Pitch Perfect 2: Reversal of Fortunes

BY : TheChemist
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To say things hadn't been going the Barden Bellas way of late would be an understatement. The group had experienced its fair share of up and downs, from the dominance of the 80s and 90s to their slide into second place at their own school during the late 2000's all the way to 2009. 

Their fortunes started to turn with the arrival of freshman Beca Mitchell, an aspiring music producer who fancied herself more DJ than singer. However, due to clever recruitment by the Bellas co-leader Chloe, Beca was brought into the singing group. By the end of her freshman year she was responsible for their singing arrangements and was by far the face - and voice - of the revamped group.

Their dominance continued for the next two years, with Beca and Barden Bellas owning the United States acapella scene. They won every title there was to win domestically, but that all changed dramatically during the group's senior year. Asked to perform at the historical Lincoln Center for none other than the President of the United States birthday, the group suffer a controversy that there was no recovery from.

Fat Amy, the most charismatic member of the singing team, tore her spandex in the middle of the performance while suspended above the stage. It could have only been a laughing matter if it ended there, but the Aussie decided to skip wearing panties that day. Thus she showed the President and his family her vagina, in an incident that was forever dubbed 'Muffgate'.

"They are totally trying to kill the Bellas," Chloe fumed.

The Bellas had gathered in the quad fresh from receiving their punishment from both Barden University and International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, or ICCA for short. Barden prevented them from recruiting new members, however the worst was still to come. The ICCA issued punishment of removing them from their national tour, as well as competing in any United States-based competitions. 

"It's not over Chloe," Fat Amy cut in. "We win Worlds and we're back."

The chubby Aussie was referring to Beca's input at the meeting. During doling out their consequences for the flashing at the Lincoln Center, the ICCA mentioned the World Championship of A Capella. Beca got both the committee and Barden University to agree to reinstate the Bellas if they win, which was laughed at. The ICCA revealed that no American group had ever won because 'the whole hates us'.

"That's right, we will just need 100% focus from here on out," Chloe said, channeling her frustration into action.

The first step in their bid to being reinstated was, well, registering for the competition. While Chloe took part in that, Beca attention was divided between her crazy workload with the Bellas and working as an intern at a producing studio, her dream job. She kept that a secret from all but her boyfriend, with the guilt threatening to eat her alive, but still she didn't want to burden Chloe or the group with that fact when they were so focused on their goal.

"Okay so our tour of America, the one the university stripped us of, is coming through town tomorrow," Chloe told the group as they hung out at their shared house on campus.

"Perfect, thanks for the reminder," Fat Amy sarcastically replied.

"No, not like that. I say we go scout them out. See who we will be up against at the Worlds," the red-haired leader added. 

"I'm in," Beca chirped in, feeling like she owed the Bellas this small concession.

"Okay let's do it," Fat Amy consented, followed by the rest of the group.

The next morning came about too quickly for Beca. She had spent half the night awake working on the mash-up for the next competition, while also thinking of a problem that was occurring at work. It resulted in little sleep for the short girl, but that was something that was becoming a common occurrence of late.

* * *

"Beca, Fat Amy! Hurry up," Chloe's mothering voice screamed.

"Nugghh," Beca moaned, still in bed.

"She'll only get louder and more annoying," Fat Amy told her roommate from the bathroom.

Beca rolled out of bed and say the large blonde girl brushing her teeth, already fully dressed and more or less ready to go. Beca groaned again then stretched her arms above her head to give her slender body a wake up call. 

"Okay, we're up," Beca shouted down.

"I'll go make us a smoothie. Hurry up though, you know what Chloe's like lately," Fat Amy told her.

"I will. Tell her I'll be a few few," Beca responded as she started moving about.

Beca did indeed move quickly, accomplishing a great deal in only a short amount of time. In five minute, the slender girl had given her long hair a quick brush, opting to wearing it draped down over her shoulders. She already knew what she was going to wear, so she threw on one of her countless pair of super skinny jeans, a grey shirt that showed off her impressive cleavage in a subtle way, and a pair of ankle-high boots with a bit of a heel.

Of course she was the last in the super large cargo van the group had purchased years ago during all the touring they were use to doing. The front seat was taken already, but one of the bench seats at the front of the van was available, so she climbed in and didn't even have her seat belt on before Fat Amy hauled ass out of the driveway.

"Okay ladies, so Das Sound Machine, the German champions are performing in thirty minutes," Chloe informed from the front seat.

"Great, we'll get there right on time," Fat Amy replied.

They found a place to park at the mall and headed up to the second floor to the massive showroom that the European Car Show was being held in. The 12 ladies comprising the Barden Bellas gathered around a high table and just got situated when the cars on stage parted. There were murmurs around the crowd, including some from the Bellas.

