Pitch Perfect - Riff Off Threesome

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pitch Perfect, nor any of its characters or settings specifically Beca Mitchell, Bumper and Donald. I make no money from this act of fiction

Beca Mitchell had originally thought the idea of a ‘riff-off’ was stupid. Then again, Beca thought everything had been stupid. Well, since her father and mother got divorced and her father remarried. That was generally the start of Beca’s acting out against her father, sleeping around being the foremost of her attacks apart from the regular slagging off of her step-monster directly to him. 

However, before she could go to L.A. and start the steps to ultimately become a music producer, she needed her father’s monetary support. The only way she could get that is if she went to college, specifically Barden, where her father taught thus Beca got free education. She had somehow allowed herself to be talked into joining an A Capella group, the Barden Bellas, which was which brought her to this point.

“Admit it,” badgered Chloe, a fellow Bella and who Beca would describe as her best friend. “You had fun.”

Though the idea of the four A Cappella groups at Barden meeting in an abandoned pool hole in order to battle each other in a singing competition sounded corny and horrible, it turned out to be a lot of fun. A riff off is after the new recruits for the acapella groups have been chosen, all of the acapella groups compete by singing songs based off the category previously chosen.

“Alright, alright,” Beca finally gave in after some playful pushing by the redhead. “I enjoyed it. But it’s still total bullshit that we lost on such a silly technicality.”

“I know, right!? Especially after you killed it with No Diggity,” Chloe exclaimed. “But, that’s why we have these to help easy our emotional scarring.”

“Cheers,” Beca replied, clinging her red plastic cup with Chloe’s before draining the last of it. “Speaking of which, I’m in need of a fill up. Excuse me, gorgeous girl.”

“You are excused,” Chloe played along before giving the slender freshman a slap on her ass, drawing a surprising but not unwelcome yelp from Beca.

Beca walked down the bleacher steps and towards the keg, which luckily didn’t have much of a line despite the 25 people currently partying after the riff off. As she got to the front of the line and started to fill her cup, she looked out of the corner of her eye and saw one of the leaders of the rival group, The Treblemakers named Donald. He was talking with someone from The High Notes, a fellow group known for their liberal usage of mostly cannabis. After a brief exchange, Beca watched as the High Note member gave Donald some cash, at which point the Treblemaker gave him a few tablets. After the deal, Donald turned and noticed Beca staring at him as he was joined by Bumper.

“I have more if you want,” Donald said, remembering how the freshman girl was gaining a reputation around the college for being down with, well, a lot.

“I’m not going to take drugs from some weird dude I’ve met, like, twice,” Beca replied in answer to his question.

“No, it’s not like that. It’s only Molly,” Donald reiterated.

“Oh! That’s different. I’ll take a hit then,” Beca said casually. Extending her hand, Donald dropped the small party drug pill into her palm, which Beca immediately threw into her open mouth and swallowed with a sip of her beer. “Thanks bud! What do I owe you?”

“Good will,” Bumper interjected before Donald could name the dollar amount. “Maybe, like, if you’re still rolling at the end of the night you come look me up. Or us up,” he corrected after a sharp look from his best friend.

“I’ll take it under consideration,” Beca replied before starting to wander off back to the Bellas.

“Dude! You just cost me $15 bucks,” Donald said, slapping the front man’s arm.

“How can I say this so it isn’t slut shaming...ah fuck it. A girl with Beca’s sexual reputation around campus in only 1 month, now on a drug known to enhance sexual energy, and feels she owes us a favor. Do the fucking math, man,” Bumper explained.

“Bumper, you dog,” Donald laughed before the two high fived.

*    *    *

“You guys coming,” Beca said as she casually approached the two leaders of the Treblemakers.

“What do you mean,” Bumper asked.

“Party is dying down but I’m still rolling,” Beca explained.

“You mean, both of us?” Donald questioned, knowing her meaning.

