The Queen of Shock

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The Queen of Shock


             What’s so great *clapclap* about being yourself… when you can be…!

            Parker slammed her door to the disgustingly-catchy song and groaned loudly. Her mom kept it on repeat while away to keep Parker ‘in the spirit!’  “I hate that song,” she spat to the ceiling.

            “Yes…  In its own upbeat way, it performs a level of torture I find…”  Wednesday touched the tip of a porcelain unicorn’s horn.  She leered back at her newfound friend.  “… soothing.”  She was already plotting ways to hang her brother upside down and equip him with a mechanism that would bleed the song directly to his brain in a constant loop.

            Parker, as if not hearing, just stood up and went over to the bed where the twins Layla and Kayla merged their eyes with their phones.  Parker herself took out her own, and at once began her live-streaming; a quick update about how she was out of school, how she loved Bethany’s new froggy look, and how Assimilation might change soon.  The broadcast ended, and she fell back on the bed with a sigh until she found Wednesday lurking at her side.  With a surprised shout, she got back up, eyeing her new and creepy friend.  “Don’t do that!” she exhaled, feeling her heart in her chest.

            “What was that you just did?” Wednesday asked without pause, leaning to the screen wrapped dearly in Parker’s fingers.  “It seemed like an announcement to those not among us…”  She reached and touched the device curiously.  “Yet you did not perform the proper rites of séance.”

            Parker’s eyebrow arched.  As cool as she viewed the pale newbie, she still said some weird things.  How could anyone – especially a girl – not know what live-streaming was?!  Still, she explained.  “It’s a way to let your followers know what’s going on in your life.  Otherwise, they’ll never know, and it’ll be like you never existed.”

            Kayla and Layla nodded in sync, agreeing the fate of those who did not live-stream.

            But Wednesday was undaunted.  She existed just fine without live-streaming, letting her nightmarish deeds carry her legacy on the tongue of those who feared her.  Still, the idea of instant-broadcasting of her brother’s trials intrigued her to some degree.

            “You can get really popular with social media,” Parker announced, again falling back on her bed, arms wide out.  “But, you have to do something shocking.  Like, really shocking.”

            Wednesday paced, hands clasped loosely behind her.  “Is that so?  If this popularity you speak of is so important to you…”  She paused for effect, and looked solely at Parker.  “I could shock you.”

            Her repertoire was an uncertain thing, and Layla impulsively blurted out, “Not like those frogs today.”  Kayla swatted at her arm for her stupidity, but Layla contended that weird Wednesday could mean to hook the lot of them up to electric spires.

            But Parker, beyond reason, had her curiosity piqued.  She sat up, folding her feet in on the bed.  “What do you mean?”

            Wednesday held her eyes steadily, and without breaking that contact, she hiked up the hem of her dress and immediately descended her underwear.  It shocked the three girls in attendance, no doubt; Parker and Layla held out their hands in a gesture for her to stop while Kayla pitched herself to the door, locking and bracing against it as if the H.A.G. was trying to force her way in.

            “You are so easily frightened. There’s hardly any fun in it,” Wednesday coldly said, stepping out of her fallen panties and lifting her dress more.  She pulled it up to her navel, but what she wanted to show was lower and tucked at the apex of her thighs.  Parker’s jaw dropped; the twins, in their stunned silence, mechanically brought up their phones and took a snapshot of what they saw: a disproportionately large – albeit flaccid – cock dangling between the smaller girl’s legs.

            “You’re… you’re a boy?” Parker stammered.

            “Not so traditionally” was Wednesday’s casual answer, picking her appendage aside to show that she was not without a female’s anatomy.  Another shot for Kayla and Layla’s photo roll.  “Father was most pleased when this grew.”  Her eyes narrowed on Parker, and she asked expectantly, “Do you like it?”

            “Uh…”  Parker wasn’t sure how to answer that.  She’d always thought that the first dick she’d see would be with, well, a boy!  But seeing the thing dangling from the skinny girl, she found herself nodding regardless.  A smile forced its way onto her mouth, but her eyes could not stop alternating from Wednesday’s face to her cock.  “It looks…”

            “Huge,” Kayla offered.

            “Scary,” quivered Layla, who hardly had the courage to peer at it directly.

            “Surely this is the tool to shock your fans… and your mother, if you wish.  Would you like to try?”

            Parker glanced back at her twin friends.  They were unmoving, but they gestured her forward; they’d gladly watch Parker stick it to her job-addicted mom.  What were friends for, after all?

            “A-Alright,” Parker finally agreed, sliding off the bed and getting on her knees.  Wednesday made access easy enough, but it still was a difficult thing to approach bravely.  She got in close, just enough to breathe in the stale air of the Addams girl.  “Perhaps you’d like to take one of your selfies with it,” she heard Wednesday suggest, and she nodded as though the idea hadn’t occurred to her before.

