Pitch Perfect: Beca's Foosball Wager

BY : TheChemist
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"Shit dude, that was so much fun," Beca practically screamed to the rest of the Barden Bellas.

Though making friends and actually enjoying college didn't come natural to the gorgeous coed, Beca Mitchell was slowly coming out of her shell. Once seen as merely a chore to complete before her dad would let her go to Los Angeles and start her career in the musical industry, she was actually starting to enjoy herself.

"I told you that the riff-off was the funniest event of the year," the loveable Chloe told her teammate.

The riff-off allowed all the Acapella teams currently at Barden to get together and compete in a little musical battle. Though the Bellas lost to their rivals, it was on a technicality and everyone in attendance knew the all-girls team were the real winners. Afterwards the keg was tapped and the extra fun began, most of the coeds now drunk including Beca.

As Beca, Chloe and a few others of the Bellas walked back towards their dormitory, the freshman couldn't help but realize that they were missing a number of their teammates. Chloe filled her in that Stacey was off with some guy or guys from the party while others had bowed out early from too much beer.

"Now speaking of hooking up, I kinda told that cute guy from the showers I would meet him there any minute," Chloe told her friend. "Wanna come?"

"Tempting...but for the hundredth time I'm not into girls," Beca said before giving her a big hug. "But if I was, you'd be the first to know," she added.

Chloe gave a dramatic 'whoo' as Beca slapped her jeans-clad ass as the redhead turned around. With a giggle she strode off down the hall towards her room to get her bath stuff before meeting her boy. That left Beca alone so she turned towards the direction of her own room. She wasn't sure she wanted the night to end and go hang with Kim Jin, but all her friends had left her.

However, as chance would have it, as she was walking by the common room on her floor she heard thudding and other noises. Poking her head in she found another student in the room playing foosball by himself. He was cute, tall and a little dorky...or in other words, just the way Beca liked them.

"Like playing with yourself," Beca joked as she stepped into the large rec room.

"Oh shit, didn't know anyone else was around," the startled male student replied.

"I had one of these when my parents were still together," the Bella continued as she came up to the large wooden table. "I'm Beca by the way."

"Lee," the coed replied.

Unable to help himself as the clearly half-drunk girl looked at the foosball table and thought of fond memories, Lee let his eyes roam her body. Skinny legs that looked long despite her short stature, and though it may not be the biggest, Beca's waste disposal unit was one of the tightest and frankly adorable ones frolicking around the college. However, her main draw was her tits, which looked even larger on her petite frame.

"Wanna have a game," Beca asked, giving him a chance to stop staring at her boobs before she caught him.

"Ummm, yeah, for sure," he answered quickly.

"Cool, I'm red," she announced.

Lee allowed the gorgeous girl to nudge him out of the way as she took over the side of the table he was occupying. Not really caring, he let Beca have her preferred side as he rounded the game and took up the handles of the blue team.

The match couldn't have gone worse for Lee. He definitely underestimated his opponent as the skinny girl absolutely kicked his ass. He also found out that despite her cuteness, Beca had a filth mouth and wasn't above trash talk. The final score ended up being 10-2 and the singer didn't let him forget about it.

"Well that hurt...a lot," Lee laughed, running a hand through his mopey brown hair. "I should probably go and lick my wounds."

"Oh come on, let's make it interesting," Beca whined, not wanting her awesome night to end.

"Like with money? I'm a broke student," the male countered.

"No, I'm poor too. Let's see, you're a pretty handsome guy and seems like you have a good body. So let's see if I'm right," she explained.

"Strip foosball?"

"Yup! Strip foosball!"

"I'm kinda at a disadvantage," Lee commented, using his hand to go over her layered outfit versus his more casual attire.

"Oh you mean that you have some type of muscular dystrophy? That does explain your horrid showing in our first game," Beca joked, laughing at him. "Come on dude, a hot girl wants to play a stripping game and you're hung up on how quickly I'll beat you? And, I won't even count jewelry or my scarf"

"My God you have a nasty mouth on you," Lee laughed. "Fine, let's do this."

