Pitch Perfect: Radio Station Fling

BY : TheChemist
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Beca was hurrying to her last Barden Bella practice of the calendar year before Christmas break when all of a sudden her mobile buzzed. She dug it out of her back pocket and saw that it was a text message from Luke, the stud who managed the campus radio station that she worked at. Reading it, he asked if she could stop in at some point today before his shift ended at 6pm.

Seeing as she was going to be walking right by the station on her way to singing practice so she replied that she'd be there in less than 5 minutes. 4 minutes later, she pulled open the glass door and strode into the station where Luke was working behind the soundboard. He gave her the international sign for hold on, flipped a few switched then pulled the headphones from his ears.

Luke emerged from the soundproof section and joined Beca in the main area. He gave a quick glance up and down to check out the sexy freshman who he hired at the beginning of the year. She was in her familiar independent style, this time wearing skinny jeans with black short boots and a long plaid red shirt that still unable to hide her very underrated rack for a skinny chick. 

"Hey Beca, are you gonna be around over the Christmas Holiday," Luke asked his attractive freshman employee.

"Yeah. My dad's local and my mom is with her step-family. Classic overshare by this chick," Beca replied with her adorable little chuckle added at the end.

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to run my show. It has the added perk that you can play whatever you want...including your own mixes," the muscular music guy said.

"Are you serious?! I would totally love that dude. Thanks so much," the girl gushed. 

"Just one small catch," Luke said while she was on a high.

"Sure. You gonna try to extort a blowjob or something from me," the Barden Bella joked.

"Actually it's the something else option as a matter of fact. However, a blowjob is always a good place to start before bending you over the desk and fucking you while you scream my name."

"Oh you are totally being serious," Beca realized after initially starting to laugh. 

"Very," the Englishman answered.

"Ugh," Beca groaned while running her hands through her shiny auburn-colored hair. "The shitty thing is that if you just came straight out and asked if I wanted to throw down with you then I would have gladly agreed. I mean, you're gorgeous after all."

"Thank you," he grinned in his typical cocky demeanor.

"But instead you go about it in the most douche-bag way by trying to blackmail me into sleeping with you," she concluded.

Luke realized that the highly attractive singer was still ranting about the way he proposed having sex but he had ignored the rest. He caught the jist of her speech and it was a no, however there was no denying her attraction to him. Thus he decided to take one last gamble, knowing at this point it couldn't hurt and it had worked in the past.

Bella was just finishing her explanation as to why it could have been a yes to fucking him but why ultimately it was a no. That's when she saw Luke's hands undoing his belt and sliding down his jeans off his hips just low enough so that he could pull out his flaccid dick and show it to her,

"And that's your cock," Beca commented.

She wanted to be further upset with him but it was a great looking cock. Though it was soft it still was an impressive length, meanwhile she could only imagine how thick it would expand to. She didn't think about what would happen if anyone was to walk into the station at that moment, though no one other then workers ever came.

Luke looked on with an even smugger look on his face as the appearance of his member had caused the chatty girl to literally become speechless. As he continued to watch her face, he saw her bit down on her lower lip while it was clear many thought ran through her mind...well hopefully just one in particular.

"You can touch it...how else will you get to see it in its full glory," Luke told her.

Like a moth drawn to the flame, Beca found her feet moving against her will. She now stood in front of the ripped Englishman, having crossed the ten feet that was previously separating them.

Sensing that she may need one last bit of encouragement Luke slowly reached out and softly clutched her wrist. It felt so small in his much larger palm but he disregarded that as he angled her arm towards his exposed privates, which was slowly growing by her closer presence. 

Beca didn't fight him whatsoever given how captivated she was by the emergence of his cock. It had been a 6 month dry spell for her, which was a new record but not something she was proud of by any stretch. However, it appeared that her streak was about to change for the better.

"God that's a nice cock," Beca muttered without thinking

Subconsciously the Barden Bella stroked his member after making a fist around his fully erect member now. With it currently at full mast, Beca gawked at him with his cock standing proudly 10 full inches away from his body. It was also the same size as her wrist in terms of width, which had the singer salivating at the sight.

"Thank you," he replied.

Luke decided to use his lips for something more than speaking so he angled his head to the side and planted his mouth against her neck. Beca moaned as his hot breath and moist lips hot her sensitive skin and caused her to reflexively clutch tighter on his shaft. Not enough for it to hurt, the opposite in fact as her handjob had more purpose now.

His plan worked out perfectly on both fronts. Not only was she giving him a better stroke along his massive length but now she was returning his neck kissing. Her kisses were a little softer then the variety he was assaulting her skin with but pleasant all the same. 

The real reason he was happy for her retaliation was so that he could naturally transition her to get on the floor. He removed his lips from her neck and basked in her kisses while his hand previously holding her wrist came to rest on the back of Beca's head. With steady but not too forceful approach, he pushed the girl downward.

"Shit you're ripped," Beca said.

