Small Smut - Star Wars

BY : Redfields
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“Drop your blaster” Rey commanded.


Amazingly, the stormtrooper guarding her interrogation did, sliding his blaster from his holster and dropping it on the floor. He turned to leave, as she had mentally commanded him moments ago. Apparently, the Force was with her. And against simple-minded fools.


“Wait.” She stated, a bit more desperate than she would have liked. The drugs they’d given her had had a delayed side effect, and now she was horny and in need of relief. Did she have time before her questioners returned? Given her state, yes.


“Drop your pants.” She commanded, more in control of herself.


The trooper obediently did, unclipping his belt and smoothly sliding his lower armor off his body, as if simply getting ready for inspection. His penis was limp, which frustrated Rey. It wouldn’t be of much use like that. Was it limp simply because he wasn’t turned on? Because being compelled had left him unable? Or was it that stormtrooper training had drilled the desire for sex completely out of his body? Only one was to find out.


Rey slid out of the simple clothes she’d worn since she been captured. The guard’s cock quickly rose to attention at the sight of her naked body. Well, that answered that. “On your back, trooper.”


The guard lay on his back, penis jutting up. It was quite a bit larger than when it was limp. Not the largest Rey’d ever taken (she’d had some painfully large cocks to make ends meet on Jakku), but definitely enough to get the job done, quick and dirty.


Normally, she’d spend some time lathering it up, a nice blow job as foreplay, and maybe some cuddling afterwards. But she was short on time, horny as hell, and it’d been some time since her last good cock. He pussy was already dripping. She squatted down over the trooper’s groin, lined up his cock with her pussy, and jammed herself down on it.


Then she rode that thing like it was a wild brunto.


She bounced up and down on the large rod, her wet pussy eagerly taking the entire length. It was just about enough to fill her completely, and far more than enough to satisfy her.


A few more times up and down, and she leaned forwards so she could kneel. She put her hands on the white chestplate to keep her balance, and started grinding back and forth on the cock.


She glanced down at the white helmet below her. Well, this was just perfect. A faceless drone with a big hard dick. If it vibrated, it’d be better than anything she’d ever rigged up back home.


A few more times back and forth, then she returned to up and down, slamming herself repeatedly onto the hard cock. Her orgasm was fast approaching, and she debated holding off. But a jailbreak demanded swiftness, and her own needs made her desperate to cum, quickly.


She slammed down a few more times, her pussy so wet juice was practically pouring out of her. Wet squelches filled the room as she hilted herself the last few times, then slammed down once more as she came. She clapped her hands over her mouth as she screamed in pleasure. Bliss coursed through her quivering body. It had been so long since she’d had any sex that all that pent-up energy seemed to explode in her. And explode out of her, too. Her pussy fountained cum all over the white armor beneath her, splattering the floor around them as her climax continued. Her body convulsed, her muscles taut, spasming in pleasure. It overwhelmed her, nearly toppling her, before eventually fading into blissful exhaustion.


She slowly got off the guard, sitting down on the cool metal floor to regain her breath. Boy, had she needed that. A few deep inhales, and she was more or less ready to go.


“Get up, and put your pants back on.” She ordered. The trooper immediately obeyed. “Good. Now leave the room and forget this happened.” She dressed herself quickly, and followed him out. Now, to finally leave this place.

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