"Big deal, the cars moved by themselves," Chloe scoffed.

All the chattering stopped in the large showroom when the lights dimmed. Seconds later the music started up and the Bellas got their first look at their main competition at the World Championship. They were a massive group in terms of numbers, having double the amount of members as the Barden team. 

They were also very talented and excellent performers. The beats they could make only with their mouths was astonishing, but so to was their choreography, pulling off several large and complex arrangements. And then there was their song collection, choosing a power ballad that got the crowd energized. 

Das Sound Machine performed for several minutes, ending to rapturous applause from the packed room. The Bellas didn't know whether to join in or stay stoich, ultimately deciding to lightly clap as to not be rude. 

The Barden group were going to leave but lingered for awhile talking amongst themselves, more in shock of the crazy good performance then from anything anything else. Das Sound Machine had spotted the group of all collegiate women from the stage after their set wrapped up, so the German group had enough time to approach them.

"Barden Bellas, you came here to see us," the blonde leader of the group commented while dabbing her skin with a towel. "Is it because you are jealous of us?"

"We are so not jealous," Chloe fired back.

Whether it was through design or not, the Barden group found themselves with Chloe, Beca and Fat Amy at the front with the other 7 members filling out behind them. Likewise, Kommissar and the tall brown haired man were at the front for the German group.

"Well I suppose we should thank you for making this amazing tour a reality...you know, due to your bumbling ineptitude," Kommissar insulted. 

"More like stole our tour," the feisty redhead fired back at the stunning woman.

"Stole your tour? It's not our fault that Flab Abbie showed her baby chute to the whole world," the tall man named Pieter replied.

"That's not my name," Fat Amy said, getting into his face.

"I don't care what your name is. It could literally be anything," he retorted. 

"Okay listen, we didn't come here to start anything," Beca interjected. "We just wanted to come check you before the Worlds...where we are going to kick your ass!" 

Though Beca meant to try to be a pacifist in this situation, her old habit of causing trouble reared it's head. Instead of calming the confrontation like she intended, her announcement only threatened to escalate the matter further, much to the support of her teammates.

"You? You are the kicker of ass? Hmm...will you be doing this ass kicking," the blonde leader asked, squaring right up to the much shorter woman. 

"Well...yeah," Beca more so whispered then spoke. 

"But you are so tiny. Like a troll, but no, you are much too pretty to be a troll so I will grant you the title of fairy."

Beca searched and searched within her clever mind for a retort. She wanted to blame the fact that she was running off very little sleep currently, but other factors were at play. She had a ton on her mind between work and the Bellas, and that meant her relationship with Jesse was being sacrificed as well. They still got on well, but they hadn't had sex in weeks. 

That fact wouldn't have been important if it wasn't for the fact that Beca found herself drawn towards the tall German woman. She was extremely gorgeous and everything Beca wasn't, namely tall and physically imposing. However they shared many similarities including both being beautiful and able to get any man they ever wanted. And then there was the comment of this pretty woman finding her pretty.

"Yeah well, you are physically flawless," Beca shot back with.

"Thank you," Kommissar replied without skipping a beat.

Beca cringed at her own comment, not knowing why after waiting seconds to reply she went with a compliment, and a really endearing one at that. However, it was how she felt so it was what she defaulted to, much to confused looks from the rest of the Bellas. Thinking quickly to try and save some face, she adopted a harder grimace and spoke again.

"But that doesn't mean I like you," she added.

"We are not scared about the World's," Chloe jumped in, trying to save her teammate from further embarrassment. "Because when we take the stage we are going to blow minds."

"Your team is like a heated mess," Pieter told the group. "Something what was once messy, but now that it is hot, it is very messy."

"Darlings, please take my advice. Do not try to beat us," Kommissar finished, staring straight at Beca as she spoke. "You can't. We're the best. Now I must really go rest my neck...it is sore from looking down at you."

Thinking of a better retort then earlier, Beca shouted as they started to walk away. "Well Okay, just because you make me very sexually confused doesn't mean you are intimidated. We have nothing to lose...literally nothing."

"Okay ladies, let's go back home," Chloe announced.

"Actually I'm gonna hit the mall," one of the other members chimed in, met with agreeance by half the girls.

"Yeah and I think I'm gonna hit the record store, see if anything inspires me," Beca added.

"Okay ladies. Meet you all back at the house later," the red-haired leader said.

Beca watched as her teammates broke into two factions and went their separate ways. She waited for a few moments before heading over to the directory of the mall and searching for the record store. It had been awhile since she'd visited this place so her memory needed refreshing.

"You, little competitor," an accented voice called out to Beca.

Beca had been so wrapped up in her search that she didn't hear the German woman approaching her from behind. Turning to face her, the auburn-haired beauty looked straight at the girl's impressive cleavage before her eyes traveled up to stare at her flawless face.

