Imperial Sex Exchange

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Authoress's notes: The following story is a pseudo-sequel to my Return to Trigalis, and Partners in Sex story arc. After Imperial Security Agent Lieutenant Stormie Kintra (real name Tarkin) and Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia complete a successful mission together, the Galactic Alliance & Empire decide to have some more personnel work together. Jedi Knight Jysella Horn is chosen by the Jedi for this program.


Imperial Sex Exchange


A couple of weeks after Lieutenant Stormie Kintra & Jedi Knight Ta'tan'ia leave Trigalis...


“Colonel Drasi, I'm Jedi Knight Jysella Horn,” the young Jedi introduced herself. “And this is Myri Antilles,” she added, waving towards her companion next to her. “We've been assigned to you as part of the exchange program.”


Colonel Drasi, son of Ysanne Isard, stared at the two women in a mixture of surprise and apprehension. When Director Abbrums had agreed to exchanging some personal between Imperial Security and the Jedi, he thought it was a bad idea. Imperial Security didn't need any Jedi nosing around. When Director Abbrums decided that one of the Jedi would be assigned to him, Colonel Drasi really didn't like the idea. Now that he was staring at the daughters of two of his mother's sworn enemies, he expected the Horn girl to pull out her lightsaber and decapitate him. Director Abbrums knew who he was. This had to be a set up.


“Welcome to Yaga Minor, Jedi Horn, Jedi Antilles,” he replied with a polite smile, purposely miss-identifying Myri as a Jedi. “I look forward to working with you, but I'm afraid my duties don't allow me to spend much time in the field, so I'm not exactly sure what will be gained by this experiment.”


“Well, I'm not a Jedi, Colonel,” Myri informed him. “I'm... more of a support tech. When they decided to send Jysella, I talked them into letting me come with her. I hope you don't mind?” she explained expectantly, opening her black cloak and dropping it down to her elbows to reveal what was underneath.


Colonel Drasi took a moment to check out the daughter of Wedge Antilles. She was wearing a tight black bodysuit with gray panels on the sides, from her armpits down to her hips, narrowing into stripes that disappeared into her black knee boots. The boots had low gray platforms and heels that matched the panels on the bodysuit. The platforms were a couple of centimeters thick, and the heels looked at least fifteen centimeters tall—not really suitable for the field, unless she was undercover at a strip club.


A wide black nerfhide belt was slung low on her hips, although she didn't appear to be armed. The top of her bodysuit was unzipped a couple of decimeters, revealing the curves of her perky breasts. Silver durasteel cuffs—most likely a chrono and comlink—were visible on each wrist.


“I really want Myri to stay, too, Colonel Drasi,” Jedi Horn chimed in, opening her brown cloak and dropping it down to her elbows as well. “And we'll be happy to assist you in your duties, wherever they take you.”


Underneath the robe, Jysella Horn was wearing a tight bodysuit exactly like Myri's, except tan with darker brown panels on the sides. The Jedi's knee boots were tan, to match her bodysuit, with darker brown platforms and heels just as high as Myri's. A brown nerfhide belt was wrapped around her hips, with her lightsaber hanging off on her right side. Her bodysuit was also unzipped far enough to display her breasts. Silver durasteel cuffs were on her wrists as well.


“And we mean wherever,” Myri assured him. “We'll be available day and night, for anything you need us for.”


“Anything,” Jysella chimed in, stepping over to Myri, and wrapping her arm around her waist.


Normally the first thing that would have came into Colonel Drasi's mind after an offer like that would have been a list of people he needed killed. Especially with the pair of highly skilled individuals standing in front of him.


But as he watched, Myri snaked her arm behind Jysella's back, and they leaned in close to each other, their arms around each others' waists, their robes tangled between them. Jysella arched her back to push her chest out, and ran her finger down the cleft of Myri's breasts seductively, while Myri nuzzled Jysella's neck.


So now, he was imagining the two of them on their knees, giving him a double-team blow job while kissing and fondling each other, followed quickly by the three of them doing several more, even racier, sexual acts. That was obviously what they had intended for him to think, wasn't it? Unless this is a set up...


“Well, orders are orders,” he replied carefully, hiding an eager smile. “So I'm willing to give you two a chance to prove yourselves.”


“Thank you so much, Colonel,” Jysella responded happily.


“You won't regret it, Sir,” Myri added quickly.


The two close friends grinned enthusiastically, and gave each other a quick open-mouthed kiss, while watching Colonel Drasi for his approval. It was obvious they couldn't wait to prove themselves to him.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


A bit later, at the end of a tour of the base...


“And here are your quarters,” Colonel Drasi announced as they approached a door at the end of the corridor. “However, I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem,” he said, keying the pad next to the doorway “No one told me that Myri here,” he paused and flashed her a smile, “was coming, so we only have one room available.”


In reality there were probably a dozen rooms available in the Imperial Security section of the base, and they could easily shift people around to get plenty more if necessary. He had a feeling they wanted to stay together though. Besides, it'd be easier to monitor them if they were rooming together.


“Oh, that's no problem, Colonel,” Jysella replied cheerfully, walking through the now open doorway into the room. “We don't mind sharing a room.”


“Not at all,” Myri agreed, grinning at Colonel Drasi as she slid past him, pausing a heartbeat as she brushed against him. She noticed he had assigned them room number sixty-nine, and reached out to tap the number, so he'd know that she knew.


“It only has one bunk,” he pointed out, following them in, leaving the door open.


“That's no problem,” Jysella repeated confidently. “We don't mind sharing a bed until something else becomes available.”


“And no need to stress over finding one,” Myri added, reaching out and taking Jysella's hand in hers. “We'll be just fine.”


Jysella glanced over towards Myri, then flashed Colonel Drasi a quick wink.


“Well, thank you for your patience, Jedi Horn, Tech Antilles,” Colonel Drasi said, nodding at each of them. “See you two at oh-eight-hundred.”


Both girls stared back at him, questioning him with their eyes, and flashing flirty grins. At the same time, they leaned in closer to each other.


He hesitated at the doorway a moment, then shook his head. “Good night, ladies,” he told them, stepping back out into the corridor.


“Good night, Colonel,” they replied in unison as he closed the door.


“So, should we sanisteam before or after we have sex?” Jysella asked.


“You're ready to go again after the afternoon with Colonel Drasi?” Myri replied.


“Like you're not?” Jysella challenged as she began unzipping her bodysuit. “Besides, he's part of the reason I'm still so horny.”


“He is gorgeous,” Myri agreed with a smile, taking off her own bodysuit.


They had intended on finding a sexy Imperial guy or two—or woman—each, to treat them like the dirty submissive Rebel sluts they were while Jysella was assigned to Imperial Security, but they hadn't planned on finding one literally upon arriving on the Yaga Minor shipyards. Colonel Drasi was fine though. Nearly one-hundred-and-ninety-centimeters tall, and even before they got his uniform off him, they could tell he had a great body. They hadn't really planned on sharing either—why would they when there were likely several thousand eligible Imperials on the shipyards?—but they could tell Colonel Drasi was incredibly attracted to both of them. This way they'd get to spend more time with each other while getting fucked by the Empire... an Imperial.


In a matter of a few dozen seconds the two close friends were naked, except for their durasteel wrist chronos and comlinks. Their bodysuits, boots, belts, and underwear were tossed on the floor. They had left their cloaks back in Colonel Drasi's office. They fell onto the bed against the wall, their hands already busy on each other's tits, and between each other's legs.


After an orgasm each, and a bit of rest, they decided to take a sanisteam. That got them in the mood for another go around. They didn't wait until they got out, either.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


The next morning, they dressed in their bodysuits, boots, and belts, and headed to the base cafeteria for breakfast. They arrived at Colonel Drasi's office a half hour early, only to find him already there, hard at work.


