Pitch Perfect: I'm No Prude

BY : TheChemist
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"Ugh! Boys suck," Beca Mitchell pouted as she stormed into her best friend's room and threw herself down on the bed.

"I take it it didn't go well with Brad," Chloe replied, saving her homework so she could give her full attention to Beca.

"Friend zone...again," the melodramatic coed retorted. "Like, for the 10th time this month."

"That's because all these blokes view you as a wet blanket. No offence but you do come off as very prudish," a second female piped up.

"Thanks Fat Amy. Appreciate that," Beca said, dripping in sarcasm.

Despite not liking to hear it, Beca knew that the statement her other best friend spoke was true. She had dated Jesse for awhile but things fizzled out in the summer and they'd lost the spark. However, her combination of him not exactly being a sex symbol and the fact she sang A Capella made her not exactly on everyone's most desired list at Barden University.

Then there was her attitude which intimidated a lot of male suitors. She was self-confident and comfortable with who she was, therefore not easy pry for Frat boys and too much for boys who lacked identity. Not even her gorgeous yet specific face, and tiny body rocking some massive tits could distract them from her awkward personality which often times came off as aggressive instead of flirty.

"So let's change that! If everyone else at Barden is slutty...sorry, I mean sexually adventurous then we need to make you come off that way," Chloe spoke excitedly.

"Don't exactly want to circulate a sex tape to the student body or put on a public performance in the quad either Chlo," the alt-rock looking girl replied.

"Actually that's a great idea. Not the fucking in front of everyone, though that's not horrible," Fat Amy agreed. "But the sex tape that isn't an actual sex tape. That's permanent and can come back to bite you in the ass. But an audio performance, say, over the radio at which you work will be perfect."

"Wait a second. That's kinda brilliant. Beca, we all know your boss at the station is good-to-go, down-to-fuck...anyway, he's hot too. What if you fool around with him in the sound room and you 'accidently' play that instead of your music," Chloe added to the plot.

"Wow. Cool your jets ladies. I just want guys here to see me in that light...not to hear me in the throws of passion," Beca explained, their plan sounding fairly extreme. "Can't I just, I don't know, start flashing my boobs to guys at parties."

"Right, because nothing says sexually adventurous like showing people your tits, you big tease," Chloe retorted. "That's so high school Beca. You need to think big."

"Isn't that pretty deceitful to Luke though. It's not like he's a willing party to this whole thing," the pint-sized singer brought up.

"Oh how horrible for Luke. A smoking hot girl wants to throw herself at him. Oh the humanity," Fat Amy said in a mocking voice. "Get your head out of your ass Beca."

"The reality is this will only serve to enhance his reputation on campus," Chloe continued with a more delicate approach. "The divide between men and women when it comes to sex is that he'll be praised at being a player. Plus it's not like he's a professor, there's no punishment for sleeping with a fellow employee at the station."

Beca really didn't have too much more to add. It was true that she would drop her panties in a heartbeat for Luke, but would he take up the challenge? And did she want the whole campus listening to her have sex? Whole campus was a little dramatic considering they never got more than a few hundred listeners at any one given moment.

"Let me think on it," Beca said before excusing herself for a shower.

"She's totally going to do it, isn't she," Fat Amy said to the redhead.

"Tots," Chloe confirmed with a wide grin.

* * *

Beca didn't answer Chloe or Fat Amy until later the next day and they weren't surprised. Their slender teammate within the Barden Bellas group had agreed with their plan. And not only that, but they had an overlapping shift that very night, where Beca would be in stacking vinyls and CDs until replacing him for the Saturday night block.

The plan was simple. She would set up a bunch of tracks and the second she seduced him, she would switch quickly to live feed so her listening public would overhear as she and the handsome Australian fucked. Hell, a blowjob would even suffice. Beca was just desperate to change people's perspective of her and was willing to take such a drastic step.

"Hey champ, good luck tonight," Fat Amy said to her teammate as Beca got ready to leave for work.

"Thanks. Is that a smoothie you made," the slender singer asked as the larger Amy offered her a glass.

