Pitch Perfect: Rediscovering Beca

BY : TheChemist
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"So you two...called it quits," Fat Amy said, not really a question. "Couldn't help but overhear you on the phone."

Beca had been talking with Jesse on the phone when she entered her room, the topmost one in the house that she lived in with the rest of the Barden Bellas. Her roommate, Fat Amy, was nowhere to be seen at the time so the skinny girl with big breasts assumed she was out. Turns out the loud Aussie was simply in the bathroom, overhearing her conversation with her now ex-boyfriend.

"Yeah, and before you poor on the sympathy I don't think I need it," Beca replied. "I felt that Jesse was holding me down, suppressing who I really am."

"I'm so happy that you realized this," the blonde smiled.

"I've been playing this good girl image, and maybe part of me is like that but only a small portion. I know Jesse liked me to play that role but really I'm not that girl," she added.

"Preach sister," Amy encouraged.

"I'm bored, frustrated and sexually depraved," Beca nearly shouted. "Sex with him, with the same guy who wasn't the least bit adventurous hasn't inspired me in years. I still have a year of college left and by God I need to utilize it."

"Now there's the Beca I met in our first year," the obese woman stated.

"I need more and I'm not going to be satisfied with the status quo any longer."

"You should be the real you. Have as much sex and intimacy as you can manage while you can...just like me," Fat Amy shared.

"I like that idea. Maybe do you want to hit the town with me tonight," Beca asked though it seemed her heart wasn't really in it. 

"Ugh. Bad timing actually. It's reading week and most of us are gonna be gone for the next 7 days. Sorry Beca," the blonde told her. "But...I know Chloe is sticking around."

"Chloe! Of course. Thanks Fat Amy," Beca cheered. 

Fat Amy would have liked to help out her friend more but she had a flight to catch back to Australia. She gave her very skinny friend a hug then finished packing before running out to grab herself the cab she called. The loud blonde felt a little guilty leaving Beca in her hour of need, but the auburn-haired girl still had her best friend Chloe to consult plus going out and hooking up with a random bloke wouldn't really be what Beca needed.

* * *

Once Fat Amy had mentioned Chloe's name, it was the only person that she could think about to help her through this rough period. The redhead knew Beca better then anyone else on campus, maybe even better then anyone else period. She'd drifted away from her high school friends and Chloe was always there for her in the past 2 years together as Barden Bellas.

The other thing that made Chloe even more special to her was the fact that they had been intimate together. It came before she started dating Jesse and it was her once and only female sexual partner she ever had. She chalked it up to lesbian experimentation but it was such a rush and exactly what she wanted and needed at the time.

Beca had to wait for her best friend to arrive back at the house, luckily for her she only got halfway through the next Barden Bella arrangement when she heard the chime of the alarm indicate the front door had been opened. Beca threw off her headphones and rushed down the multiple flights of steps until she was on the main floor.


"Beca," the redhead responded in kind.

"We need to talk," the skinny girl told her.

They walked into Chloe's second floor room, one of the few that had an in-suite bathroom with an actual nice bathtub. In her room, Beca told her about the break-up but also shared her optimism, however it had lost some conviction. 

"Don't worry, we're both single and we're gonna have a lot of fun from now on," Chloe said as she hugged her best friend.

"See, now that is what I need," Beca smiled.

"But first let me run you a bath. But some salts and oils and you'll feel like a million dollars again," the redhead offered.

Beca took her up on the idea and Chloe ducked into the bathroom to do just that. Beca could hear the water running and Chloe walking about inside as she fetched different bottles and added them to the growing water level. Finally after 5 minutes Chloe re-emerged and took Beca by the hand and shown her into the bathroom.

"Enjoy. I'm gonna go make us some food," Chloe shared.

Beca thanked her as the redhead left the room and closed the door behind her. The large 6 bedroom house the Bellas shared was pretty nice for a college dwelling and Chloe's bathroom was no exception. The tiled floors were always at their cleanest and the white tub to her left looked brand new and fairly large. 

Beca pulled off her grey cardigan sweater she wore open and hung it on the back of the door before fishing a hair elastic out of her pant pocket to bundle up her long strands on top of her head to not get it wet. From there it took only a second to pull off her tanktop, skinny jeans and undergarments.