“A Colonel's work is never done,” he replied with a friendly smile when Myri mentioned that they had wanted to get here before him. “Besides, I seemed to have been distracted most of the afternoon yesterday,” he added dryly.


“Need any caf Sir?” Jysella asked him. “Or anything else?” she added, tugging the zipper of her bodysuit down a few centimeters and eyeing him sensuously.


“I'm fine for now, thank you, Jedi Horn,” he answered with his own smile, raising his caf mug off the desk.


“Yes Colonel,” Jysella responded. “Just comm us if you need anything.”


“Anything,” Myri added cheerfully as they stepped out back into the outer office.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Not that I'm complaining ladies, but do you plan on wearing those bodysuits everyday?” Colonel Drasi asked a few hours later, as they were heading towards the cafeteria for a quick lunch.


“Well, now that you mention it, Sir,” Jysella began. “Somehow our belongings got lost on the way here. These are the only thing Myri and I have to wear,” she explained, waving her hands down her bodysuit, then gesturing towards Myri, who was on the other side of him.


Both were only wearing the tight bodysuits unzipped to their breasts, low-slung belts, fifteen-centimeter platform boots, and durasteel chrono and comlink cuffs around their wrists. Jysella also had her lightsaber on her right hip.


Colonel Drasi frowned in confusion a moment.


“But you took your own transport to rendezvous with the Blood Hawk, which brought you here. How could your belongings have gotten... lost?” he asked, suspecting the answer as he asked the question.


The two Rebel girls glanced at each other in confusion a heartbeat, then back up towards him.


“I don't know, but they did,” Jysella answered innocently, gesturing with her palms turning out, and shrugging her shoulders.


“Maybe Imperial Security can let us borrow some clothes while we're here,” Myri suggested slyly. “Some uniforms, or something?”


“And something to wear to the gym,” Jysella added. “And maybe to bed, too, I guess?” lowering her voice a bit.


“I'll see what I can do,” Colonel Drasi replied with a small smile of anticipation.


They had both been looking forward to wearing some sexy Imperial uniforms from the second Jysella had been assigned to this mission. Actually quite a bit before that, but now they'd be able to wear ones actually issued to them, on an Imperial base, while surrounded by Imperials. The fantasy had made them both wet. Jysella and Myri exchanged a glance with each other, and grinned in anticipation.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“You summoned us, Colonel,” Jysella asked as they entered his office.


“Yes, I've arranged for some proper clothes for the two of you to be delivered to your room first thing in the morning,” he explained.


“Thank you, Colonel,” they replied in near unison.


“So tonight, when you get back to your quarters, perhaps you two should go ahead and put those dirty clothes you're wearing in the laundry chute?” he suggested. “I'll make sure base laundry takes care of them.”


“Good idea, Colonel,” Jysella agreed with a grin.


“Definitely,” Myri commented as well.


“That includes those sexy boots, and your belts,” he added, after nodding his head in acknowledgment of their thanks. “We'll get them taken care of too.”


“Okay, Colonel,” Jysella responded after a heartbeat, and a glance towards Myri.




Normally nerfhide didn't go in the laundry without prior notification, but none of their stuff was going to get cleaned anyway. It was all going into the incinerator. He was pretty sure they knew that, too.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


A few days later...


“How do I look?” Myri asked, tugging her skirt down a bit.


“Amazing,” Jysella replied with a smile, stepping towards her and brushing back a few locks of her hair. “Me?”


“Sexy as hell,” Myri answered with her own smile.


Both women were wearing the matching Imperial-style outfits that Colonel Drasi had delivered to their room. They each had two identical almost-uniforms that they wore, rotating them daily.


Their tops were dark gray, with off-white panels over the tops of their shoulders, down to just above their armpits. The snug sleeves came about half-way down their forearms, and closed with discrete zippers. The tops were tight around their midsections, almost like corsets. Glossy black synth-hide belts—about seven centimeters wide—were clinched around their waists. The buckles were eight-centimeter-wide Imperial Emblems. Their skirts were they same dark gray as their tops, wrap around, and came to just below mid-thigh, with off-white trim around the hem, to match their shoulders. Lighter gray tights covered their legs from the hem of the mini-skirts to the tops of their glossy black knee high boots. The boots had towering stiletto heels, about seventeen or eighteen centimeters high, only adjusted to make the two women the same height. The stilettos and edges of the soles were chrome silver, contrasting with the boots.


Their five-centimeter-wide silver comlink cuffs were still maglocked around their left wrists. Instead of their matching chronos, which were mostly just useful as shackles anyway, Colonel Drasi had given them each a stack of eight half-centimeter-diameter silver bangle bracelets to wear on their right wrists. The bracelets were too small to slide on and off, so they closed with small maglocks instead, leaving nearly invisible seams.


Colonel Drasi had also provided slimline silver durasteel chokers as part of their duty attire. Each was three-centimeters wide, and set low around their throats, but still plainly visible. In fact, their uniform tops came up just past the bottom of their collars, so they almost looked like part of the tops.


IMPERIAL SECURITY was on the left breast of the tops, just below the off-white across their shoulders, with their names just below it. Tech Antilles, for Myri, and Tech Horn, for Jysella. Her lightsaber was attached to her belt at her right hip as well.


The only other items of clothing they had were their gym outfits. Those consisted of tight, skimpy half-shirts that exposed their mid-sections, stretchy pants that came down to their calves, and gym shoes, all light-gray with black trim. The Imperial Emblem was over their left breasts, and IMPERIAL SECURITY was emblazoned down the right legs of their stretchy workout pants. Jysella and Myri had just come from their workout, as matter-of-fact.


Jysella supposed she really should have protested letting Colonel Drasi maglock collars around their necks. The combination of tight tops, sexy mini-skirts, and towering high-heeled boots was bad enough, especially when Colonel Drasi told them that they had to wear them every day, at least for the foreseeable future. The stiletto-heeled knee boots weren't much higher than the boots they normally wore, so that wasn't really a problem. She and Myri did veto Colonel Drasi's idea to replace their Jedi comlink cuffs with Imperial Security issued ones though, so that was something.


When he presented the chokers to them though, after he had inspected their new uniforms for the first time, she could sense Myri's anticipation as much as her own. Jysella obediently turned away from him, let Myri lift her hair out of the way, and allowed him to close the choker around her neck. A few seconds later, she was lifting Myri's hair so he could collar her as well. After that, exchanging their chrono cuffs for some heavy bangle bracelets that he produced from his desk drawer was a given. That had been four days ago. Since then, they had only taken the chokers off at the gym, putting them back on right after their post-workout sanisteam. They wore them on duty, in the evenings with Colonel Drasi, and even to sleep. The bracelets hadn't come off at all.


What the two women didn't know was that their chokers had built-in tracking devices, and could only be unlocked at the gym. Colonel Drasi thought it would be a bit weird for them to wear collars while working out at the Imperial Security gym. Their durasteel comlink cuffs and stack of bracelets were odd enough. He assumed they'd protest when they learned that they couldn't take the collars off in their room, but so far, it hadn't come up. He wondered if that meant they'd discovered it, and just accepted it, or slept wearing them.


Colonel Drasi's work mostly required him to stay in his office, so they assisted him there. They shared a newly installed desk with two computer terminals just outside his office door. The desk required them to stand up while working, which even for Jysella, a Jedi, was a little painful in a pair of brand new eighteen centimeter heels. Jysella did spend quite a bit more time in Colonel Drasi's office though, since she sat in on most of the Holonet meetings he had with his subordinates, and his boss, General Shaw. She also accompanied Colonel Drasi on his security rounds, which was basically just him walking around the Imperial Security section of the shipyards, seeing how things were going. Jysella could sense the distrust from most of the people she encountered, often combined with sexual attraction as well.