The singer was impressed when Luke quickly whipped his simple white tee off his body, sculpted from hours in the gym. She kissed down his pecs like it was her idea solely before letting her tongue trail lines over the ridges between his 8-pack abs. Finally she dropped down to her knees with her gorgeous face directly in front of his huge dick.

Beca was even more awed when situated right in front of him with his piss slit looking directly into her eyes. She licked her lips in anticipation before sticking her tongue out to lightly lick at his dick, which looked even more massive in her tiny hand. She flashed her eyes up then gave him a mischievous smile before opening her mouth wide and swallow half his tool in one go.

"That's right," he groaned. "Suck that dick."

"Mhmm," Beca hummed as her head bobbed on his length. 

To take his words as literal as possible, she pushed her face towards his groin as far as she could, which was considerable. Though his length measured an improbable 10 inches, she easily swallowed the first 5 without problem. With his tip at the back of her throat, she relaxed her muscles further and took the rest inside her gullet until her nose was buried in his thick patch of pubic hair.

Deep-throating wasn't something she was born with, rather it was something she had the ability to do if she practiced. Beca was well versed with blowjobs, in fact she was known very well around her high school for going down on guys underneath the bleachers. Her singing ability was tied in to deepthroating as it gave her control over her throat muscles, enabling her to swallow cocks, much like she was doing to Luke currently. 

"Fuck. Swallow that dick," he hissed, fingers tightening in her hair.

"Thought you'd appreciate that trick," she commented after slowly reversing course.

Beca repeated her deep throat move several more times and Luke seemed to love it each and every time, well if his groans and fist clenching where to be believed. She inhaled him one last time, holding her mouth as long as she could before oxygen was needed, then she pulled away with several spit strings still connecting her lips to his shaft. After slurping them up with an audible noise, the star of the Bellas brought her face towards him again.

This time Beca decided to keep the Englishman on his toes by switching techniques. Instead of hovering his cock down her gullet in one pass, she used more speed to bob on only the first 4 inches of his member, wet sloshing noises filling the small space.

Luke pushed his hips forward as well all while holding Beca's head in place with a solitary hand at the back of her auburn-colored hair. The radio manager watched as the first several inches of his cock disappeared inside her mouth, the sight alone getting him harder. He held himself inside her, soaking in her saliva before withdrawing, feeling the underside of his dick gliding along her wet tongue and finally felt his tool sandwiched between her plump lips.

"Fuck that's good," he exclaimed.

As good as her oral skills were, Luke wanted to be inside the attractive coed right this second. Determined to make that happen, the Englishman untangled his fist from Beca's hair and used both hands to hook under her arms and hoist the slender girl to her feet. 

With her boot-clad feet back under her, Beca felt her head tilted back as Luke leaned down and kissed her passionately again. This time there was more hunger in his liplock, his tongue darting repeatedly into her mouth while his hands worked on her clothes.

Luke's hands slide from under her arms down her side in order to clutch at the hem of her plaid shirt. He dragged it upwards until getting to her bra, at which point Beca felt the cups of her bra pushed up to expose her bare breasts to the radio station. It was an awkward position for the manager but he used his thumbs to rub up against both nipples, making them hard immediately.

"Mhmm," Beca moaned softly.

The blonde leaned further down and kissed her neck before whipping her shirt up over her head and tossing it carelessly to the floor. Her bra met a similar fate, leaving the stunning college freshman topless at her place of work. He had sensed that they were going to be great, but they were perfect. Perfect in terms of their rounded shape, the fact that they were so heavy and large and yet stood proudly in front of her saglessly.

"Such great tits," Luke complimented before lowering his mouth to her nipples.

As his tongue and lips worked sexual magic on her boobs, which was met with louder grunts from Beca, Luke moved a hand down to her pants. With the other still cupping her chest, going from one to the other, his right hand moved down her flat stomach and undid her skinny jeans.

This time he needed both hands to push the tight pants over her hips and let them bunch up around her ankles with her short boots still firmly in place. He took a quick glance down while tonguing her nipple to admire her perky round ass in the black thong she wore before it too met the same fate as her jeans.

"Bend over the desk," Luke instructed.

Beca looked behind her and was happy the desk he mentioned was so close. Spinning around, she had to only take two small steps before she arrived at the wooden table which was already cleared. As she pressed her hands against the surface and lowered herself down until her large tits were resting on it as well, she realized that this was the same desk that Luke warned her and Jesse not to have sex on.

Luke couldn't see the smile forming on Beca's face about the situation of irony, however he did hear her louder moan when he squatted down behind her and licked her pussy. His flat tongue ran from her clit and up through her pink lips, tasting her wet juices in the process. She had a pleasant flavor, one he would be happy to explore again but the need to fuck her was too great right now.

"Uhhh...shit," Beca groaned as seconds after his first and only lick he was suddenly inside her.

