Pitch Perfect: Beca's Free Pass

BY : TheChemist
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"It's gonna be a tough 10 days," Jesse said as Beca laid on his shoulder.

The happy couple had been together for nearly a year after first getting together towards the end of their first year at university. They survived the summer of a somewhat long distance relationship, a grand total of 40 miles or a one hour car ride door-to-door, and started back up as strong as ever at the start of their second year at Barden.

"Tough eh? You are going to be partying it up in Florida while little old me is stuck here at Barden rather then go to my dad's house and see the step-monster," Beca chided him.

"You know what I mean," Jesse replied. 

They were at the house that the Barden Bellas, the singing group Beca belonged to, had combined to rent. Beca shared the topmost room with one of her best friends Fat Amy, who was down in the common living room to allow Beca and Jesse to have some privacy. They had watched a movie and were hoping to get in a last screw before his trip, but first they needed to have a conversation.

"It's gonna suck not getting to see you for that long. It'll be the longest we've gone," the sensitive boy followed up with.

"Yeah...I've been thinking about that," Beca started.

* * *

"Hey Fat Amy, can I borrow your hair dryer? Mine is on the fritz," Stacy asked her teammate.

"Umm...yeah sure. It's in my room and Beca's in there with Jesse...but I'm pretty stealth like a ninja so I can grab it and sneak out before they even know I've seen them bumping ugly," the obese blonde replied.

Stacy shrugged while Amy got off the couch and started the hike upstairs. With each flight she slowed herself down and stepped softer until she found herself outside the door. She placed her ear against the wooden door and heard not moans but words so she threw open the door since she wouldn't be interrupting anything.

"Seriously dude, I think it's a good idea," Beca said in her casual form of speech.

"You think it's a good idea to break up? Seriously Beca," Jesse asked, more stunned then anything.

"Oops. Seems like you guys are having a moment," Fat Amy spoke as there eyes turned to her in the doorway. "I'll just be grabbing this and now I'm gone...like a phantom."

"Not break up, just put a pause in the relationship. Listen, you're going to the biggest party in the world and I don't want you to slip up one night because you're super drunk. It would ruin our relationship...a relationship I want to go the distance," she admitted, picking up their conversation once Amy was gone.

"So do I..."

"I'm not trying to push you away. I'm just giving us an airbag in case of an emergency crash. This way, if you do end up hooking up, it doesn't affect us since it'll be understood that you will be automatically forgiven, no strings attached," Beca added.

"This is kind of a big deal what we are talking about and I just don't want you to feel rushed...simply because I have Benji waiting downstairs...for the past 5 minutes," Jesse joked, double checking his cell phone to see the message sitting on his screen.

"This conversation isn't a big deal. If you got hammered and fucked some random chick without us having this conversation, then it would be a big deal," the petite girl explained.

"Touche," he agreed.

"So take the damn relationship insurance policy just like you took the vacation insurance policy. That way, in case shit happens, you are protected," Beca told him, more stern but still light-hearted.

"You are amazing Beca Mitchell," he said, kissing her on the lips.

"Ugh...I know," she grinned.

"Same for you, obviously," he said, about to leave for more than a week. "I know you aren't going to travel anywhere but if I have a pass for the week then so do you."

"Noted...but I'm just gonna be working on Bella arrangements, working at the school radio and probably spend time with my dad," she replied. "Now seriously, stop making Benji wait."

"Ok, ok. I love you babe," he said, giving her one last kiss.

"Me too," she replied before giving him a slap on the ass to get him in motion.

* * *

"Where are you off," Fat Amy asked her roommate. "You just got rid of Jesse and already going out for a gangbang?"

"Fat Amy, relax," Beca said to the loud girl.

"Oh I'm not turning my nose up at multiple sexual partners at once. I'm a fan by all means. Though it can get a little hard keeping up with all the dicks. Plus you're a twig so they'd tear your skinny ass up," the blonde added.

"Thanks for that mental imagery...but actually I have to go to my last class before spring break," the skinny girl answered as she prepared to leave the house.

"Right, the one with the hot teacher's assistant. And you're not gonna want to bone him without having any consequences you depraved wannabe whore," Fat Amy said with a wink before disappearing into the next room.

* * *

For Beca it was just another boring Music Philosophy course, however even the professor was already thinking about Spring Break. That meant class let out earlier than usual, much to the half-filled auditorium's delight. The Barden Bella was sluggish getting out of her seat, doing a big stretch before she too left with her peers.