“Why not? This way, between the two of you, one of you will get me to center stage,” Beca replied with a shrug of her shoulders. “But we need to go back to your place. Kimmy Jin gets a little pissy when I wake her up with my screaming.”

“This way, my lady,” Bumper said, pointing the direction.

Despite the fact that their house was off campus, it was extremely close to the abandoned pool that the riff off was held. Therefore, after the trio had filled their cups one last time from the keg, they headed out. Within minutes, Bumper and Donald had steered the freshman girl through the pathway and onto a street lined with near identical houses, but the corner house was the only one that mattered. What had originally been a 5 bedroom home near the university had been converted decades ago into off-campus residence, for which the last 3 years had been rented by the Treblemakers. 

“Nice place,” Beca said, stepping inside the house and hanging her scarf and jacket on the coat hook.

“Thanks,” Donald said, thankful the place was halfway clean. “Best part is the hot tub in the backyard.”

“Second best part,” Bumper corrected. “Top spot goes to the master bedroom on the penthouse floor.”

“You mean the slightly largest bedroom in the attic?” Beca replied, swaying her hips in a teasing fashion as she ascended the stairs, the boys following behind her.

“Burn,” Donald laughed, staring at the slender girl’s ass as Beca had intended.

“Potato, potato,” Bumper retorted, his gaze also on the singer’s form. 

Though Beca didn’t possess the largest ass in the world, it was still a mighty fine caboose. Accentuated in the ultra-tight jeans she always wore, Beca’s booty was small but perfectly round with a nice high lift and fairly bubbly appearance. While Bumper preferred his woman to have a bit more meat on her bones, Beca was still a beauty in every sense of the word. Plus her large pillowy tits more than made up for her having an ass on the smaller side.

“So this is where the magic happens,” Beca stated, stepping into Bumper’s room. 

Both Donald and Bumper followed her inside and noted how hot the rebellious girl looked. Wearing what was her trademark look of her following auburn hair worn loose and cascading down over her shoulders, she paired her form-fitting jeans with a cleavage-revealing, low-cut black tank top with a long-sleeve plaid button-up shirt worn open to make sure her tits were able to be displayed fully. 

“All day, every day,” Bumper replied, immediately drawing eye rolls from both Donald and Beca. “Dammit! Gotta go tap the head. I’ll be back super fast.”

Bumper cursed his luck that he had to leave the gorgeous freshman Bella alone right when it appeared the action was about to get hot and heavy. Leaving his room in a non-rushed exit, Bumper took off at a sprint to the washroom at the end of the hall. As he quickly pushed down his pants and began emptying his bladder, he told himself it was a good thing to have to go now instead in the middle of action.

Once fully relieved, Bumper didn’t waste a moment as his pants were pulled back up and he hustled back down the hallway to his open door. Stepping inside, Bumper stopped briefly at the sight before him. Though he couldn’t have been gone more than 2 minutes, in that time his best buddy Donald had managed to strip down to his boxers while Beca still had all her clothes on. However, the darker skinned man was on Bumper’s bed, head in the pillows as the gorgeous Barden Bella was on her knees and elbows between his spread legs, Donald’s dick already in her mouth.

“I see you two didn’t waste any time,” Bumper commented, though the words didn’t garner any more than a shrug from his friend and a quirk of the eyebrow from Beca.

Despite the presence of another man in the room, Beca’s blowjob was undeterred. Still fully clothed with her long, slightly wavy auburn hair now tucked back in a loose ponytail, the freshman girl bobbed her head towards and away from Donald’s dick in a rhythmic, fairly fast pattern. Given her vocal control, Bumper imagined that the large-chested girl could inhale every one of his friend’s 7 inches of cock, but currently the girl was only running her lips along just over half his fleshy pole.

“Was gonna wait for you but she was undeniable,” Donald commented.

Before Bumper could protest about getting to join in, Donald flexed his core muscles and got to a seated position, albeit after Beca slide her mouth several more times along his shaft. Even with the darker skinned man moving around, Beca was resolute in keeping his dick between her lips, continuing to bob her head despite his stomach now pressing against the top of her head and preventing her descent down more than the crown of his cock. 