            She tucked in close so the cock was almost touching her shoulder, but she kept an awkward, guarded distance, and put on the smile of a little kid forced to take a picture with the man in the scary Chuck E. Cheese costume.  She took the selfie, and then previewed it.

            “You look so nervous,” said the Addams, still daintily holding her dress above her skinny legs.  “I haven’t even touched you with it yet.”

            That, somehow, seemed to put Parker at ease.  Knowing she could do better, she got a little closer to the cock, her eyes darting to it like it would rear and bite like a cobra, but then put on a more casual face.  Nothing happened but a rise in confidence; two pictures now, young Parker with a girl’s dick inches from her face.  She took a moment to look at the duo of instances now on her phone, swapping back and forth, dismally trying filters.  And then she began to laugh.  If only her mom could see her now…

            What ensued was a montage of pictures, each showing an increase in confidence and style.  One, she leaned back on Wednesday’s left leg, a sultry look on her face as the cock just hung there.  A goofy picture had her face underneath the tip, mouth gaping like she intended to swallow the thing whole; her mom would looove that one, she considered spitefully.

            Within time, the twins were cajoled into the shenanigans.  While Layla was still reserved with apprehension, her sister and friend flirted with Wednesday’s unresponsive dick, going far enough to poke it, though it was Parker who made the first real grab, sliding down the foreskin to uncover the meaty, grayish-purple head; Kayla at least poked the head, wondering if anything would happen.  Wednesday cooperated when asked, trying a variety of placements to truly exploit the girls’ immorality. She crossed a leg over Parker’s shoulder, and she made a horrified face like the dick was going to attack.  Kayla took a picture that had her holding the schlong like a hot dog ready to go in her mouth.

            As the photo shoot continued, questions began to arise.  Did she use it for the bathroom, and Wednesday’s answer was that its use was singular.  And, during a few pictures taken on the bed, Parker laid across on her stomach, absently poking at the wilted stalk of pallid flesh and muscle.  It bothered her, so she asked, “Doesn’t it, y’know, get hard?”

            To this very particular question, Wednesday sat up stiffly and gazed intently at her newfound friend.  Her eyes narrowed – as they often did – as if Parker had unwittingly opened a forbidden box of intrigue.  “It does,” she answered mysteriously, “but only if you are willing to commit.”

            The statement was ominous, and it gave Parker a chill.  She looked over at Kayla, who was debating whether or not to share these pictures with a select, close-knit crew of friends and followers.  “Wh-what do you mean?” she asked after a moment.

            “You don’t bait the serpent unless you’re ready for the strike,” Wednesday said.  For the first time, she grabbed her dick and rubbed it.  “How much does popularity mean to you, Parker?”

            Parker didn’t answer, but her eyes certainly encouraged Wednesday not to cease.  She indulged her ignorant friend, licking her hand sloppily and applying it to her male genitalia.  It didn’t very much grow in size, but it tightened into a rigid mast that was still thicker than Parker’s sticklike arm, almost a quarter of her torso’s breadth.  The skin could almost be heard stretching across the flexing muscle as it came to shape.  Now high and mighty, the cock no longer veiled the quim beneath it.

            Click!  For Kayla’s Snapchat…

            Parker wasn’t sure it was for popularity or shock value when she agreed to this, gulping as she scooted back to make room for Wednesday on the bed.  Maybe she was just a typical teenager and was curious to this.  The cock throbbed and looked mightily large.  Regardless, she began to shuffle out of her pants, revealing to her soon-to-be-lover what her single-sex crotch looked like; Wednesday regarded it with some interest, the light flock of brown hair, the glistening slit.

            But then her eyes hardered.  “Turn over, please.”  Her monotone request was not left to bartering.  Parker glanced, waited, and then obeyed in the manner of a scolded dog.  She rolled onto her front, and Wednesday slunk in between her thighs.

            Parker gave a jerk when that thick member pushed up against her narrow entrance.  “Have you done this before?’ she nervously asked.

            “Yes,” Wednesday answered plainly.  She needn’t go into detail about how her mother normally assisted her sexual appetite.  She felt it was implied.  After all, what mother doesn’t aid her daughter’s erection since the age of five?

            Parker cried out when Wednesday finally made the penetrating thrust.  The slender body swallowed the large appendage with some difficulty.  Parker made noises like she’d retch.  But Wednesday was determined – and maybe a bit sympathetic – as she moved her hips gently until all of her man muscle was jammed up inside Parker’s snatch.  It felt like her chest was being compressed!  When she reached down her abdomen, she was shocked to find that the outline of the implanted organ bulged from her skin.

            “Oh my god,” she grasped, squeezing lightly at her distended pelvis.  “Jeez, that’s big!”

