Pitch Perfect: Beca's Sex Tape

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pitch Perfect or Pitch Perfect 2, nor any of its characters, especially Beca, Chloe and Jesse. I make no money from this act of fiction.

"Chloe, a word," Beca said, calling her teammate into their shared hotel room.

Just uttering those three simple words required Beca to summon every ounce of bravery in her petite body. In regular world, those words meant nothing, just a simple beaconing to a friend or acquaintance, anyone really. However, for Beca it meant so much more.

"What's up Beca," the redhead asked.

Chloe of course was the undisputed leader of the Barden Bellas since her partner in crime Aubrey graduated three years ago. The duo successfully oversaw a massive transition, likely the largest in Bella history. Having lost every other member of the all-girl A cappella group, the eager ladies rebuilt the team with a new flavor, much more modern then in the past. The outcome? Three straight National titles and aiming for a fourth.

The singing group had been on the road doing their third victory tour in as many years, this one bigger then the others combined. It was likely due to the group's raising popularity and the fact the public were getting to know them with each successive win. It would also be neglectful to not mention a particular TV show for also bringing awareness to A cappella.

"I thought you'd be the one to ask about this type of thing so..."

"Oh yay, a sex question," Chloe cheered, assuming it was on her topic of expertise.

Everyone within the Bellas, or within Barden University for that matter knew about Chloe's well earned reputation. Hell, the way Beca was first recruited to the group was when the redhead overheard the freshman singing in the coed showers late one night while Chloe was fucking some guy she met hours earlier. And of course that was not an isolated event for the group leader.

"Yes exactly," Beca replied. "Okay so here is the deal. Jesse and I haven't seen each other for a long time. We've done a lot of things so far..."

"Phone sex, naked selfies, maybe even some videos," Chloe guessed. "I hope you took a pussy selfie. I bet you have an absolutely beautiful pussy. Vibrantly pink, not too much lip, you know what I mean."

"First off, thank you for your assumption about my...downtown situation. Secondly, stop talking about my downtown situation. And wow you really are good at this type of thing," the auburn-haired beauty commented. 

"And now you want to take it up a notch," the older girl added.

Beca had already done the hardest part, which was calling in the girl three years her senior. Now, there was no point being coy or relucent. Chloe was here to help and when it came to being a friend, the redhead was awesome. Also, she knew that Chloe would never judge her for anything she was about to say, not when she had done things ten fold dirtier.

"It's his birthday and I want it to be special. The last few videos I sent were me with my vibrator and dildo," Beca told her best friend, whispering the last words.

"Can I make an assumption? That Jesse is like most guys and has tried to get his cock in your hot little tush," Chloe stated.

"Chloe! That is personal," Beca gasped.

"Okay so tried and failed. Got it. The solution is easy then," the redhead said.

"And that is..."

"Our room tonight after lights out. Fully charge your cell phone and have a thorough shower. I'll bring the rest superstar," Chloe explained.

"Well that's vague and cryptic. What's going on in that pretty little head of yours," Beca asked.

"You'll find out. Now I have a date downstairs at the bar so I gotta run," the redhead said.

"You're dodging the question," Beca shouted at her as she swung the door open. Following her out into the hall as Chloe walked away, she added. "Please make good choices!"

* * *

Being that they had a performance at the iconic Lincoln Center the next day, Chloe had to make sure that the team was in bed at a decent time. The Barden Bellas normally had loose rules, but Chloe would never stand for the group functioning at anything less then their absolute best. At 11 o'clock, the redhead made her rounds, which consisted of knocking on all 5 rooms to make sure the 9 other teammates were present and accounted for. 

Lastly, Chloe arrived at her own door, the room she was sharing with Beca. That was a fairly normal arrangement for hotel room order, however sometimes they switched it up and took turns rooming with Fat Amy, who ranked third in importance within the group.

"How was your date," Beca asked.

"Oh that. It was okay. He was pretty but not much going on upstairs," Chloe replied to the Bella.

"Fuck him?"

"I'm insulted you even ask," Chloe answered, winking at the auburn-hair girl to confirm her conquest. "Ready for tonight?"

"I don't even know what you have planned so how can I be ready," Beca said, setting aside the laptop she was using.

Chloe had been thinking of the plan the entire night, trying to puzzle out every little detail to make sure things ran smoothly for her much less sexually experienced teammate. She didn't want to come on too strong or push her too far. She believe she had it worked out so she told Beca, watching her face the entire time.

