at the fountain of blood spraying from them.  

She couldn't fight any more, so the young witch drops to her knees, a river of tears streaming down her face. A great rending and tearing sound reaches her ears from behind her, but she barely heard it, still staring numbly at the gushing stumps of her arms. Finally Wanda lifts her tear-streaked eyes to see Proxima Midnight leaning in to Corvus Glaive's arms, kissing him eagerly. Another sobbing scream escaped her lips when she saw Vision's severed head dangling from the arm not wrapped around Corvus' neck. 

This drew Proxima's attention again, who reluctantly left the arms of her lover, turning her hate-filled eyes back to the pathetic mewling human. Wanda opened her mouth to start begging - begging for what, she didn't even know - when in a movement so fast she barely saw it, Proxima grabbed her spear again and hurled it straight through Wanda's mouth, exploding the back of her skull and pinning the dead Avenger to the pavement by her impaled head. Her eyes had just enough life left in them to stare in horror at the quivering shaft sticking out of her mouth before her body started to spasm and die.

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