She had been standing in front of the large mirror on the opposite wall of the tub as she undressed, her eyes scanning her naked body. Despite being short and skinny, only 5'0" and 100 pounds soaking wet, Beca had a very impressive body. Long, lean legs for her size attached to a narrow but pleasantly plump ass. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat but she didn't have an anorexic look to her.

However, her star attribute was clear her tits. Given her tiny size it was a modern miracle for her to have natural boobs that were so big and round. She rocked a D-cup, essentially making her half-boob and when she wore her tanktops like she did so often it forced men and women alike to have their eyes glued to her impressive cleavage at all times.

"Feels perfect," Beca thought.

After dipping her foot in and realizing that the water was hot but comfortable, Beca stepped in and sat. The wetness enveloped her petite frame as she reclined enough so that the tops of her shoulders were submerged. The heat of water felt amazing and rejuvenating for Beca and she found herself closing her eyes.

"Hey," Chloe said, appearing in the doorway.

"Oh hey Chlo...think I drifted off in here. It's just so relaxing," Beca shared.

It was at this point that Beca opened her eyes and tracked where the voice came from. Her redhaired friend was standing with a white satin gown on, open down the middle with only a pair of black panties donning her body. Her breasts weren't visible but the material was so thin that it left little to the imagination, in fact if Beca looked hard enough she could make out the other girl's nickel-sized nipples beneath.

"How is it," she asked. 

Beca did well to not change her facial experience though her eyes stayed glued to her best friend's chest as her healthy-sized breasts bounced with each step as she came closer to the tub. It was at this point that Beca was reminded about how attractive Chloe was. She had a beautiful face with striking red, flowing hair but her body was flawless. Round booty, medium sized tits with a narrow waist and wide hips.

"Great," Beca said, closing her eyes and relaxing back into the water.

"Mind if I join you?"

Everyone who had ever met Beca knew that she was capable of awkward speech patterns when flustered and Chloe wasn't surprised to hear her best friend stammer under her question. Her facial expression contorted to think of an answer that would not offend Chloe but that made it so she didn't need to share the bath. She loved Chloe, but she still wasn't comfortable with the idea of two naked 22 year olds sharing a tub.


Beca wondered what in the world made her say that but Chloe wasn't giving her a chance to rethink her words. The satin robe was pulled from her body to reveal her perky tits, which she dropped to the floor before doing likewise with her panties after sliding them down her muscular yet still feminine legs. Beca spied a thin strip of red trimmed hair above her pussy as Chloe stepped into the water before sitting at the opposite end.

"Still shy," Chloe brought up, sitting forward to engage the girl more.

"Yeah...sorry about that," Beca said, leaning back so her own large breasts were under the water.

"My God your boobs are amazing Beca. Been awhile since I've seen them in the flesh and I think they got even better," Chloe said excitedly.

The comment seemed to remove some awkwardness from Beca, much like compliments tend to do with girls that are insecure. Chloe noticed that the other girl's hands seemed to drop down to her sides, no longer trying to cover up the front of her chest. The water still distorted their full greatness but now Chloe could make out her full D-cup boobs that hung effortlessly in front of her slim body.

"You're just saying that to be nice," Beca blushed.

"This reminds me of the time in first year...you know, when I kinda burst into your shower and made you audition for the Bellas while nude," the redhead shared. "Not gonna lie, I stored you in my spank bank for a long time after that, thinking of your amazing body every time a girl went down on me or I hooked up with a guy."

"God Chloe, you are such a pervert," Beca said though couldn't hold back a laugh.

"Hey, I seem to remember you being a lot more kinky and experimental back then," Chloe said, getting slightly more serious.

"Maybe a little," Beca said, her face looking like she was thinking back to a pleasant memory.

"Well I seem to remember someone coming to my room drunk and suggesting we scissor," the redhead told her, thinking back to first year.

"Oh my God I remember that. I was so drunk...but didn't regret it," she smiled. 

"What happened to you," Chloe said, pouting. "I'm not saying anything bad about Jesse, he's a nice guy, but he stopped you from being who you are."