"Wow. Seriously...wow," Beca commented after hearing the plan laid out. "I don't know..."

"Listen, I'm experienced with this type of thing. And I love you Bec, I wouldn't even have suggested it if I didn't think you were up to the task."

The wannabe music producer remained seated on her bed with her legs crossed in front of her, a look of contemplation on her beautiful, model-esque face. Chloe didn't know which way her decision would fall, but she obviously wanted it to be a yes for multiple reasons. Of course she wanted her best friend to be happy, and being with Jesse ensured that. But what she had proposed to the more reserved girl would be permanently ingrained in her spank bank for a lifetime.

"Promise to not make it weird with awkward comments or anything like that," Beca finally said.

"So that's a yes," Chloe practically squealed in excitement. 

"Yes...just lock the door, would you," the slender girl ordered.

"Okay so lose the clothes Beca," Chloe informed her like it was nothing.

"Umm, maybe I keep my bra or even shirt on though," Beca replied.

"Don't be embarrassed sweetie. I've seen hundreds of tits, though yours rank right up with the best of them," the redhead told her. "Besides, I've already seen everything you have to offer."

Beca was caught off guard by the comment before remembering back to first year at Barden University. Chloe had tried recruiting her to the Bellas but it had failed when Beca claimed to not sing. However, she heard the auburn-hair coed singing in the shower as she was fucking some random a few stalls down. Chloe burst in on her and forced her to sing, which started the process of getting her for the group.

Rather than argue further, Beca knew that it would have been impossible to do what they wanted without stripping out of her clothing. Resigned to getting nude in front of another woman, the auburn-haired beauty rolled off the bed and stood in front of her teammate, who watched her eagerly.

"Need help," she asked with a smile.

Beca gave her a curt smile, knowing full well that she wasn't a lesbian and that Chloe only said it to hurry her up. Grabbing the hem of her purple tee, Beca pulled it over her head with her shiny hair cascading from the neck hole once removed. Next to go were her loose fitting shorts, leaving the awkward singer in bra and panties. 

After a deep breath so to push away the tendrils of nerves taking root within her, Beca reached behind her, found her clasp and undid it like she'd done countless times before. This time as the familiar weight of her surprisingly large tits was felt as the bra pulled away, she was exposing them voluntarily to another woman. 

"Bottoms now Mitchell," Chloe instructed.

Chloe's eyes only grew wide in appreciation of the large, C-cup tits in front of her when Beca stopped looking at her face. She didn't want to creep her very straight friend out by oogling her amazing body, so she simply stole long, leering glances when she could. Lost in thought, she almost missed as Beca hooked her fingers into her waistband and pulled her yellow panties from her sex.

"There," Beca said, standing before the other girl naked.

She was now completely exposed for her best friend to look her up and down, which she did but with surprising reserve. Chloe still gawked, but it was tamer then she expected of the horny bi-sexual. The redhead was looking her over completely though, observing Beca's amazing body from mere feet away, noting her completely shaven pussy, tight slender waist, and pokey pink nipples at the peak of each of her perfectly rounded and sagless tits.

"Great, now get comfortable," Chloe ordered, pointing to the bed.

Beca listened and sat back on her bed, in a position that portrayed that the very naked college senior was not comfortable. Chloe fixed her a glare and within seconds Beca began to melt away her icy attitude by settling her head in the pillows and laying on her back, legs pressed tightly together as to not flash her friend her pinkness.

"Ok so what now," Beca asked, awkwardly trying her best to not use her arms to cover her small nipples situated atop her cantaloupe-sized boobs.

"You should throw your feet on the bed and spread those milky white thighs while I get the first of our little friends ready," the other girl replied.

Beca knew roughly what the redhead was doing with the little bag of goodies she had withdrawn from her luggage, however seeing was a completely different matter. With Chloe's back to her, Beca did what her friend had asked before craning her neck and attempting to get a glance of the toy Chloe was prepping for her.

"There. All done," the older girl by three years announced.

Beca was able to get a full view of what redhead was doing now as the girl turned to face her. Clutched in Chloe's fist was a metallic toy that looked like a small bonnet pepper. It was only 2 inches long, with one end tapered to a blunt point before expanding out to roughly 1 inch in width. From there it narrowed again to a small cylinder that went to the other end, a jewel-encrusted base that was several inches wide as to make sure the toy didn't get completely sucked into the user's backdoor.

"There is no way this is going to fit in there," her eyes flashing down to her asshole.

"Only one way to find out. You'll be very surprised with yourself," Chloe eased her worry. 

