Dark Future: Biff’s Timeline

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Dark Future: Biff’s Timeline


“My father?”

The Door bursts open.


Marty gulped. It was a new Biff Tannen. The Biff Tannen, who through manipulating Doc’s time machine was rich, powerful and married to his mother. 


Biff stood, flanked by his goons. The goons that just beat on Marty. They beat on Marty when he realized that somehow, Biff changed time. He changed time so he runs everything.

“We can afford it!” Lorraine, Marty’s mother yells. Marty sees her try and barge past Biff. It’s hard for her to walk, as her new large breasts weigh her down.

Marty was terrified. He was still in a lot of pain from the blow he received to the head. But he could not shake off the horrible feelings looking at his mother gave him. Over his past time travel adventures, Marty had to deal with his mother as a young, desirable and slutty girl who threw herself at him. Now she was supposed to be the woman Marty recognized. She was not. She looked twenty years younger, trashy and undoubtedly sexy. Sexy in a whorrish and owned kind of way. It was confusing and it was arousing seeing what Biff turned her in to. It made Marty scared.

As the yelling continued, Marty tried to process the crazy world he now lived in. It seemed as though Biff now controlled everything. As Biff yelled and insulted his mother and his whole family, Marty hated to see the confidence and swagger of the bully.

“And as for Marty...” Biff goes on. He starts to explain all the terrible things he could do to his family if he wanted. In this world, it looks like he could. Lorraine, or this new, half plastic Lorraine, puts her head down. She slowly lowers her body just a bit. Marty breaks a little bit more seeing his mother so broken.

Marty is overwhelmed by Biff's level of control in this world, and strangely aroused by his mother. What did Biff turn her into? How did he change the timeline? Most importantly, how was he going to find the Doc, and his amazing girlfriend Jennifer to try and fix all of this?


“Alright Biff, you win...”

Lorraine completely caves to Biff's threats. But Biff takes a look at Marty. Winning has not calmed him down. Biff wants more. He continues to berate Loraine. Biff then grabs her ass in front of Marty. Marty glares at Biff. That only makes Biff more angry. He puts his other hand on Lorraines other ass cheek. Lorraine does not resist Biff’s touch. Not even in front of her son.

Still looking at Marty with a fierce snarl, Biff flips his trophy wife around. Lorraine’s large tits nearly spill out of her whorish dress. Biff puts one hand on his wife’s left breast. With his other hand he grabs Lorraine’s pussy. Right in front of Marty, he kneads Lorraine's body, and starts thrusting her ass from behind. It is hard to tell who is more mad. The boy, or the billionaire. It has been so long since anyone has stood up to Biff Tannen, he does not like the feeling one bit. Marty looks to help his mother. But this high school bully grabs  Lorraine’s figure, causing her to squirm and writhe. Marty then becomes shocked.

Marty see’s Lorraine close her eyes to Biff’s touch. And then Lorraine moans.

“Go on bitch. Tell Marty what he should know.” Biff spits in her face. Lorraine looks into Marty’s eyes with defeat.

“I was wrong...you were right Biff...you deserve our respect...”

With that, Biff throws Lorraine off of him. Before she can catch her balance, he gives her large ass a massive smack. He sneers down at her in his ugly black robe. She puts up no fight.

“It’s going to be a long night. Go get yourself ready for me.”

“Yes Biff...Whatever...Whatever makes you happy.”

With that, Lorraine walks away defeated. Her large ass bounces as it goes. With her new endowments, Lorraine can barely make a movement without it being sexual. Marty cannot believe what he just saw. How did his mother become so compliant to Biff. After everything Biff did to her in the past, why would she leave her dad for him and become this thugs property?


“Now boys, put him in the cage.” With that, the three older bullies grab Marty. More torture is about to begin for the boy. 

Marty is tied up by Biff, and put into a hidden room in the apartment. The other men leave and Biff towers over Marty.