"I agree. I've felt held down, not myself for a long time. I think we just grew in two different directions, at least sexually," Beca answered.

"Well...I'm gonna bring back the true Beca," Chloe said.

There was no other warning as Chloe leaned forward, moving between Beca's slender thighs until her chest hovered above the auburn hair girl's larger tits. Beca had a chance to stop her if she wanted, but she desired what was to happen. Chloe took her defenceless stance as an invitation to plant her lips on Beca's and kiss her with as much carnal energy that both of them had. 

The kiss with Chloe was everything that her kisses with Jesse weren't, or at least haven't been in a long time. There was passion there, intimacy, not just a formality or something that was nearly lifeless. She felt a tingling between her thighs as her pussy wet just from someone's lips on hers, something that hadn't happened for a long time.

Chloe's hand ran sensually along her friend's cheek as they parted their lips and she pushed inside Beca's mouth. Her fingertips ran along her skin until settling on her neck as the pair continued to kiss, this time with Beca pushing her tongue into Chloe's mouth just as often. The redhead took it as a good sign, especially when she felt a small hand placed on her side and start to rub her arched back. 

"Such a good kisser," Beca muttered in almost a dream-like state.

The extra contact seemed to ignite further passion in both woman as it seemed their kissing got more intense now. Their tongue lashings became more wild, spilling out of the barrier of their smacking lips to get onto each other faces. Neither cared as they were so lost in the carnal heat.

Chloe started rocking her body up and down, the trimmed strip of her pubes rubbing Beca in the bare patch she shaved away hers. Both their hands went to the other's best asset; Chloe getting herself to overflowing handfuls of Beca's pillowy tits while the skinny girl reached around and kneaded Chloe's thick, hard ass.

"Been so long since I got my hands on these great tits," Chloe cooed between kisses.

It doesn't take long before Chloe uses fingers to pull at Beca's pink nipples, making them instantly harden while twisting them playfully, not painfully. The skinny girl moans into her mouth as she gripped the redhead's ass with all her grip strength in the process. Though it pained her to move a hand away from her great tits, Chloe does so in order to run it down her flat stomach and between her milky white thighs. 

"Mmhmm...yes," Beca moaned as she felt fingers trace down from her bellybutton to the top of her naked sex.

Chloe smiled, thinking if this is how responsive the other girl was then she was gonna make this girl scream like a banshee all night long. True enough, by the time she pressed three fingers against her slick folds and started rubbing through them, Beca cocked her head back and let out a primal yelp of pleasure.

"Awwhh...be loud for me Beca," the older girl instructed.

To her surprise, when Chloe pushed a single digit into the singer's twat Beca didn't howl, instead her mouth formed a wide perfect O without any noise escaping. She poked inside several times before rearing back and stuffing a second finger into her pussy, this time getting the girl to moan audibly.

As pleased as she was to be back inside Beca Mitchell, the redhead had more on her mind then simply fingering her best friend. She drove into her cunt a few more times before pulling out of her, making sure to rummage through her slit in the process. Her hand didn't go far, in fact she took her left hand from kneading Beca's boobs so that she could get both palms scooped under the singer and had her sit on them.

Beca was a little upset to have to break her kissing with the woman a few years her senior just when it was just starting to really heat up. However, the petite singer did as she was being told by Chloe's physical cues and hoisted her skinny ass up off the bottom of the tub until her pink sex had surfaced above the water. 

"Oh shit," Beca moaned.

Her scream was in direct response to the tongue that was suddenly licking its was from over her wet hole, up through her folds and ended at her clit. Beca looked down over her soapy large breasts and watched as the redhead swirled her tongue over her exposed nub, occasionally making a seal around it with her lips to really pepper it with her tongue.

Beca's legs felt weak and wobbled every time her nimble tongue flicked out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly, thankful that their house was empty. Luckily, her lower limb strength never gave out despite Chloe's best oral work and Beca was able to keep her hips above water so that she could stay on the receiving end of the other girl's eating out.

"Oh my God Chlo," Beca screamed the other girl's name.

The redhead smiled brightly before getting back to work, determined to use every tool in her belt to make her friend cum. Opening her mouth wide she was able to completely cover the other girl's slit from tip to hole within her lips. She started sucking, making loud smacking noises before darting her tongue into Beca's twat.