"Is there lube or something," Beca said, coming around to the idea.

"Yup. A whole lot of it right inside your mouth."

Beca glared at her for the smart-ass remark that she was more known for then the airhead Chloe. However, she ignored it and brought the inch-thick bulbous plug towards her mouth. She parted her lips and slipped it inside before proceeding to spit as much of her saliva onto the metallic surface as she could before it went on it's dirt road adventure.

"That's it, suck on it. Get and nice and juicy," Chloe directed.

"The diamond here is really cute," Beca said, delaying.

"Shut up and get it in your mouth," she said more firmly.

She was really pleased to find that Chloe whipped down the toy and cleaned it thoroughly before it's prior use. There was not even the taste of anything on the metal plug at this point, so Beca made sure to take her time and apply loads of spit to it. 

"Any special instructions," Beca asked.

She summoned more courage and looked down at the girl who was kneeling at the end of the bed, no more than a foot away from her sex. She had Beca's phone trained on her pussy and backdoor as to not miss any of the action, watching through the screen as the auburn-haired singer brought the metallic toy into view.

"It's not rocket science Bec. It's super slippery right now so place the tip against the center of you little starfish," Chloe started, at which point she reached out and lightly stroked the girl's adorable asshole, which winked in response. "Then push slow and steady while breathing and staying relaxed."

The slender girl with big tits gave herself one last mental pep talk before executing her orders. Reaching down her side then under her right leg, Beca made sure to not touch her skin for fear of losing any of the spit, knowing she would need it all. When the slightly cool metal touched her asshole she flinched more from the feeling then anything. She gave one last look at the camera then did as Chloe had told her.

"Ugh," Beca winced in pain.

For having her backdoor breached for the first time since their horribly failed anal sex night a year ago, it really wasn't bad. In fact, if it wasn't for the negative feelings towards something going up her ass, Beca doubted she would have grunted at all. 

"It looks so pretty," Chloe celebrated.

As if still surprised that she had something lodged in her bum, Beca's hand barely left the large, flat end of the plug. Closing her fingers lightly around the edges of it, the talented singer slowly spun the metal toy, noting how her rectum could feel the lubed up metal rotating painlessly inside her.

Getting a little braver since it felt so comfortable, minus the video camera inches away from her ass, Beca began moving it up and down. Again, no pain followed so she pulled it side to side and stimulated more of her bowels with the fairly skinny bulbous toy. Looking down between her legs she couldn't see it embedded, only viewing her shaved, pink pussy then Chloe's face with eyes fixated at her sex.

"Can you pull it out now," Chloe suggested.

"Yeah," Beca said.

It was only as her fingers closed tightly around the jeweled base and began pulling it out of her ass that she felt the swell of discomfort return. The butt plug was only an inch wide at it's widest portion but it was having a tough time being wanked free from her. That was until her supposedly hands-off camera man leaned in and licked the exposed metal.

Beca was going to yell at her and remind the horny coed that she didn't swing like that for the hundredth time, however it helped. The added lubrication from her generous amount of spit was what was required to make the plug exit her asshole faster and without any more pain.

This time, Beca didn't wait for any instructions. Once the tapered end of the toy was clear of her backdoor, she put it right back up against it. Chloe smiled in appreciation of the younger coed embracing her inner slut as she pushed the toy back into her ass. It was a little bit of a struggle but it went in with half the effort as the first time she performed the feat.

"Uhmm...mmhff," Beca groaned as the widest portion stretched her muscular ring before entering her rear.

Beca was growing more and more into the encounter. She had blocked the fact that a bisexual woman who happened to be her best friend was mere inches away from where she was diddling herself with said girl's butt plug. Instead, the auburn-haired beauty closed her eyes and focused on Jesse, her hand roaming up to her glistening pussy.

"Rub that snatch," Chloe encouraged.

Beca was losing herself and it was making for great video. While the slender coed was using her right hand to push and pull the toy around her asshole without withdrawing it completely, her hand was full out rubbing her clit. Like Chloe's earlier guess, Beca did indeed have a pretty pussy to go with her adorable little butthole.

Chloe was still surprised when Beca changed thing up, clearly enjoying the dual sensation. With her right hand she pulled the toy free from her backdoor with less grunting then previous, while her left hand migrated further south. The the butt plug back to being fully inserted in her caboose, Beca dipped two fingers into her pussy like she'd done hundred times in the past while masturbating.

"Oh...God," she moaned in response.