"Just some vitamins and electrolytes. With any luck you'll be running low later tonight," she replied with a knowing wink. "Now, bottoms up."

Beca thought it was strange for Fat Amy to not only do something compassionate out of the blue like this, but for her to make a healthy-looking smoothie. Shrugging it off, the slender singer tossed back the small glass of fruit and veggies in two good pulls, actually impressed with the taste. She put the glass back on the table, said her good-byes then left the house.

"That was weird, giving her a good luck smoothie," Chloe commented to her singing friend.

"Oh that was just an excuse to get a couple anti-anxiety pills of mine into her system. Mellow her out when she inevitably got cold feet," Fat Amy answered. 

"Wait. Your pills? Meant for your exact body composition. Beca is 100lbs and most of that is boobs. Those are gonna make her, like, super duper compliant," the older redhead realized.

"Lucky Luke then, am I right," the larger blonde replied as they set the radio to the alt-rock station their friend worked at.

* * *

"Hey Beca, so you good in here," her Aussie boss asked, poking his head into the sound room.

"Yeah...actually, do you have a few minutes," Beca asked, waving him in.

Her initial portion of the shift went by just fine. It was only an hour of stacking discs away, casually flirting with the muscular Luke as he popped in and out of the sound booth after setting up a few songs in a row. He had told her of a date he had later this evening but it wasn't for a few hours. 

Luke sat next to Beca, hearing her own brand of mash-ups playing over the radio. He liked Beca, found her to be cute and pretty but no real sexual feelings. He liked blondes that were dumb, who liked flaunting their goods while Beca always came off as more of a friend with a razor-sharp tongue you were afraid to be on the other end of in a verbal dispute.

"So how come you never try to sleep with me," Beca asked after a few minutes of chatting, which was mostly playful banter and some flirting.

"Didn't take you for being so...forward," the stunned man replied, completely surprised by the question.

Beca stopped thinking and only acted. She had already slipped the feed to live, so anyone listening to the campus station had picked up on their most recent conversation. Music continued to play in the sound room so Luke wouldn't realize something was amiss as Beca leaned towards him, puckered her lips and kissed him on the lips.

For the next several minutes, anyone listening to the station would have heard the faint murmurings of two of the more common disc jockeys making out with one another. Their tongues swirled against one another, their lips making smacking noises while Luke was pleasantly rewarded by the size of Beca's tits as he began groping her chest

"Wow Beca," Luke commented after the kiss. "I didn't think you were like that?"

"You thought I was a prude," Beca said, acting mock offended.


"How about I show you how fun I can be," the girl with big tits asked, bringing his hand towards her face until isolating his middle finger and starting to suck on it.

Luke was a handsome guy with a great body and easy going personality. He was also a massive player with hundreds of sexual encounters under his belt so he had seen most situations. Beca suddenly throwing herself at him reeked of desperation...just the scent the blonde man loved. With that, he knew he could push the slender girl to her limits, which he was more than happy to do.

"So you're saying you're not a prude," Luke commented, clearing building up to something.

"That's right," Beca confirmed.

"Well only non-prudes will take it in the ass."

That stunned Beca, whose eyes initially opened in shock as the gears inside her mind whirled. While true she had tried it a few times with Jesse, most of those ended in not great moments. However, she was secretly on air right now and attempting to change the perception of how the entire university viewed her.

"Umm...I don't know...yeah I guess," Beca found herself agreeing fairly easily.

* * *

"Holy crap! Did Beca just...did she just agree to anal sex on radio," Chloe said, mouth agape in surprise.

"Yup, our little twig totally did," Fat Amy agreed, a large smile plastered on her round face.

"Chloe! Fat Amy! Put on the campus radio station. 95.9," Stacie said as she came barging into the redhead's room. "Oh...I see you are also listening. Well one of us should call her or go down to that place."

"Should you tell her or shall I," Fat Amy asked Chloe.