Beca gave Donald’s head a final swirl with her tongue before sitting up and allowing the beat-boxer to get to his feet. He didn’t go to far as he rolled Beca over so she was on her back before using the grip on her legs to pull her close to the corner of the bed. Working as a team, which was the only way to get her ultra-tight jeans off, between wiggling, pushing and pulling, Donald and Beca’s twin efforts resulted in the Bella’s pants and underwear taken down her slender legs and thrown to the floor.

“God, that’s a pretty looking pussy,” Bumper complimented upon seeing a pantless Beca.

The lead singer’s comments were both accurate and justified as Beca truly did have what many would consider a pretty snatch. Small, bright pink and already glistening, Beca’s cunt was made all the more appealling by the complete lack of pubic hair, either with the girl having freshly waxed or shaven her sex before competing in the riff off tonight. All thoughts of how pretty her pussy was disappeared from Bumper’s mind though as the new position of Beca being on her back brought her face right in front of his crotch, and the girl immediately noticed his erection straining against his jeans. 

“Please tell me that this is for me,” Beca said, staring with her piercing green eyes up at Bumper.

As the lead singer lifted his shirt so he could get at his belt, making swift work of it, Beca was reaching out and helping by unlatching the button and undoing the zipper. The Barden Bella was rewarded with a fat, already hard cock springing from the denim confines and landing on her lips with a slightly wet thud, which caused her eyes to light in excitement. Though not the longest cock in the world, or even in the room, Bumper still measured nearly 6 inches in length, but possessed well above average thickness, much to Beca’s pleasure. Rewarding him for his girthy wood, Beca immediately wrapped her dainty fist around the shaft and her mouth around his crown, working both lips and hand to stimulate his entire dick with each bob.

Meanwhile, at her other end, Donald was busy getting to work. He weighed up each of his options and decided on the one that would derive as much pleasure to him as it would the Barden Bella. Therefore, as Beca was currently occupying her mouth on nearly swallowing his best friend’s entire short but fat cock, Donald placed one of Beca’s legs n his shoulder and let the other flop to the side, opening her pussy up nicely for him. Stepping in tight to her, Donald did a few drags of her slit with his cock, coating the bulbous tip in her natural juices before pushing half his length inside her pussy in one thrust.

“Umm! Ahh! Fuck yes,” Beca cooed with the penetration.

Donald figured that she would have asked him to wrap his dick if she wanted, therefore he got to enjoy the full sensation of his cock sliding effortlessly into one of Barden’s hottest coeds. Though she had a reputation around campus of sleeping around, with over a handful of thrusts deep inside Beca, Donald found the freshman singer to be rather snug, likely due to her petite stature and still being a teenager. It made for the perfect storm as it allowed the beat-boxer to be able to fuck into the girl fairly hard since she was loose enough, while her lips still hugging him tightly and eliciting a great deal of pleasure. 

While his best friend was starting to plow into the tiny girl, Bumper was thoroughly enjoying his blowjob. Donald’s pumping into her very willing sex had disrupted Beca’s focus from sucking on Bumper’s thick pecker for only a few moments, but a not-so-subtle jab of the hips by the Treblemaker’s lead singer into her mouth got her priorities back around.

Beca apparently wanted to make up for her lack of concentration so the beautiful red-haired girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

“Damn! You suck good cock,” Bumper grunted as he held her bundled up hair above her head.

“If you liked that,” Beca said with more than a hint of pride in her tone. “Then you should really enjoy this.”

Beca rotated her upper body more so that she was squared up with Bumper’s groan without displacing Donald from between her thighs. Next she placed her hands on Bumper’s hips so her fingers were pressed against his firm ass. Though she wasn’t renown of her arm strength, it was more than enough to pull her upper body forward, combining with her head bob, enabling Beca to slide inch after girthy inch of his flesh pole into her mouth until she felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick while his shaft was hugged tightly by her constricting throat was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel at the occasion, Bumper felt her lips retreat back down his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

“Holy shit bro, she deep-throats,” Bumper practically screamed in shock and delight.

