Pitch Perfect: Daddy's Little Monster

BY : TheChemist
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"Knock, knock. Campus police. Hide your wine coolers," a goofy middle-aged man said as he poked his head into the dorm room. "Haha...just...it's your old man making a funny."

"Chris Rock everyone," Beca commented with an eye roll before turning her attention back to her computer.

"Hey, you must be Beca's roommate. I'm Dr. Mitchell, Beca's dad. I teach Comparative Literature here." When only a weirded out look by the attractive Asian student was his response followed by awkward silence, he turned back to his daughter. "So, when did you get here? How did you get here?"

"Took a cab. Didn't wanna inconvenience you and Sheila. How is the stepmonster?" Beca asked while getting up to put away some of her clothing.

"She is fine, thank you for asking. She's actually in Vegas at a conference..."

"Oh, No dad I don't actually care. I just wanted to say 'stepmonster'," the snarky teen girl cut him off, earning an eye roll.

"So, have you guys been out on the quad yet? In the springtime, all the students study on the grass." Dr. Mitchell asked, steering the conversation away from that topic.

"I don't wanna study on the grass, dad. I need to move to LA and get a job at a record label and start paying my dues," Beca retorted with a high degree of angst as only a privileged teenage girl could.

"Here we go again. You know Beca, DJing is not a profession, it's a hobby. Unless you're Rick Dees or someone awesome."

Beca was stunned by the ridiculous comment and took a moment to gather her thoughts. "That's not... I... ergh...I wanna produce music. I wanna make music, Dad."

"But you're going to get a college education first. For free, I might add. End of Story," the professor said with finality.

"Yes, you've made that abundantly clear. I have to complete a year of school at the wondrous Barden University before you'll support my decision to move to LA," Beca recapped their agreement. 

"No, not one year, though it was my hope that you'd fall in love with something at the school and give up this crazy idea of being a DJ. You are going to get a degree from this prestigious school before you can sidetrack your life with a failed attempt at being in LA for music," the older man informed her.

"That wasn't the deal," Beca complained, fire in her eyes.

"Well my plan didn't include supporting a delusional daughter hellbent on throwing away a free education and spitting in her father's face over it," Dr. Mitchell spat back at his sharp-tongued daughter.

Beca could feel rage building in her petite body with the urge to rip his lying tongue out of his foul mouth. However, before that could happen Kimmy Jin seemed to sense the building tension as she rose from her desk. "I'm going to the Activities Fair."

Before Beca could do anything she would potentially regret, or at least never be forgiven for, she grabbed her sweater from the back of her chair. "Me too. I'm going to the activities fair with my super good friend, Kimmy Jin."

It was best that her and her father left it at that point before things were said that couldn't be taken back. However fro Beca, the betrayal by her dad in lying to her, trying to rope her in for 4 years at this stupid school populated by hormone-fueled fraternities and sororities, as well as a myriad of A cappella singing groups, well it was simply too much. She didn't know if she felt like screaming in anger, fighting him in rage or crying her eyes out.

* * *

A few days had passed but Beca was not over her outrage. Not only that, but her anger was kindled anew as while she was walking through the outdoor space where some lecture halls exited, she had a freak run in with the man she least wanted to ever see again. She had her noise-cancelling headphones on while the professor was distracted talking to a pair of older students and the foursome practically dumped into each other.

"Oh I'm sorry...Beca?" Dr. Mitchell said, narrowly avoiding a collision with his daughter.

"Hey dad, trying to crush my body just like you did my soul," Beca retorted, obviously still not having forgiving her dad.

"Phil, Ian, you two can head off to your next class or to study or wherever. I will need those quizzes graded and placed in my campus mailbox by Friday morning," Dr. Mitchell said, dismissing his two grad students.

As Dr. Mitchell turned back to face his daughter, hoping to clear the air with her now that the heartbreaking news for her wasn't so fresh, Beca was gone. Looking around did no good as most of the lecture halls had let out at the same time, flooding the quad with hundreds if not thousands of students, allowing Beca to make for an easy escape as she retreated quickly back to her dorm room.