As a result of them spending so much time on their feet, she and Myri had had to spend quite a bit of time massaging each others feet at night. Myri had also admitted that she kept offering Colonel Drasi blowjobs during the day partially to get off her feet some. To help her out with that a bit, Jysella made sure Myri took Colonel Drasi caf when they thought he would want a blowjob.


Not that Jysella hadn't had sex with Colonel Drasi herself, at least once a day, and a couple more times in the evening, after work. Most of those times Myri had been involved as well. He demonstrated on them that Imperial binders worked just fine with their comlink cuffs and bracelets.


Last night he had also showed them new black durasteel bondage collars that fitted over their everyday chokers. They were six centimeters wide, with silver accents. There was a recess around the bottom of each, designed so the larger collars slid over their looser everyday chokers, and still closed snugly around their necks. These collars had D-rings that could be maglocked onto them, or Colonel Drasi could just attach magnetic restraints directly to them. Jysella and Myri had lots of fun sixty-nining each other with their wrists cuffed behind their backs to their new collars.


First Jysella and Myri headed to the cafeteria for a quick breakfast. While most of the Imperial Security personnel weren't friendly with them yet, they seemed to be warming up. Quite a few of the male agents and support techs had been very appreciative of the Imperial-style outfits they were wearing the past few days.


They arrived at Colonel Drasi's office a little past oh-seven-thirty. He was already there, of course. Once they modeled their outfits for him, Myri refilled his caf. Then they went to work, standing side by side at their desk.


That afternoon, close to dinner time, Colonel Drasi summoned Jysella into his office. Myri had been in there for the last ten minutes or so, probably sucking his dick.


“You wanted to see me, Sir?” Jysella asked as she entered his office, closing the door behind herself. She didn't see Myri, but after a moment, she sensed her in his private 'fresher, which was off to Jysella's left. Jysella came to a stop about half a meter in front of his desk, posing with her right foot a little forward, and her hands behind her back, pushing her breasts out for him. It was the more-or-less default pose she and Myri had come up with, and that he seemed to approve of.


“I made you and Tech Antilles an appointment at one of the shipyard's salons for eighteen hundred,” he told her. “I think the two of you could use a more... Imperial hair style while you're here,” he explained with a friendly smile.


Jysella sensed there was something more going on, but nothing sinister. In fact, she had only gotten a few occasional, faint, feelings of uneasiness from Colonel Drasi since they'd arrived. Even last night, when he'd told them that their larger collars could shock them, she hadn't felt any danger.


“I like my hair the way it is, Colonel,” she replied diplomatically.


Every so often, she liked to challenge him a bit. Just to remind him that they weren't his slaves or anything.


“So do I, Jedi Horn,” he answered politely, and with a slight smirk. “But I want you and Tech Antilles to go to the salon at eighteen hundred. I've told them what I want, and I'd really appreciate it if you cooperated on this.”


Jysella let out an audible—and mostly phony—sigh. “I suppose so, Sir,” she finally responded. “In the interest of further cooperation between the Jedi Order and the Empire.”


Colonel Drasi flashed her a grin. “You have been very cooperative since you've arrived, Jedi Horn. In fact, why don't you come over here and cooperate some now,” he suggested, glancing down towards his lap.


Jysella was pretty sure Myri had just blown him, and he hadn't wanted sex again so soon in the office since that first day. “Of course, Colonel,” she answered with a cheerful smile, strutting around his desk.


A few moments later, Jysella was underneath his desk, pulling his still semi-hard cock out of his pants. For a heartbeat, she wondered why he wanted her under his desk. It wasn't like both she and Myri hadn't seen each other suck him at his desk. Then she understood he just wanted to see if Myri would realize she was under there. Jysella would be shocked if she missed that, even if she pretended like she did.


When Myri came out of the 'fresher a minute or so later, Jysella had Colonel Drasi hard again, and was stroking the bottom of his dick while she licked and sucked the top. She stopped moving her right hand though, so Myri wouldn't hear her bracelets clinking against each other.


“Let me know if you need anything else, Sir,” Myri said cheerfully, her heels quietly audible on the carpeted deck.


“I think I'm good for right now, Tech Antilles,” he answered evenly.


A moment later, Jysella heard Myri walk out of the office, and close the door behind herself. Still, she was sure she knew she was under the desk, sucking off an Imperial Security Colonel that they were supposed to be on a professional assignment with.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


The next morning, after their workout...


Myri Antilles checked herself out in the 'fresher mirror. Then she glanced over to the reflection next to hers.


“You look sexy as an Imperial sex toy, 'Sella,” she told her, grinning.


“Not as sexy as you,” Jedi Horn answered with her own seductive smile. She reached over, and tugged on her friend's collar. “You've definitely spent more time in Colonel Drasi's office than me.”


In fact, Colonel Drasi had had them get makeovers that made them look alike. Their hair had been dyed to a raven black, and cut to chin length, just long enough to tie back into a tight ponytail, or leave straight, and still show off their chokers. The hairstylists had told them that Colonel Drasi wanted them to leave it straight while on duty. Their make-up was done to make them look even more similar, practically like sisters. Maybe even twins. It was also semi-permanent, and would last a few weeks, at least. The salon girls were going to remove their pubic hairs, but both Myri and Jysella already kept themselves as smooth as plastisteel down there.


Now Myri let out a little harrumph. “You know you're just letting me get off my feet for a bit.” She held up her right hand, her palm facing away from her, and examined her fingernails critically. The salon had given both of them centimeter long white-tipped false nails as part of their makeovers.


Myri and 'Sella smiled at each other again, then headed for the cafeteria, nearly identical playthings for Colonel Drasi. He had loved their matching hairstyles and make-up when he first saw them the night before. Myri had lost count of how many times he came, but it had to have been at least three or four. That wasn't counting the blowjob a piece she and 'Sella had given him earlier in the day.


The night before, and during that morning, Myri had mostly figured out basic tasks like getting dressed, eating, and making caf for Colonel Drasi with her new nails easily enough. She was still trying to get used to typing with them. Since 'Sella was a Jedi, she barely even noticed hers. That afternoon, Myri decided it was time to bring the issue up—politely, as she actually liked everything about her makeover, including her nails—to Colonel Drasi.


“Colonel Drasi, I love my new nails, my whole makeover, as matter of fact,” she began as she set down a fresh cup of caf on his desk for him. “But it's really hard to type with them,” she added, displaying the offending nails, her bracelets making small clinking noises as they slid down her wrist.


Colonel Drasi stared back at her a couple of seconds, then took a swallow of his stimcaf before replying.


“Are you saying you can't?” he asked pointedly.


“No Sir,” she assured him after a brief hesitation. “I was just letting you know, I'm still getting used to typing with them,” she said, unconsciously glancing down at them again.


“Well, I have something to help motivate you in that regard,” he responded, opening his bottom desk drawer. The same one he had gotten their chokers and bracelets from a few days ago.


Myri's surprise quickly turned to anticipation as she watched him pull a black plastex paddle out of the drawer. It was about a decimeter wide, and sixty centimeters long. It also had a pattern of small holes, interspersed with bumps, at least on the side she could see.


“Um, you're going to paddle me for making a few simple typing errors, Sir?” she asked with mostly mock nervousness, biting her lower lip and covering her butt with her hands for emphasis.


“You and Jedi Horn both,” he answered with confidence, holding up the paddle and waving it a bit. Then he shrugged his shoulders. “Actually I was going to start paddling you two anyway. This typing thing will just be a convenient excuse.”


Myri pretended to be shocked—and anxious—at this revelation.


“Yes Sir,” she finally said, letting her shoulders down and sighing in feigned defeat.