Naturally the girl moaned in response and thrashed about in the large tub, making the water spill over the edge of the tub. Chloe ignored this and focused on the job at hand. She wanted to worm her tongue deeper into Beca's pussy in order to taste more of her sweet nectar so she used one of her free hands to pull apart her folds and drive further inside.

"Fuckkkkk," Beca moaned louder then ever.

Chloe hadn't gone down on Beca in over a year and even then it was only once, but the redhead remembered how tasty her juices were and she was happy to confirm that now. To her satisfaction she repeated used her tongue to collect Beca's nectar from her gushing twat, noting how she was sweet, with almost a taste of honey. It made Chloe powerless to do anything but burrow her tongue as deep into the girl as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Beca's thrashing her naked body around in the tub full of water, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her new lover.

"You missed this, don't you," Chloe smiled up at her from between her legs.

"I did," Beca replied all while the other girl never stopped circling her tongue through her slit. "So much."

Chloe was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her hands both reaching up and rubbing each of her friend's sensitive nipples, the fit coed sank her tongue as deep into Beca's pussy as she could once more and started to whip it around inside. The redhead realized that her nose was squashed against the talented singer's pink folds and an idea came to her. Shaking her head in short, quick movements, she was able to use her face, specifically her cure button nose to rub against the Beca's clit.

"Oh my God yes. Just like that," Beca screamed.

"Yeah? You gonna cum Beca? Come on, give me your sweet juices," Chloe all but begged.

Chloe knew that the girl was reaching the point of no return as her climax had all but arrived. Determined to finish her off in glorious style, the redhead used her hand to rub her clit with almost inhuman speed, her fingers a mere blur given the quickness she used. Meanwhile with her free hand she plunged another two digits deep into pussy, curl her knuckles and finds her equally sensitive G spot.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," she screamed.

Timing it just right, Chloe waited until her orgasm was at hand before she pulled her two fingers free and replaced the gape in her twat with her skilled tongue. No more then a second later Chloe got her just rewards as Beca's sweet cum gushed out onto her waiting tongue. She happily gobbled up all of what the slender coed had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, the Chloe pushed herself into a seated position.

"I really missed you," Beca said between kisses.

"Me too," Chloe smiled back. "Let's get out of the tub."

* * *

The pair wasted little time getting from the tub to the bedroom, simply only taking a minute to towel off their perfect naked bodies. Chloe's room was simple enough with some clothes on the floor but generally neat, though the only thing that mattered at that particular moment was getting themselves onto her bed.

"Here, let me show you something new," Chloe said.

Already between her legs, Chloe reared back enough to guide Beca's leg over her so that it is pressed against the other one. Chloe lowered herself back down so her face was inches away from the singer's slim yet plum bottom. The redhead told her best friend to clutch her cheek and pull it apart, which she did with little hesitation.

"Pull my butt cheek? Like this," she asked.

"Perfect. Now I can lick your ass," Chloe smiled wide.

"I can honestly say no one has ever done that," Beca said with worry creeping into her tone.

"It's going to feel good, I promise."

Beca was curious as to what was going on and she didn't want to miss watching the action so she wrenched her neck around in time to see and feel Chloe knead her little but surprisingly plump backside before giving it an open-mouth kiss. The slender girl felt a small shiver run up her spine as her plump lips smacked the curved surface of her cheek, and then felt it a second time as this time Chloe kissed the opposite cheek.

"How's the view," Beca asked, feeling a hand on each cheek, jiggling, squeezing and lightly swatting it.

"Adorable," Chloe said while looking up at her. "Such a cute little ass."

Beca felt Chloe add her own small hands to her bottom and helped pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her starfish. She watched the predatory smile and laser focus on the redhead's face before Chloe leaned even closer to her then felt her wet tongue placed a long, slow lick to her crack. She made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, before she repeated the move using her broad tongue to lick directly over the center of her tightest of holes.

"Yup, that's my asshole," Beca stammered.