While Beca was being used at both ends of her body, she felt her tank top being pushed up until it came to rest over her epic tits. With her bra-clad boobs exposed, Donald pawed inside the cup before flopping the pillowy flesh out of its clothed prison before doing likewise with the other tit. Beca completely understood why every guy she fucked wanted to see and grope her tits, after all, they were impeccable. They may have only been a C cup, so not exactly mountainous, what made them all the more spectacular was the combination of their pillowy soft feel, her desire to showcase them off in cleavage-friendly tanks and her slight frame making the boobs seem even larger. 

With a surprising amount of flexibility, Beca saw out of the corner of her eye Donald bend at the waist so his mouth could capture her left nipple into his mouth. She let out a moan around Bumper’s cock that she was still sucking on as Donald managed to pivot his hips and drive the entirety of his dick into her wet snatch while simultaneously sucking on her tit. Not to be left out of enjoying her wonderful breasts, Bumper reached down and groped the other, jiggling it playfully in his hand before lightly pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Since this drew another muffled moan of pleasure from her, which Bumper felt the vibration of her tongue along the underbelly of his cock, Beca found her tit groped and nipple squeezed once more. 

“Insane titties,” Donald moaned, straightening up after motorboating her great rack.

With a slender leg on his shoulder and the other around his waist, it gave Donald a good chance to plow into the Barden Bella. Being a threesome, Donald knew that there was going to be a time to fuck then a cooldown period, so since it was his turn with her pussy, he made it count. His hips were in constant motion, either pushing forward to drive his entire 7 inches deep into Beca, or pulling back and allowing every nerve ending in his cock to feel her pussy lips clamped around him.

“Take this off,” Bumper said before Beca felt two sets of hands, pulling her tank top off her body.

“Roll me over,” Beca insisted being rendered topless, her tits flopped up over the edge of her bra.

The threesome moved in a swift, coordinated movement with the participants eager to get back to the action as soon as possible. This time Bumper was offered a spot on the bed, jumping onto his mattress as Donald withdrew from fucking Beca’s snatch. The sex only took a break for a few moments, only long enough for Beca to roll off the bed and to her feet, walking around to the foot of the bed and bending over at the waist. While still standing, Beca began sucking on Bumper’s cock once more, with Donald having walked up behind her and sliding right back into her snatch. 

Not really concerned with the change in position, Beca took up the same action by opening her mouth wide and pushing down on Bumper’s cock until her face was pressed into his lap. He was sitting up but it still allowed Beca to get most of his 5.5 inches of flesh into her mouth, sticking her tongue out at the bottom of her descent so she could lick his balls at the same time she choked him down her throat.

“Damn, this is some good pussy,” Donald groaned.

The dark-skinned beat-boxer had his hands holding Beca’s hips steady so she didn’t rock too much a gesture meant more for Bumper so the Bella’s blowjob was affected by the spit roasting. Speaking of hands, Beca felt the Treblemaker’s lead singer’s hands go to the sides of her head and realized that Bumper was interested in face fucking her. She knew the signs when men wanted to do this, which was most of them upon realizing she was one of the few with the gift to deep throat. Knowing the drill at this point, she kept her mouth formed in a perfect O and her throat loose as her head was pulled up and down his cock at Bumper’s will.

Realizing that such an extreme blowjob meant that Beca needed a more stable base, Donald slowed his thrusting and allowed the Bella to focus almost solely on the other man. It wasn’t simply letting his cock soak in Beca’s pussy juices, instead he used the time that Beca had a throat fucking her throat to recover some of his own stamina while performing deep but rather slow pushes inside her pink cavern. The beat-boxer also decided that the slow fucking motion combined with a distracted Beca meant he had the perfect chance to test the waters on the girl’s other hole.