That was the answer Beca was looking for, bringing a smile to her pretty face. Since the last goal of their previous game was scored on him, Lee retrieved the dense sphere from his end. Waiting for Beca to have her hands on both grips, he tapped the ball twice on the side before tossing it into the middle. Reacting faster then he even thought he could, Lee snapped his right wrist and his center midfielder connected with the ball. With a crackle, it flew past Beca's plastic men, including her goalie and nestled into the net.

"Boom," he cheered.

"Yeah, well, lucky shot," Beca stammered as the ball fell to her side of the table.

Before retrieving the ball she knew that there was a consequence to that goal. Thinking for a moment, Beca reached down and undid the short zipper on the inside of her ankle-high boot. Stepping out of the black leather, the petite girl held it up for her opponent to see before tossing it to the side and out of the way. 

"One to nil," he smiled as she picked up the compact ball.

"Don't be a douche," she replied in her typical snarky tone.

Beca was made to quickly regret her choice in removing only a boot. They had a heel on them that was modest, but the two-inch leg length inequality proved to through her balance and timing all to hell. Not only did she hail to even threaten his net, within 30 seconds of the restart she heard the dread noise of the foosball thudding against the back of her goal once again.

"Suppose I had that coming," Beca muttered as she reached down and hauled off her matching boot.

Lee smiled down at the girl who had now lost a good 3 inches in height, now standing only 5 feet tall. And he suppose it was the difference in her sudden change in height that threw off her timing just enough to allow him to get a third goal. After misconnecting on a few shots that shanked off the side of her players, she misjudged a fairly tame shot and it dribbled into the back of her net again.

"Hmm," she said, pissed that the game was going in this direction.

Lee decided she was even hotter when mad. Looking at her as she slide her arms out of her tight-fitting leather jacket, it forced her to thrust her tits out towards him. He hid his gaze enough so that she only saw him glance at them, making her feel that he was interested without lingering too long and taking him into creepy perv territory.

With the ball back in play, it would soon be Beca who finally got on the scoreboard. With her hunching over the table, it made her large pale tits to really be exposed from within her red tanktop. She was a better player than him in the first place, so with him distracted it was too easy for her to rifle a shot past him.

"Goodbye right flip-flop," he mused, being theatrical as he threw it aside.

When he threw the ball back into the playing board, Beca quickly got the upper hand. Dominating possession, Beca narrowly missed a series of shots while another one or two were blocked by his keeper. However, the constant jostling of her petite body caused her scarf to dangle down and impede her. She thought she could afford to use a hand to quickly snatch it out of her way but it was during that instance that Lee smashed a decent shot past her distracted hand.

"Not fair," she fumed as she spiked her scarf onto the floor.

"Remember, scarf doesn't count as clothing," Lee reminded her.

"Grrr," she snarled as she thought.

Beca had to beside if she wanted to play in her bra or panties. Weighing the pros and cons, she opted to reached down and undo her pants. As she slide down the painted-on skinny jeans, Lee knew he was let off the hook. She chose the pants because his view of her tight ass in the thong would be blocked, but playing against the skinny chick with her huge boobs out would have been an easy win as he drooled over the sight. 

"Probably wished right now you chose socks," he laughed.

"These boots with socks? Please Lee, you're embarrassing yourself," she returned the joke, causing them both to laugh.

For the next few rounds, the Beca who played the first game was back and kicking ass. In the span of a few minutes she had scored several goals and left Lee with a growing pile of discarded clothes. His stack now included both of his sandals and socks before Beca slammed home another goal. Unlike her, he opted for his shirt, peeling it off in dramatic fashion to expose a good amount of upper body muscles.

"Yikes! Did not know all that," she used her hands to motion over his ripped abs and strong arms. "Was under there."

Lee smiled at her comment before getting the game restarted. He survived her initial barrage of shots as she dominated him once again but through luck of his own she didn't score. He tried flexing his pecs and biceps as often as he could, and it paid off. Like a cat attracted to a laser, Beca got caught taking too many glances at his muscles and misjudged a bank shot.

"Well fuck," she cussed.

Thinking for a moment, Beca opted for removing her tank, lifting it over her head to expose her red bra. Her lovely tits looked even better with more of her flesh up for view, the way her cleavage was formed by them being pressed together making him aroused even more. Rather than it serving as a distraction though, it was motivating him to see them completely uninterrupted and he quickly scored another goal.

"Which will it be," he asked her as she swore again.