"Das Sound Machine," Beca returned the greeting.

"Kommissar would be more appropriate," the confident blonde replied.

"I'm Beca," she told her, any ice in her voice evaporating.

"Beca, I would like to invite you back to my hotel," Kommissar said in her flat, even tone.

"What? Why," the much smaller woman asked in shock.

"Come with me to find out," the blonde answered. "And let's be honest with ourselves, you really do want to come home with me."

Beca's mind was swimming in possibilities. The German singer was clearly beautiful and Beca did find herself sexually attracted to her, but she wasn't gay nor had she even thought of fooling around with another woman. But everyone always said a lesbian tryst was commonplace, practically expected in college so how could everyone be wrong.

The auburn-haired singer's concentration was briefly broken seeing Kommissar extend her arm out towards her. Beca had to think quickly now. Would it be cheating on Jesse? She loved him and didn't want to ruin a good thing. But he had expressed to her early in their relationship that if she ever wanted to hook up with another girl he would be very supportive.

"Ok," Beca said, reaching out to take the other girl's hand.

The walk to the entrance of the mall, as well as the taxi ride to Das Sound Machine's hotel was a blur. The shell shocked girl barely remembered her walk through the hotel lobby, though the look that the guy at the main desk gave the two of them registered. It was almost like he read their thoughts and knew what they were there for.

"You are very pretty little one, you know this correct," Kommissar told her when the elevator door closed.


"How adorable. I make you flustered," the blonde added. "I make you nervous?"

Beca couldn't help but notice the German woman round on her. It was like a predator stalking it's prey, and not only was Beca the prey but she was willing to be devoured. She found herself pressing her back further into the wall and licking her lips as she forced herself to make eye contact with the blonde woman her own age.

"Yes," she breathed.

Kommissar smiled widely, making her look even more beautiful. Though she seemed much bigger then Beca, she was only 5'7 with an athletic build, but that did tower over Beca's 5'1 slender frame. However when she bent down and gently pressed her lips against the American's she felt the auburn-haired girl's apprehensions start to melt away.

"No need to be...we are here," the blonde stated.

Again, Beca's mind was left spinning from the kiss so she had to be led from the elevator onto the 6th floor. Her room wasn't too far down the corridor, stopping at the seventh or eighth. Kommissar pulled out her card key and swung the door open, stepping inside and holding it for Beca. The aspiring music producer hovered on the threshold before exhaling and following the blonde inside.

Beca found herself gently yet firmly pushed against the wall immediately on the inside of the room, not even able to take in the setting. Kommissar pressed her plump lips back against the smaller girl, kissing her deeper this time but not too forcefully. She didn't want to push the girl away with anything deemed to unsettling, so it took her a minute of regular kissing before thrusting her tongue into her mouth.

The Barden Bella felt her lips part for Kommissar's tongue and aided it by opening her mouth further. The girls twisted their heads to the side to better accept their tongue wrestling, with Beca starting to show signs of being an active participant in their lesbian encounter. 

"You are a good kisser, fairy," Kommissar told her.

"Thank you," Beca replied between kisses.

The blonde continued to kiss her, becoming more pleased by the second with the fact that Beca was kissing her back more and more. No longer was the German the only one pushing her tongue forward, as now the Bella was returning the affection. Not simply having the taller woman invading her mouth, Beca was pushing her wet muscle forward now as well.

As Beca wrestled her tongue with Kommissar's, her mind raced due to the sudden realization she was kissing another girl, one that she had just met and was her main competition. However, it felt so right, pleasing her on a carnal level that was hard to describe. She didn't know why she had gone with the German to her hotel room, but now that she was here and in the moment, Beca stopped thinking and only acted. 

Rather than process all the ramification of what making out with the leader of the singing group that stole their national tour could cause, the Barden Bella gave in to her sexual desires and kissed Kommissar back with all the passion she had within her tiny body. As the girls made out, Beca's worries seemed to dissolve and be replaced with being present in the current moment of lust.

As Kommissar moved her lips down to the nape of the much smaller girl's neck, it felt really good for the American singer. Beca should use her brain now and tell the aggressive and sexy woman to stop, that this is wrong on so many levels and that they should just forget about this. Instead, her body was urging her to shut the fuck up and go with it, the proof of that being the fact her twat was a gushing mess currently.

The beautiful German continued to kiss and breathe her hot breath on her crush's neck when she could feel the girl start to stir. She could tell Beca was going to say something, she could only hope she's done enough to seduce the straight girl.

"Mhmm...oh...yes," she moaned.

"Wonderbar," Kommissar said with a knowing grin.

"Keep going," Beca begged.