“Such a cute little pooper,” Donald commented as he rubbed the puckered hole with a saliva-covered digit.

“Mmmm,” Beca moaned as she took a middle finger into her ass at the same time Donald was pumping her pussy. “Love when my butthole gets a compliment.”

Having to speak meant that Beca had stopped Bumper from face fucking her and was now back in control of sloppy blowjob. There were strands of spit covering both her face around her mouth as well as all over his dick, balls and upper thighs. It was perfect lubrication for her to glide her hand up and down his lower portion of his shaft while her mouth worked at a high speed over the top half. Rather than having a finger wedged up her ass, fingering her anal canal, Beca seemed to be taking great pleasure from it and used that to deliver a high-speed blowjob to the lead singer of the rival singing group.

Having looked and seen Beca was still in her bra, Bumper used the hands that had been steering her head up and down to unclasp her bra and let it fall down her arms. Instantly, Bumper could feel the large tits begin swaying with reckless abandon, constantly slapping his inner thighs with each thrust into her cunt from Donald. 

“Gonna ride this fatty,” Beca stated with certainty.

Donald pulled out of both the slender singer’s holes, watching as her butthole winked closed with the removal of his finger. Beca placed her knees on the bed and felt the eager supine boy come sliding down to line their hips up. Knowing he was a little thicker than Donald and she was loosened up but still very tight, Beca reached back to pull her cheeks apart and left Bumper to grind his tip along her slit, gathering moisture before thrusting his head up inside her.

“Ah! Oh!” Beca moaned, riding him up and down and feeling his girthy member spreading her pussy out to its limit.

Beca used her hands on his chest to combine with the power in her slender thighs to ride Bumper’s short fat cock in her pussy. After getting used to his wide size, Beca started to lift her hips with more speed, her pussy lips covering every inch as she rose and fell. At the time she started to grind her hips back when she descended on his lap, Bumper reached up and started massaging her large, bouncing tits. 

Meanwhile, Donald allowed the pair to find a good rhythm, thankful for the time to recover from the energetic deep fucking he had given Beca. However, after watching his best friend get his cock ridden by the surprisingly large-breasted coed, Donald was ready to join the action again and he knew just how he wanted to make his reappearance. 

“Dude! What are you doing?” Bumper asked his friend as he felt the other man getting close behind Beca.

“I’m gonna put it in her butt,” Donald stated confidently. “You’re down for some good double penetration fun, right Beca? One in the pink, another in the stink?”

“Butt fuck me,” the horny girl demanded.

“Seriously?! You’re tiny ass likes getting a big dong back there?” Bumper said while Beca leaned over him, her heavy tits pressing against his chest. 

“Ugh,” Beca grunted, the initial sting of something penetrating her bowels causing brief pain. “Let’s me fit bigger things in my ass than I can in my pussy.”

“God damn, you’re perfect,” Donald hissed, slowly starting to push a little more cock into her asshole.

Though neither man had any practical experience with fucking at girl at the same time, they had seen enough porn to understand how it worked. Luckily Beca had a lot of practice not only with anal sex, but the odd devil’s threesome under her belt as well, so as Donald’s skinny dick entered her ass, she knew to relax. Taking one hand off the mattress, she kept her upper body propped up enough so her free arm could slide between her and Bumper’s body and rubbed her clit for all she was worth.

“Oh my God!” Beca half cooed, half screamed.

Bumper stayed fairly still and just allowed Beca to get used to having her backdoor sodomized by his best friend. For his part, Donald took smooth strokes into the slender girl’s asshole, only using half his seven inch cock to fuck her dumper. After a good minute of steady thrusts, Donald and Beca both felt as Bumper began rotating his hips skywards, fucking Beca’s snatch every time Donald was withdrawing. 

“That’s it,” Bumper hissed. “In and out. In and out.”