"How about we make a deal? You let me keep my underwear on and if you score again...I'll give you a good show," Beca offered.

"Strip and a dance...I can work with that," Lee said after pondering her request.

Beca was relieved that she was allowed to keep both her bra and thong on, and she didn't waste her second chance. Lee knew it was a risk not making her follow through with removing an article of clothing but he wanted to stay on her good side rather than piss her off. Her goal in the next 10 seconds made him question his good-guy actions as he removed his pants, leaving him with only his boxers on.

"And this one is for all the marbles," he said in an overly dramatic way.

Lee felt nervous as he retrieved the ball, but a quick look over at Beca told him that she looked way more anxious. After all, she had more to lose, going naked in a public place where women's sexualities were more susceptible to cruelty by everyone plus would have to throw in a naked dance for him. Feeling his nerves relax, he tossed the ball into the fray.

"Un-fucking-believable," Beca gasped in shock, as two minutes later Lee finished her off.

Lee felt awkward. He was obviously happy beyond belief that he beat such a gorgeous girl at a game of strip foosball, but he didn't like the fact she would be forced to follow through with the consequence if she didn't want to. He would probably regret it but he cleared his throat and spoke. "You don't have to...you know, strip, if you don't want to."

"Really? Awesome! See ya later pal," Beca said excitedly. She instantly saw his face warp into a mask of depression before adding. "Dude, I'm kidding. A bet is a bet."

A wave of relief washed over Lee's face that was obvious for Beca to see. He didn't really care since until an hour ago the highlight of his night was going to be getting a second bag of chips that fell from the vending machine. His night took a 180 turn and was about to end in a gorgeous freshman giving him a striptease show.

"Should I sit on the sofa," he offered.

Beca thought for a moment before stretching her hand across the foosball table for him to take, which Lee accepted. Guiding him around the wooden table, she walked with him hand in hand towards the largest of the couches in the rec room before settling him in the center. 

It was now that he was able to have a good look of her body in nothing but her bra and panties, which, luckily for him, was a thong. The flower-printed panties were skimpy and did perfect to show off her surprisingly plump ass given how narrow her hips were. However, it was higher up that really held his attention and specifically her very nice set of tits.

"Just sit back and relax," Beca told him. 

Beca quickly scampered back to her clothes to retrieve her phone from her pocket. After thumbing through the device for a minute, an R&B song that Lee didn't recognize started to play, one that was ideal for slow dancing. He was surprised to find the skinny white girl had good rhythm, going slow but wiggling her lithe body while running it over with her hands, though barely ever touching her naughty bits early on.

"You're good at this," he complimented before adding. "Is this how you made tuition?"

Beca flashed him her mega-watt smile but ignored his question as she squatted low to flash him her abundant cleavage. When she was back upright so turned to show him her petite ass and all Lee could think of was to reach out and bite it. Bending over at the hips she planted her hands on the ground with straight legs, thrusting her curvy backside back at the lucky coed.

"No, but I appreciate the compliment," the partial drunk girl replied as she dropped her thong-clad ass to the ground before straightening up.

Beca still had her back to him as she reached behind her with both arms and undid the clasp of her bra. Pulling it away from her chest, she flung it in the direction of her other clothes while still swaying hips side to side. Finally she stopped teasing him and turned around, her hands running over her large tits, making them jiggle as she ran fingers through her flowing hair.

Beca's body was also equally mesmerizing for Lee to stare at and appreciate. Her dark red hair was perfect contrast to the milky-white appearance of her skin, which was smooth and inspired her to plant her lips all over. For such a small woman, the coed's tits were impossibly large, making her look like a boy's wet dream from a comic book. They were perfect globes that hung perfectly in front of her chest, bouncing every time she made a dancing move. 

"Those are...perfect," Lee stammered, mouth agap.

"Thanks," she smiled as she brought her tits no more than 2 inches from his face. "And remember, strip club rules."

"Gotcha, no touching," he agreed, licking his lips.

Beca teased him for the better part of 5 minutes, almost to the point of feeling bad for him. She could see his boxers bulging where his very good sized cock strained against the material. However, she had to get some form of revenge for beating her at the game she was so good at.

"Would you like to see more," she finally spoke as another song started playing.