The quad was as sunny as ever though there remained a crisp spring chill in the air. Beca started walking aimlessly back to the main section of campus when she realized her path would intersect perfectly with the TA from her class. He gave her a little wave to let her know he saw her as they made a B line to each other.

"Hey Beca, how's it going? Rested after your little nap in there," Alex teased.

Though he was a little nerdy looking, Beca really dug it. She wasn't in to the whole musclehead thing or dumb frat boy so tended to gravitate people confortable in their own skin. Dressed in the thick-rimmed glasses that were all the vogue, a classic button-up shirt and slacks that he actually made look okay.

"Liar! I may have had a few long blinks but I assure you I didn't fall asleep," the auburn-haired beauty replied, more flirtacious then she realized.

"You were near the back and I could still hear you snoring," he laughed, making up that last point.

"So is that messenger page full of papers the reason why I don't see you at any of the raging parties us Bellas throw," Beca asked after a few seconds silence.

"Will I am a bit older than you girls so I'm afraid it's too young for me," Alex answered, noting just how hot the sophomore looked.

As the girl glanced off in the distance and ran a hand through her wind-blown long hair, it gave the TA a chance to give quick glance up and down to check out the sexy sophomore. Beca was in her familiar independent style, this time wearing a rather short red plaid skirt with black short boots and a low-cut black top that still unable to hide her very underrated rack for a skinny chick. 

"Well I think that's super silly," Beca mock scolded. "Plus it think it would be really fun to get drunk with you then have you spill all your secrets about the class. Like I bet that Emily, who acts all smart and superior, is actually tanking."

"Hmmm," he thought, the wheels in his head turning a million miles a second. "You could always pop by my place tonight and I can show off my pretty sweet vinyl collection. Play your cards just right and I may even reveal whose offered to blow Professor Sneed for a top grade. And with my slightly old age I always have beer in the fridge...obtained legally no less."

"Beer bought by someone of age without use of a fake I.D. just doesn't seem to taste the same...but you've hooked me with that juicy bit of gossip," Beca answered with a giggle. "Anyway I gotta meet a friend but I'll see you tonight. 9?"

"Perfect. See you then Beca."

* * *

"Okay, might have been wrong about the beer. Tastes pretty damn good even if bought by someone of age," Beca giggled as she gulped down another mouthful.

After showing up at her TA's house, the pair started sorting through his collection of vinyl. Beca shared with him her aspirations of being a big record producer in Los Angeles and Alex seemed super into it. Listening to the clear sound of the records also got her juices flowing, her mind racing with more potential for mash-ups.

Of course the beer was going down smoothly and a quick look at the table told Beca that between the two of them they had downed the entire 12-pack. She could normally hold her own but because it had been midterm not long ago she had stopped partying so much and her tolerance was weakened for it. 

"Tell me then, was it that skank Emily who tried to suck off Sneed," Beca asked as they poured the last of the cans.

"Believe it or not but it was that goodie-good Samantha," he said, nearly making the surprised girl spit the sip of alcohol out.

"That's crazy. Did not see that coming."

"And I never saw who much you could drink coming," Alex replied, truly impressed.

"Meh. I love beer," the auburn-haired beauty said non-chalantly before adding without thinking. "And beer gets me horny."

The comment hung out in the air for several seconds with neither one of them following up on it. Alex was shocked that those words came from the opinionated girl since he kinda thought of her as a prude. However, that was a very unprude-like thing to say. Looking over at her from the same couch, he saw her looking right back into her eyes, wetting her lips.

"Then maybe we should fuck," he threw out there.

Alex knew the consequences of his sentence but he thought it was a risk worth taking. The negative would be her rejecting him and having a few awkward months until the end of the semester. However, the rewards far outweighed that, as the Bella was an underrated hottie on campus and he desperately wanted to get his hands on her huge rack.

Beca had to think about what she wanted as well. Her relationship with Jesse, her boyfriend, was something that she held dearly. He was a nice guy and the only one she had ever been with that she saw a future with. However, sex had become rather vanilla with the nice guy and she did have that free pass for the week he was in Florida.


No sooner were the words out of her adorable mouth when Alex leaned over and kissed her on the lips. They were both a bit drunk so when his mouth weaseled into her mouth it was sloppy, landing as much on her face. Holding his head, she corralled his wayward tongue with her own as she leaned back and took his weight onto her body.

"Wait," she breathed as his lips began kissing her sensitive neck. "I wanna see your cock."

He was worried she was coming to her senses when she had him stop, but he couldn't imagine a better second half to that sentence. Straightening back up he got to his unsteady feet and wobbled side to side as he stood directly in front of the horny girl. 