There was no need for the tall blonde to respond verbally, rather she did so physically. She continued to kiss her sensitive skin while her hands now became busy. Reaching down, her fingers clothed around the bottom hem of Beca's grey long sleeve shirt. Lifting it up, she was sad to break the kiss, but pleased when the American raised her arms above her bed to help with the disrobing. 

Beca was also unpleased when the blonde's lips stopped being pressed against her neck, but it was for the greater good. As her arms lifted up, the shirt followed and was pulled over her head causing her shiny hair to cascade back down to her shoulders. The bare skin of her back could feel the sleek wallpaper of the wall behind her, but not for long.

Kommisser's hands dropped low again, first touching the skin over Beca's rounded hips before wrapping them around to the small of her back. She followed the sexy curve of the her low back up until her hands closed around her bra strap. Making quick work of that, the tall blonde clutched both ends of the undone strap and use it to pull it away from Beca, leaving the Bella topless.

"My God, little American. For such a little person you have wonderful tits," Kommissar gasped.

Her surprise was justified, after all the 22 year-old college senior had a very petite build but was still able to possess an absolutely amazing rack. For such a small woman, Beca's boobs were impossibly large, making her look like a boy's wet dream from a comic book. They were perfect globes that hung perfectly in front of her chest, bouncing every time she took a deep breath.

"Thank you," the shorter girl breathed.

DSM's leader wanted to squeeze her sagless, large tits hard to portray her searing passion she had for the smaller girl, but she knew she had to temper that. Doing so, Kommissar gently caressed the other girl's perky breasts and was greeted instantly by Beca's little but rock hard nipples, clearly she was aroused. 

"God your tits are sexy," she said in her thick German accent.

In a move she had perfected due in large part to doing it to and having it done on her by other women, Kommissar moved south. Not just her mouth, which went from being buried in Beca's neck to now going between her plump C-cup sized tits, but also her hand. Free from kneading the soft flesh of her chest, the talented singer dragged it down the Beca's stomach to the top of her dark jeans. The button and zipper were down in seconds, followed by a little yet strong hand slipping under her waistband of both the jeans and panties.

"Are you sure this is okay," Beca questioned quietly, kicking herself at the comment.

"100%," was all the blonde replied.

Beca's resistance seemed to be quieted enough with her resounding answer to the question so the German took her chance. Using the pads of her fingers, the blonde lightly traced her way down her competitor's pubic region. She was pleased to find that the small American took care of herself in this regard as she had a nearly bare slit except for a thin quarter-inch strip of trimmed hair.

The bisexual blonde nudged her arm further down and extended fingers. The result was her digits swiping slowly through the very wet, very warm folds of Beca's lips. Kommissar kept the smaller girl unbalanced and unable to think on the fact that a woman was about to enter her so she grabbed the back of Beca's head with her free hand and brought it to her's, their lips meeting once again in a passionate embrace.

Beca returned the kiss but needed a break, instead leaning her head downward into Kommissar's pushed up tits, as she was still fully clothed in her DSM costume which did wonders to make her healthy sized boobs look much bigger. The topless girl bit her lip as she felt her enemy rummage through her slit, thus far avoiding both her clit and hole. That was until the German wanted them touched, which was now as she flattened her hand so her heel rubbed her sensitive nub while her middle finger dipped simultaneously into her dripping pussy.

"Oh sweet baby Jesus," the awkward girl swore loudly.

Kommissar couldn't help but to smirk at her use of language but stayed focused on the task at hand. Based on how unbelievably snug her pussy was gripping her one finger, she was guessing that Beca hadn't hooked up with man or woman lately so it wouldn't take her long to cum, but the DSM singer didn't want that to happen too quickly. 

Beca's moaning was getting louder and more numerous with each thrust Kommissar made into her drenched cunt. The blonde was pleased that she was able to play the little American exactly like she wanted, but she didn't want her to cum too quickly. Deciding to change up her game plan ever so slightly, she stopped finger banging the pretty American and went back to merely rubbing her less sensitive areas of her pussy, namely the outer lips. She could hear Beca's pangs of displeasure, and had to hold back a grin as the smaller girl tried kissing her with more force in an attempt to get her fingers to return to her mound.

Kommissar suddenly stopped touching the other girl altogether and pulled her hand from the tight jeans. Her finger and palm glistened with juices in the dim lighting of the hotel room, holding it up in front of both their faces. Holding Beca's eye contact, the German watched Beca watching her as she opened her mouth and placed the wet finger in her mouth, sucking off all of the American's juices with delight.

"Yum...I wonder if all American college girls taste as delicious as you," the blonde commented.

"I...I don't know," the awkward girl answered. 


Beca was uncertain which context of the word the taller German meant with that word, but it became clear when Kommissar grabbed her hand. The bed wasn't too far away, but in the short amount of time Beca felt butterflies occupy her stomach once more. 