Chloe smiled at her friend's cute comment before focusing back on the task at hand. The redhead never went too long between sexual partners so she was always well practiced in the carnal arts and this time it was her best friend getting to be the benefactor. She made sure to give her best rimming since Beca seemed like a newbie when it came to backdoor loving so she stayed gentle and non-threatening by repeatedly licking over her backdoor with the odd venture down to her pussy to change thing up.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Chloe asked with a smug voice.

"Yeah actually," Beca answered, nodding her head as well.

"Such a pretty little butthole," the redhead told her while her fingertip danced along the crinkled surface.

Chloe didn't want to push her too far too soon by introducing her finger into her ass but she did feel it was time for an invasion of another sort. Rather then just lick the tight opening, Chloe made a point with her tongue and pressed it firmly against her arse until Beca's sphincter relented.

"Mmhmm yes...eat my ass," Beca moaned, finding that the words just spilled out of her mouth organically.

Chloe did just that by lapping at the first two inches of her fellow Barden Bella's smooth anal walls. The girl kept good care of herself as her anal passage was clean, tasting faintly metallic and earthy, but in a pleasant way. It took her a few minutes before she forced herself to come up for air, but that was short lived as she was back to burying her sexy face in Beca's bubble butt soon enough.

The redhead was a machine when it came to eating out another woman, especially when they tasted as good and were as physically responsive as Beca. Chloe was well known for being a generous lover, but with her best friend she was being sure to make an impression that the younger coed would be sure to remember.

"Feels so good with your tongue deep in my ass," Beca found herself saying again, surprising herself.

"Just wait until it's a big cock in there," Chloe said, back to rubbing the hole with her finger.

"Oh God, I don't think it would fit," Beca laughed.

Chloe now had a new mission in mind. She loved Beca and wanted her to tap back into her repressed sexual energy that she exhibited pre-Jesse. Since her surface and entrance of Beca's asshole was so well lubricated with her spit, Chloe made sure to be even safer by licking her middle finger well before dipping her slender finger into her friend's backdoor.

"Oh wow," Beca moaned.

It wasn't the first finger that had ever made it's way into Beca Mitchell's ass but this time it help a hell of a lot more erotic. Chloe only pushed up until her first digit, but when she felt the other girl's sphincter relax almost immediately she continued until half her middle finger was wedged in Beca's bum.

Chloe used her tongue back in the lead singer's pussy to relax her further as she slowly yet confidently moved half her digit in and out of the Beca's ass. After a few moments Chloe felt she was ready for even more and tested that out by going past the second knuckle and surprised both of them when her hand hit her curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared.

"Good girl Beca," the redhead said, slowly pulling back out.

"Mhmm...thanks," Beca moaned as the finger pushed back into her.

"You like my tongue in your ass," Chloe said, driving the muscle deep inside and being answered by a nod. "And you like a finger in here too."

"I do," Beca agreed.

"Trust me, you'll love a cock pushing into her bum, I promise."

"Maybe," the coed replied.

Chloe took heart in the fact that only after a few minutes of rimming and fingering the anal newbie that she was already softening on her original stance of taking a dick up there. Determined to help break her out of her shell and back to her sexual best, the redhead was now going to make the slender singer cum while her ass was being stretched.

It seemed that Beca was on the same wavelength, at least subconsciously as Chloe observed the girl snake a hand down between her thighs to start rubbing her clit. The redhead knew a good sign when she saw one so brought about stimulation through three heads as she eased her finger back into the girl's rear while her tongue buried itself deep in her pussy.

"Oh Lord...ughh...mmhmmmm...awwhhh," Beca released a torrent of moans.

The screams kept coming as Chloe worked her finger and tongue inside Beca to perfection while the new bi-sexual continued strumming her own slit. Despite the fact Beca had cum no less then 10 minutes earlier while in the bathtub with her, Chloe was on the verge of doing it once more.

"That's it! Cum for me Beca!"

Chloe went into overdrive with her tongue to lick deep into her snatch to hit all the right spots while still calmly pushing and pulling her finger in and out of her tight asshole. To her credit, Beca's hand was once again a blur as it moved so swiftly as it furiously stimulated her clit until Chloe felt both her tongue and digit squeezed by Beca's respective holes.

"I'M CUMMMINNG," the talented singer screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Such a dirty girl," Chloe smiled.