"Might be a little drunk," he laughed as he pulled down his slacks before Beca fished his erect cock from his boxers.

"I was right. Nerds usually do have nice dicks," Beca shared as she stroked his 7 inch shaft.

He looked huge in her grip as she gave a few strokes then leaned in and licked his tip followed by a swallow bob for only half his dickhead. With her teasing down, this time Beca opened her mouth wider and engulf half his erection before sealing her lips around him and dragging them towards his tip.

"Awh...yes," he groaned, hands winding down to the top of her head.

She kept her eyes trained on his, adding an extra degree of pleasure to her skill and pushed her face towards his groin again. This time she went further, easily swallowed the first 5 inches without problem. With his tip at the back of her throat, she relaxed her muscles further and took the rest inside her gullet until her nose was buried in his thick patch of pubic hair.

"Glllkkkk," Beca coughed, her drinking prior to this making her blowjob sloppier than normal.

She still had the wherewithal not to gag on his healthy-sized cock, instead spitting up massive amounts of her saliva on his shaft. Slicker than ever, Beca beat his manhood with her hand at such a pace that the TA thought was not possible. This time when she wrapped her lips back around him, she bobbed faster than before but without going as deep.

"Wow...shit that's good," Alex complimented to the girl that still had not broken eye contact with him.

Beca couldn't deny that her favorite sex usually came when she was buzzed. She felt like she could just let her up-tight tendencies relax and fully embrace the encounter. Plus for whatever reason it made her pussy so much wetter than normal. She figured Jesse knew this because whenever she stopped by his dorm a glass of wine was never far away.

"When I've been drinking I just have the biggest urge to suck cock," Beca stated before wrapping her lips back around him.

He looked down and saw her slide her plump ass, especially given how narrow her hips were, off the sofa and settle on her knees. From the floor she had more ability to somehow go faster, taking more and more of his cock without losing her incredible speed. However much he liked blowjobs, which was immense, there was no way he could continue taking the onslaught without blowing his load way too prematurely.

Spotting an opportunity to disrupt her flow at least temporarily, Alex noticed that her shirt was still on and the tits under the fabric that could produce that amount of cleavage needed to be freed. Reaching down, the older man grabbed the bottom of her black tee and pulled upwards and until it was over her head, aided by Beca lifting her arms straight up.

Before Beca went back to sucking off her college TA she reached behind her back and easily unhooked her bra. Alex gasped in surprise at the sight of her awe-inspiring rack. They were even better in the flesh then he had been imagining for the past 7 months as he watched her flaunt her deep cleavage in her low cut tops during class.

"So I guess you like the twins," Beca commented with a toothy grin. 

The older man was simply looking down at her with a look of pure bliss and amazement etched on his cute face. It wasn't the first time her tits had brought a man to speechlessness and nor would it be the last time. Tempting him further, the drunk coed brought her hands to them and pinched her bright pink nipples, getting them even harder for him and causing her boobs to jiggle as she released her grasp.

"Get up here."

Beca didn't resist, instead allowed Alex to hook her under her arms and hoist her back on the sofa. His hands instantly gravitated to her pillowy tits, kneading the soft flesh as he pushed her back to recline in on the backrest. Him taking his turn on his knees, he reached under her pleated skirt and had her panties pulled down her slender legs in the next heartbeat. 

With her skirt flipped up onto the younger girl's flat stomach, Alex licked his lips at the sight of Beca's shaven clean pussy. Not waiting any longer, he bent low and instantly ran his tongue through her folds in the same second his hands went straight for her tits. Just like he figured they were huge for her petite size, perfectly round and suspended firmly without a hint of sag with the cutest pink nipples.

"Oh God yes," Beca moaned as his hands and mouth shot intense waves of pleasure throughout her tiny body. "Mhhmm...awwwhhhh."

Alex couldn't help himself and wanted to know how exactly the hot girl tasted right at her core so he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy. It drew another pleasurable cry from Beca, once again giving God credit for his amazing work. Her pussy was tight but easily yielded to his tongue as he tasted her while licking her inner walls.

The TA loved feeling her hands run through his brown hair as he changed tactics and danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her nub. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as the A Cappella singer began thrashing around wildly on the sofa.

"You know what's the only thing that would make this pussy taste even better," he asked the younger coed. "Beer."

Beca looked down between her spread legs and watched as her college TA reached behind him and clutched his beer can. Thinking he was just going to take a sip, she was extremely surprised to find him tip the can over while it hovered above her sex. Instantly she felt the cool, carbonated amber liquid splash on her sensitive folds.