* * *

Beca didn't know how or why she was so easily persuaded into anal sex. All the handsome man did was ask and she so willing gave up her booty to him. It all happened so quickly that she was already out of her chair and bent over a portion of the desk, her pillowy tits pressed firmly against the wood.

"Not gonna lie Beca, I've always been a fan of your ass and wanted to fuck it for so long. It's nice and bubbly without being too big, you know," the horny Aussie told her as he pawed at her backside.

"Here, pull," Beca answered, telling him to pull down her pants.

Luke was fortunate that he worked out often because he needed those muscles to yank down the singer's extremely tight fitting pants. When they were off though, he was treated to the sight of her little ass with a green thong wedged between her curvy cheeks. Unable to stop himself, his thumb rubbed over her snatch before his fingers hooked into the waistband as they were dragged down her legs as well.

"Let me look at your fine bottom," Luke told her.

Beca was still bent over the console of the desk, her bubbly ass pointed right back at him. Luke had dropped to his knees to draw himself eye-level with her brown eye to soak in the image. Her backside was nicely shaped with both entrances bright pink colored, made to stand out even more by the fact there wasn't a hair to be found by her sex.

"You like my bum," Beca asked with a smile.

"Of course I do," Luke answered, his hands rubbing the smooth flesh of her ass. "Can't wait to fuck it."

Luke had a decision to make and he went for the safer of the two options. With some girls he would have went right for her asshole with his finger, but Beca seemed naive with guys so he broke her in easier. Bringing a hand between her milk-colored thighs, the older man rubbed her snatch, feeling the moisture already gathered there and adding to it with each second.

"Yes Luke...rub my pussy," she cooed, tossing her head back in elation.

With the freshman loosening up he brought his face closer to her rounded cheeks and used his tongue to dart at her crinkled starfish. Knowing that most if not every girl got a thrill from anal play, Luke did a broad, long swipe several times before settling the tip of his wet muscle in the direct center of the brown eye. He didn't try to cram it inside, instead he wiggled it around her rim, eliciting a moan from his employee.

"Mhmm...ohhh," Beca moaned, louder this time.

As the Aussie pressed one then two fingers into her dripping wet snatch and made them disappear, Beca licked her lips while Luke continued to lick her ass. Alternating between running his wide flat tongue broadly over the backdoor and circling the ring of muscle with the tip he had her in a constant stream of moans.

Beca had one hand coiled in a tight fist as pleasure washed over her body with the other hand reaching back to help press Luke's face further against her bubbly booty. His fingers continued to work into her pussy, gathering slickness with each push while using the palm to rub her engorged clit. The pleasure coursing through her small but curvy body was immense, even more so when she factored in that everyone listening knew the hot guy was licking her asshole at the same time.

"Oh fuck," she screamed, surprised as his tongue pushed deeper. "Keep licking my ass Luke!"

Luke smiled at the freshman's cute comment before focusing back on the task at hand. He wanted to make sure to give her best rimming since it appeared Beca was a relative newbie when it came to backdoor loving so he stayed gentle and non-threatening by repeatedly licking over her backdoor with the odd venture down to her pussy to change thing up.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Luke asked with a smug voice.

"Amazing," Beca agreed with a wide grin.

As much fun as cleaning the girl's asshole with his tongue was, Luke had more motivations than a benign rimjob. Since Beca's crinkled surface and tightened entrance to her backdoor was so well lubricated with his spit, the blonde Aussie made sure to be even safer by licking his middle finger well before dipping the digit into Beca's asshole with more ease than he was expecting.

"Oh wow," she moaned as her sphincter was opened by his thick finger.

The older radio host still put his tongue to good use, this time moving lower to Beca's pussy to relax her further as he slowly yet confidently moved half his digit in and out of her ass. After a few moments Luke felt she was ready for even more and tested that out by going past the second knuckle and surprised both of them when his hand hit her curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared.

"No...don't stop," Beca whined when both finger and tongue pulled away from her holes.

"Here, come suck on this before it goes in your ass," Luke said, standing up.

"Mhmm...my favorite part," Beca cooed as she spun around and got to her knees.