 “When I want to fuck a married chick...” Biff growls at Marty, “Sometimes I make her butt-head husband sit in here and watch.”

“By the way kid...” Biff snarls, playing with his robe, “If you’re thinking of going to that nutjob- Old man Doc Brown, he aint gonna be able to help you this time.”

“What?” Marty is shocked.

“I never thought it would be you I’d have to take care of, but one look at that fruitcake, and I put a bullet into his back like I was told.

“And even though I was told I had to off you...” Biff brags to a confused and horrified Marty, “I can think of something way more effective to make sure you learn your place around here.”


As Marty begins to lash out, Biff punches Marty incredibly hard in the stomach. Then Biff shoves a small pill into Marty. Marty swallows it down, no idea what it will do to him.

“Enjoy the show shitbird...” Biff chuckles, “...I know I sure will.”

Some time later Marty stirs awake. He lifts up his head. He is being shown a massive TV. One bigger than he’s ever seen. There are two rooms being shown. One shows a large and tacky master bedroom. The other shows a large personal Pool area.

Biff is in the hot tub with two women. Two of his women. The girls fawn on him while he watches a movie. - Marty, always one to ogle a hot woman when he sees one, sees how hot these girls are. And they are all over Biff. They moan for Biff. Giggle for Biff. They are there to give Biff whatever Biff wants.

Their hands move all over Biff and his disgusting body. They rub their large breasts over his now flabby arms. They circle his chest hair. Marty does not know if they are just here because Biff is so rich, or if in some way the girls actually want him.

Marty has an odd and disturbing thought.

Being so rich, Biff can have all the women he wants. Biff fucks countless women whenever he wants. All the while married to his mom.

Eventually Biff tells them to blow him. And they do.  With a smile on her face the brunette goes into the water, and stays down there for a good while. She only comes up to take a quick breath, then dives in to suck on Biff’s cock. The blond makes out with Biff and she is as dirty as Biff wants her to be. Eventually Biff wants the blond to take over so he gets out of the water.


Marty see’s the size and girth of Biff’s cock. It is nothing short of massive. As the girls moan and fawn over it, Marty cannot help but be amazed. As the blond works hard to pleasure the alpha cock, Biff orders the brunette to go back into the water and lift her ass up high. He walks over, super arrogant, and shoves himself into her pussy. The girls are hollering and cheering the man on as he takes what he wants.

The women have sex with Biff. He is in total control and they moan for him whenever he wants. Marty sees how attentive they are. He thinks that it cannot be an act. The way they holler as the big dick goes into them, the way they try and press their bodies closer to Biff’s. These girls want Biff, and as Biff orders them to stack themselves on top of each other, they shake their asses and beg Biff not to stop.

As the fucking continues, Lorraine comes into the room. She is wearing a glittery dress that displays her hourglass curves in an obscene way. Marty sees that she has more makeup on her face, hiding her stress lines and looking sexy, in a whorish sort of way.

As she approaches the area, Lorraine watches as her husband pounds the girl on the top. He is giving it to her so hard. Lorraine does not stop her husband. She waits on him. Biff then switches to the girl on the bottom. Marty again sees Biff's huge poll ram into the tight pussy. The girl's moan is so loud it makes Lorraine quake. Biff stays focused on his fucking. As he pleasures these two beauties he ignores his wife. His wife dutifully waits for him, though Marty does not know why. At this point, is Lorraine used to being cheated on by Biff?

Eventually, Biff yells NOW and the girls get on their knees and bring their large tits together. Biff shoots a massive load onto their tits, and it splashes everywhere and onto everything. Marty did not know a man could cum that much.

The girls are eager to be drenched by their man’s cum. They have been thoroughly satisfied by Biff in ways they did not even know was possible. To show their fealty to their man, they lick Biff clean. They lick his cock. They lick his massive balls. They even lick Biff’s emerging stomach to make sure he is cleaned. Biff looks smugly at the two women he just conquered. The girls love it. The girls wanted him before and want him even more now that they know what a stud he is.