"Wow that's cold...but I like it," Beca smiled before going into another low series of moans as he lowered his mouth to her twat.

With the beer pouring trick seeming to have gone well, Alex was prepared to test his luck further. Because of her horniness and being on the hook thus far he tests out licking her asshole. He pulled his tongue out from her pussy and swipe across her crinkled hole only once then back to her pussy. 

She barely stiffened or reacted in any way, either good or bad. After repeating this a handful of times Alex allows his tongue to stay on her tight starfish for longer. She didn't back away from the wet touch at all, in fact he felt her subtly slide further down towards him.

"That kinda tickles," Beca commented with a toothy grin.

Between the amazing blowjob, awesome tits flopping around and willingness to have him try whatever he wanted with her body, Alex needed to have her immediately. Straightening up so he stood tall on his knees, his cock was at the perfect height given his low sofa. Stepping closer he gripped his tool and swiped it through her folds several times, coating his bulbous tip in her fluid.

"Stick it in me! Come on...yes," Beca encouraged, moaning loudly when he accomplished the goal.

"Part of my job is to make the students happy," Alex grinned as he slammed half his length inside the younger coed.

"I'll be sure to give you a great review then," Beca replied before her face contorted due to the pleasure.

His initial push had easily parted Beca's folds, which accepted a good amount of his cock in one go. Pulling back out he could see 4 inches shimmering in her sweet juices, which only filled him with more passion. The pair moaned in unison as he pushed back in, this time less gentle then before.

After a few more thrusts, the TA had gotten the measure of his student, going faster now that he knew that she could handle it. Her slender legs locked around his thicker waist as he lengthened his strokes, making the skinny girl with the big rack take all of his manhood.

"Fuck...so wet...and tight," the older man groaned.

Beca's mind was whirling with the whole situation. Not only was she a little drunk, maybe even more than a little, but a different man was having sex with her for the first time in 18 months. She felt guilty still for hooking up behind Jesse's back...but why? It was he who wanted her to have the free pass. Banishing the thought from her mind since he could very likely be doing the exact same thing, she focused back on Alex.

Over and over the TA in her music class filled her pussy with his thick cock, hitting all the right places. He was different than Jesse, more animalistic and babied her less which Beca realized she kinda liked. She especially enjoyed when he had the presence of mind to stretch a few fingers down her flat stomach to rub at her clit.

"Oh God...awwhhh...mhmmm," Beca moaned as his fucking was driving her closer to an orgasm.

Beca knew she could be embarrassed for having her climax coming so quickly, but every nerve in her body was excited. Alex was spurred on by her clear enjoyment, clutching her slender hips and driving into the younger coed with all the power at his disposable. Beca voiced no displeasure, in fact she moaned louder so he continued pounding her into the sofa as he looked down and watched her large tits bounce as a result.

"Oh yes...awwhhh...almost...there," the talented singer warned.

And just like that his thrusting slowed right down before he made it doubly as bad by shortening his strokes. It was like he was going at the pace her first real boyfriend used when he popped her cherry almost 5 years ago.

Alex had a good sizing up of her body language because just as she was on the verge of complaining he picked up the pace once more. Spiking his entire length inside her, the older TA made her heavy boobs slam up towards her face as he resumed fucking her with earnest.

However, just as soon as he had her worked back up to her unsustainable sexual frenzy, he dialed back the intensity and let her orgasm fade off in the distance. She tried to use her heels to dig into his buttock to spur him on, but when he eventually did start back up he would tail off time and time again.

"What...keep going," Beca demanded, trying her best to fuck herself with his cock.

"But I like playing," he smiled, using barely half his length to slowly push inside her.

"Ugh. How about you make me cum and you can do whatever you want to me," the horny coed offered, her desperation clear in both tone and facial expression.

"Anything," he asked, his fingertips brushing her asshole to leave her no doubt what she was willing to give up.

"An-y-thing," she agreed.

She was forced to give up her asshole in order to get off, but to Beca the trade was worth it. He had towed her along, her orgasm always within reach before being cruelly snatched away so that now she would do anything for it. Anal sex wasn't new for her, she and Jesse, not to mention the two semi-serious boyfriends prior to him had all stuck it up her bum and all had varying degrees of success.

"Let's give you that orgasm then," Alex said with a wolfish grin.

The older man didn't bother listening for her reply, not that she gave one other than a chorus of moans. Focusing on plunging his entire length into Beca's pussy to make her cum was now his sole objective. He made sure to really grind his hips against her with each push so he rubbed her clit. 

