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BY : Jake Collins & EGBFan
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Disclaimer: We do not own Ghostbusters II or Extreme Ghostbusters, and we make no money from writing about them. This extended universe is a co-creation of EGBFan and Jake Collins, and no similarity to anyone from real life is intended.

1. Late Evening

Jessica Venkman was in bed, looking at her phone with every intention of going to sleep afterwards. She found messages from both of her parents. Dana had written, Have fun tomorrow, sweetheart. Be nice and ask after Andre. x x x Peter had written, Don't let them win! Call me if you need back-up. ;P Oscar had messaged her as well: We'll pick you up @ 8.

Each was sent a cursory reply, then Jessica made sure her phone's alarm clock was set for seven before plugging it into its charger. She lay down and closed her eyes, very aware that she had spent the last couple of days deliberately not contacting her great online friend of twelve years, and he had not contacted her either. She knew her reasons, and it seemed likely that his were the same: the connection they had made through a computer screen was the stuff of dreams, and she didn't want to build up too much to their first meeting in person in case it turned out to be complete shit.

Jessica knew that, whatever happened, come the next afternoon her relationship with Hayden Wallance would change forever. She was prepared for the worst and hoping for the best; she knew she might end up disappointed, and though she had been determined not to hope for anything, she couldn't help it. Whenever she thought about him, picturing his cute smile on her tablet screen and chuckling at his sense of humour, she found her mind drifting off into the most delicious fantasies. Just then, she wasn't falling asleep and she was beginning to fantasise, and she realised with a pang of emotion that this was her very last chance to do so. Either her fantasies about him were about to change and become more real, or they were about to disappear altogether.

She pictured his face and imagined a naked body to go with it – thin and pale, certainly, and every bit as cute as his face – and her hands moved over her curvaceous body as she imagined any number of exciting things she would like to do with the Hayden Wallance of her dreams. He was small, so she imagined a cute little flaccid cock that grew into a monster as he gazed upon her naked form. At this point, she threw off her T-shirt and comfy trousers, feeling hot in spite of the cold weather, and her right hand snaked down her abdomen to the hottest body part of all.

Her pussy was wet and eager as her mind ran through all her fantasies, unable to settle on just one. She jilled her clit slowly at first, then faster as her pleasure mounted. Her imaginings got simpler as her orgasm approached; she saw herself riding Hayden's rock-hard cock in the cowgirl position, grinding her clitoris against his surely prominent pubic bone while he gazed up at her with an expression of rapture.

She screamed and howled her way through her orgasm, very aware of her vaginal muscles contracting and the love honey gushing from her Skene glands; her best orgasms allowed her to feel these physical functions through the intensely pleasurable sensations that they produced. Jessica had always felt sorry for people who could orgasm quietly; there was no way theirs could be as good as hers.

Afterwards, she drifted off to sleep, her nerves lessened if not entirely abated.

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