Biff then tells them to clean up and head back to their husbands and they obey. As they leave Biff gives them both a good smack on their toned asses. That only arouses the girls more. But they know they need to do what Biff wants to get fucked by the powerful man again. Biff is in total control here.


The billionaire then turns around to see Lorraine. Biff snarls at her. She waited the entire time until he finished with them. She gives him no sign of disgust or disappointment. Marty, now hard by everything he saw, realizes that Lorraine must allow herself to be humiliated by her husband like this. All the time. Marty is too weak to break free. He is also ashamed to admit that he was far too excited seeing Biff dominate those two women.

“Do it.” Biff barks. He stands there with his oversized dick hanging out. His hands are on his hips in an obscene way. What was he about to make his mom do, Marty wondered? After cumming so much there was no way Biff would be able to have any more sex tonight.

Marty then sees Lorraine bow her head. She grabs Biff’s robe and puts it on him. Lorraine stands in the middle of her husband's debauchery. All she does is submissively dress the man. Marty’s mom stands there, Biff grabs her cheek. He then walks out of the pool area. Lorraine follows.

On the other screen, Marty sees Biff enter his bedroom. Biff goes to a recliner. He sits down and takes a deep breath. Biff has a mean grimace on his face.


“Get over here Lorraine!”

Marty sees Lorraine bend down. She gets down on all fours. Like a dog. Lorraine crawls to Biff.

Marty starts to see, even in private, even in her solitude, Biff can make his mom do whatever he wants. She might be his wife, but she acts more like Biff’s servant. His slave.

Biff lifts his large feet next to Lorraine’s face. Lorraine begins to massage his feet. She is totally compliant. As she serves Biff, Marty gets aroused. He can’t help it.

In 1955 Lorraine threw herself at Marty. And Marty had to admit it was sexy. It was hot having someone so attractive so into him. The fact that it was so wrong made it even dirtier. But Marty knew it was wrong. He knew it was wrong in 1955.

So why was now different? Why was Marty so turned on?

Then he realizes he is turned on by Biff controlling her. Biff was a creep to Lorraine. In fact, Biff almost raped her. And now his mother was dressed like a sex doll, and she was subservient to her attackers every order.

That made Marty unbearably hard. It was like Biff was her master, and Lorraine would do anything to prove it. Biff’s control over his mother was sexy. It was evil and wrong, but it was sexy.


It was only then that Marty remembered Biff’s drug. Maybe that was why he has the biggest erection he has ever had? Maybe it was just so naughty seeing how much control Biff has over these beautiful women?


“I have everything I want now.”, Biff went on as his wife was on her knees doing her duties, “And I mean everything. Money, power, pussy. No one ever says no to me after all these years. I’m not even sure anyone could...”

With that, Biff gets a dark look. He then forces his foot onto Lorraine's chest. His toes touch her throat. Marty looks at how afraid his mother looks.

“But thirty years ago, back in school, you were the only one who said no to me. The only one who didn’t give me everything I wanted.” Biff’s look tightens and he starts to apply pressure. Lorraine only sits there. Petrified.

“Did you know Lorraine? Did you know that this is actually the thirtieth anniversary of that day? That dance, whatever it was called...What was it called again, that school dance where you wore that slutty little peach dress?”

“The...The Enchantment...” Lorraine answer Biff, she struggles as she feels the weight of Biff’s foot on her chest and throat, “The enchantment under the sea dance...”

“Whatever...” Biff goes on, “That was the dance I wanted you. Instead you kept teasing me. You kept telling me no. You eventually tricked that piss-ant McFly to sucker punch me...you were such a little tease that night!”


With that Biff stands up. Biff is in a rage. He uses his foot to throw his wife onto her back. Biff’s foot is now on Lorraine’s throat. Even as Biff puts more pressure on her throat, Lorraine does nothing to stop Biff. Lorraine does not resist her husband. Marty in his fear is not sure that she can resist. As she feels the pain in her large chest, she just listens to Biff and waits in horror for whatever comes next.