“Now, since you've already sent me a couple of reports with several mistakes, we'll start you off with... twenty licks,” he informed her calmly, idly waving the paddle towards his shoulder. “Put your hands on the edge of my desk, Ms. Antilles,” he instructed her, pointing towards the side of his desk closest to her.


“Wha—Now, Colonel?” Myri asked in feigned confusion.


“Now, Ms Antilles,” he repeated. “Step to the end of the desk, put your hands on the edge, and your feet shoulder-width apart.” As he spoke, he stood up, stepping behind her.


Myri obeyed, gripping the edge of his desk as she spread her feet apart. Her heart was beating in arousal. Colonel Drasi hadn't been shy about spanking them, or using a few different crops and paddles on them, but that was in his quarters after work. This was in his office, with 'Sella right outside. She felt like a naughty schoolgirl or something.


Colonel Drasi nudged her feet a little further back, and a little further apart with his paddle. Now she was leaning far enough forward that she had to support quite a bit of her weight with her arms, or she'd fall. He groped her breast, and it a little squeeze. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Myri saw him pull the paddle back, preparing for the first blow. Suddenly, he lowered his arms.


“Don't move,” he told her, stepping back to the desk—touching her ass with the paddle—and tapping the intercom.


Myri was a little shocked, and more than a little excited, when he told 'Sella to join them.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Yes, Colonel Drasi?” Jysella asked as she stepped into his office.


In a glance, she took in Myri standing against the desk, and him holding a paddle, idly swinging it from side-to-side. She paused, and made sure she closed the door behind herself.


“Tech Antilles, get Jedi Horn up to speed,” Colonel Drasi prompted, nudging her on her ass with the paddle.


“Colonel Drasi is going to motivate me to improve my typing with my new nails by paddling me,” Myri explained smoothly, glancing at Jysella in barely veiled anticipation.


“And you're going to watch,” Colonel Drasi added matter-of-factly, his attention on Jysella.


Jysella ran through a quick Jedi calming technique. While she had watched Colonel Drasi spank Myri several times in his quarters, now they were in his office. He was wearing the long sleeved white undershirt and black pants of his Imperial Security Colonel's uniform, and she and Myri were wearing the slutty office outfits he had given them.


“Yes, Colonel,” Jysella answered obediently, pretending to appear apprehensive, and doing her best to hide her arousal. She was already in their default pose, one high heeled foot a little forward, her hands behind her back, her breasts pushing out for him.


As he stepped back to a good paddling position, Myri flashed Jysella a quick wink. Jysella winked back at her as the first blow landed on her ass.


“Oh—One!” Myri announced, keeping her feet and hands in place.


Jysella could sense a brief flash of pain from her, but nothing serious. Certainly nothing that Myri hadn't felt before, even from Colonel Drasi cropping her.


“Two!” she said a moment later.


Colonel Drasi pulled back for another blow, but held up.


“Perhaps we should be doing this bare bottom?” he asked, seemingly half to Jysella, and half to himself.


“Maybe next time, Colonel?” Jysella suggested politely. “This is her first offense, after all.”


“Yes. I believe you're correct,” he replied, bringing the paddle back for another strike. “However, I will paddle your Jedi ass bare bottom.”


Jysella opened her mouth to respond, but was interrupted by Myri.


“Three!” She took a quick breath, then said, “Sorry for not telling you you were going to start getting paddled, too.”


Jysella hadn't really expected anything different, even if her typing wasn't really affected by her new centimeter long fake nails. Instead of saying anything, she just watched her friend count the blows as she got paddled by an Imperial Security Colonel they had only met a few days ago. Jysella's mouth hung half-open, her heart beating in arousal. Would Colonel Drasi paddle her next, or make her wait?






~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“I guess there's at least one good reason for this desk,” Myri commented as they logged back into their computer terminals at their desk. She took a second to gently massage her rear.


“Yeah,” Jysella replied sympathetically. Colonel Drasi hadn't paddled her. He had given Myri twenty licks, then told both of them to get back to work. “You want to hit the 'fresher?”


“Na, I'm fine,” she answered with a determined smirk. “I'll just have to do a better job satisfying our Colonel, so he doesn't have a reason to punish me again,” she explained calmly, still thinking about her paddling, no doubt.


Jysella glanced over at her. For a heartbeat, she thought she was really serious. Neither of them wanted to make silly mistakes, or get paddled too much, but it wasn't like Colonel Drasi paddling them was actually going to make a difference.


“Shouldn't he have someone doing all this typing and paperwork for him anyway?” the Jedi wondered aloud.


Colonel Drasi had a second in command named Major Taylar. He was a frequent visitor to the office, and both Jysella and Myri had seen him around the Colonel's HQ area. He had complimented them on their new office attire, but hadn't spoken to them much otherwise. He did didn't even ogle them too overtly. Jysella didn't think anyone except them was doing paperwork though.


“He does,” Myri answered, her manicured nails tapping on the keyboard touchscreen. “Someone named Brooks. He sent her on a mission right after we arrived.”


Oh. “Probably wanted her out of the way so he could fuck us,” Jysella guessed.


Myri just let out a small laugh. “I wonder what gave him the impression we'd be into that?”


Jysella responded with her own chuckle. They had shown up and basically thrown themselves at him, after all.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


A few days later...


“Jedi Horn, step in here a moment,” Colonel Drasi said over the intercom.


“Yes Colonel,” Jysella responded promptly. She quickly put her terminal on standby.


Then she turned to Myri, who was next to her, and let her make sure she looked okay before she went in. Colonel Drasi didn't like when they looked less than their best. A moment later she stepped through is office door.


“You wanted to see me, Sir?” she said, closing the door behind herself. Even though it was just Myri outside, he didn't like to take any chances. She strutted the handful of meters to just behind the chairs he had for guests in front of his desk. That was far enough back so he could see her entire body, and they'd still be able to converse in normal voices.


He took a second to inspect her appearance, and pretty much check her out before responding.


“The evening after tomorrow they are having a lifeday dinner for Admiral Robersen. You will accompany me.”


“Okay, Sir,” she answered politely.


She really didn't care for formal reception-type affairs. She knew that Myri didn't mind them as much though.


“Um, Sir, may I ask what Tech Antilles will be doing during this time?” she asked.


“Probably nothing. Why?”


“Well Sir, I will of course accompany you if you wish. However, Tech Antilles would probably enjoy spending the evening with you at this event more,” she explained diplomatically.


“I thought about that,” Colonel Drasi said with a shake of his head. “I can only bring one escort, and everyone knows you're here. Jedi Jysella Horn,” he emphasized. “If I take her and not you, they'd just be asking me about you all night.”


“Ah, okay Sir,” Jysella conceded. “One more thing though. My comlink isn't coming off, so if it doesn't fit in with the décor, I'll need something to cover it,” she said, raising her left hand, and the five-centimeter-wide durasteel cuff around her wrist.


“I'll see what I can do,” Colonel Drasi replied with a nod. “Perhaps we'll chain you to the table with it?”


“Maybe not at Admiral Robersen's lifeday dinner, but we can give it a try now, Sir,” she suggested, holding her wrists out towards him and smiling expectantly.


“Work,” he replied, nodding towards his desk. “I'll chain you to something tonight, though.”


“Can't wait, Sir,” Jysella answered, flashing him a seductive grin.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Admiral Robersen's lifeday dinner...


Jysella had expected a boring formal dinner, the sort she had been forced to attend a few times back in the Galactic Alliance. While they still observed some formalities—Colonel Drasi was wearing his dress uniform, and he had gotten a very nice gown for her—the event was more of a sit down dinner with friends. Well, at least after the mercifully brief speech from Admiral Robersen. Some Imperial music, at least twenty years old, by the sound of it, was playing while they ate.