"You total slut! Not only doubling the fun but absolutely getting off on it," the redhead cheered.

Beca may have said something in response to her friend but it was washed away in a series of moans and screams as the younger woman got herself off. Chloe captured all the action as Beca pumped the butt plug several more times in and out of her booty, looking as her sphincter seemed to loosen up each time, all while her fingers alternated from frigging her clit and thrusting digits inside herself.

"Slides in a lot easier now," Beca said with a victorious smile.

"How about we try the next size up," Chloe asked her.

"Okay let's try it," her cocky smile remaining.

"Yeah? Okay great," the redhead replied. "Pull that one out."

Having done so quite a few times in the past minute, Beca found that the toy slid painlessly and easily from her tight asshole. As she did that, Chloe got up from her kneeling position and picked up the slightly bigger butt plug, still in the same style as the one Beca held in her hand but with a bit more than an extra half-inch in thickness. 

"Oh wow, that is bigger," Beca said as she inspected it in her hand before comparing it to the first one. "It's almost double the size."

"The first one went in easy so it warmed you up. You'll be fine," Chloe encouraged. "Now get it wet."

Beca seemed like a person reborn compared to the girl that had first called Chloe into the hotel room hours earlier. Now she was a girl who threw a butt plug belonging to someone else into her mouth and lathered it in copious amounts of spit to be used in her own backdoor. The redhead caught all the action as the other girl's arm traced a familiar path to her rump and placed the larger tip at her anal entrance.

"Mmmh...uhmmmfff," Beca groaned before it popped home. "And it's in!"

"Shit girl, you're amazing," Chloe cheered. 

This time Beca wasted no time in using her free hand to find her clit and rub herself. Her clit was no longer hiding within her glistening folds, as it stood out enough for the slender girl's hand to vigorously roll over the sensitive nub, eliciting loud screams of pleasure from the girl with a butt plug in her untouched ass.

"I think it's time for the big guy," Beca said after a few minutes.

"Are you serious," Chloe said in amazement.

It was a combination of not thinking Beca was an overly sexual person and the fact that she was so tiny. It was surprising that a girl that slim could have as big of a rack as Beca did, with the only other Bella in contention with her being the uber-slutty Stacie. However, her ass was so small with narrow hips to boot, though it did have a nice roundness and shape to it.

"Hell yeah I'm serious," she replied. "This one is going in no problem."

"Okay then pull it out," she directed.

Chloe stood back up and took the other two butt plugs that had been inside her best friend not long ago. They still shimmered with spit on them, Chloe giving herself a mental reminder to clean them afterwards or she'd taste Beca's asshole on them next time she used it. Though it wouldn't be such a bad thing, now would it...

"Holy crap," Beca exclaimed, seeing the next size up.

"Yeah it's a big boy," Chloe agreed.

The two women weren't wrong in the least. In fact, as Beca sized it up, she believed that the bulbous metal plug was thicker then her boyfriend's cock. That was enough to make the singer nervous and knock her down a peg when it came to her confidence at the moment. 

"It's fucking huge," she swore. 

"Then suck it really well," the redhead offered as she settled back in position.

Beca shook her head to get rid of the negative thoughts and get back to her positive attitude. Opening her mouth wide, wider then she had to other than for singing, the wannabe producer inhaled the thick butt plug and took it into her mouth. She had used a lot of spit already tonight but she was able to produce more and cover the vast amount of metallic surface.

Once she thought it had enough on it to lubricate it for it's passage up her dirt road, Beca ran her arm under her bent leg and pressed the tip back against her used asshole. She flexed her arm but this time the toy almost double the last one's size simple stayed in place, unable to breach the small opening. Easing off for a moment, Beca relaxed herself further, actually feeling her sphincter lose some tone then tried again.

"You did it babe," Chloe celebrated again.

"Fuckkkkk," Beca yelped. "That's massive!"

"And your tight little butt ate it up all the same," the redhead commented.

Beca had already forgotten the discomfort of having her asshole expanded further then it had ever been, aided in large part to the two fingers she was pumping into her snatch again. As Chloe watched from the other end, she could hear wet slapping noises as Beca's digits routinely thrust deep into her own pussy and fucked herself while the massive bulbous toy rested in her bum.

"You can feel the butt plug on the other side can't you," Chloe asked.

"Feels so good...and slutty," Beca replied, her fingers gliding along the toy in her arse via the thin membrane separating them.