            Kayla, from the foot of the bed, snuck a quick closeup picture of the taboo penetration.

            “I trust you are ready,” Wednesday said lowly, and then began to rock.  Parker howled loud, the big drag through her slim body loosening taut muscles.  As the helpless girl squirmed, Wednesday pressed against and again, pulverizing the cervical wall at the end of the tunnel.  “They say that popularity is suffering.  It is a most enthralling experience.”  She lost a dismal grin and whacked harder at her friend’s ass.

            Parker fisted her blankets and bit into her pillow.  It was good, but also painful; the stretch of her pussy, the strength of Wednesday’s thrusts.  She… wanted more!

            Her phone dropped next to her head, and as she absently picked it up with a sort of stressed confusion, Wednesday said, “I believe your… followers will want to keep updated.”

            Parker considered, and before she could reconsider, the live-stream commenced.  “Ugh!  Hey, guys!  Parker here.  Uhn!”  She bit her lip, and got a good shot of her being mounted by Wednesday.  “And this-uh!-this is Wednesday.”

            The pale girl’s eyes widened eerily, and she greeted her audience with a nod and an eccentric “Hhelloo.”  And then went right back to bouncing Parker’s ass on her dick.

            Viewers started to tune in with comments of OMG!!, Is that real?!, Total strap-on, Didn’t know you were gay, weird af.  The reactions flowed up from the bottom of her screen:




With the occasional, prudish:



            Parker got a good view of the gray dick plunging her pussy, and many viewers said they were enamored.  “She’s really deep,” commentated Parker, breathlessly taking her pounding. “Ugh!  I’ve never had it like this before!”  Of course she hadn’t; only fingers preceded Wednesday’s depths.  Eventually, Wednesday grabbed Parker’s cheeks and opened them, giving viewers an unobstructed view of the anus and the pussy getting fucked underneath.

            “Perhaps, for the finale…”  Wednesday took the phone from Parker and aimed the shot.  “It needs a focused angle.”  Normally, as her mother did not like the mess (and Gomez liked to eat it all out afterward), Wednesday would keep herself inside until her reserves were depleted.  For Parker, Kayla and Layla and the at-home viewers, she decided to be a bit more theatrical… and spontaneous.  She unplugged Parker, who seemed to sigh in relief, and then started to unload.  Gooey ropes strung along Parker’s back; Wednesday’s hand pushed up the back of her attire to string along the girl’s bare back in broken streamers.  Her last dollop pushed up against Parker’s clenched rosebud, causing some fear that she was going to keep being shocking.  But Wednesday did not; she was, like Parker and her viewers, sated.

            Unlike Margaux, who had just barged into the room after picking the lock; an easy trade for a woman who refused to allow privacy to anyone.  “Parker!” she screeched, glaring hard at her cum-stained daughter.  Her left eye ticked while Parker bunched up, trying to hide herself.  “How could you?!  I would have preferred an orgy with your dance class!  But an Addams?!”  Margaux pivoted, already on her app to stir up the masses again.

            Kayla and Layla gulped.  “You’re in trouble this time, Parker,” Layla murmured, quivering in her shoes.

            But Wednesday stood up, fingertips tapping together and her cock with a string of leftover cum dangling twitched.  “This day could turn out… more complicated.”  She leered at Margaux’s big ass, and then lurked.

~~~Addams’ Manor~~~

            “Tick tock!  Tick tock, Mother,” Pugsley crowed while waving his pocket watch like a pendulum.

            But Morticia was not even facing him; it looked like he intended to hypnotize her rear as she gazed out the window, pondering the whereabouts of her daughter.  “Not now, Pugsley.  Can’t you see I’m brooding?”  She looked back at him with a slight glower.  “If you are restless, just use Mommy’s backside.”

            Dropping his watch, Pugsley rolled his eyes with a defeated groan.  “Alright,” he said, though he preferred to do it with a hypnotized body.  It was the next best thing to the bodies he dug up…

            He pulled at the front of his mom’s dress, and the deep collar yielded her breasts; small and gray fleshy hills capped with tight, ashen nipples that rose from the constant cold of the house.  Pulling up a chair behind her, the chubby boy took out his immature cock and put it against her dress-covered ass.  The dip of her crevice cradled his small cock, and he began to hump.  He sounded like a ravenous dog as he carried on, and acted like one to boot.  Once or twice, he threw too roughly against his mom, tapping her large forehead into the window pane.  She urged him to show some restraint, but he was beyond comprehension.

            It wasn’t long for him to reach climax.  And as he came, inking her glossy dress with his white sludge, he unleashed a man’s bloodcurdling howl that echoed in the haunted house.

            And somewhere within it, Gomez answered back, “Aha!  Sounds like someone’s getting ready for his Murzuka!”


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