The gown Colonel Drasi had procured for Jysella to wear was white, with black trim, and gold accents. It was asymmetrical, near ankle-length at her left leg, and above her knee on her right. Similarly, the left sleeve was long enough to cover her comlink cuff, while the right exposed her shoulder. A very nice pair of white fifteen-centimeter heels with black and gold accents were on her feet.


Her silver choker was replaced with a gold one engraved with an elaborate pattern in black, and white around the edges. It was a bit looser than her other one, giving less of a collar impression, and more of a wide necklace. A pair of wide bracelets—also in black, white, and gold—were on her right wrist, along with matching earrings. She left her lightsaber in her room, with Myri.


They were seated at a table with a handful of Imperial Naval Officers, two of whom had their wives with them. All of them seemed to know each other. Colonel Drasi made the introductions, and they all greeted Jysella warmly enough, although she did sense at least a little animosity from most of them. There was also something else from one of them; something odd. One of the Commanders, Suton, gave Colonel Drasi a questioning look, and Jysella got a weird feeling from him, like he knew something that no one else did. Something important. She dismissed the feeling for the time being though. Just as they settled down, a couple of severs arrived to deliver their first course.


Jysella glanced over, and was shocked to see Myri standing there, cheerfully setting out glasses of wine, wearing a server's uniform. A moment later, she could sense Colonel Drasi realizing it as well.


Masion sur le Lac, to go with your appetizer, Colonel,” she said, setting a glass next to his plate.


The small gold name tag over her left breast said her name was Anna.


“Thank you,” Jysella answered politely as she set her glass down, an amused smile on her face.


Myri moved on, and Colonel Drasi and Jysella exchanged a glance. He raised an eyebrow questioningly, and she shrugged her shoulders subtlety, then looked away.


Jysella had no idea how, or why Myri was there. She had been in their room, watching the holoscreen, when Jysella had left, and hadn't mentioned anything about infiltrating the dinner party.


A few minutes later Myri and the other server returned with the appetizers. Jysella watched Myri in her peripheral vision, and knew that Colonel Drasi was doing the same.


Everyone at the table began eating, and continued generally chatting with one another. Jsyella confirmed again that she was, in fact, Jedi Knight Jysella Horn, and that her lightsaber was 'somewhere safe', when they asked about that. One of the Naval Commanders asked Colonel Drasi about the other Jedi.


“You must be referring to Myri Antilles,” he surmised. “She is not a Jedi, she only accompanied Jedi Horn,” he explained, nodding towards her.


“Well, where is daughter of the famous Wedge Antilles, if we may inquire?” Commander Suton asked.


He and Colonel Drasi held each other's gaze for a heartbeat before the latter answered. The other people at the table were obviously interested in the answer as well.


“Imperial Security was only extended two invitations,” he explained with a shrug, turning and nodding towards Jysella again. “The lovely Jedi Horn here agreed to accompany me.”


Jysella noticed that didn't exactly answer the question, and she knew that several of them caught that as well. She also quickly sensed that none of them were about to challenge him on it.


Just a few seconds later, Myri appeared, along with the other server, and began clearing the appetizers from the table.


This time, Colonel Drasi pointedly didn't even glance at her. Jysella did, though surreptitiously.


She, and the other servers Jysella had noticed, were wearing black pants, short black jackets, and white shirts with a black bow-ties. Jysella could even make out the outline of her choker underneath her shirt collar, and her comlink cuff and bracelets around her wrists. She wasn't surprised that Myri chose to wear the choker and bracelets that Colonel Drasi had given them while operating incognito. It was what a kinky girl would do, if she could.


The dinner conversation moved on from the whereabouts of Myri Antilles to the various recent adventures of the Naval Officers at the table. Myri kept up her server act, and brought them their next course, along with keeping their glasses full with the appropriate wine. Sometime later, while they were awaiting desert, some mentioned a battle Colonel Drasi had apparently been in.


“Yeah, I heard your ship had to be towed to a spacedock after just one battle,” Colonel Hughhes commented with a friendly smile. “With some pirates or something?”


Several of the other Officers showed obvious amusement at that statement.


“I was not towed anywhere,” Colonel Drasi replied pointedly. “We flew under our own power.” He paused to take a swallow of his wine, then added, “After about six hours of repairs by our damage control teams.”


Now everyone laughed again. Colonel Drasi simply shrugged his shoulders, an obviously unconcerned expression on his face.


“So what about you telling Grand Admiral Pellaeon that the Empire could just buy a new Star Destroyer?”


There were several audible sounds of shock and surprise at that accusation.


“Whooaa, Whooaa, Whooaa,” Colonel Drasi began, holding his hands up in defense. “I did NOT tell Grand Admiral Pellaeon that the Empire could just buy a new Star Destroyer.”


“I said it to Admiral Poinard,” he admitted after a few heartbeats, to everyone's laughter. “Grand Admiral Pellaeon only overheard.”


“And it was only a Vindicator-class ship anyway,” he said with a dismissive wave, once the laughter quietened down some. “And I said the Empire could build a new Star Destroyer.”


“So what did Grand Admiral Pellaeon say then?” someone inquired.


The table quickly went silent, awaiting Colonel Drasi's response.


“Well, after I nearly shavitt myself, I informed him that I did in fact destroy the pirate ship—which we were about evenly matched with—then, in a somewhat more conciliatory tone that I had just used with Admiral Poinard, I said again that the Empire could build a new Star Destroyer.” He paused, took a swallow of his wine, flashed a satisfied smile, then said, “So he couldn't go too hard on me.”


Everyone laughed again.


“Those scum had been attacking Imperial ships and settlements for months. After I took out one of their two Star Destroyers, the rest of them ran to Reb—Galactic Alliance space. Some of their Defense Force finished them off not long after,” he explained.


No one seemed to feel the need to reply to that, but after a few moments, Commander Suton changed the subject.


“Jedi Horn, ever since word of your arrival, my TIE pilots have been after me about flying against you in a simulator. How about it?”


Several of the other officers quickly indicated their pilots had been asking the same thing as well.


“Sorry, Commander,” she responded apologetically. “I'm here to work with Imperial Security and Colonel Drasi. That keeps me plenty busy.”


“Well, what about Ms. Antilles?” Commander Suton pressed. “I'm sure Colonel Drasi could spare her for an hour or so?”


Jysella glanced at Colonel Drasi a heartbeat.


“I'm afraid your pilots will have to continue competing against each other in the simulators,” he interjected. “Jedi Horn and Ms. Antilles are not here to stroke their egos by seeing who could last the longest against a Jedi.”


There were audible sighs around the table. Commander Suton wasn't quite done with the subject though.


“Come on, Tal,” he began. “We'll take the top two pilots from the shipyard's rankings. One flight, against them,” he said, nodding towards Jysella.


“Sorry,” Colonel Drasi replied firmly. “They're not here to entertain your pilots.”


This time there were several seconds of silence, with only the sounds of swallows of drinks being taken, and glasses hitting the table.


“Say, Colonel, you Imperial Security types still record everything everyone says?” one of the officers, a Junior Commander, asked.


“Definitely,” Colonel Drasi answered with sincerity. “Everything all of you have said tonight is going in your files.” As he finished speaking, he began patting various places on his uniform jacket. “Damn. Wouldn't you know it. I seem to have left my stylus in the office.”


He flashed an expression of exaggerated irritation, and the table broke out in more good-natured laughter.


“Jedi Horn, are you writing this down?” Colonel Drasi asked, still pretending to be annoyed.


She paused a heartbeat, then waved her hands towards her shoulders and replied, “Sorry, my dress doesn't seem to have any pockets.”


The table laughed again.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“So, Colonel,” Commander Suton began. “Colonel Hughhes and a few of us are going to the Officers' Cantina for drinks after this. Would you and Jedi Horn care to join us?”