Beca was used to blowjobs and she spoke truthfully when she said that she enjoyed them. For several reasons in fact. For one she loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, gliding along her tongue. She felt empowered and naughty all at the same time. And she preferred blowing guys because she was great at them. 

She had his pants undone in no time and down around his ankles with his already erect cock pointing straight at her face. He was a good length, measuring a healthy 8 inches, and luckily for Beca and her asshole he wasn't the thickest. Still a more than adequate girth but not enough where she was running scared.

"Ah yes...suck my cock you dirty bird," the Aussie groaned as she wrapped her lips around him.

Luke was curious how the A Cappella singer would be in the sack and she made a great first impression. She clearly knew her way around a cock, immediately swallowing half his fleshy tool before swirling her head and pulling back. Her lips hugged his cock tightly and her tongue was smooth as his underbelly glided along it.

He was surprised again when he watched her pull his manhood towards her, taking half his length than kept going. With shock he felt her nose poke against his ripped abdomen before retreating. Proving it was no fluke, the horny coed did so again, this time lingering with his dick down her throat and her face pressed into his trimmed patch of pubes.

"I'll never call you prude again, not with these cock-sucking skills," Luke groaned, every word being picked up by the microphone and broadcasted all around campus. "Not when you can put me all the day down your throat."

Beca smiled at the compliment as she backed his dick from her throat until only his head remained inside. After a few shorter strokes into her mouth she felt his hand grip the back of her head, letting her know it was time to take him down the gullet again, which she did with aplomb. He made little hip thrusts as her nose pressed against him, fucking her face and causing her to spit up more saliva onto his manhood as she pulled back.

"Yes...spit on my cock," he urged as he placed each hand on the side of her head.

Beca knew the temptation existed for every guy to fuck her throat once they found out she could inhale their entire cock. She was well practiced with this so when Luke started pulling and pushing her face against his hips, she let almost his entire cock pass into her mouth before she was pulled back.

"Glllkkk...gggkkkk....ggglllllll," Beca gurgled during the sloppy face-fucking.

"You like that dick baby," Luke asked as she hummed along, his dick now fully in her throat.

Obviously Beca couldn't answer but her eyes opened up so she could stare up at him. It was clear as day from the expression on her pretty face that she enjoyed what she was doing. After a few more seconds of having him in her gullet, Beca slowly retreated before pulling completely from his tip, gulping in a big lungful of air as his dick was coated in the thickest layer of spit imaginable.

"Love it," she replied before only slobbering on his bulbous head.

"Want it in your ass Beca? Tell me you want it in your ass while my dick's in your mouth," he insisted, hand still resting on the back of her head.

"I wanna it in my ass," could be heard muffled but still clear enough. As her mouth was pulled from his spear, he asked her the same question. "My ass. I want you to fuck me in the ass."

"Good girl," he smiled down at her as she continued blowing him. "That's it. Make it good and wet. Now come over here for me."

Beca was helped to her feet and brought towards the ratty looking sofa off in the corner of the room. She rarely used it given how old and used it appeared but Luke wanted to sodomize her on it so who was she to argue. Luckily the room was fairly small so their talking should still be picked up on the microphone.

While Luke had a bottle of lube in one of the drawers here at work was unclear to her, but then again Beca wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. As she laid on her back, so Luke could see her big tits as he fucked her ass, she heard the bottle being squeezed before a sudden jolt ran up her spine as the cold liquid was rubbed around her puckered hole.

"Let me get this off," Beca said as she pulled off her shirt and bra to reveal her large breasts.

"My Lord those are breathtaking," the Aussie cooed, his lubricated hands automatically reaching up and groping them. "Beca Mitchell, you've been holding out on use, having you? These are wonderful."

"Thanks Lu...oh shit," Beca cooed as his first lubed-up digit slid into her asshole.

With the combination of the clear liquid covering his finger and his earlier probing of her tight hole, he had little trouble shoving it gently all the way inside her. In fact, Beca moaned in pleasure the whole time, enjoying the feel of his smooth digit sliding in and out repeatedly against her anal sphincter.