Beca assumed the chubby man meant that when he pushed in, Donald pulled out and vice versa. At least, that’s how the man behind her was taking it and the consistent rhythm was allowing Donald to ease more of his skinny dick further into her ass. In fact, after another dozen of slow thrusts, Beca found the darker-skinned man not only fucking her ass faster, but trying to get more leverage to go harder by placing his foot up on the bed and leaning further forward.

Beca’s arms were growing tired having to constantly push herself backwards to match Donald’s increasingly faster and powerful thrusts so she loosened her muscles and leant down. Bumper took advantage of Beca lowering herself down by grabbing both of her swaying tits and bringing them towards his mouth. He didn’t know which nipple he preferred sucking on more so the horny man took turns with each between his lips, and sometimes teeth.

“Fuck! Keep going,” Beca hissed her demand.

Neither man knew who the comment was directed at so both continued doing what they were doing. Donald’s thrusting into her well-used asshole somehow got faster, and to his credit, Bumper’s upward bucking stayed in rhythm with the darker-skinned man. For her part, Beca was not only taking both dicks into her holes, she was using one hand to help propel her tiny body backwards to meet their thrusts, but her hand continued working overtime on her clit until she finally reached her climax.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Beca swore as she came, first every muscle going taut for several heartbeats and then reversing and becoming like jello.

“Fuck man! Need a break! This asshole is way too tight,” Donald groaned, pulling out of Beca’s gaping backdoor.

“More for me,” Bumper said, almost throwing Beca off his lap so he could get to his feet.

Bumper had been fairly reserved in his energy expenditure to this point, having been on the receiving end of a blowjob then having his dick ridden, both expertly. However, the Treble Maker’s front man felt like he wanted to be in control now, so as he got to his feet at one of the bottom corners of the bed, he beckoned the Barden Bella to scoot towards him until Beca’s ass was just at the edge of the mattress.

As Bumper slid his cock into Beca’s ass, making it the second cock back there tonight, Donald found that her head was only a foot away from where he had wandered after pulling out of her. After a wince and groan as the much thicker cock opened up her bowels and started fucking her fast and hard, Beca reached out for Donald, wrapping a dainty fist around the base of his cock then leading it into her mouth.

“Damn, you got a talented mouth,” Donald grunted.

His compliment earning himself an extra lick of his entire underbelly of his cock from Beca, who somehow managed a smile despite her oral attention to his lengthy cock. Instead of taking him back into her mouth and choking him down immediately, Beca showed her playful side and used her tongue to slowly lash at his pee slit. Donald let out a guttural moan for her efforts, and as his hand subconsciously reached down and wrapped into her long auburn hair, Beca parted her lips wide and swallowed his cock once more, the same cock that only minutes previously had come freshly from her asshole.

Meanwhile, at Beca’s other end, Bumper continued to make sawing motion into her tight butthole. What had started out promising with Beca having no problem relaxing her anus to accept his much thicker cock, after another 2 or 3 minutes of anal fucking the petite freshmen, Bumper had only gotten half his length into her. Wanting to get balls deep in Beca’s asshole, Bumper reached his hand down and used his middle finger to strum through her slick slit, specifically targeting her clit.

“Fucking fuck,” the horny coed moaned as pleasure shot up her spine.

Though the blowjob she was dishing out began to suffer, Beca still did an adequate job bobbing her head on Donald’s slender pole, albeit with less speed and only half his depth. It was still a great suck that left the dark-skinned man with nothing to complain about. However, the real benefactors of the clit play were Beca, for obvious reasons, but largely Bumper. After only a minute of strumming her sensitive nub, the Treble Maker’s front man had succeeded in slamming his entire fat cock into the petite freshman’s asshole.

“Shit Beca! For a skinny chick, you can really take a dicking,” Bumper groaned, sweat knitting his brows.

“Don’t stop,” Beca spoke after another minute of blowing and getting anally fucked. “I’m gonna cum.”

