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Kylo Ren had summoned General Hux to his chambers. Hux had no idea why he had been summoned. All he knew was that whatever Kylo Ren wanted with him, it would not be pleasant.  General Hux strolled into Kylo Ren’s room. It was barren except for a medical droid, a floating metal slab with several knives and daggers on it and a pit full of Darth Vader’s ashes, and  a metal chair. There was no bed since Kylo Ren had decided that he was too bad ass for a bed.

General Hux crossed his arms. “What do you want Kylo?”

Kylo Ren replied. “Who is the Leader of the First Order?”

         “You are.”

“Who is your master Hux?”

General Hux rolled his eyes. “You are.”

Kylo Ren’s fists shook with rage. “Then why are you leaking information to the resistance!”

“I’m not…”

Kylo Ren then showed Hux a hologram of him leaking information to the resistance silencing him. Kylo looked at Hux with wounded eyes and said. “Why have you done this!”

“Because I should be the Leader of the First order.” Hux yelled.  “If I can’t do that, then I should bring you down, you emo wanna be Vader.”

An evil grin appeared on Kylo Ren’s face. “You’re about to find out Hux that I am far more curler than my grandfather could ever be.”

Kylo used the force to place Hux in the metal chair and make him unable to move. Kylo pulled a dagger from his pants and with his right hand and grabbed Hux’s left hand with his left hand. He held Hux’s left hand tight and stabbed the dagger blade though it. Pain flashed in Hux’s eyes, but he didn’t even make a sound; Kylo then stabbed the dagger though Hux’s other hand and Hux still showed not even the slightest reaction.  He just looked at Kylo with cold eyes and kept his mouth shut.  Blood started pouring out of the wounds in his hands and Kylo then lit his light saber used it to burn Hux’s wounds close so he wouldn’t run into any danger of passing out from blood loss.

Kylo punched Hux hard in the chest with his left hand.  He punched Hux so hard that he cracked some of bones in his left hand and broke three of Hux’s ribs and made him cough up blood.  But Hux didn’t scream or make a sound, he was a proud man and would not give Kylo the pleasure of showing a reaction. Although Kylo was far from done. He stabbed his light saber through Hux’s left knee and he kept it inside Hux’s left knee for ten minutes and then took it out. The wound did not bleed since it was a light saber wound, but it was still a horrible wound and a horrible looking wound. 

Tears started pouring from General Hux’s eyes. Kylo growled like a beast and force choked Hux.  Before Hux could black out from not being able to breath, Kylo stopped. Then he said. “It looks like I am going to have to kill you.”

Hux yelled. “I’m not afraid to die!”

“You will be, tell me Hux have you ever been to Echo 9.”

“That planet’s full of perverts, why would I go there?”

“Well they have something called Eyeing there. Eyeing is when a man sticks his penis into his lover’s eye socket, until he cums. Eyeing has to be done right of course, so it wouldn’t cause damage.  Although, I am going to do it wrong General Hux, I am going to stick my cock into your brain!”

Hux pissed himself. “NO!!!!! Please Don’t!”
Kylo laughed evilly then he used the force to make Hux get on his knees, and not be able to blink or move a muscle. Then Kylo unleashed his wicked 12-inch cock and put it in front of Hux’s face. Then he grabbed General Hux by his gingered colored hair and thrust his penis into his right eye socket. Hux screamed as Kylo cock’ plunged through his eye socket and deep into his skull. Kylo made it all the way into Hux’s brain, blood and gray matter poured out of Hux’s right eye socket as Kylo thrust his man meat inside of his skull.

His cock tore through General Hux’s brain and pocked the back of his skull. Kylo shirked as he came and experienced a sensation of utter enjoyment that was beyond anything, he had ever thought possible. He shot every drop of his seed into Hux’s head, until his balls ached. When he was done cumming Kylo withdrew his cock and let Hux’s now dead corpse fall to the ground. He smiled as he watched blood, semen and gray matter pour on the floor. Kylo petted Hux’s red hair. “You may be dead now, but I am going to use the force to bring you back so we can have fun again!”




General Hux awoke in his bed screaming. Cold sweat covered his body and he had wet himself. He checked to make sure his right eye was okay then muttered to himself. “It was all a dream; it was all a damn dream.”

Even though that was the case Hux knew the terror he had felt would not go away any time soon and that he would not be going back to sleep tonight. After changing into his other night clothes, he decided that he would be calling out sick tomorrow so he would not have to deal with Kylo. Meanwhile Kylo Ren woke up on his bed, after having the same dream. He had come in his pants and had a huge smile on his face. Kylo chuckled and then went back to sleep.

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