Bastian's Late Night Dream

BY : Ganymede1135
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Fourteen-year-old Bastian Balthazar Bux woke up with a start in a cold sweat. It was lightning outside and there was also a heavy outburst of rain. Just then a jolt of earth-shattering thunder struck. He looked at the adjacent side of the bed. There was nothing there save for a shelf filled with books. He looked at the digital clock placed on the nightstand. It read 12:17 AM. It was already past midnight. The teen breathed deeply, fingers combing through his dark-brown hair. He had been having a wonderful dream about Fantastica before jutting up in bed as if it were a nightmare. Where was Moon Child? Where could she go at a time like this?

Getting up and changing into a grey t-shirt and fresh pair of trousers, Bastian made his way into the hall. Just then he saw a faint light coming from the study room his Dad often spent late nights in. He walked slowly towards the study and found that the door was open. Then he saw her... Wearing only a shimmering white flowing robe, which dropped precariously low, exposing her left shoulder, Moon Child, the young empress of Fantastica, sat before the awestruck youth seated in a Buddha-like manner. Her skin was milky white, and he couldn't stop staring at her exposed flesh. Licking his lips, Bastian was imagining what else would have been visible if the robe had dropped a little lower. He felt like a spy who was watching something which was forbidden. He was getting harder by the second. Watching the celestial beauty sit there unaware and without a care in the world, immersed in her silent meditation, tied him up in knots. What was she doing so late at night in the real world? Unable to control his inquisitiveness, Bastian went near her almost daring not to breath.

Not willing to startle or scare her, he whispered a mild “Hello Moon Child” and put a peck on her right cheek.

“Greetings Bastian, I didn't mean to startle you.”

“It wasn't you that woke me up. It was the storm.”

Bastian tentatively pulled the robe up her left shoulder and made sure that the empress was decently dressed.

'Thanks. Yeah, it's been raining for the past half-an-hour. I just couldn't sleep no matter how much I dreamed.”

“You should’ve called for me sooner. By the way, what are you doing here, so late in the night?”

Nothing to be concerned about. I was getting bored lying awake. So, I thought of writing something down and you know me. Once I start writing...”

“ never stop until you complete it. Another story waiting to be told, I know. So, what new dreams have come to you?”

“So many to describe. I was at the climax of a special one. It will take me a few minutes to write it down. Do you want to stay until I fall asleep? I don’t have to go to school tomorrow.”

No, it's alright Bastian. I am not sleepy anyways and the weather of your world will not allow me to sleep.”

“But still Moon...”

“No buts brave Bastian. I will not go back to that cold and deserted bed. If you want come back to bed, I will happily sleep.”

“Moon Child, it's hard for me to sleep. I’m almost finished with my best story yet. I’ve a hundred ideas running through my head. I won't be able to sleep. But will you be happy without me, just for tonight?'

“No Bastian-I can’t, and I don't want to. Let's go, make love like the sun will never set on Fantastica, cuddle and then go to sleep. Come on, my brave warrior,” coaxed the Childlike Empress.

Although the idea was quite tempting, Bastian knew that he couldn't leave the plot in the middle and go back to sleep. He also knew that Moon Child was passionate to have him. The aspiring young author could see the heat in her golden almond-shaped eyes, every time their eyes met.

“I would love to, my empress. But I just can't leave the story unfinished. You know how it is. I don't want to disappoint you or all Fantastica. I hope you understand. I will be there in a few minutes. Why don't you go and get comfortable in the bed while I complete the story?'

“No, I won't. I need you Bastian and if you don't want to come, so be it. I will sit here with you and wait for you to complete the new story. I love to see you imagine and plan the story. The pick of expressions on you face and voices you make are worth watching. Worry not about me. Consider me to be invisible and complete your story.”

With that Moon Child took the red leather chair across Bastian. Bastian couldn't help but stare at the ivory-skinned girl who seemingly appeared to be the same age and height as him. This was the girl who had swept him off his feet, two years back when his visit to Fantastica forever changed his life. The first time they had made love to each other, he felt like he was in Heaven. Since that day, Moon Child made him feel happy, cherished and most importantly, loved. The love for him was quite evident in the empress eyes. He looked at her and all Bastian could do was go weak in the knees. He knew that it was somewhat maddening, but the Childlike Empress had that power and Bastian always gave in to her desire.