Bumper was shocked that the tiny Barden Bella was going to orgasm from anal sex, but to his credit he didn’t pause. Instead, he kept his fingering of the petite coed’s clit going strong, even a little faster, while slowing down slightly with his own thrusts. Not only did this allow him to focus more on Beca’s pleasure, it had the added unintentional benefit of helping to starve off his own building climax.

“Cum for Bumper,” the chubby male demanded, pushing deep into her rectum.

“Fuck! I’m cumming,” Beca screamed, roaring as pleasure shot like lightning bolts throughout her body, down each limb.

Bumper, whose speed had been decreased already in a bid to successfully make the Bella cum, found that his dick could hardly thrust at all now due to Beca’s asshole clamping down hard around him as she reached climax. Gritting his teeth and waiting it out, Bumper was soon rewarded with the feel of her anal schincter loosing more than ever as she came down from her high, allowing him to get in a handful of the fastest, deepest thrusts he could, causing her heavy tits to sway uncontrollably before pulling out for a breather. 

“Come here,” Beca said.

While Bumper listened and came towards her face, Beca swung so that she was in a deep kneeling position on the bed, her head hanging over the edge. Donald was going to move out of the way, but Beca’s dainty fist held firmly around his cock, allowing him to only pivot a little to the side to make room for his friend. Apparently Beca wanted to suck them both off, not satisfied anymore with only pleasuring one at a time.

“Can you tell which one came from, you know, each hole,” Bumper asked.

“What do you think. Something has been lodged in my ass for the last 10 minutes,” Beca retorted as she stuck her tongue out and did a long lick of Bumper’s cock which had moments before been balls deep in her rectum. “Yum.”

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Donald commented, surprised he didn’t plaster his seed onto the gorgeous Bella’s face then and there.

“I fucking know,” Bumper agreed.

“Can you guys DP me again,” Beca asked.

“Fuck yes,” Donald and Bumper said in unison.

Letting go of both cocks was disappointing for Beca, but knowing that they would both be filling her holes in short order motivated the petite yet busty coed into action. Since Donald was closer to the head of the bed, Beca dragged him towards it, encouraging him to lay down with his head on the pillows. The taller, skinner man accepted the offer, doing as she wanted, at which point Beca crawled between his outstretched legs. Rather than crawl up his body, Beca instead stood up on the mattress, turning around so her petite but bubbly booty was facing Donald before she squatted down over his lap. Upon her descent Beca licked her fingers and spread the resulting smear around her once tight butthole before lowering down the rest of the way. Donald, with pinpoint accuracy, aimed his cock at his target and hit it in one try, immediately feeling her anal sphincter engulf his dick.

“Ah fuck,” Beca moaned at the anal penetration once more. 

Bumper waited on the floor for a minute, allowing the other two to find their position and groove first. From the combination of being looser from an orgasm and from being sodomized by two men in short order, Donald was able to thrust his dick into Beca’s ass with great ease. Knowing that everyone wanted to get in on the action, Donald pulled Beca closer to him so her back was resting on his chest and her legs were spread wide and invitingly for the other man.

With Donald holding her right leg up and Bumper pushing against her left leg, the men were able to take turns sawing into the Barden Bella with ease. Having found a good pattern to their fucking last time around, the two Treble Makers found their rhythm once more, preferring swiftness rather than depth. While both only used half their lengths to pound into Beca, they made up for that in speed, both thrusting at a tempo that was sweat-inducing. 

“Jesus Christ!” Beca moaned, her head tossed back and leaving her body at the mercy of the horny men.

Knowing that variety was the spice of life, Bumper initiated a change in their arrangement after a handful of minutes. Needing to slow the neck-breaking pace down, the chubbier of the two men grabbed both of Beca’s legs, pressed the skinny pegs together and leant them against his shoulder. Though she wasn’t spread wide and easy to fuck anymore, the slightly altered position allowed both her holes to feel a little tighter, and for the Treble Makers to fuck her with their entire dicks, albeit at a slower speed.

“Damn girl! These tits are still too good to believe,” Donald groaned as his reached up and groped the large, swaying mounds.