“You really were a bitch to me. What? You don’t think you were a total bitch that night?”

“I’m sorry Biff...” Lorraine says as she feels pressure from Biff’s foot, “I’m so….I’m soo sor...I’m so sorry Biff..I was...I...I was a...I was a bi….a bitch….I was a bitch...”

“You really were.” Biff continues, “Not that it really mattered. Since then I became rich and powerful, and you do everything I want. Just like everyone else, you give me anything I want. I mean I fucked the shit out of you whenever I want. I still get you to blow me whenever I want. I still fuck you and anyone else I want at the same time. I even...I mean how could you not know...I even got to fuck you in front of your kids...I’ve fucked you in front of your friends. I even got to fuck you after I got rid of that bitch husband of yours. Yeah don’t worry, Old Georgy went away knowing I railed his wife better than he ever could. What a bitch...”

With that Marty reacted. Did his mother really marry Biff, after Biff might have killed his father? Marty looks to Lorraine, she flinches at the mention of her first husband. She still obeys Biff and gives him all of her focus.

“And even though your old and warn out I like to fuck the shit out of you now. I married your pussy to show you that I always get what I want. Do I always get what I want Lorraine?”

“Always Biff...Always...I’ll give you anything...I’ll give you everything...” At this point, Biff got off Lorraine’s throat and was feeling up Lorraine's tits with his foot. Lorraine still looked scared as Biff towered over her, but she was also starting to moan a bit as he aroused her.

“Yeah I do, don’t I? After all, I wanted you as my whore, and you’ll be my whore for as long as I want. I just want something and I use my money and power and I get it. So tonight, I’m going to go back in time and get the one thing I wanted. I wanted to fuck you, as a senior, and fuck you in that slutty peach dress...”

With that, Biff got up and hit a buzzer. Lorraine returned to her knees.


“Back...Back in time?”

“In my own way...Oh yeah, I’m gonna celebrate by fucking that 18 year old slut...”

With that, a young woman walks into the bedroom. To Marty’s eyes, she looks exactly like the 18 year old Lorraine from 1955. Same, hair, same face, Same revealing Peach dress. Her breasts seemed a bit larger, she glided a bit more. The only other difference is that she was staring deeply into old Biff’s eyes. She was giving him a hungry stair, as she approached him, this seemingly young Lorraine was fucking Biff with her eyes, letting him know that she would do whatever he wanted. As she walks towards Biff, this young Lorraine thrusts out her tits. She offers her body. She offers everything Lorraine refused Biff in the past.

“Oh my...Oh my Biff it looks exactly like...” And with that, a dark look takes Marty’s mother. On the ground, her breasts spilling out, Lorraine darts between the purring young woman and the smug and evil man. Lorraine finally gives a look of pure horror. “Oh Biff...It’s...It’s Linda!”


Marty gasps out loud. It was his sister. His older, frumpy sister. He could see a little bit of the old her, just in her eyes. But there she stood. Biff must have, in his words, gotten the young woman to go ahead with some massive cosmetic surgery. But there, Biff had found a way to truly get his revenge. Biff would make Lorraine watch as he fucks her daughter. The daughter that is now transformed into his personal slut.

Linda bends her body towards her stepfather. Biff, like in the past wastes no time on her feelings. Biff grabs her. He grabs Linda and this time, the young girl he wants does not fight back.

Biff makes out with Linda, proving that he can take her in any way he wants. Every sloppy and ugly kiss Biff places on the young girl, Linda returns to him with passion.

Biff breaks the kiss and shoves his thumb in Linda’s mouth. He sees the face he wanted so long ago. He sees the only thing in his life that was ever taken from him. As Linda licks her stepfather’s thumb, Biff prepares to make her his.

“How long Have you wanted this?” Biff asks.

“So long...” Linda moans. She moans as she gives Biff everything, “...I’ve wanted you sooo long daddy.”