"God what a dick," Beca cursed as she closed her room door behind her minutes after bumping into her dad.

The normally silent Kimmy Jin must have been feeling friendly today as the Asian student actually engaged in a conversation with her roommate this time. "Your father I presume?"

After a moment of being stunned with the realization Kimmy Jin was speaking to her, Beca replied. "Yup. Bumped into father dearest a few minutes ago, acting like he didn't shove his hand into my fist and pull out my heart."

"Will he change his mind on this," the Asian girl asked.

"He hasn't changed his mind on anything in the 19 years I've been alive," Beca replied. "Probably why he and my mom broke up and he replaced her with a spineless Sheila."

"Yeah I don't know anything about that but I do know about torturing your parents when they are being assholes," Kimmy Jin replied. "My parents took me out of my high school with all my friends and shipped me to a boarding school for my last 2 years of high school. So, any chance I got I slept with students or facility that were even vaguely acquainted with my family."

"Hmm. That way there was a chance that the rumors made it back to your parents," Beca commented.

"No, not rumors. I did let all comers fuck me. The weirder the better, especially the tighter to my parents they were. But yeah, it was my own personal rebellion. Then when they relented on certain freedoms then I cleaned up my act a bit. Or conversely, if they tighten the screw or acted out in anger then I fucked a family friend or found some other way to embarrass them." Kimmy Jin finished explaining, still in her monotone voice lacking facial expression.

"Holy crap Kimmy Jin, you really are going to become my super good friend," the wannabe DJ replied.

* * *

An hour after her talk with her roommate began Beca emerged from her dorm room and into the quad. Before she had even made it down the corridor of her residence she had heard more cat calls and been hit on more times then the previous weeks at Barden altogether. That was in no small part to borrowing a few clothes from Kimmy Jin as they decided on a plan of attack for revenge on her stubborn and treacherous dad.

Normally Beca wore tight fitting skinny jeans and long-sleeve shirts so compared to that she now felt mostly naked given her attire. Not only that, she was lacking in both panties and a bra, something she rarely if ever had done. It felt odd but the way every male and most females stared at her jiggling tits with her easily identified nipples as they pressed against the lace top, however it was quite the ego boost.

Beca had known that her father's last class of the day was letting out any time now and she definitely wanted daddy dearest to see his baby girl dressed as some horny sorority girl. The way she wore a skimpy outfit would definitely give off the appearance that she was down to fuck, especially with how she added a bubbly personality to go with it. Timing it perfectly, a throng of people began to exit the lecture hall as she approached and within a minute she caught sight of her dad.

"Beca! What in God's name are you wearing," her father shrieked in outrage.

"Oh this?" Beca asked all innocent before giving a little spin. "My super good friend Kimmy Jin lent them to me. I really like it, don't you?"

"Are you fucking serious?! No I don't like it," Mr. Mitchell spat, nearly having a heart attack.

It was no wonder that Beca's father didn't like what she was wearing as it was any father's worst nightmare to see their attractive daughter in such a skimpy and exposing outfit. In very un-Beca-like fashion, the normally reserved dressing teen through her reservations out the window for an attire that was downright slutty. A tiny plaid schoolgirl skirt worn so short that her ass cheeks were exposed with every step and spin, that was just the tip of the iceberg. As a top she wore a plain white shirt that was cropped so much that not only was her toned stomach fully exposed, but the underside of her braless tits were also just visible. White knee high socks rounded out the schoolgirl fantasy attire.

"I don't get it? You want me to be Daddy's good little schoolgirl, isn't that what I am right now?" Beca asked with a mock surprised voice.

"Go back to your dorm and change immediately. You are embarrassing yourself and more importantly you are embarrassing me," Mr. Mitchell growled. "I need to leave. Get yourself sorted out now Beca. This...this is insane."

And with those words spoken harshly to his only daughter, Mr. Mitchell turned his back on her and went to hurry out of the lecture hall. Whether he was aware of it or not, most if not all of his class had chose to linger after he had dismissed them, more than happy to drink in the sight of the gorgeous 19 year old girl rebelling against her dad. Beca watched as her father was stopped by the two students who sat up at the front of the class during his lecture, his Teaching Assistants she had seen earlier.