Using her masterbation to relax herself, Beca thought now was the optimum time to pull the jewel-encrusted toy from herself. Gripping tightly onto the pretty base, Beca used all the strength in her slender arm to apply steady pressure on the end and yank it from her dirt road. It was a real struggle, taking twice as long as she'd grown used to, but finally it came free with an audible pop. 

Chloe and the camera she was using to record the solo sex tape for Beca's boyfriend were greeted to the sight of the auburn-haired singer's gaped asshole. They were able to look deep into her asshole for the first time, noting how the muscular ring's purple color transitioned to a flesher red with grooves noted embedded in the walls.

"Beautiful asshole Bec," Chloe commented.

"Mhmmmm...shittttt....ugghhh," Beca groaned as the toy was shoved back in. "Thanks Chlo." 

"Tell Jesse how it feels," Chloe told.

"It feels surprisingly amazing," Beca said into the camera. 

"You like it? I knew it!"

"I'm definitely gonna have to buy myself this one," Beca said, holding up the big guy. "I liked him the most."

"Then put him back home," Chloe suggested.

Beca listened to her teammates comment and did just that. Reaching her arm down behind herself with toy in hand, she placed the tapered metal tip at her entrance, which had sealed back up. Knowing how good it would feel after, Beca pushed forward and with record time, less than a second of effort, the butt plug fully embedded itself in her rear.

"Remember what you said at the start? That the little one was gonna not fit. Remember," Chloe gloated.

"I know. Now look at me, I can take the huge one no problem," Beca retorted with excitement.

As if to accentuate her point, Beca did just that. Clutching tightly onto the jeweled base, the slender singer pulled hard on the butt plug and felt the thick metal toy stretch her asshole out to it's limit. Surprisingly it didn't hurt though she could feel the thickness threatening to tear her in half before it popped free completely. She rubbed the rounded edge against her gaping hole before she pushed it back in, easier then ever.

"I could probably do the bigger size too," Beca suggested.

"Well it only came with three," Chloe laughed.

"I guess I'll have to call and complain," the anal slut joked. "So what now?"

"Hmm...how about we give Jesse a great view inside your asshole."

"Think he'll like that," the short coed asked. "Wouldn't that be super gross?"

"No it's so hot, trust me okay," the redhead answered, before giving her specific instructions.

It was a weird thing to be told to do, and yet it was much odder to actually be doing it. Without having to hold the butt plug any longer, Beca reached both her arms down under her spread legs and wrapped her hands around her small but curvy ass cheeks. It was a cute ass, not overly large but fit her body perfectly.

Beca stretched out her fingers and felt her asshole, which was the first time her finger had ever touched it before. She wondered how it felt pre-ass masterbation because now it had a small but noticable hole in the center that allowed her middle finger to enter inside until the first knuckle. 

"It's...warm...and smooth," Beca observed.

Thought the butt plug had done a good job to loosen her hole up, it was tightening up quickly. Knowing that she was too taut to get a second finger that far inside her backdoor, the auburn-haired beauty withdrew her digit until only her fingertips of her index and middle finger of both hands gripped around the muscular ring.

"Oh wow. It's so pretty in there," Chloe told her, moving the lens within an inch of her spread hole.

"Really? I'll have to look after."

"That's it. Wider now," the redhead pleaded.

Beca knew that the only way to pull her ass further apart was to get a better grip. Banishing the other thoughts from her mind, the skinny girl with big tits relaxed her arms for a moment and pushed her fingers further into her starfish. Now she could feel her sphincter pulsing against her digits, appreciating it as the thick ring it was, before she pulled it wide.

"Mmmm...oohhh," she moaned in response.

"Amazing. You are gaping it so wide Beca," Chloe comforted. "Relax then again."

Beca did as she was instructed and let the tension in her forearms slacken. Within seconds her nails were touching once more and she pulled her hands away, almost in disbelief at what she had just done. In the next breath though she found herself digging a total of four fingers at the edge of her hole again and through a combination of pushing inside and pulling apart, she was gaping her asshole almost 2 full inches apart.

Ever the dutiful cameraman, Chloe pushed right close to her subject, holding the camera on the phone as close as she could. She flicked on the flash in order to capture Beca's colon, noting the bright red walls and light purple inner sphincter. 

"I have one last idea! You'll both love it," Chloe said excitedly.

Beca was curious as to what idea her friend had in store for her ass now. She slowed relaxed her hands so that she wasn't stretching out her asshole any longer before the singer craned her neck to look at what Chloe was up to. Her back was to Beca so she couldn't see, having to wait until Chloe was ready to tell her.