Biff grabs Linda’s ass as he thrusts his mouth into Linda’s for another kiss. He pulls her in tight. Linda lets him. Linda responds to everything Biff wants. She is giving this rich powerful man- The man that killed her real father- everything he wants.


Marty could not believe the hold Biff has over his sister. It’s like Biff has been training her, and broke her to become his fantasy. Linda, the new Lorraine from the 1950’s, was compliant and eager for Biff to take control of her body. There was no limit to Biff’s power over his family.

And right next to the young girl and her step father; right next to the pawing man having his way with his high school fantasy, was the real Lorraine. Older, but thanks to Biff, still reeking of sexuality. Lorraine sat on her knees, her massive tits bouncing with each breath, watching her husband violate, control and molest her only daughter. This new Lorraine was so weak for Biff. But Marty hoped that if she was anything like his mother from before, Lorraine would break Biff’s hold and stop him from taking Linda.

But Lorraine not only allows him to keep going. Lorraine begins to moan.


Biff takes off Linda’s elegant peach dress. It exposes the girls new breasts. They are large and firm. And as Biff grabs them as if he owns them, Lorraine sighs deeply. She watches as her man, the most powerful man in the world grabs her daughter by the pussy. All Lorraine can do is grab her own large tits and moan. She moans and starts to cum from Biff’s power alone.

To Marty’s horror, it looks like Lorraine was ready to beg Biff to join in.


With that look, Biff rips Linda’s Orange dress. Underneath, Linda is keeping true to 1950’s fashions. Biff gives Lorraine a look. He is about to deflower her daughter.

Lorraine stands and knows what Biff wants. Lorraine comes behind Biff. As Biff teases Linda, Lorraine grabs the sides of Biff’s dark robe, Lorraine takes the robe off. There her man stands naked. He is hard. To Marty’s shock, Biff is large and rock hard, even after the frenzy fucking from before.

Lorraine see’s Biff’s naked form. She knows that her husband is about to take what he wants. Lorraine cannot resist what her husband wants anymore. She can only give Biff whatever he asks for. Lorraine kisses Biff passionately on his neck. Moaning to herself, she then grabs her husband’s big dick and helps him enter her daughter. Now essentially her younger clone.

“So tight...” Biff goes on. He loves every moment of this. He loves hearing the harsh moans of the woman that looks like his greatest fantasy. Biff has fucked movie stars, models, even Jackie Kennedy. He takes what he wants. But the only woman he has ever truly wanted was Lorraine. His high school love. And now he can fuck the Lorraine that he has molded, and the one that looks the way she does in his dreams. Biff was immensely hard and aroused.


But so was Marty. A combination of losing hope, losing control and watching Biff be a total alpha male was making the situation far more primal for the teenager. Marty had no hope of stopping Biff, and now Biff could fuck his mother and sister any time he wanted. As Biff made Linda ride him, as Biff made Marty’s sister tell Biff how manly he is and how she was his bitch, Marty wanted to see Biff cum again. Marty was actually hoping to see Biff take his massive dick and keep fucking the shit out of his whored out mother and slut sister. Once Biff started pile-driving Linda, making her moan like a bitch in heat, Marty felt like he was seconds away from cumming himself.

Eventually, Biff gave Lorraine a deep look and decided to switch to fucking his wife. Biff shoves Linda and forces Lorraine against a wall. He takes Lorraine from the front, her obscenely large breasts bounce high from the force of Biff’s cock. Lorraine moans like a whore. Biff roughly sucks on her tits.

“Fuck me! Yes fuck me Biff! They’re yours Biff! My Tits are yours! My Whore cunt is yours Biff!!!! I’m yours Biff!!! I’ll always be yours!!” Lorraine goes on. Biff proves her point, as he roughly turns Lorraine around and throws her at the wall. He shoves his mammoth cock into Lorraine’s ass. It is a dirty fucking and Biff loves hearing his wife scream.