Kommissar dragged her back to the bed in the middle of the room. Laying her down on her back, the taller woman found the partially undone pants and pulled them down Beca's slim legs with considerable effort. The little white thong looked adorable on the otherwise naked coed and Kommissar did enjoy seeing the large damp patch beneath her pussy but ultimately she yanked that down as well.

If Beca was nervous before, it had peaked now. She was completely exposed for another woman for the first time, well second time. But that was when her now best friend Chloe barged in on her during the shower. That time was nothing sexual, this time was completely the opposite. 

However, her panic was calmed considerably when she looked at her female lover's face. The beautiful German had no problem gawking at Beca's amazing body from beside her, noting her completely shaven pussy, tight slender waist, and pokey pink nipples at the peak of each of her perfectly rounded and sagless tits.

"So beautiful," Kommissar told her.

"Than...ohhh...ohh my," Beca moaned.

The American girl was going to thank her German counterpart for the compliment but was interrupted when the blonde's fingers rummaged through her slit again. Kommissar rubbed her wet gash while she got in position between Beca's wide spread legs until her face was right in front of her nearly hairless pussy.

Already knowing she was tight, the German wanted to know how tight she really was. Her index finger slid easily enough back into Beca's twat, which of course was met with a loud moan from the talent singer. After plunging her depth several times, Kommissar slowed, squeezed a second digit next to the first and worked the two inside.

"Tight...very tight," the German commented.

"So...good," Beca grunted, loving as her twat was fingered by the virtual stranger.

It was a challenge but Kommissar kept exploring deep within the auburn-haired singer's pussy while she wiggled about in pleasure. The slender girl's cunt hugged and gripped her fingers, but they were still able to glide inside repeatedly due to how very wet Beca was. She knew she needed to finger her for a few minutes in order to loosen her up enough to even think of adding a third.

Whether it was the mouth-watering aroma or the sight of her brilliantly pink pussy, but the urge to eat out little Beca Mitchell grew too tempting. Turning her palm upwards, Kommissar flexed her fingers and dragged the pads over the American's G spot as she leant in and took a swipe at her clit with her tongue. 

"Shittt...holy mother," Beca scream, her hand running through her hair.

Lapping at her clit for now was okay, as the tall German could taste some of the smaller girl's juices, but she wanted more. Pressing and flexing against the G spot thrice more, Kommissar eventually pulled her fingers from the other girl's snatch. Beca moaned in dissent, clearly getting off on the treatment, but the blonde had other plans.

Leaning in, Kommissar took a moment for her senses to bath in the setting. The sight of BEca's bright pink twat, mere inches from her face had her own mouth watering. And then there was the smell, the sweet scent that was continuously wafting into her nostrils. The combination was almost overpowering, the most electric meeting with another woman of Kommissar's sexual life.

"Mhmmm," the blonde moaned after taking a long, slow lick up her slit.

"Fucckkk," Beca thrashed after the second, third and fourth swipes came more often and faster.

Kommissar went for shorter but much faster licks, targeting first the other girl's clit before moving further south. Beca was extremely vocal in response to the attention spent at her bean, but quieted when the lashing was doled out to her small lips. Teasing her, making Beca wait until she wanted to get to the more sensitive areas, Kommissar closed her lips around the outer pink lips and sucked them vigorously. 

However, even the blonde tired of this tactic and no longer was going to deprive either of the two of them any longer. Moving lower down, Kommissar extended her tongue and ran it around the opening of her wet hole. Already the cream tasted better, which forced her to lose control and plunge the entire wet muscle.

Beca was as tasty as she looked, which was pretty amazing given how she had the whole cute-adorable-sexy thing going on, not to mention the great tits and tiny plump ass. Plunge in over and over again, Kommissar bathed and basked in the flavor of the first time lesbian, all while the thin girl thrashed and balled bed sheets in her little fists.

"My goodness little fairy...wonderfully tasty," Kommissar commented, pussy juice smeared on her lips.

Beca was about to reply in likely another awkward comment, as that seemed to be the only she was capable of doing around the woman who made her so secually confused. However, the feel of a skilled tongue inserting into her twat again stopped what she was going to say and was replaced with a blood-curdling scream of pleasure.

"Shhitttttt....oh my God...so good," Beca moaned.

Kommissar and Beca both lost track of time as the pair lost themselves in the moment. Both were extremely happy with their roles, Beca obviously since on the receiving end of such a practiced lesbian, while the German loved the knowledge of making a first time scream, especially since this college girl had her heart set that Kommissar was her enemy.

"Oh yeah! Just like that," Beca pleaded.

Kommissar had different ideas though and wasn't going to bring the writhing American to climax just yet, after all she wasn't done playing with her yet. She teased Beca further, bringing her towards her long awaited orgasm only to ease up, pulling her back from the brink. The German did this a few times, and began to sense Beca growing impatient, although the massive amounts of pleasure she was experiencing for longer was hardly reason to complain.