The lifeday dinner was rapidly winding down. Admiral Robersen had left a bit ago, and everyone had taken that as a signal that they could leave as well. About third of the guests were already gone, with several more standing and chatting with each other on their way to the exits. Quite a few Imperials from the other tables were stopping by to chat with one or another of the officers on the way out. Several of them made a point to introduce themselves to Jysella while they were there.


“I'm afraid not,” Colonel Drasi replied. “I have to be in the office early in the morning,” he explained amicably.


“Like General Shaw would say anything to you about being a bit late,” Colonel Hughhes commented with a friendly smile.


Everyone at the table laughed. Even Colonel Drasi chuckled, and gave a chagrined shrug.


“Nevertheless, I will arrive at my place of duty promptly—and with enough rest—to fulfill my duties to the Empire to the best of my ability,” he declared, still smiling broadly.


“Well, what about Jedi Horn?” Colonel Suton asked, turning his attention towards her.


Colonel Drasi glanced at Jysella, and gave her a questioning look, seemingly leaving the decision up to her. Through the Force though, she sensed that he was wary about her staying behind.


“Perhaps another time, Sir,” she answered diplomatically. “I believe we'll be quite busy tomorrow.”


Commander Suton regarded her for a moment. “Perhaps another time,” he repeated with a nod of reluctant acceptance.


Several minutes later, Colonel Drasi and Jysella got up to leave. The rest of the guests at the table did the same, most of them heading for the nearby Officers' Cantina. Colonel Drasi declined a couple of more invitations to join them there before they got away from the dinner hall.


As they were boarding the tube to head back to the Imperial Security section of the base, Jysella got a message from Myri saying that she'd be a little late. She relayed the information to Colonel Drasi, who was glancing at the message he had received on his comlink.


“I see that,” he answered. “Tell me, did you know anything about that little stunt?”


“No Sir, not a thing,” Jysella answered honestly. “I had no idea.”


He considered that a moment as they found a place on the barely one third-full tube car. “Well, someone is going to get punished. And probably for real. Not just what I'm going to do to you later.”


“Okay, Colonel,” Jysella answered with a quick smirk of anticipation.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Once they got back to the Imperial Security section of the base, they went to Colonel Drasi's quarters. A few minutes later, Jysella was in his living room, naked except for her heels and durasteel comlink around her left wrist. She lifted her hair, and he closed the heavy shock collar around her neck. Then he led her to his room, and his bed.


First Jysella gave him a blow job, mostly just to get him nice and hard. Then he had her lie down, and he pulled a pair of binders out of the nightstand. She grinned as he spread her wrists, and cuffed them to the bulkhead at the top of the bed. He kissed her a few more times on her mouth, just above her collar, and breasts a few times. Then she let out a little moan as she felt him slide his dick into her waiting pussy.


He started with a few slower strokes, then started fucking her in earnest. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him tight. It didn't take either of them long to cum.


After they finished, Colonel Drasi went to the 'fresher, to clean up, then uncuffed her from the bulkhead so she could do the same. When she came out, she found him in the main room, sitting on his poufcouch, and watching the holoscreen, wearing just black underwear.


“You can wear that back to your room,” he told her, gesturing towards a pair of sweat pants and a shirt laying over one of the chairs.


“Okay,” she answered, picking up the gray sweat pants.


They were obviously his. She had to roll the pants legs up several times, and they were practically falling off her hips.


“So I guess I'm not getting punished tonight?” she asked as she pulled the black tank top on. Luckily it was big enough to cover the skin the sweats had left exposed.


“Oh.” He paused, then explained, “I honestly forgot about that. I'll have to punish you tomorrow,” grinning back at her.


“Sounds like fun,” she responded. “By the way, am I supposed to wear these with sweats and a tank top?” she asked, gesturing with one of the expensive white and gold heels on her feet.


“That or barefoot,” he said with a shrug.


Jysella knew she'd be less conspicuous barefoot, so she leaned down to slide the heels off.


“You planning on unlocking this collar?” she asked as she set the heels next to her dress, which was draped over the end of the poufcouch.


He pondered that a moment.


“While I don't really like the idea of you wandering around my base uncollared, I suppose it would draw some unwanted attention,” he finally admitted. “Computer, release Jedi Horn's collar,” he called out.


Jysella heard the distinctive beep of her collar's maglock opening. She didn't reach up to take it off though.


“You have our collars on voice command?”


She didn't know he had done that. Every other time, he had used a remote to unlock them.


“Programmed to me,” he replied with a smile, looking back from the poufcouch. “I left the remote in the bedroom.”


She had to admit, the thought of him being able to shock her with just a command turned her on a bit. She reached up, and tugged her collar open, then set it on the table, closing it again.


“See you in the morning, Colonel,” she said, stepping over and giving him a goodnight kiss.


“I want Myri in my office first thing,” he told her.


“Yes Colonel,” Jysella answered obediently.


No one paid any special attention to a woman walking the corridors of the base barefoot, wearing just a pair of oversized sweat pants and tank top. By the time Jysella got back to her room, she could sense Myri inside.


“Have fun?” Myri asked as Jysella closed the door behind herself.




Myri was lying on the bed, the blanket pulled up to her chest. Jysella could see her choker, comlink, and bracelets around her neck and wrists.


“Drasi's mad at you for infiltrating the dinner,” Jysella explained as she began stripping off her top and sweat pants.


“Like mad mad?” Myri replied, frowning.


“Na, more like a little annoyed,” Jysella answered as she wandered over towards the bed. “He said he was going to punish you,” she explained as she reached out and played with Myri's choker a bit.


Myri chuckled. “Oooh, should I go get my punishment now, then?” she asked with a flirtatious smile.


“He said he'd talk to you in the morning,” Jysella told her. “Why'd you do that, anyway?”


“Mostly boredom,” Myri responded with a shrug.


Jysella laid down on the bed next to her, on top of the blanket, naked except for her durasteel wrist comlink.


“The Navy Officers at the the dinner all said that their pilots wanted to challenge us in the simulators,” Jysella commented. “I told them no, but...”


“I thought about that,” Myri said, shaking her head. “I could do it, but you shouldn't. They'd probably have sensors to monitor your bio-metrics and stuff, and they might learn something about Jedi they shouldn't.”


That hadn't occurred to Jysella. “Well, when were you going to mention this to me?” she asked, nudging her with her elbow.


“Like I'm supposed to anticipate every dumb idea you have and preemptively tell you not to do it?” Myri retorted, shoving her back.


Jysella went with the shove, sliding off the bed and standing up. “That's not that dumb of an idea. They probably have that sort of data from other Force users anyway,” she surmised, walking across the room and and picking up her choker off the dresser. She quickly closed it around her neck, then put the tight bracelets Colonel Drasi had given her back around her wrist.


“You know, while I was preparing to get into the dinner, I found out that our chokers won't come off in our room, or basically anywhere except the gym,” Myri told her calmly, still laying on the bed.


Jysella turned back and gave her a look of astonishment.


“And you waited until after I put it back on to tell me!?” she exclaimed, hooking her thumb underneath the choker and pulling it away from her neck.


“I guess I didn't anticipate you doing that,” Myri responded dryly, gesturing with her hands.


Jysella groaned in annoyance as she picked up her sweatpants and threw them at her. She was actually a bit surprised Colonel Drasi had done that. Maybe if they'd tried to take the chokers off sooner, they'd have found out. She didn't sense any danger through the Force, so she wasn't really bothered. Still, they'd have to confront him about not being able to take off their chokers. She unconsciously caught the sweatpants that Myri had thrown back at her. After he punishes her for infiltrating Admiral Roberson's dinner, she thought as she walked back to their bed.


“I'm gonna tell Colonel Drasi to paddle your ass a hundred times,” Jysella told her as she slid underneath the blanket next to her.