Linda, still in heat, crawls towards her parents. She is just waiting for Biff to order her around. Linda got off on following her daddy’s orders now. She was trained well and wanted to keep feeling her daddy’s mouth.

When her father died, Linda was lost. When her mother said she was marrying Biff Tannen, Linda was taken by Biff’s raw media appeal. Biff never gave her any love, only enough money to keep her mother happy. But little by little, manipulation by manipulation, Linda found herself enamored with her stepfather. Deeply enamored. It became such a fierce obsession that the young girl would masterbate herself each night to the thought of the thuggish man.

So when Biff finally showed her attention, when Biff explained how Linda could win this powerful man’s affections Linda fell. She let Biff break her body and her mind. And now she was one of the things the great Biff Tannen wanted most in the world. And Linda was eager to give Biff everything.

Biff loved having a daughter slut. The world would see Linda as his beautiful baby girl. In private, Linda would be his whore. Biff’s whore that he could transform whenever he wants.


As he thrusts into Lorraine; the Lorraine Biff transformed; Biff wanted to fuck her until she broke. Every time he fucks his wife he does not stop until he breaks her and makes her his.

“Tell me bitch, which husband fucks you better? Me or that punk Mcfly?”, Biff slaps her ass as he asks.

“You are Biff!!! You fuck me sooooooo good! Soooooo good Biff!!”

“Who Bitch?! Tell me again which one of us is a real man?!”

“Biff!!!! Biff Keep fucking….Oh my God your an absolute dream!!!!”


Biff now slams his cock all the way in. With a point he orders his daughter beneath him and his wife. Linda does what she has been trained to do. Linda grabs her father’s balls with her mouth as he slams into her mother.

“And Love Lorraine...Me or McFly….Who do you really love!!!”

“Biff!!!!! I love Biff Tannen! I’ve always….I’ve always fucking loved big Biff and his big fucking dick!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!”

With that, Marty watches as his mother has a filthy and explosive orgasm. Marty feels like he is going to burst, but for some reason, he stays hard.


Biff, still hard, keeps Lorraine there on the wall. Biff and throws Linda behind her. Linda’s new firm ass is facing Biff, ready to be owned. Linda, now sandwiched between her busty mother and hung father feels Biff’s monster cock slide into her ass for the first time.

“Arghhh”, Linda screams. Biff is not kind. He wants this to hurt. He wants it to hurt until she cums.

“That’s it bitch!! Take it! Take it in your ass like mommy bitch! Take it in your ass like you should’ve done years ago!”

Biff pumps. Linda grabs her mother’s body for support. Lorraine feels her daughter mixed with pain and pleasure. Marty watches in horror and awe as Linda starts to cum from having Biff’s hypnotic cock force her ass open.

“Fuck me!!!! Daddy!!! It’s too Big!!! It's Too big for my….Oh it feels good! It feels good taking daddy’s cock! Use me daddy!!! Own be Daddy Biff!!! Daddy Biff!!! Daddy Biff!!! Argh!!!! Oh yes Daddy Biff!!! Cumming!!!”


With that, Biff shot his cum, his second load at least for the night, right into Linda’s ass. Biff grunted, he heaved, and he kept cumming in ways Marty never could. Biff looked at his two women. His two Lorraine’s. His two whores. As he exited his daughter, the exhausted and spent women breathed heavily. As satisfied as they were, they were here for Biff. They were here to satisfy their ultimate man. Both Mcfly’s, now Tannen’s, got onto their knees and cleaned their owners cock.


Time passes and they all lay together on the bed. As the two women fawn on Biff, he looks at the camera. He forgot about Marty. Without putting on his robe, Biff leaves his women and goes to the camera Marty saw all the debauchery from. Marty is demoralized and depleted, but his erection has not gone down. The pain Marty feels is unbearable. Biff stands there, smug, and shakes his massive dick. Truly Biff is bigger soft than Marty is hard.