“Hello? Anybody there or lost somewhere?”

Just then there was another jolt of thunder and Bastian was pulled out of his reverie. He looked at Moon Child blankly.

“What were you thinking? I can't wait any longer. Why don't you stop thinking and start writing? I and Fantastica are dying here.”

“Please Moon, will you quit stressing me out? I need time to space out my thoughts. If you keep interrupting me, how can I continue with the story or even finish it?'

“Very well. Forgive me. I won't say another word. I promise. Do what you wish and writing.”

It was after fifteen minutes that Bastian gave up... Although, Moon Child had promised that she wouldn't say another word, but his blue eyes spoke more than his pursed mouth. In the entire fifteen minutes, all Bastian did was to stare at her, with that heated desire and intensity in his eyes that she felt his gaze bore into her porcelain skin. The precocious teen was now all worked up and he couldn't think anything else other than the bed and what the night had in turn for them. Moon Child’s nipples were strained against the material of the robe. She was already wet and was craving for his touch. All she wanted to do was get back with Bastian in the bed and make some passionate love, that their mutual comfort would keep troublesome terrors out of mind.

'You know, you’re not making it easy for me Moon,” said Bastian in a slightly irritated voice, mustering all the strength he could, so that she didn't realize how turned on the mortal boy was.

“Forgive me, what did I do now?' said the empress with an innocent look.

“You didn't do anything. But you say so much with those gorgeous eyes of yours.”

“What did you hear that my eyes spoke just now?”

“You look at me with that heated expression and focus as if I’m the only thing alive in this room and all you want to do is enjoy me. I can't focus if you keep looking at me that way. Please look away at something else or wait for me in the bedroom.”

“Ah dear Bastian! I never knew my eyes revealed so much. Whatever you just said is the truth. I just don't want to enjoy you. I want to make you mine, make you sing and have my way with you. I don't find anything that interesting in this room of yours, to divert my attention to or please me. I don't mind waiting another eight minutes. By the way, a good storyteller needs to concentrate on the writing even if the world flips in the waves. That's what makes a good writer.”

“You always shine when I tell you a new story>”

With that Moon Child closed the notebook with a wave of her right hand and went and straddled Bastian. He willingly welcomed her into his open arms. With a brief kiss on his lips, the empress whispered huskily

“I may not make for a great storyteller. But I know how to be a good companion.”

With that she sought the boy’s handsome mouth again with her. The kiss was wild, passionate and it was just a hint of what was going to come. Once they were breathless, Moon Child ended the kiss with her tongue tracing Bastian's lower lip. His lips were swollen, and he knew that this was going to be one of the best nights of his life. The empress started lifting her hips off him when Bastian pulled her down and said:

“Please don't go! Let me carry you to the bedroom.”

Before the empress could protest, Bastian already had her in his arms and was making way towards the bedroom.

“Put me down, Bastian. I can walk.”

The imaginative teen chuckled in response. “I don't want to put you down. I love to have you in my arms any day and tonight also, nothing will change that.”

Once they were in the bedroom, Bastian closed the door with his foot and placed Moon Child on the bed. His eyes met hers only to find that she was as eager and as willing as he. Without wasting any further time, he removed his trousers and got back into the blue covers.

“I think we have a problem, Bastian. It seems I am a little over dressed,” said the fantastical young monarch.

“I can help with that problem,” said Bastian.

He pulled the belt of her robe and pushed the robe off her shoulders and tossed it on to the floor.

“See, no problem at all.”

Before Moon Child could answer anything, Bastian pushed her on to the bed. He was on top of her and again took her mouth. His tongue traced the outline of her lips and once she parted her lips, his tongue entered and found hers. He kissed her one more time before nibbling at her lower lip. He traced a path from her lips to her neck. He kissed at the junction where her neck and shoulder met. It was one of her sensitive spots. He bit the white skin lightly and then blew on the spot. Moon Child moaned and arched into him.

“Don't stop, my warrior.”

“I don't intend to,” Bastian whispered in response.

With that Bastian took her right nipple into his mouth. He tugged, pulled, and licked both of her nipples. He shifted to the other nipple and pumped the first breast. He pulled and rolled her nipples in his fingertips. Moon Child moaned and arched her hips. He kissed his path down to her belly. He dipped his tongue onto the empress navel. She couldn't stop from screaming. Bastian had to kiss her to stop her from screaming and waking up the entire neighborhood.