"Please...I'm so close," Beca begged.

Thinking that her whimpering and pleading would be enough to get what she so badly craved, Beca was denied her chance of cumming once again. Determined to make it happen, the first time lesbian balled her tiny fists in the German's hair and shoved Kommissar's face into her pussy.

The taller girl was very impressed with her awkward lover's boldness, taking the bull by the horns when twenty minutes earlier she was afraid to lay bare on her bed. She allowed the American college girl to hump against her mouth and nose, letting Beca near closer to her orgasm once again.

This time, Kommissar felt it was time to stop toying with her prey and go in for the kill and bring the first time lesbian to orgasm. Having no trouble finding her very responsive clit, the German covered her teeth with plump lips and targeted the sensitive nub, latching onto it and applying suction while darting across it with her tongue.

"Oh My God," Beca screamed immediately as a result.

That alone likely would have brought the college senior to orgasm in a few minutes but Kommissar was hungry for it to happen sooner. Pushing her index and middle finger together, she eased them into Beca's twat. That got a louder moan and a little shudder from the slender girl, but it was a different story when the German began plunging them in with purpose.

Beca felt her eyesight start to blur before slamming them shut, arching her back then proceeded to release a wail as all her sexual energy was released via one powerful orgasm. Kommissar was surprised at the power the little girl could generate as she had to hold onto her pelvis tightly from stopping Beca from dislodging her as the American bucked her hips against her face.

"Shitttt," Beca cursed as she slowly came down from the most powerful orgasm of her life.

"Little American fairy taste so wonderful indeed," Kommissar commented after licking Beca's pussy of all her orgasmic honey.

"I think...I'd like to...umm...return the favor. You know, if that's totally cool with you," Beca awkwardly phrased the statement.

Kommissar had rolled from between Beca's spread legs and was sitting on the end of the bed. Looking to the side, she saw that the still very naked, big chested slender girl was looking at her for a response.

"You don't have to...what's the word...pay me back," the blonde answered. "You are just a newborn lesbian after all."

"I know...but I think I want to. Is that okay," she replied with lust in her eye. 

"Would love nothing more," she replied with a predatory grin.

Kommissar would be lying to say that she expected the inexperienced girl to go back down on her, but she supposed that Beca had enjoyed herself so much she wanted to return the favor. Though she doubted that Beca had much skill when it came to eating out another woman, she was definitely willing to give her a try out and teach her a thing or two. 

Beca took another moment to collect herself after her orgasm before she lifted herself off the bed. Kommissar had already pushed herself from her prone position between the slender girl's legs and had taken the flushed girl by the hand. Beca allowed Kommissar to lead her once again in blind faith, this time though she knew exactly what would happen. This time she wasn't led far, only to the sofa opposite the couch.

The A Cappella American girl was placed down on the couch before swiftly being joined by the taller blonde, who allowed no space to be between them. With hands clutching her shoulder, her lover pulled in the very naked Beca for a passionate kiss. Their tongues once again met in the space formed between their lips, all while Kommissar felt fingers migrate down her sides in search of the hem of her mesh top. 

"I am tasty, aren't I," Beca asked with wide eyes.

"Better than shnitzel," Kommissar replied to the still naked woman.

As Kommissar was speaking she felt a familiar weight appear in the front of her body as first her see through shirt followed by her black bra, her tits became free as a result. Normally a competitive person, Kommissar had to suppress that instinct because as nice and firm as her tits were, they didn't hold a candle to Beca's much larger and perfect set. Kommissar's were only a little smaller, but they were just as perky, perfectly round and capped with a bright pink nipple that was much like a cherry on top of a delicious sundae. 

"Wow...just wow," Beca commented, feeling up the other woman with both hands. 

This time when Beca came back in to kiss her after she took a few moments to gawk at her boobs, Kommissar slowly reclined herself. It enabled the German to be laying on her back while on the sofa with the horny yet inexperienced singer on top of her. If the move caught Beca by surprise then she didn't let it show, instead she just kept on kissing her new lesbian lover.

Beca had more planned then just kissing and wanted to act while she had all her courage so she trailed a line of kisses along Kommissar's jaw, down her neck, which made her coo loudly then finally arrived at the globes she sought. The aspiring music producer went to the right and got her lips around one of Kommissar's nipples, which were bigger then her own but she was still able to encircle it and clasp on tightly and sucked while her free hand reached up and groped the other tit beside her face.

"Guttentag that feels good," Kommissar groaned.

"Yup...you are definitely super sexy," Beca said while switching her mouth to the other breast.

"Mmhmm...duly noted...aawwhh," she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving woman by arching her back even more.