“Before I call my next girl in for more fun...” Biff began. Marty, still hard and on the verge, was stunned. Biff is going to fuck more girls tonight? How much energy does this man have? How powerful is Biff Tannen?


“I thought you should know the truth. Your weird sports book made me rich. But I quickly learned that was only a small part of power. I take what I want and I demoralize fuckers who piss me off. Fuckers like you and your dad. Sex, money, influence, drugs. It doesn’t really matter. At this point, I want it, I get it. I can get women to do whatever I want with them to do, and as you just figured out tonight, other men don’t really stack up to what I’m packing now. When you are the alpha male, everyone ends up doing what you want them to.

“Oh, in case you're too dum to know- and knowing you're a McFly I’m sure that's true- The pill I gave you is the next step for me to keep fuckers like you in line. In the future we get guys to take these, and they’ll learn their place when Alpha’s like me step up. And I have other ways to control the bitches, more fun ways for me to get them in line.

“ And now, once those balls finally do let you squirt, you're gonna be so demoralized you’ll spend the rest of your life doing whatever I say. And I’ll just keep fucking your women as my power grows.”

Marty could barely concentrate. Seeing Biff so in control, so confident and dominant, Marty feels himself start to fade away. His mother and sister, all the other women, so willing to give themselves to Biff. Marty knew that it was over. The man that had been bullying his family his whole life had the perfect life. Biff Tannen was so powerful. All Marty could do was watch Biff corrupt the world until the future was totally his. And Marty would be an empty shell.

No longer able to focus on anything other than his painful erection, Marty no longer hears what happens in the bedroom. Marty sees and experiences everything. He is just too weak to do anything except marvel at how deeply Biff has won.

Biff is still standing there with his impressive dick on display. Then the new woman walks into the room.

Biff, the alpha male grabs his cock once, before Marty sees a new hand stroke the monster shaft up and down. The new girl grabs onto as much of it as she can, but Biff is so big she cannot get it all. Marty pauses. He goes to a new level of arousal and disorder that he didn’t know was possible.


The new girl is Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend. Marty’s sexy girlfriend that he wanted more than anything was stroking Biff's cock, begging him to worship it. Biff learned that she was dating Marty so he got to her once she turned 18. Jennifer walks around her man, letting him see her every curve. She is sex on legs. Pink tights that show her curvy ass. Her breasts are much larger, already rubbing themselves on the rich man’s fat body. Like Lorraine she has become extra trashy. Her red hair is in a perm. She bends and moves for Biff’s pleasure. She comes towards Biff. She kisses him then falls to her knees before him. As she sucks his monstrous cock, Biff looks at Marty. Marty see’s Jennifer hard at work pleasing Biff. 


He barks at Lorraine and Linda. It is time for another round. All three women moan.


It is all now a fog of lust. Marty is forced to watch as Biff fucks the three women. They give him no resistance. They give Biff everything. He sees Jennifer moan at Biff’s every touch. She wants that old bully more than she could ever want him. Marty did not blame her. No one could resist Biff’s power.


Mother and daughter rub against each other, making it clear that there is nothing off limit if Biff wants it. Marty fades more. The pressure is too great. The women he loves are too eager. It won’t be long before he gives into Biff.


Soon Biff orders the girls to line up so he can take all three from behind as he likes. Jennifer is in the middle, Lorraine to her left and Linda to her right. They stick their asses high in the air for Biff. They wiggle and beg as they try to get lower for him. One by one Biff roughly fucks them doggy style. He fucks them hard, one at a time and they love it. They love Biff’s cock and their bodies are there to be used. Every thrust rocks them back and they take inch after inch for their man’s pleasure. They moan his name as he makes them his bitches. It is finally too much. Marty cums, watching as Biff shows his utter dominance. As Biff thrusts into Jennifers ass hard, while fingering his mother and sister, Marty’s vision begins to fade. There is nothing other than Biff. He needs to obey Biff too. 


Marty knows now that he is as fucked as the women. Biff controls this world, the women Marty loves, and the future.

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