When he added a second finger he did so slowly and within a thrust or two the discomfort from having her rectum breached by something twice the original size had passed. He squirted another dollop of lube onto his pistoning fingers then went a little faster. It worked like a charm and the speed he was going caused Beca's pillowy boobs to jiggle the whole time.

"You like my fingers in your ass, Beca?"

"Love it...mhmm," the singer replied.

Luke tried for a third but couldn't make any progress once the three tips were in. He was going to pull back and put more lube on but that plan was derailed as Beca reached back and seized his wrist. Instead of pulling him away, she pushed him forward, helping him to get the digits into her asshole and stretching out the elastic sphincter.

"Ready," he asked after another minute of prep, for which she responded with a nod.

He tried pushing in once, twice, three times and all of them were met with too much resistance. She replied it wasn't painful and to keep going, at which point the muscular Aussie placed his tip against her loosened up backdoor and pushed until finally his rounded head nestled firmly into her bowels.

"Ugh...God that stings," Beca groaned as the first several inches were resting in her ass. "But thought it would be worse."

"Good...try to relax," Luke encouraged as he made a series of slow, shallow thrusts. "I'll go easy...for now."

Now that he had convinced the usually standoffish girl to fuck her, anally no less, Luke wasn't about to blow it by doing too much too soon. He understood that anal sex was a delicate act requiring patience and a deft touch. Continuing to do slow albeit swift thrusts since those were non-threatening for her he used his fingers with the lube on them rub quickly over her clit.

"Oh...oh shit...just like that," Beca screamed, loving the feel of her clit played with.

She loved it so much in fact that she was completely oblivious to the fact she was taking another inch into her ass. After fucking her with that much depth Luke went deeper once more, this time getting another 2 inches inside. 

"You like me rubbing your clit as you take it in the ass," he grunted, well over half his cock inside her rectum.

He didn't even know if she heard his question because Beca was moaning so damn much. Not that it was a bad thing. As he continued loosening her bowels up and filling them with his cock inch after inch, he still didn't know what possessed the freshman girl to try anal today. However, that thought vanished from his mind as he felt his thighs tap against her surprisingly meaty ass and realized all 8 inches of his erect cock was filling her tight ass at that very moment.

"Oh...it actually feels pretty good," Beca found herself saying before too long.

"Mhmm...ahh...fuck," Luke groaned as he continued to fuck her deeply and adding a little more speed now.

"Ugh...easy babe," Beca grunted whenever he tried going too hard with his entire length crammed in her ass.

It was good progress but Luke wanted more. He wanted to feel his entire cock thumping deep in the warm recesses on her asshole as she screamed his name. Feel her tight sphincter clenched around him as he stroked continuously, hastily and fully. 

* * *

"Holy crap ladies...one of our own is getting sodomized on the radio," Jessica, another member of the Bellas announced as she burst into Chloe's room. 

"I got it this time ladies," Stacie said to the other teammates. "Beca is knowingly getting fucked while a few people listen on the campus radio."

"It's not a few people though. I walked here from class and everyone is listening and talking about it. I must have passed, like, hundreds of people, all of them with that smut being blared out the speakers.

"Well shit...Beca's gonna be famous on campus," Stacie shrugged before turning her attention back to her own radio.

* * *

"Wow...look at that slutty smile on your face," Luke commented, rubbing her grinning lips with the thumb that had been used on her asshole earlier. "Why don't you go on top for awhile."

Beca couldn't have asked for a better to do so. While the anal fucking was going much better than expected, it was still draining. She could feel her voice going hoarse from the constant stream of moans, groans, grunts and coos therefore a chance to have a small reprieve from that was just what the sex doctor ordered.

"Good idea, lay back," she agreed.

However, the horny girl also knew that time was of the essence. Wait to long and her sphincter would seal back up just as tight and they'd be back to square one. Granted it didn't take her that long to loosen but still. As Luke laid on the sofa she hovered over his lap the next instance, this time giving him a view of her small but bubbly ass so he could watch it being sodomized for his viewing pleasure.