"Hey boys, how's it hanging?" Beca asked before either turned to leave after their boss.

"A lot longer now," the red-haired man replied. "Hi, I'm Ian."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Beca," the freshman girl introduced. "And you would be?"

"Phil," the curly haired man answered, reaching out to shake Beca's outstretched hand. As they did a brief shake, Phil felt his cock harden when her naturally large tits joggled and threatened to pop free of the tiny shirt constraining them. "I'm not sure if you're interested but there's a little alcove out back of the building that Ian and I usually go to smoke up."

"Getting high? Now you're speaking my language. Lead on my heroes."

Ian and Phil could feel all males shooting daggers at them with their eyes as they led the sexy schoolgirl looking coed back to the rear of the building before disappearing out of site. After a short hallway the threesome exited out of the building into the sunny outdoors but at the bottom of a steep stairwell of which only the tops of trees could be seen. In other words, very secluded a perfect spot for privacy.

"So you're Doc Mitchell's kid?" Ian, the taller of the two men asked as he took a puff and passed it on.

"Yup. That lying bastard is dear ol' daddy," Beca said, accepting the joint and taking her own toke. "Mmm, not bad at all."

"Haven't seen you around before so you must be a freshman," Philip stated, his turn for the joint. "And I definitely would have noticed you on campus before."

Ian nodded along with his friend's assessment as they each took there time to let their gaze linger over every one of Beca's impressive curves. It was truly astonishing how a girl as slim and petite as Beca was could have such insanely large, well rounded tits. Easily a C-cup and possibly getting into the D category, she also possessed a flat tummy, a small but bubbly ass and a nice slender set of legs.

"Now the question is how come you don't come to any of our frat parties?" Ian asked. "We are the biggest and best fraternity on campus and yet you haven't graced us with your presence."

"I didn't know you had good weed before," Beca said, making them all break out in a series of giggles, at which point her shirt arely kept her boobs contained. "What can I say, I'm done for anything with fine grass on the table."

"And that's all it takes," Phil asked, slapping himself on the forehead. "Should have thought of that sooner."

"Okay, I can't help but ask but coming dressed like that with a body like yours and waiting outside your old man's class...you're trying to punish him for something I imagine," the red-haired TA surmised.

"And that's why my dad hired you, for your extraordinary wit," Beca nodded her head.

"Oh no, there are other ways to get back at your pops. Better ways even," Phil added, slipping an arm around the college freshman's shoulders.

"Oh yeah? And how's that? Fucking two frat boys who work under him," Beca commented, taking another hit.

It seemed with that comment the two TA's pounced on the younger girl with a hunger Beca had never felt before. Dressing this sexy with an attitude portraying she was down to fuck had definitely revved the boys engines. In front of her Ian had dropped into a squat and lifted her skirt so her freshly shaven pussy was exposed. While the tall redhead began running his fingers through her wet snatch in lieu of sticking a finger into her cunt, Phil was groping one of her massive tits through her shirt while kissing the sides of her neck, all while Beca took another long pull of the joint.

Phil was using one hand to grope Beca's breasts while his other was busy undoing his belt and freeing his cock. As soon as Beca felt the exposed hardened manhood pressing against her naked ass she knew she needed to have him in her mouth immediately. Ian read her body language well, backing up a pace to allow the horny coed to turn around with her bending over to take the other TA's cock in her mouth while he got better access to her sex.

"Fuck this is a nice pecker," Beca moaned in between swallowing down half his length at a time.

Beca wanted to give appreciation to Phil who was behind her eating out her pussy so well but her mouth was otherwise engaged. As the sexy girl built up a steady rhythm of bobbing her lips down half his pole and using her hand to stroke the other, Phil was getting her pussy nice and wet. Apparently munching rug was one of his top skills or at least it should be. Pulling her petite ass cheeks apart, the older man stuck his tongue deep into her teen pussy and tasted her juices, all while his fingers deftly strummed her sensitive clit.

"Damn she's a tight one," Phil commented after using two fingers to help stretch out her dripping pussy.