"Yes," his voice on the verge of cracking. "More."

Almost laughing at the strong hold she had him under, Beca hooked her fingers into her last remaining piece of clothing and pulled her thong down. Lee noted the way her panties clung to her pussy lips as clearly he wasn't the only one horny and being seduced by the situation. To his delight, Beca believed in keeping things very tidy in the downstairs department, having a completely bare pussy minus a thin strip of trimmed hair.

After wiggling her petite ass in front of him and giving him good, long looks at her perky tits, and shaven pussy, Beca took things up another notch. Climbing onto his lap, she saw the man bite down on his lip as she started to grind against him. She could easily feel his hard cock pressing right over top of her cunt, the folds instantly gushing as a new level of arousal flooded her.

"Fuck it," Lee said.

It all happened at once for Beca. She felt two strong hands reach up and take her boobs into a hearty grip, kneading the soft flesh right at the verge of causing pain but never reaching it. She moaned but it was cut off as his tongue was thrust into her mouth, his lips pressed roughly against hers. She returned the kiss in kind, the two engaging in a full fledged make out session as the naked girl sat on the coed's lap.

"Should we...mhmmm...go back to...your room," Beca moaned, knowing that her room would have Kimmy Jin inside.

"No...here," he answered, also aware of his own roommate.

There were plenty of reasons not to have sex in a dormitory recreation room, where anyone could walk by and see, but none came to Beca at that time. Going back into the kiss, she felt her pussy getting wet once more as Lee lowered his head to suck on one of her nipples.

"Mmm," Beca moaned as jolts of pleasure shot through her lithe body.

With her sitting on his lap, Lee tilted her back to give his hands better access to roam her tight body. Starting at her flat stomach, he ran them up and over her insanely large tits and gave them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the redhead so he gave them another hearty squeeze before moving them up to hold her face so that he could bring her in for a passionate kiss.

They continued to kiss with emotion that Beca hadn't felt in some time. Since coming to Barden she hadn't hooked up with anyone, only casually flirting with Jesse from the Treblemakers. However now, sharing such sexual chemistry with Lee, who wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out, she found herself wanting to do the very same. She roamed his body with her hands while grinding her ass against his dick.

"God...this is amazing," Lee exclaimed.

As the boy took a moment to thank his lucky stars for the turn of fortune this evening, Beca was kissing her way down his chest before she slunk to the ground beneath his legs. Lee helped by lifting his hips from the sofa as Beca pulled his boxers down and got his dick slapping her in the face as a reward. The pair shared a little giggle over the thudding smack before taking him into her skilled mouth. She wasted no time with teasing or slowly building and instead opted to opening her mouth as wide as possible and taking easily half of his good-sized length between her lips.

"Holy fuck," he exclaimed as her moist heat worked its way over his shaft.

Beca was a very talented singer with complete control over her octave range, which also meant that she had mastery over her throat muscles. She almost had an arrogance about herself when it came to oral sex given that fact, as it was extreme rare for a girl to know how to deepthroat. 

Showing exactly what she could do, Beca bobbed down his pole until she felt his tip butt against the back of her mouth. Having done this countless times with in the past, she kept going so he was sliding into her throat. She only stopped when his pelvis was touching her face, specifically his trimmed pubic hair pressing against her adorable nose.

"Shit...Oh my God! So good," Lee grunted his approval.

Beca reached up and placed his hands on the sides of her head and slowly retracted her lips up his cock, allowing her a chance to breath again. Lee took the hint that he could start dictating the pace, pushing her towards him again until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. He absolutely loved the feeling of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick but he had more in stored for the horny little coed. 

He began the same method again but this time he felt Beca pulling his hips towards her. When he looked down he saw her flash him with her large eyes, pleading him to go faster. Whether it was her visual cue or the wave of horniness he got looking down on her with half his meat pole in her mouth but he retracted hard on her head and sent her face crashing into his stomach.

"Gggulllllggkkk," Beca coughed as spit gathered in her throat.

She wanted the boy to whom she had an immediate connection with to have fun face-fucking her, but Beca didn't want him to blow his load before they got to the good stuff. Getting her arms back onto his legs, she pushed against him with one hand while her other wrapped around his shaft, stroking him so her mouth only worked on the top half of his very slick member.