“You know you love having an Imperial collar maglocked around your throat,” Myri said, reaching up and tugging on Jysella's choker with her left hand, and snaking her right arm underneath her.


“About as much as you,” Jysella answered, leaning in and giving her a kiss. “I still hope he beats your ass till you can't sit down.”


“So you can massage it for me?” Myri responded, tweaking her nipple a little.


“Hmmmm,” Jysella mused almost silently. “Or we'll strap you into a TIE simulator, and dial the controls down about a third, so all these Imperials can vape the daughter of Wedge Antilles.”


“Then you can fuck the winners?” Myri suggested flirtatiously.


“Me?” Jysella asked in mock puzzlement. “More like I holocam them fucking you, then send them the footage so they can memorialize it.”


Myri giggled in response, then kissed her again. Soon they fell asleep, next to each other, still naked except for their chokers, wrist comlinks, and bracelets. Colonel Drasi hadn't given them anything to wear to bed besides their underwear, and they didn't want to sleep in them before having to wear them the following day anyway.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


The next morning...


“You wanted to see me, Colonel?” Myri asked meekly as she entered his office. She came to a stop about half a meter in front of his desk, posing with her right foot a little forward, and her hands behind her back, pushing her breasts out for him.


She was wearing what she was quickly coming to think of as her Imperial uniform. A tight dark gray top with off-white across the shoulders, matching mini-skirt with off-white trim, gray tights, a glossy black belt and matching knee boots with towering chrome stiletto heels. Her silver comlink cuff was maglocked around her left wrist, with a stack of matching bracelets around her right. A slim durasteel choker completed her attire.


He eyed her for a few seconds before speaking.


“So Tech Antilles, how did you infiltrate Admiral Roberson's lifeday dinner?”


Myri grinned. “I just walked up and asked if they needed any help, Sir,” she replied with an innocent shrug.




Myri paused a moment, then said, “I told the guy in charge of the servers that I was working for you, and he set me up.”


Colonel Drasi considered that a couple of seconds. “So he just took your word for it?”


“Yeah, pretty much, Sir,” Myri answered, nodding her head in agreement.


He sighed. “I was about to open up an investigation. Please don't do anything like that again, okay? At least without letting me know ahead of time.”


“Of course, Colonel,” she replied with a grin. She paused, and added, “I hope no one got punished.”


“Not yet,” he answered with a small smirk of anticipation. “But first, why did you do it?”


“I mostly wanted to keep an eye on Jysella.”


“So you weren't trying to spy on anyone, or anything like that?”


“Nope,” she responded with a shake of her head.


“I'm going have to think about your punishment, but for now, I think we'll start you off with twenty licks,” he explained casually, reaching down towards his lower desk drawer. “Assume the position.”


“Yes Colonel,” Myri answered, pretending to be contrite. She stepped to the side of his desk, and gripped the edge with her hands. Her feet were spread a bit past shoulder-width, and back far enough that she was leaning forward a little.


“Take off your skirt,” he instructed her, reaching out and tapping her upper thigh. He generally let her keep her skirt on when he paddled her in the office, not that it offered much protection. Her tights barely offered any.


Myri quickly unfastened her skirt, stepped out of it, and laid it neatly on the chair in front of his desk. Then she resumed her position, her feet apart, and back far enough that she had to support some of her weight with her arms. A moment later there was a sharp smack on her ass.


“Ow-One!” she shouted out, doing her best to keep her voice down. They were other Imperial Security personnel on the other sides of the bulkheads and decks.










“Twenty!” she called out, wincing from the accumulated blows.


Next, Colonel Drasi stepped forward and laid the paddle on the desk. Then he reached down, pulled the bottom of her jacket up, and her tights and panties down to her thighs. He slapped her butt, then groped both her red ass cheeks.


“Sexy,” he muttered, patting her ass again as he moved back behind his desk. “Now get dressed Tech Antilles, and get back to work,” he instructed her as he put the paddle back in the desk drawer.


“Yes Sir.”


Myri quickly pulled her panties and tights back up, then put her tight miniskirt back on. She took a moment to straighten up her uniform, then, after Colonel Drasi gave his approval, she left his office, and returned to her computer console.


“Have fun?” Jysella asked, casually reaching out and groping her ass.


“Always,” she responded, slapping her hand away.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


An hour or so later...


“Colonel, while I'm here, there was something else I'd like to talk to you about,” Jysella said as Colonel Drasi scanned through Myri's analysis of the latest report he'd been sent.


Like Myri, Jysella was wearing the Imperial-style uniform Colonel Drasi had given them. A dark gray and off-white top, with a matching tight miniskirt, gray tights, and towering stiletto-heeled knee boots with matching belt tight around her waist. While the durasteel comlink cuff maglocked around her left wrist was her own, the matching bracelets on her right were Imperial issued, as was the choker around her neck.


In fact, it was the slim durasteel choker she wanted to talk to him about.


“What is it, Jedi Horn?” he asked in a friendly manner, his attention turning to her.


“I understand we can't take off our chokers except at the gym,” she told him, reaching up and touching the three centimeter wide band of durasteel around her throat.


“That's right,” he agreed with a nod.


“May I ask why?” she responded politely.


“Because I like the idea of the daughters of Wedge Antilles and Corran Horn wearing chokers around my shipyard,” he answered with a casual smile. “I only allow you to take them off in the Imperial Security Gym out of discretion.” He paused a heartbeat, then added, “That's also the reason you aren't wearing your slave collars all the time.”


That was basically what he'd said last night, so Jysella couldn't really say she was surprised.


“If the chokers can detect when we're in the gym, I'm assuming you can track our movements with them?”


Myri had mentioned that theory to her this morning as they were on the way to the gym to workout. It made sense.


Now he hesitated a moment before answering.


“That's right.”


Jysella didn't feel any real danger through the Force, but she still felt like she should challenge him on this.


“Holocameras track everyone's movements around this section of the shipyards anyway,” he explained before she could speak again. “And I assure you, your choker's tracking function will not be used to hurt you.”


“Okay, Sir,” she stated politely. “But we should still be able to take them off in our room.”


Colonel Drasi leaned forward in his chair, and folded his hands underneath his chin in thought.




Jysella had to admit she really didn't have a good answer for that.


“Because, we're not slaves,” she told him.


He laughed, then said, “I'll think about it, but I really like the thought of you and Myri sleeping in collars. Maybe you should add some shackles and cuffs for me too?” he suggested cheerfully.


“No thanks, Colonel,” Jysella replied politely.


“That seems like a fitting punishment for Myri running off and getting into trouble last night,” he said, ignoring her reply. “Wearing ankle shackles in your room.”


Jysella stared back at him a moment. “I don't think so, Sir. But why would that apply to me, anyway?”


He chuckled again. “Because it does.” He leaned down and opened the lower drawer of his desk. “For now though, lean over my desk,” as he spoke, he produced his plastex paddle.


Jysella let out a sigh. This wasn't quite going as she'd planned. Still, getting paddled by an Imperial Security Officer was definitely a turn-on.


“Yes Colonel,” she answered cheerfully, assuming the proper position on the right side of his desk. Her hand gripping the edge, her feet back and spread apart.


“On second thought, take off your skirt, and pull your tights down. I think you deserve a bare-ass paddling.”


Jysella had serious doubts about that logic, but she happily obliged. A few moments later, her skirt was lying neatly on the nearby chair. Her tights and panties were down far enough to expose her ass, while still letting her spread her feet apart like he liked them to be when he paddled her or Myri in his office.


“One!” she called out as the first blow landed across her ass.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Several days later...


While Colonel Drasi hadn't made them start wearing ankle shackles in their room, he did give them new uniforms to wear whenever they were out of their room.