This time when she positioned it against her sphincter and sank down, almost half his length fit inside easily before she reversed course. It was a positive sign, as was her moaning, far outnumbering the only occasional gasp of discomfort. Even more encouraging was her tempo, going just as fast as his earlier thrusting but also deeper. He wasn't full into her asshole but he was 3 quarters of the way now.

"Oh yes...mhhmmm...awwhhh," Beca found herself moaning again.

With her back to being use to his girth, the A Cappella singer released the grip on her booty and sank down until her meaty backside was resting against his long pubes. The big breasted Beca gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before riding back up and leaving only the last quarter in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the young coed worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the dimly lit sound room of the radio station.

"Ahh...you feel so good. And it's so sexy to see my dick fucking your tiny little ass," Luke told the pretty girl.

Luke had to suppress the urge to grab her hips the next time she rode to the bottom of his lap then thump upwards, driving his cock hard and fast into her tender asshole. He knew it wasn't a good idea and would only cause the young coed pain and likely make her leave. That wasn't going to happen, his stamina bar had a lot left on it and quite frankly it felt too good having her try to milk his dick with her tightest of holes.

"How's the ride back there," Beca asked, growing more confident and comfortable, even having the gall to look over her shoulder with a big smile while skewering her ass with his pecker for the umpteenth time. 

"Yes. Keep riding that dick baby," Luke urged her on.

The older man looked down to watch in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared repeated as Beca rode all the way out of her ass before coming back down. To help matters along Luke was holding her cheeks as spread apart as possible, allowing the gorgeous coed to bounce a bit faster and deeper while giving him an exceptional view of his cock being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole. 

"Faster...harder," he barked, brain awash in pleasure.

Luke soon realized that it was a catch 22. For her to ride him with more speed, it meant she couldn't take him as deeply, only stroking her sphincter on half his length. It felt tremendous and the view of the side of her tits jiggling and bobbing with each squat was super hot. But when she slowed and took him deep, that too was erotic, feeling the lower regions down by his base being engulf was something that rarely happened during anal sex. 

He became so lost in the encounter, deciding what felt better between completely buried in her ass or having her ride faster that he missed a lot of the warning signs of his building orgasm. Luckily, he had snapped back in enough time, but he would need a break to steady himself for one last session so the next time she pulled back up his pole he used his hands on her cheek to propel her more forward.

As Beca had the dick pull free of her asshole and she looked back at Luke, who was using a hand to hold his dick pointed straight up. "Wanna suck this dick?"

"What? Gross! No," Beca retorted out of reflex.

"Maybe I was right about you after all."

It upset the younger coed that he could press her buttons so readily but she'd come this far tonight, first tricking Luke to sleeping with her while live on air then letting him fuck her in the ass. Why not take it a step further, pushing her well and truly outside people's perception of her as a prude or good girl. Pushing aside her nerves and disgust, Beca bent down, parted her lips and took half his length into her mouth.

"Mmm...good girl," Luke groaned, watching her as she cleaned his dick.

At first she barely tasted anything. Getting more brave, she let her tongue glide on his shaft as she slowly bobbed on his length. It was far from gross, a faint unusual taste, maybe a bit metallic but nothing bad. And the fact it felt so wrong made her want to do more. Bobbing faster, she swirled her head so her tongue ran over more of his veiny surface, tasting more of her asshole.

"Yes. Clean my cock from your filthy asshole," he demanded, using dirty talk on the younger college student. He was gonna let it rest at that but then he saw the twinkle in her eye as she gave a suck with more confidence. "Oh my God. You like it, don't you?"

"Tastes so nasty," Beca answered, remembering to play it up for her live audience. "Love sucking this dirty cock."

"Good...keep going you filthy slut," he demanded.

* * *

For the Bellas listening on the radio in the captain's room of their shared house, which was now 8 of them, all their eyes went wide at the realization of what they were listening too. It was a shock to hear their edgy teammate getting sodomized for all to hear, but for her to degrade herself so much by licking her own ass juices from a cock that had been fucking her was quite different.