Her bobbing with her mouth got shorter and shorter until her lips were only wrapped around his tip as Beca sucked on it alone. Her hands were doing magic as one stroked the rest of his 8 inch shaft as her right went between his legs to lightly juggle his full sack, drawing new moans from the lucky coed.

"Come here," Lee said.

Beca gave a slight shriek as the much bigger boy brought her to her feet for the first time in 10 minutes. Her legs took a moment to work as he walked her over to the foosball table, the scene of her demise at his hands from earlier. 

Resting Beca against the end that he had scored so many goals on, Lee was the one getting to his knees this time. Hoisting one of her slender legs onto his shoulder, her bright pink snatch was now freely accessible to him and he wasted little time getting acquainted with it.

"Oh God yes," Beca moaned as his tongue rummaged through her folds. 

Lee took her moaning, the thighs pressing the side of his face tightly and the hands running through and occasionally yanking on his hair as a sign that he was doing a pretty kick ass job of eating her pussy. He was now shoving his tongue deep into her cavernous hole, which brought out all new types of pleasure screams from Beca.

Beca wasn't use to a guy going down on her and actually knowing what he was doing. Sure, some of her previous boyfriends at eaten her out, but none with even half the ability as Lee, and that was before he started using two fingers to stretch out her tight cunt as his mouth closed in around her clit.

"Fuuuucckkk....mmmmeeee," Beca swore as she reached new levels of arousal.

"That's a great idea," Lee said, climbing to his feet.

Though a lot of first time hook-ups tended to be awkward and unfilling, this was anything but. The pair were in sync and by the time Lee was back standing, Beca had flipped herself over, bent over at the waist on an angle with her petite yet curvy ass thrust back at him. 

Beca felt a set of large strong hands on her small yet curvy hips, giving them a wiggle to get her lined up exactly as he wanted her. With a hand on the base of his cock, Lee moved the other hand to rest on her lower back, right above her tight little ass that was pointing up right at him.


"Gimme that dick," Beca blurted out.

Lee needed no further encouragement for that activity. With dick in hand he lined it up against her wet folds and after the smallest of efforts he eased inside of her. He bit down on his bottom lip as her snug pussy hugged him tightly while her loud moan reverberated around the empty rec room. 

Within a matter of minutes, Lee had loosened her up enough so that he was able to effortlessly glide into her wetness. The poles sticking out from the table kept Beca's ass pushed back towards him, lining her up perfectly to saw into her. Not as breakable as she looked, Lee started to go faster, thrusting into her twat with balls swinging against her clit, drawing an extra pleasure from Beca.

"So tight," he grunted.

The whole situation made the encounter even hotter for Beca. For a girl who played it safe most of the time, she was actually thriving on this moment of spontaneity involving sex with a random guy. Luckily for her, Lee seemed like a good guy who knew how to properly screw a girl, and she was benefiting.

Lee had worked his way up from slow and tender and was now fucking her hard, judging correctly from her body language that she wanted it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the front of Beca's thighs pressed harder against the tabletop. 

His hands were busy, one hand usually around her ass to either separate to allow him to watch his cock spearing into her or simply kneading the curvy flesh. The other one was rubbing her back and occasionally using it to slap her bottom, which caused the flesh to ripple and leave a red handprint.

"Fuck me," she begged.

Beca continued to use her hands to push back towards him to meet his thrusts. She was pleased that he wasn't being gentle with her, like so many men did based solely on the fact her body was so damn tiny. Rather than only use half his shaft on her, the fellow Barden student had no qualms repeatedly driving the whole thing deep inside her time after time.

"Yeah? Like this," he asked, confident but wanting to make sure she was comfortable.

"Ughhh...yes...awwhh...please," the attractive singer grunted.

Sweat was already developing a thin layer on her pretty face and she seriously worried that his fucking was actually going to break the gametable she was leaning over. Banishing that from her mind, she continued meeting his thrusts with as much force as she could while both his hands seized on her narrow waist to help rear her backwards.

Lee kept up slamming into her at a pace of once her second with her ass shaking in response. Based on the desperation in her voice and look on her face, the man was able to put it together that she needed to cum soon, and he'd happily give it to her. As if on cue, she screamed loudly.