"Yes! Make me cum," Beca begged, each stroke bringing her closer to release.

The sexy co-ed wasn't just laying around and letting her musical philosophy TA do all the work. Beca met his thrusts by raising her hips off the couch while he could also feel her heels dig against his ass to spur him deeper.

"Come on Beca, be a good student and cum for me," the TA pushed.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Beca screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

Alex buried himself in her pussy one last time as the slim girl reached her climax, her nails scraping the skin on his back in the process. Her snatch clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet, especially given what he was about to claim. 

The TA allowed the busty girl a few moments to slump against the backrest of the sofa and enjoy her orgasm as he shortened his strokes until he pulled out altogether. Not forgetting their agreement, Beca took one last breath before rolling over and resting her glorious rack on the back of the couch with her perky ass facing Alex.

"God that's one cute little ass," her TA adored, rubbing his hands over her smooth cheeks.

"Gonna just stare at my bum all night or you gonna do something about it," Beca asked with a look over her shoulder, wiggling her booty for added measure.

Normally Alex would use lube to ass-fuck a girl but seeing as how it was all the way upstairs and his cock shined in her pussy juices, he was willing to chance it. Adding spit to the surface of her sphincter with a slow lick, he straightened up and placed his tip against her ass. Timing it just right with her breathing, he pushed in when she was calm and managed to get his head edged in her anal ring on his first try.

"I was wrong, now this is a tight hole," he commented.

"No argument here," the slender girl with tough persona replied through gritted teeth.

Alex had done this enough to know to stop and wait for the girl to acclimate to the throbbing cock holding open her backdoor. After her hissed comment, he could sense her trying to relax her puckered hole before her arms tensed and she pushed her small yet plump ass back towards him.

With the sign to go ahead, Alex gripped her hips with one hand and bunched the other in her red skirt. Pushing a little bit more in, he looked down and watched her ass swallow up his thickness slowly. He was about to lean down and ask if she was okay when her hands once again pushed back on the seat and took more of him into her ass.

"Fuck my ass," Beca encouraged, much to the TA's shock at her willingness to be sodomized.

Alex was just the latest in a growing list of men who were amazed by the razor-tongued girl's sexual appetite. Though she was no stranger to anal, she tried to only do so while drunk since it was the only time that she enjoyed it so much. She found the drinking helped with the discomfort and to relax her, so much so in fact that she actually likes to be butt fucked this way.

The TA had almost half his length inside the girl's rectum and with each stroke he worked in a little more. Beca's hand snaked between her legs and found her clit once more, diddling the sensitive nub to add extra pleasure for her. Comfortable with his size now, Beca felt the man start to slam into her ass with a bit more vigor, but she was up to the task now.

"Yes. That's so good," the TA grunted.

With his over half his cock getting swallowed repeatedly by her slam ass, Alex took his hands from her hips and grabbed her tits. His first squeeze was rougher than he intended, caught up in the rush of the moment not that Beca seemed to care. His fingers rolled her nipples to keep them hard as he used the boobs in his grip to pull her backwards. 

"That's it. Give me that cum," she pleaded, sensing he was close.

"You want my cum in your slutty ass," he asked, knowing that was exactly where she was going to receive his load when the time came.

Beca's hand never left her clit, in fact it only rubbed harder. She knew it would take too much time to bring her to a second orgasm and with her date's thrusts getting more erratic by the passing second she wouldn't have time. However, the stimulation coming from her pussy, nipples and ass was more than enough to keep her moaning and enjoying herself as he built up to cumming.

Alex felt his balls start to tingle in anticipation of his pending orgasm. He thought about warning the lovely girl that he wouldn't last much longer but there was no point, it was happening too quickly. He kept up his brutal pace for another few moments before burying himself completely in her bowels.

"Fuck! Here it comes," he grunted through clenched teeth.

As his cum started shooting into her cavernous asshole he swore her anus clenched tighter around his cock. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as stream after stream of warm jizz panted her insides in what he was sure was the largest load he'd ever produced. When he was sure he was finished at last he let his reddened cock slip from her gaped asshole, already a small trickle of his semen leaking out from her.

"Holy crap," he said, laying on top of the skinny girl.

"I think I need another beer," Beca added, drawing a laugh from both of them.

It was close to 1 in the morning when Beca was fully dressed and cleaned up well enough to start the walk home. It was easiest cutting through campus with it's well lit streets however it also came with a horde of her fellow Barden coeds. There were comments and cat calls from men who knew exactly what she was doing...the walk of shame.

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