"This is the filthy thing I can think of...and I once was in a gangbang with 6 other guys," Stacie, the team's and Barden University's most sexually active and open-minded girl announced.

"I just had no idea this...that our Beca had it in her," Chloe commented, mouth still hanging open with surprise.

"Yup, I too seriously misjudged that twig," Fat Amy agreed. "Also never using her toothbrush again."

"Ew. Gross," Jessica revolted at the thought of sharing a toothbrush.

"You're listening to our friend sucking a penis straight from her own asshole and I'm the gross one," Fat Amy exclaimed, the noises of Beca slobbering on Luke's cock clear as day on the speaker.

* * *

"Ready for more?"

"Yeah...but I liked riding," Beca admitted. "So wanna see my tits as I fuck you with my ass?"

Luke's answer to her was laying back down on the sofa, a sign Beca read easily enough as she got back on his lap, only this time facing him. As one hand steadied herself on his chest while the other reached around her to guide his cock back to her well-used asshole, Luke made busy with his own pair, instantly kneading both heavy tits in his palms.

"Such a tight ass," Luke commented as he slid back inside. "Come on Beca. You wanted this! Fuck me hard."

They both knew what he wanted so after Beca had gotten used to his girth stretching her back out she let him have control for a spell. He didn't hesitate as he grabbed her hips to hold them steady and used his hips to thrust up into her ass. With each thrust he lifted his own ass off the sofa as nearly his entire length drove into the skinny girl with great boobs.

He set the pace then gave control back to Beca, hoping she understood what he wanted. As his hands moved over her flat stomach to her surprisingly big, round tits and groped them, Beca did what he wanted. She was well adjusted to him now so had no trouble generating more speed and power as she continuously rose and threw herself down on his cock, engorging her own ass in the process with his entire length.

"Oh...awh...yeah," was played on loop from her mouth as she found herself enjoying as his cock slide into her ass, poking deep in her bowels.

Beca was completely lost in the moment as their bodies were perfectly in tune with one another. She thrashed on top of him, his cock always half leaving her anal entrance before being taken balls deep. She used her legs to propel her up and down then switched, taking him completely into her rectum and only arching her low back to ride him with a lot more grind and power.

"Fuck Beca," Luke grunted with more urgency then before.

His strong hands finally left her tits, leaving a matching pair of red handprints on the sensitive fleshy globes, and placed them onto her slender hips. He was close, too close to stop and so held her firmly in place and just rocketed his groin upwards, spearing into her backdoor with lengthy fast strokes until his climax was almost upon him.

"Cum for me baby," Beca moaned, sensing he was close.

"You want my cum, slut? Want me to fill up your asshole with my jizz?"

"Yes! Cum in my ass. I'm your anal whore so unload in me," the horny girl demanded.

Luke was already past the point of return. He needed to release his seed right then and there. Burying himself inside her one last time, the Aussie felt the first spurt erupt from the end of his cock in the most satisfying of feelings a man could experience. Several more powerful bursts shot forth to plaster the inside of her asshole with his jizz in short order as well.

"Here, come suck my dick off again," Luke told the exhausted girl.

This time Beca rolled off his lap onto the floor already on her knees and took him straight down her gullet without compliant. She could taste the now familiar flavor of her own backdoor but it was now mixed with his own salty taste of his cum. She earned the gooey reward so wanted to taste it so badly so she sucked his dick long and hard, wanting every drop.

Eventually she stopped, probably because Luke took his softening manhood away from her as it grew more sensitive after recently blowing his load. He was spent and remembered he had a date tonight so quickly tracked down his clothes. As he went to leave he saw Beca still kneeling on the floor, a puddle of his semen underneath her having leaked from her asshole.

"Just remember to clean up that mess before you go. Cheers!" 

* * *

Beca's little stunt worked. For the next 24 hours, the only words on the campus' collective mouths was how sexual or hot Beca Mitchell was. For the next month, the pint-sized single didn't have a weekend evening free, a date with a different hot guy was already filled.

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