"Please...so close...make me cum," she pleaded with desperation. 

Lee figured if it's not broke, don't fix it so he didn't change his approach too much as he maintained pounding into the big breasted singer with everything he had. He was nearing his own climax but knew he could survive long enough to have her squirt all over his member without fear of popping, despite how tight her cunt was.

Remembering back when he was munching her tasty pussy, the lanky man ran his hand down from clutching tightly on her rounded hips and moved towards her clit. The nub instantly hardened under his touch and as he brushed it gently it proved too much for Beca almost immediately. Lee knew it was a successful move when he felt her go rigid, no longer pushing back at him while her back arched as the orgasm smacked her hard. 

"OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS," Beca screamed as she came.

Her pussy gripped so tight onto her victor's cock that it almost felt supernatural. He had to grit his teeth and hope that he could ride out her cumming, but that would only happen if he could pull out in the next few seconds. Finally though, Beca stopped screaming and though her face was frozen with a "O" for a mouth, it was clear to him that she was done.

"Needed that...so badly," she huffed, coming back into the world again. "Now your turn."

Without skipping a beat, Beca squirmed out from her pressed position between Lee and the table. Grabbing his hand, the talented singer walked him hand-in-hand to back to the sofa where she first treated him to her dance and oral skills. Pushing him onto his ass, Beca was straddling his lap in the next moment, sinking down on his cock and taking him inside her.

"Still so tight," Lee complimented, her large tits bouncing right in his face.

Despite having cum seconds before, Lee would never have guessed it from the way Beca rode him. Gliding down to his base after a few bounces, the Barden Bella was effortlessly working her tight cunt up and down the lucky boy's cock. She was a natural born rider, her lithe body combined with her energetic personality made for an amazing experience for Lee.

"God...ughh...these tits are amazing," he groaned, his large hands gripping them with vigor.

His kneading of her bouncing boobs bordered on too rough, but still felt good. His palms constantly rubbed her sensitive nipples, which were poking into against his taut skin. It didn't take the horny Lee long to replace his hands with mouth and lips, alternating her nipples as he sucked on them.

"Such a boob man," Beca grinned as she tossed her head back, offering her bouncing twins up to him on a silver platter.

Lee smiled as she nailed that personality trait dead on. Leaving his face buried in her cleavage, the horny boy tab his hands down her sides until cupping her tight bottom. With Beca's wild bucking, one finger accident slipped into her crack with his fingerpad rubbing against her puckered asshole. The sheer thought of this big breasted coed with such a tiny ass taking it anally was too much stimulation for him to handle.

"Shit...grr...Can't..." was all he could grunt as warning, but it was enough.

"Cum...where ever...you want," Beca instructed between moans.

"Tits...I wanna cum on your tits," he answered without needing to think.

It didn't take much longer before he was doing just that. Another minute of Beca rubbing her pussy up and down his sensitive cock had him reaching his boiling point. Without ever pulling his face from her pillowy cleavage, Lee clutched his hands on her tiny ass and spun her to the sofa.

Beca had her head swirl as she now laid supine with Lee fucking her with a last few hard and extremely deep thrusts. With a final grunt, the foosball winner pulled out of her snatch and crawled up the couch as she watched while he stroked his cock. The first thing that caught Beca's eye was how slick his cock looked, obviously her cum making him so drenched. 

Snapped back to what was happening, his cock was still pointed at her chest while it took him only a few more seconds. His orgasm ripped through him as Lee sprayed against her chest with several short ropes splattering on her pale skin. The strands of jizz landed on her left tit before moving across to her cleavage and then one last one landing on the side of her right tit. 

Grinning up as her great boobs were getting covered in the stranger's load, Beca lifted her finger up so she could scoop up some of his baby batter and slowly sucked it off of her digit. Leaning her head forward, Beca opened her mouth and slowly sucked on the tip of his cock, getting some more of his cum straight from the source while simultaneously sucking up her own pussy juices in the process.

"Holy crap dude...you cum like a Old Faithful," Beca laughed as she started working the glaze into her skin.

Lee smiled at her commented and glanced down at his handiwork, very proudly. "That was a lot of fun...and unexpected," he said as he rolled onto the sofa.

"Feel like a rematch," Beca grinned with a wicked look in her eye.

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