"You made me cum so...hard...playing with my ass," Beca said, her second orgasm of the evening.

But if Beca thought that she was going to lay back and rest then she had something else coming. Chloe kissed her plump cheek one last time before sitting back on her knees and swinging Beca's leg around her, now between her thighs. She clutched Beca's hands and eased her up into a sitting position as she moved to take her spot in the middle of the bed.

"Now your turn to lick my ass," Chloe informed her.

"You want me to lick yours," Beca said, nervous and yet excited.

"Yup," the redhead answered, settling onto her knees and elbows.

Beca was nervous, but the bigger emotion she was feeling was lust and passion and wanting to please her lover. These were things she hadn't experienced with such strength since she first came to Barden. She wasn't going to let inexperience plague her into inaction so she swallowed down her nerves and got in position hovering her face over top Chloe's well-toned booty.

"I've never done this before," Beca conceded.

"Just rub your tongue on my asshole," Chloe instructed, eager with anticipation. "It's gonna make me cum so hard."

"You have such a seriously cute asshole," Beca said without thought or filter.

The slender girl clutched her cheeks in both hands and separated them apart, just like Chloe had done to her. With her target in sight, Beca gulped down the last of her nerves, extended her tongue and used her broad muscle to lick over the rosebud before her. She didn't know what to expect but she could feel the crinkled opening on the tip of her tongue, which excited her.

"Oh...that feels so good," Chloe moaned. "A most pleasant start."

Beca kept licking in her broad strokes over and over. She figured she must be doing a good job based on the fact the older girl continued to moan and squirm because of her oral skill. Finally between groans Chloe kept telling her to keep licking just like that, feedback Beca was happy with and did just that.

Starting to get the hang of performing her first rimjob, Beca narrowed her swiping long licks down so that rather than dancing all along the crack she was now just using her tongue on her actual asshole. After another few laps she decided to do something new, licking over the hole so slowly that once she was dead center she narrow her tongue and crammed the first portion into her best friend's asshole.

"Yes Beca," the redhead screamed. 

Though it had been awhile since she last hooked up with another woman it really was like riding a bike and Beca got back into a flow as though she never stopped going down on girls. The only small difference was that she was pleasuring a different hole altogether but the same principles applied.

She found that her tongue could make a good amount of headway into Chloe's booty before her sphincter got too tight. Remembering how good it felt having a tongue wiggling inside her ass, Beca mirrored that action and found that Chloe gave an even louder moan because of it. Wanting to keep her friend guessing, Beca pulled her tongue out of licking her anal walls and went back to broadly lapping at her crinkled entrance.

"This is so hot! I can't believe I have done this before," Beca stated.

"Why don't you try using your fingers to play with my tight little ass," Chloe instructed. "Wet your tips then rub it like a clit."

As Beca's teachers could back her up on, she was pretty good at listening to instructions and fingering someone's asshole was no different. She did as she was told by releasing her grip on Chloe taut cheek in order to lick and transfer a good deal of spit onto her finger then brought it down to rub around her backdoor, which drew immediate moans with renewed vigor.

"Wanna put your finger inside," Chloe asked, a smile still plastered on her pretty face.

"If you want me too," Beca answered.

Chloe practically begged her to do it and Beca wasn't about to deny her that wish. She rubbed the center for another moment before bringing her digit back towards her mouth, sticking her fingers on her tongue and transferring more spit. The surface of her asshole was already plenty wet for her copious amount of licking so Beca felt confident it wouldn't hurt her friend when she pushed inside.

Beca was tentative at first with just the first portion of her finger going inside just to the knuckle. She hadn't done this before so she was unsure of how much and how fast to go but Chloe encouraged her to keep going and loosen up so she starts going quicker then finally deeper.

Beca found that if she used the moans escaping her friend's mouth as a good barometer then she couldn't go wrong. When the noises started to quiet down she would either go deeper or fast until she found that not only was her fist smacking her tight booty but it was doing so with enough force to cause her ass to jiggle. 

"Oh yes Beca. Doing great," Chloe told her, now rubbing her own clit. "Now add another."

"You are such a nasty girl," Beca giggled.