Rather than return to her place on her knees mere feet from Beca's snatch and ass, Chloe jumped up on the bed next to her very naked teammate. The slender girl didn't protest as she was more curious even more then ever now. Chloe still had the phone in hand, which she aimed now high above them to get them both on the screen.

"Ok Jesse. This is my gift to you," Chloe said.

Chloe's gift was a long, flexible red dildo with two heads on each end. She had only bought it last week before leaving on tour and had yet to even use it on herself, let alone lend it to a friend. Beca would be the one to christen it, both tips.

"What am I..."

"Your gift Jesse, is get to watch your girlfriend DP herself for you," Chloe explained into the camera. "Double penetration," she explained to her less sexually explorative friend.

"Are you serious right now," Beca asked as the other girl left her on the bed alone.

Beca inspected the two a little more closely now that the shock of what she was about to do wore off. It was the exact mold of two cocks fused together at the base, with both heads wanting to find a home and apparently Chloe wanted them to be her asshole and pussy...at the same time. 

She had been able to handle everything her redheaded teammate had thrown at her so far, thus she'd rely on her friend for this as well. Noting that the thickness was roughly that or the largest butt plug, it gave Beca confidence that she'd be able to manage the task, until remembering that it would be going in both her holes simultaneously.

"Ass first," Chloe told her.

Beca was getting ready to put the one end of the dildo into her folds until her friend had given her the tip. Instead, she brought the tip that was an exact replica of a circumcised penis down south another inch and aimed the center of the toy with the middle of her well used asshole. HAving it lubed up already, Beca did what was becoming second nature to her and shoved the fake cock up her ass with surprising ease.

"Ugh...hmm, ribbed for my pleasure," she said with a grin.

After Beca got the toy into her ass, which went in with little trouble, it stopped making for good TV. Beca needed both hands to bend the two and angle it up at her pussy, then to fit it inside her wet twat was a trick as well. Finally after 30 seconds of struggling, Beca moved her second hand away and simple clutched the doubled over toy with one hand.

The sight that befell Chloe and Jesse via the camera lens was one of amazement. Here, the sexually inexperienced girl who weighed maybe 100 pounds (mainly due to her tits) had the first several inches of each end of the dildo crammed into a hole.

"Holy shit Bec!"

"I know right," she agreed between screams.

"Okay so don't be a hero and tried shoving both in at the same time, okay? You are tiny and it'll probably tear your tight ass in half," Chloe lectured. 

Beca did what she had been doing all evening and that was listening to her sexual guru. The redhead had instructed her to try pushing one end in deeper while holding the other end steady, or retreating it slightly. Beca erred on the side of caution and pushed the tip inside her snatch further inside while backing out the other end so only the head of the fake cock rested inside her rectum.

"Oh my God," Beca screamed, the toy hitting her reactive G spot.

Beca rode out the shudder as waves of pleasure rocked her lithe body before reversing course in both her holes. With using only one hand in order to let the camera capture the action better, the singer tilted her hand to allow the red dildo to pull out of her pussy, with the shaft now glistening in her juices. At the same time she used her thumb and forefinger to better help cram more cock into her asshole. It was a tighter hole but the dildo still made headway, causing her to scream as the shafts rubbed each other through the thin, sensitive membrane.

"You are totally gonna cum you big whore," Chloe said with astonishment.

"Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," she moaned loudly.

Beca continued to cycle the ends of the double-sided dildo in and out of her ass and pussy with greater speed. It had only been a few minutes since she got both tips inside her and up to a decent pace, but things were escalating quickly. She didn't understand it, but somehow the petite singer was in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight and more specifically full that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being a whore for Jesse's viewing pleasure, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. 

"Come on Beca! More! Fuck yourself! Oh yeah. Just like that," she was cheered on.

"Oh shit! Ohhhh....shhhhitttt," Beca screamed as she creamed all over the shaft in her twat.

"Jesse really found a sex freak, didn't he," Chloe stated.

After her insanely loud and powerful orgasm, Beca looked like a statute, holding the double ended dildo steady without movement. After a short period of time, the slender girl slowly withdrew both tips from their respective holes until she felt the undesirable feeling of emptiness. Chloe was right there, extending her hand to take the center position of the long toy and place it on the table to be cleaned later.

"You are a mother fucking rockstar Beca Mitchell," Chloe told her with an ear-to-ear smile.

"Happy birthday baby," Beca said into the camera, blowing him a kiss as she ended the video and hit send.

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