The young dreamer could smell her arousal. He knew that the empress was turned on. He parted her folds only to find that she was wet, and her pussy was staring at him invitingly. Bastian delved his tongue into her alluring cave. He licked her still virginal center in long strokes, and he pulled her clitoris into his mouth. She was moaning and was getting wetter by the second... After a few more strokes, Moon Child was having her orgasm and Bastian couldn't control but hold her still.

“Thank you, Moon. That was amazing.”

“You are welcome, my love.”

With that Bastian pulled her into his arms. But the young empress had other intentions.

“Now, it's your turn my handsome noble hero.”

Before Bastian could say anything, Moon Child removed the covers and was on top of him. She traced a path from his now slender jawline to his lower lip and she placed a kiss on his lips. Moon Child flicked his nipples and pulled one into her mouth. He groaned and he knew that he was on a thin line of control. The empress moved down further until she was face-to-face with his cock. The boy was hard. She knew that he was hard for a long time now. The moment he had entered the study, his erection was quite evident from his trousers. Moon Child cradled his warm cock in her hands and just blew a wintry-like breath. That elicited a groan from Bastian.

“Stop teasing, please?” said Bastian mustering all the control he could.

“As you wish, my love.”

With that Moon Child took the human body into her mouth. She ran her tongue over his thick head and along the entire shaft. She then pulled him into her mouth and started sucking him. Bastian gripped her head of wavy white hair with his hands urging her to continue. The empress then tightened her lips around him and started stroking his balls with her hands. She then started sucking his balls. Bastian knew that he couldn't control himself any longer and that he would cum any second. Moon Child again took him into her mouth and started sucking him and she pressed her teeth for a second on his shaft. Then she started sucking with a newer vigor and passion and started stroking his balls. This was all it took for him to cum into her mouth. Bastian couldn't stop screaming her name and she swallowed all his seed.

Milking his red cock for any last drop, she moved on to him and kissed him on his lips. Bastian could still taste himself on her lips.

“You know you taste better than all the fruits of Fantastica.”

'Thanks, Moon. That was the best joy I’ve ever felt.”

Moon Child was happy that Bastian was satisfied. She knew that he and his father would be going out on a day trip the next day and so she didn't want him to stay back anymore and spoil his sleep. But Bastian wouldn't let her go, so easily. While she was thinking that he was asleep, she got up on her elbows and looked at the hero who saved Fantastica. Quietly the empress traced a path from his chin to his nipples and finally circled one areole. Smiling to herself, Moon Child spooned into Bastian.

Bastian slid his index finger of his left hand into her pussy, only to find the goddess-like beauty wet and hot. He slid his fingers again and again.

Moon Child moaned but she knew that if Bastian kept this up, she wouldn't last long.

“My Love, I need you in me, NOW. I can't wait anymore….”

Bastian knew that Fantastica’s empress was ready to have him. He placed his cock at her entrance and nudged his way in. She gasped as she tried to adjust to his length. Once he was completely inside her, the aroused boy started thrusting. Her hips met his every thrust and she raised her legs to circle his waist. This only allowed him to move into her much closer. He pulled her closer and kept thrusting. Bastian kept kissing her, in order to prevent her from screaming. He knew that he wouldn't last long either. He increased the pace and when he couldn't hold back any longer, he screamed


Both amorous youths reached the limits of Heaven together. It was after a few seconds that Bastian lifted his body off Moon Child and pulled her closer into his arms. She held him closer and didn't want to let go off this moment.

“I love you, my empress and thank you for everything.”

“I love you too, my warrior. Thank you too for being so wonderful tonight and for all the other nights I share your dreams.”

Bastian was satisfied and content to have Moon Child in his arms. Outside the rain had stopped and there was just a flash of lightning now and then. He felt lucky to have Moon Child as his lover. He didn't want anything else in his life besides the love that made his heart gleam. He loved her and she loved him as much as he did and much more. He knew that Moon Child was on the brink of sleep and he pulled her closer and whispered into her ear:

“You make a beautiful girlfriend, Moon. And a good storyteller too.”

The Childlike Empress snuggled closer to Bastian and with a kiss to her forehead; he drifted off to sleep...their next intimate meeting is another story to be told another time.

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