Instead of a separate top and mini-skirt, these were single tight wrap mini-dresses, though they were still reminiscent of an Imperial Security uniform like their old duty outfits. They had the same off-white panel across the top—down to just above their armpits—and around bottom hem, which was a couple of centimeters shorter than their mini-skirts had been. The dresses closed with hidden zippers that ran at an angle from the left side of the collar down to the right side of the bottom hem. IMPERIAL SECURITY was on the left breast of the uniforms, just below the off-white across their shoulders, with their names just below it. Tech Antilles, for Myri, and Tech Horn, for Jysella.


The belts were similar to their old ones; seven centimeter-wide glossy black synth-hide with a slightly larger Imperial Emblem as the buckle. These were one size though, and a bit too small. Colonel Drasi had also included tighter corsets underneath the dresses to their duty uniforms, so the belts were able to close.


They kept the same glossy black towering stiletto heeled knee boots as before. The stilettos and edges of the soles were chrome silver, contrasting with the boots. The gray tights were replaced with black ones, which were now crotchless. Colonel Drasi had complained some about them having to take the time to take off their tights before he fucked them in the office. Jysella and Myri had worn their Imperial-style uniforms pretty much twelve plus hours a day, everyday since Colonel Drasi had issued them to them, except in the gym, most of the time in Colonel Drasi's quarters after work, and while they slept. The change to their new ones had taken a day or two to get used to.


Colonel Drasi also offered again to replace their Jedi wrist comlinks with Imperial issued ones, but they declined, even after twenty licks each with his paddle. Instead though, he took their bracelets off, and maglocked the Imperial comlink cuffs around their right wrists. These were almost identical to their Jedi ones—five centimeter wide silver durasteel—but displayed a large Imperial Emblem when they were in stand-by mode. The Imperial comlinks definitely worked on the Imperial network faster than their Jedi ones. Jysella and Myri both found themselves using them more and more when they weren't messaging the Jedi. In fact, they hadn't come off at all since they'd gotten them. Actually, they were both pretty sure they couldn't take them off without Colonel Drasi unlocking them.


They kept the same three-centimeter wide slimline silver durasteel chokers they had been wearing basically twenty-four-seven since he had locked them on. The collar of their dresses were nerfhide, and wrapped tightly around their chokers, leaving the top centimeter or so exposed.


Jysella and Myri protested the changes, but Colonel Drasi ignored them. They weren't really serious anyway. They both thought they looked even sexier in their Imperial-style uniforms with corseted waists, and felt even sluttier with crotchless tights underneath their short mini-dresses. The corsets took a bit of getting used to, but they did, like they had done with their centimeter long nails.


The Imperial Security personnel had gotten used to the two sexy Galactic Alliance Liaisons around their section of the shipyards, even becoming acquaintances with several people, if not actually friends. They were particularly popular at the gym, but some of the other female Imperial Security agents wore similar outfits to Jysella and Myri—other than the durasteel comlinks on both of their wrists—so they didn't really stand out too much. Quite a few of the Imperials hit on them, but they made sure everyone knew they weren't interested, and that they were busy working with Colonel Drasi anyway.


Most days Colonel Drasi worked about ten hours, which included lunch, sometimes a leisurely one, which they normally ate with him. He did leave once a day for an hour or so for security rounds, with his subordinates and his areas of responsibility. He took Jysella with him most days, and Myri a couple of times. She did complain some about her feet hurting after all that extra walking, but said she didn't mind accompanying him. He appreciated the insightful suggestions she had made, both from the security rounds and from the holonet meetings he let her sit in on. To get her off her feet for a bit, he had her give him a blow job when they got back to his office.


Jysella and Myri spent most evenings after work with him as well, at the Officer's Club, or more often, in his quarters having kinky sex. The Yaga Minor shipyards were for building and repairing the Empire's ships, so there wasn't much of a selection of drinking establishments suitable for officers. Most of the Imperial Personnel took a couple days or so of leave, and went down to the planet for serious fun.


While Colonel Drasi was definitely good-looking, both Jysella and Myri were really turned on having sex with an Imperial. Him picking up on their natural submissiveness, and exploiting it was even hotter. The idea that they were getting cuffed and fucked by someone whose parents fought for the Empire while theirs fought for the New Republic was super-sexy. At some point, they'd have to get the details of what his parents did during the war. Maybe one of them fought in the same battles as their dads?


“You know, with our corsets, nails, and slutty heels, we'd be pretty much useless in a fight,” Jysella commented, examining her centimeter long white finger nails. “We're like two holovid bimbos.”


“Mmmmmm, two Imperial holovid bimbos,” Myri corrected her, stepping over, leaning in and giving her a seductive kiss.


They had returned to the salon the night before, making sure the were still looking exactly how Colonel Drasi wanted them. Matching black hair, make-up, and centimeter-long nails, which were now an Imperial gray instead of white. Almost like they were twins. Sexy, submissive, Imperial twins.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


About mid-morning, Colonel Drasi told them he had to report to General Shaw, and that he was specifically told neither of them were to come with him. They told him to have fun, and started reviewing reports. Now, nearly two hours later, he had finally returned.


“Welcome back, Sir,” Jysella greeted him cheerfully. “Everything okay?”


“My office,” he replied to both of them with a slight nod as he walked past them.


Jysella and Myri quickly locked down their terminals, and obediently followed him into his office. Jysella closed the door, and they each took up position in front of his desk. One high-heeled boot slightly forward, hands behind their backs, chests out.


“No need for that,” he told them, glancing over from the rarely used mini-bar against the wall. “Have a seat.”


“Yes Sir,” they answered, almost in unison. They glanced at each other questioningly a moment as they each sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.


“I just spent the last ninety minutes getting chewed out by General Shaw,” he began as swallowed a tumbler of some unidentifiable liquor, and promptly poured himself another. He closed the mini-bar door, walked over and sat down in his chair.


General Shaw was Colonel Drasi's commanding officer, and the highest ranking Imperial Security Officer in the sector.


“Everything okay, Sir?” Myri asked politely after several seconds of silence.


“Yeah, he was mostly just reminding me he can chew me out whenever he wants to,” he responded with a smile. “I mean, there was some stuff in there that I suppose was valid.” He paused, took a swallow of his drink, then continued. “Which I guess means I got to work on at least that.”


Jysella sensed he was leaving something out, but trusted him enough to let him bring it up if it was something they needed to know.


“Anything we can do to help, Sir?” Jysella asked.


“Actually yes,” he replied with a nod. “I need one of you to go up to his office and have sex with him.”


Both of them stared at him for a heartbeat.


“We're not doing that, Colonel,” Jysella answered firmly, for the both of them. She sensed that he wasn't really serious anyway.


“I suspected as much,” he admitted. “Well, how about I get a quick tag-team blow job before we go to lunch?”


“Of course, Sir,” Myri answered with a seductive grin. “With the two of us though, we probably won't need to use our hands...” she added, trailing off.


Myri was always looking to add a little extra, not that Jysella minded at all.


“Good point, Tech Antilles,” Colonel Drasi commented, leaned down and opening the lower left drawer of his desk.


He came up with a pair of short chains with maglocks on each end. Since he'd switched out their bangle bracelets for their Imperial durasteel comlinks, all he needed was a chain to cuff them.


Less than a minute later, Jysella and Myri were on their knees in front of Colonel Drasi's chair, their wrists restrained securely behind their backs. He was leaning back in his chair, his partially hard cock out. They crawled forward a bit, leaned in and began licking and nuzzling either side of his thick dick. Myri went to the bottom of his shaft, while Jysella to the top. Once it was nice and wet, and almost completely hard, Jysella wrapped her lips around the head, and slid all twenty centimeters into her mouth, and down her throat.


Sucking Imperial dick was fun. Sucking one with her best friend was even better!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The End ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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