“I still can’t believe a girl only 100 pounds can take such a hard double dicking,” Bumper added, using his free hand to rear back before slapping Beca’s small tight ass.

“Harder!” Beca urged the thrusting men. 

“Seriously,” Donald grunted, unbelieving the abuse this petite freshman could handle.

“Close. Gonna cum again,” Beca quickly explained.

The two men exchanging the briefest of looks, knowing that they had to bear down and give the petite hottie what she so desperately wanted. With their final surge, Donald began thrusting up, generating so much power that his ass was leaving the mattress with each push up into her asshole. Meanwhile Bumper was working his hips to pull back and push forward in sharp motions, powering deep into Beca’s snatch. In fact, he began leaning forward to help get even deeper, meaning that he was practically folding the tiny singer in half. Despite the contortion, the Barden Bella managed to reach an arm around her legs, finding her sensitive nub and strumming her clit for all she was worth.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” Beca screamed as she gushed all over Bumper’s dick despite cumming less than 10 minutes ago.

It was her most powerful orgasm of the night for the redhead and after she screamed loud enough to puncture both men’s eardrums her lithe body went limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly once again, allowing the horny men to pound into her even harder. For the next handful of minutes, the two Treble Makers used Beca as their own personal sex doll. She proved able to handle their intense thrusting so they kept pounding as deep into her holes as their dicks allowed. .

Of course, Beca wasn’t the only one deriving great pleasure from the double fucking. Having their cocks separated by only a thin barrier between the redhead’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the busty girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past while as they fucked her at the same time. In fact both men hadn’t cum since they started their tryst an hour ago and they were both well due.

“Shit dude! Need to cum,” Donald panted from behind the sexy coed.

“Cum in my ass,” Beca murmured. “Want to feel you fill me up.”

“Oh God,” Donald grunted.

As his face contorted into a grimace, Donald grunted one final time before Beca felt several thick strands of his goo splashing the inside of her rectum. It lasted a good 30 seconds, and by the end, not only did Beca fill full like she wanted, Donald was completely spent. 

“Shit Beca,” Bumper groaned. “I’m close.”

“Cum wherever you want,” the horny coed replied.

“Anywhere?” Bumper asked.

“Let me guess, you wanna spew rope after rope onto my face,” Beca commented, having sized him up the moment she met him.

“Damn. You’re good,” Bumper agreed.

The moment Beca felt her pussy have a void as Bumper pulled out of her, the Bella swung her legs and dropped onto the floor. At that point Donald’s cock had already grown flaccid in her ass, so as she knelt before the kneeling Bumper, looking up at him as he stroked his dick mere inches from her face, Beca could feel the cum beginning to leak from her once tight asshole. 

Beca looked up and watched as Bumper stroked himself feriously, eyes closed and hand a blur around his thick cock. Finally she heard an almighty bellow, meaning Bumper had finally gotten over the edge. Making sure her face was perfectly in line with his cock, Beca opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes. It was perfect timing because almost immediately Bumper erupted a typhoon of cum right onto her supermodel-like face. Opening his eyes to not miss any of the action. Bumper watched as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose as she slightly flinched from the sudden burst. Bumper wasn’t done by a longshot and so the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Smile,” Donald said.

Turning back towards the slender beat-boxer, Beca was partly blinded by the flash of a camera. Closing her eyes then forcing herself to blink, she regained her sight and saw that the boys had taken her photo on a camera phone of her on her knees, bare tits and bald pussy showing and her face completely covered in cum. She looked like such an utter and complete slut that she could barely comprehend.

“And that should win us first prize at the Christmas party,” the Treble Makers joked.

Beca heard their words but she was really to exhausted and peaceful to care. They had made her cum too many times to count – 2? 3? – and she was still under the buzz of the drinks and MDMA. She knew she should care that there would be this photo of her circulating around campus, but if it led to more amazing sex like she just had, then she wasn’t certain she cared if she was branded the slut of Barden.

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