Beca couldn't believe how wrapped up in the moment she was, never in a million years would she have thought she'd be fingering her best friend's asshole yet here she was. She pulled her solo digit from Chloe's tight hole and bent down to lick her opening once more, getting it nice and slippery. Wanting the two fingers to go in just as easily as one, Beca pressed her middle and ring finger together before sucking on them both then pushing back into her ass.

"That's it, put two fingers in me baby," Chloe cooed with satisfaction.

Beca was a quick study especially when she had such a knowledged and well-versed teacher like she had with Chloe. With each passing finger plunge into the other singer's bum she felt more passion raising up in her like a phoenix from the flame. No longer needing the instructions, the slender coed was going on instinct now, dragging her slippery digits swiftly in and out, time after time.

"Dude, your ass totally just devoured my fingers," Beca said in awe. "Do you let cocks fuck your booty?"

"I let dicks in my booty all the time," Chloe admitted proudly. "You should really try it. It feels amazing, like nothing else you've experienced."

"Maybe I will," Beca countered, this time sounding more committed then last time. "After all, you make it look so fucking hot."

Beca continued with her exploration of her friend's ass all while she marveled at the tightness of her hole. She was surprised to find that it could hug her digits so thoroughly and yet how it could react and adapt to allow her fingers to go deeper. She didn't quite understand how her asshole was so accommodating and very snug, squeezing her slim fingers like a meaty vice without causing Chloe any pain, actually only the opposite.

The Barden Bella was running on auto-pilot at this point, letting her subconscious brain take control of her actions. Truth be told it was doing a hell of a job in its role. With her fingers plunging into Chloe's anal depths, Beca had gotten into a better position behind the redhead so that her tongue could be used on her delightfully tasty pussy.

With finally hooking up with her biggest girl crush after a very long year, Chloe knew it wouldn't take long or very much to render her a puddle of exhausted muscle. Sure enough, with Beca hitting her stride orally Chloe knew her orgasm was right around the corner and it was going to be strong with a capital S.

"Yes baby, lick my pussy," Chloe cooed.

Beca sure didn't need the prompting, in fact Chloe couldn't even offer the normally straight girl any suggestions as she was eating her twat like an experienced lesbian. She loved hearing the wet smacking noises coming from behind her as the lead singer happily and greedily used her clumsy but eager tongue to please the girl a few years her senior. She didn't stop with her fingers in her ass either, which Chloe was happy about, but she demonstrated even more multi-tasking by looping her free arm around her leg so that she could rub her clit at the same time. 

Though her technique could be refined, Chloe noted that the girl would only need another session in the bedroom going down on her to wear off the rust. She was proving to be talented enough though, as the push to help finish the redhead off by rubbing her clit while still munching her cunt was exactly what the doctor ordered. 

"OH God YESS," collegiate girl screamed out.

Beca felt the heaviness in her forearms and jaw muscles for the first time since their escapades started and wondered how long they had been going at it for. Not for the first time that night she thanked the heavens that no other Bella was home to hear the wild and lustful screams that both girls shrieked out.

"So...what did you think," Chloe asked right afterwards.

"Playing with your ass, stretching it out...it made me want to try getting mine...fucked," Beca said after a pause.

"Yeah? Taking a big cock in there," the redhead grinned.

"Not sure about a big cock but maybe get a dick in there someday," Beca answered, still basking in her newest sexual experience. A silence passed over them for a few seconds before she added. "That was seriously amazing Chlo. I needed that so much," Beca thanked.

"Mhmm...me too," Chloe replied.

The two girls were now laying beside each other, their naked forms pressed up against each other with their heads on the pillows. They were both exhausted and completely sexually relieved...at least for the time being.

"You gotta tell me Chlo, how do you have so much sexual energy?"

"I have the same much as you...I just let it out," the redhead answered.

"But how," Beca questioned.

"Listen Beca, we have so much of it we have to give it away, it makes us and the people we share with feel better. The more sex and love I give, the more that I have," Chloe explained.

"I totally see your point...it's just that it didn't work out with Jesse," the skinny coed said.

"That's okay. That chapter is over, the next and more excited one begins! Now listen, it's late and we are both totally exhausted so let's go to bed," Chloe reasoned.

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