Beca greedily continued to suck on the other woman's boobs as her fingers migrated further south. She was no stranger to undoing someone else's pants, though that tended to be those worn by Jesse rather than a German lesbian. Nonetheless, Beca did so and pulled the leather pants downward, unfortunately having to break contact with the blonde's sensitive areola so that she could pull them off her thick thighs and off her legs altogether. 

"I want you to make me cum so hard," Kommissar demanded while noticing Beca's eyes remained fixed on her newly revealed pink mound.

"Okay Beca...you can do this. Make this goddess of a woman orgasm," she encouraged herself.

Beca ignored any lingering doubts and fears and began to give Kommissar exactly what she asked for, and what the American so badly wanted to give back to her. Beca ran her hands symmetrically over Kommissar's strong thighs, finding the creamy white skin of her inner thigh so soft and cool as she took inventory of the situation. With each inch she moved, Kommissar would let loose another moan, each one louder than the last until fingertips touched her silky panties. 

Beca was suddenly overcome with the urge to throw her underwear to one side and immediately dive in and stick two fingers into her pussy, which she was sure was dripping wet at this point. Instead, the first time lesbian kept going towards her head until her fingers could hook under the waistband of her underwear. She slowly began to pull them down her body, a feat that was aided significantly when the German singer helped by lifting her round ass off the couch just enough. Beca noted the design of the panties, however the part that really caught her eye was the damp patch consuming most of the front and bottom portions.

The sight that greeted Beca was one of beauty. Kommissar was now completely nude like herself. Starting at her gorgeous face with her freckled skin, Beca gazed down over her handful-sized tits, muscular yet flat stomach until staring at her vag. It was shaven completely smooth, fully bare whereas her own kept a thin strip of hair trimmed very short, resting atop the first twat she'd ever seen that didn't belong to herself...or Chloe that one time in the showers.

"You are like...super gorgeous," Beca gawked. 

Kommissar smiled warmly at her lesbian crush before making herself more comfortable on the sofa. She reached her outside arm back behind her head so that she could grip tightly onto the headrest, while her inner arm reached down her athletic body. When she arrived between her legs, she rubbed her fingers threw her very damp crotch before sinking two fingers deep inside her gushing mound.

"Come on, it won't bite," Kommissar encouraged, bringing her hand back up and started sucking on the fingers that had just been inside herself. "It's totally worth it."

Beca allowed herself one last good long glance of Kommissar's incredible body before moving on to the task at hand. It helped that she was so small, as it allowed her to fit fairly easily on the same couch as Kommissar. Now that she was settled with her stomach and large pillowy tits pressed against the sofa surface and her body twisted on an angle, she set her sights purely on the blonde's pink lips.

"Let's see what you...OH MY GOD," screamed Das Sound Machine's lead singer as Beca reached her tongue out and flicked her clitoris.

The Barden Bella was pleased with the huge reaction she got but she wanted to get an even better taste of the sexy woman now. Thinking back to when Kommissar had done it to her, not to mention all the times men had gone down on her, this time she craned her head further down in order to begin near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. She was greeted by another scream, much like when she did it again, however when she repeated the act to get another sample, much like she would do while tasting a wine to get an appreciation for the slightly older girl.

"Hmm...very light but sweet with a hint of citrus. Especially nice since not even a note of a sour hint. I wonder if all woman taste this good," she thought to herself.

Beca now had her taste and so she could really start going to work on her mouth-watering mound. She started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that she could lightly flick Kommissar's pussy lips with his tongue. The American singer heard the blonde's screams die down as this move didn't elicit a great deal of pleasure, but she was only just getting warmed up. 

Using one of her hands, Beca pulled apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as her small hand found Kommissar's round tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Beca ran her tongue back along her inner slit. She felt the German performer squirm and heard the now familiar moans as she experienced new pleasures once she clamped her lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," she screamed out in the sex-scented hotel room. 

Beca returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde's body was thrashing with the pleasure that she was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but the first time lesbian didn't want to become predictable and boring to the more experienced woman.

Beca didn't know where this was coming from, this apparently innate ability to munch rug. She suppose it was from being the receiving end of oral sex so often with Jesse over the past couple years of hooking up. She hoped that the fellow A cappella singer wouldn't mind her effectively stealing his techniques but she thought he would actually get off on her homage to his skills. However, part of her thought that it was from just doing what felt right and not second guessing herself. 

"God...I think I like eating pussy," the American thought to her amazement.

Rather than staying with the status quo, the college senior changed her tactic to something she was sure would drive her date even more wilder. Beca stopped swiping her tongue up Kommissar's slit and instead sank down to the bottom of her wet track dipped her tongue into her hole.

Though she wasn't an experience pussy-licker, Beca could tell that she delivered great pleasure to the other girl as she felt Kommissar thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her pussy. As she continued to probe her wet pink cave with her tongue, Beca hoped that she was as good as some of Kommissar's other lovers, but given the screams she was sure she was on the right track. 