Luke wasted no time pushing into his hot employee. After getting to his feet he grabbed his cock and simply lined it up with her gushing opening and slammed half his length home. He heard her groan as her pussy was likely stretched further then it ever had in her 19 years of life but he was already moving it back out until only the tip remained in her twat.

"Such a tight little pussy," he commented.

Once pulled out most of the way he rammed back forward, this time getting another inch deeper. This time it was less of a gasp from Beca so he followed that up with another hard thrust. The sound of the wooden desk creaking with each successive drive into her snatch made him smile, as did the fact that it was so easy to get this hot college freshman to spread her legs for him.

"Like it hard, don't you," he asked after hearing her moan more.

Beca was screaming too much as pleasure jolted through her skinny body to speak her reply. Instead, she turned her head to look back over her shoulder and nodded her answer while also using her palms on the surface of the table to push her ass back to better meet his thrusts into her.

By this point Luke was impaling his massive 10-inch cock completely into her pussy, as unlikely a scenario as he originally thought given how tiny she was. But Beca was special and not only was she enjoying his huge tool stretching her cunt, she seemed to be thriving. 

"Fuck me," Beca begged.

Luke was more then up to that request as he continued to fuck her hard, there was no two ways about it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the front of Beca's thighs pressed harder against the desk. 

Beca's large tits swaying from the reckless abandon Luke was showing her as she screamed his name repeatedly. His hands were busy, one hand usually around her ass to either separate to allow him to watch his cock spearing into her or simply kneading the curvy flesh. The other one was rubbing her back and occasionally using it to slap her bottom, using it to ripple and leave a red handprint.

Beca continued to use her hands to push back towards him to meet his thrusts. She was pleased that he wasn't being gentle with her, like so many men did based solely on the fact her body was so damn tiny. Rather than only use half his shaft on her, Luke had no qualms repeatedly driving the whole thing deep inside her time after time.

She didn't think he could, but the Englishman surprised her and ramped up the speed even more and she was all the happier for it. It was over half a year worth of sexual frustration built up inside her, with only partial releases through small orgasms from her vibrator but the pending climax building up inside her from his gigantic prick was going to give her the sweet release she sought.

"Gonna cum, aren't you," Sam asked, reading the situation perfectly. "Cum all over my big cock."

Beca had no problems giving into that request and Luke was even going to get her there faster. The laid back man ran his hand down from clutching tightly on her rounded hips and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and as he brushed it gently it proved too much for the A cappella singer. Luke knew it was a successful move when he felt her go rigid, no longer pushing back at him while her back arched as the orgasm smacked her hard. 

"OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS," Beca screamed as she came.

Her pussy gripped so tight onto Luke's cock that it almost felt supernatural. He had to grit his teeth and slow his crazy high tempo down to mildly gliding his dick into her vice-like pussy as it clamped down hard. Finally though, Beca stopped screaming and though her face was frozen with a "O" for a mouth, it was clear to him that she was done.

At this point, now that Beca was coming down and loosening up again, Luke returned to his torrid pace. Her tight pussy squeezing his cock for the past ten minutes coupled with the fact she had great oral skills had left him with only one thought in his mind. He needed to cum so badly and he knew it wouldn't take long. After another minute of deeply thrusting into her cunt, he pulled out of her pussy, ready to explode.

"Need to cum," he warned, giving her the chance to tell him where.

"Have Bella practice after so not my face," was all Beca cared about.

Time being of the essence, Luke ordered her to get to the ground and Beca complied without hesitation. He was stroking his cock in her face so Beca figured he wanted to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow it, her last high school boyfriend loved doing that. Opening her mouth she took the tip between her lips and sucked, careful to avoid his fist as it slide along his length.

"Ugghhhh," he groaned.

He was going to listen to her plea but ultimately the thought of plastering her beautiful face in his salty goo proved too tempting. Beca was surprised when Luke pulled out of her mouth moments later, right at the point that his fist rope of cum landed on her upper lip, traveling over her nose and depositing on her forehead. He got a grip of his cock after that and aimed the saliva-covered tool towards her tits now, with some hitting her bottom lip and chin before ultimately half his spunk coated her twin peaks.

"I said not my face," the pissed off cutie groaned from her knees.

"Go look at yourself covered in my cum, streaked all over your face and you'll know why I had to do it," Luke reasoned in his laid back tone.

"I look hot with a load on my face," Beca asked, the ice from her voice removed.

"So sexy. There are tissues on the desk over there," he added, pointing to the box.

"Thanks," Beca said, first pulling up her thong and pants.

Now able to stride without risk of following over, the topless girl sauntered over to the other desk in the room and grabbed a few tissues and whipped clean her face. By the time the big-chested skinny chick had gotten cleaned up, Luke was already finished getting dressed. Beca tracked down her bra and shirt and did likewise, all while his eyes stayed glued to her breasts.

"So here's the key to the station, you know how to work the booth," Luke said, passing her the keychain. "Play whatever you want, including your own awesome tunes."

"Thanks Luke," Beca grinned widely. "Ok, gotta run."

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