The One Became One

BY : Kingmaker
Category: M through R > Matrix, The (All) > Matrix, The (All)
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Matrix, it belongs to it's rightful owners and creators.

Utter darkness surrounded Neo.  He had no idea where he was. He thought he had died after fighting Agent Smith and sacrificing himself to save humanity. Neo opened his eyes and saw that he was surrounded by zeroes and ones. He realized that he was in the heart of the Matrix and that he was naked! The Matrix had brought him back from the dead and now it was going to thank him. The Matrix started stroking Neo’s big cock and it felt so damn good! Neo had no idea what was happening, but he liked it oh by God he liked it!

The zeros and ones were moaning as his moans increased.  Suddenly a hole opened in the Matrix and engulfed his dick. Then the one became one with the Matrix. Neo grunted and began thrusting inside that hole that was a million times more awesome than a pussy! The Matrix moaned and started caressing Neo’s balls! Neo was about to cum and it was going to be some damn good!  It didn’t take much long for Neo’s balls to contract as he came, and it was glorious! He came inside of the Matrix and everyone in the Matrix no matter who or where they are, they came to! Neo screamed as he shot his man cream into the Matrix and brought orgasmic bliss to all who dwelled there.

When Neo was done cumming, he closed his eyes and then awoke in his apartment from the first movie. Neo blinked several times and said. “Whoa!!!!”

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