"Wonderbar! You are really good at this," Kommissar commented, running her hands through the licking girl's hair. 

Listening to her body language and her words, Beca abided by her wishes by digging further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. Her juices continued to follow onto the slender coed's tongue and bathe her taste buds in Kommissar's sweet honey, even overflowing out onto the flawless skin around her mouth. Beca began to emit wet slurping noises as she lost herself in eating the Kommissar's pussy, edging the blonde closer to her orgasm in record time, to both of their surprise. 

Beca remembered back earlier when Kommissar was going down on her and how good it instantly felt having mouth and fingers working in unison. Wanting to give that same feeling to her blonde lover, the intern at the music producer's studio focused her tongue on licking the portion of her sex above the opening while bringing one of her fingers to her hole and gently sliding it in.

"Yeah keep going...just like that," Kommissar told her through loud, urgent screams.

Kommissar was surprised by the confidence that Beca was showing for someone so new to eating pussy. Yet here she was, changing techniques and advancing her progress all without prompting or need of suggestions. It was making the blonde seem like a sexual lightweight by the swift speed the inexperienced woman was bringing her towards an orgasm.

Beca was pretty sure that she was on the verge of giving an orgasm to a woman for the first time in her life. Thinking back to when Jesse had gone down on her, she remembered the clustered patch of nerves that they always seem to find just inside her sex, her G-spot. Seeking that out in Kommissar, she added a second finger into her snatch, curled them upwards and began probing the inner walls of her smooth pussy.

"Oh God...so close," Kommissar wailed, clearly audible despite the covering pillow.

Knowing she was now so close, Beca ramped up her efforts for the finishing stretch. The Barden Bella took another chance and eased a third finger into her lover, which glided in without much trouble since she was so wet or else she doubted the three digits fingers would have fit together at the same time within her twat, such was how tight the German was. But now that they were inside, Beca pumped her arm to withdraw so only the tips were left inside the beautiful blonde before slamming them back into her swiftly.

With her face not currently buried in her sweet tasting snatch, Beca was able to have a great view of watching her perky tits bounce as the she blasted Kommissar's hole with her fingers. Over and over she slammed inside her with her medium-sized breasts bouncing upwards towards her pretty face with every time Beca's hand smacked against her groin.

"OH GOD YES," Kommissar screamed loudly.

Sensing she was right on the verge of her orgasm, Beca upped the ante one final time. The A cappella singer lowered her head so that her mouth was aligned with Kommissar's clit once again. Since Das Sound Machine leader's stomach didn't have an ounce of fat on it, her flatness allowed Beca's eyes to roam up her curvy body and maintain eye contact with her bouncing twins.

Beca leaned forward until her lips found the top of the freckled blonde's slit. She formed a tight seal around her then darted her tongue, ever so gently, down to flick on her clitoris once again. The bundle of nerves on the other side of the thin membrane sent waves of pleasure back up to Kommissar's brain, causing a reflexive scream to be emitted. Beca gave her bud another long slow lick and felt her body tremble as a spasm rocked through her.

"OHHH SSHHHHIIITTTT," Kommissar swore as she came hard.

As if the screaming wasn't a big enough sign that she had peaked, there was easily enough body signs to tell Beca. Immediately she felt Kommissar's pussy clamp down on her three pumping fingers, thereby restricting fingerblasting her further. While being held in the vice grip by her snatch, the Barden Bella felt a wave of fluid smack against her tips while the beautiful blonde's trembled throughout. 

Beca allowed the blonde a moment of peace before withdrawing her dripping wet fingers. She was still surprised she was able to fit three digits into the taller German, but it provided more surface area to collect the girl's cum. Bringing it up to her mouth, the new lesbian soaked her digits clean of Kommissar's juices, moaning her appreciation of how tasty it was. 

"Shizer," Kommissar swore once again before finally starting to move.

"Kommissar, listen," Beca started to speak. "I..."

"Don't worry Beca, I'm a big girl and know this isn't a long term thing," the German cut her off. "However, something tells me we will see each other over the next few months and that you may want another taste of, well...me."

"Oh...good. As long as we both know the score," Beca stammered. "I should probably be going."

"You should probably get dressed first," Kommissar said with her smirk plastered on her face.

"Right," Beca replied.

Feeling totally embarrassed, the blushing naked girl scurried around the room to wear Kommissar had disposed of her clothing. Gathering it and throwing it back on as quickly as she could, Beca headed to the door, risking one last look back at her blonde lover. Kommissar hadn't moved an iota since Beca stopped eating her out, sitting on the sofa spread eagle, naked as the day she was born.

"Goodbye lover. I'll be seeing you," the German said cheerfully.

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