"Get over here and let me show you my thanks for greasing me up," Beca cooed.

With her pussy as wet as ever, Beca dropped to her knees and swiftly found herself with a dick on either side of her face. After licking both her palms, she wrapped a hand around each of their members and began to stroke them off while showing Phil some love for a fine job of eating her out. Most men were bad at it out of lack of practice or wanting to skip to fucking, but this frat boy seemed to actually like tasting a girl's pussy.

As a thank you, Beca parted her lips wide and moved forward until the tip of his cock poked the back of her mouth. Rather than heave or gag, Beca put her years of singing lesson to use by relaxing her throat muscles and forcing him forward until all 8 inches of his slender dick were down her gullet.

"Ugh! Holy damn! She deep throats," Philip nearly screamed in amazement.

After holding him down her throat for a handful of seconds, Beca pulled her mouth from his pecker and looked up at the satisfied boy. Based on the look on his face she was lucky he didn't pop his seed right down her gullet immediately. Knowing that he'd need a minute to recover, Beca did the same impressive feat on the cock in her right hand, opening her mouth wide and taking all 6 of Ian's wide dick into her throat.

"The Doc's daughter is a real nympho," the redhead groaned as Beca surfaced for air.

With Ian's cock covered in a healthy amount of her saliva, Beca's hand was able to stroke him so fast that her hand looked like a white blur on his long pole. Opening her mouth as wide as physically possible, Willa leaned back in towards Phil's lengthy pole before blowing his mind once more by swallowing all 8 inches. 

"Fuck me," Phil groaned in pure delight, squeezing tightly onto the back of the petite girl's head.

"That's a good idea. You thinking what I'm thinking buddy," Ian asked while Beca had her nose buried in his thicket of pubes and his cock down her throat once more.

"Spit roasting the beauty?" Phil answered correctly as the confused girl's hand moved a mile a minute to stroke him off. "Stand up babe."

Beca followed orders and as she pulled her mouth from his cock she found that several thick strands of spit dribbled and fell onto her awesome tits, coating them in a shiny layer. She went to lower her shirt and cover the drool but she was stopped by Ian who had the opposite idea of simply pulling the tiny short up over her auburn-hair and tossing it to the stairs. Beca was half tempted to curse him for exposing her tits in public but before she could protest Phil's hands were rubbing the spit into her large tits and tweaking her nipples, giving her instant pleasure and making her forget about being naked in public except for a super short schoolgirl skirt and knee high socks.

Apparently the TAs had decided that it would be Phil who got the first go at the freshman coed's pussy, likely since he was the one who eat her out originally. Going back into their initial positioning, Ian took a seat on the stairs as Beca bent towards him to resuming blowing him while Phil lurked behind her. This time though, as her ass cheeks were spread it wasn't his tongue that speared into her teen pussy but his condom-less cock.

"Such a firm little ass," the horny TA said with a slap to her booty.

Pushing her legs a little wider apart, Phil was now at the perfect angle to fuck the gorgeous freshman girl from behind. Taken his rock hard cock into his hand, he lined it up with her extremely wet pussy and pushed into her. Beca was very tight but the naturally lubrication and loosening up he'd done while finger banging her earlier helped his passage and he was soon pumping half his length into her in hardly any time.

"Mmmm," Beca moaned as jolts of pleasure shot through her thin body, forgetting all about getting him to put on a condom.

Ian allowed his friend to get a good rhythm established before getting too involved. Since they were now humping with ease, Ian took one hand away from groping Beca's heaving tits so that he could guide the back of her head to his lap once more. The horny girl needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting used for pleasure at both ends of her fantastic body, especially as Ian was back to massaging her full tits. It was hard for her to focus on giving the TA head while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind like a dog, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop. 

"My God you have a nice tight ass under this dress," Phil complimented as his hands kneaded her thick, curvy butt without breaking stride.

"Well thank you," she said before getting her lips wrapped back around the thick cock dangling in her face. After another few pumps into her pussy with each time his cockhead rubbed her G-spot, Beca couldn't help but peel her mouth off the other's dick and compliment her competent lover. "Oh my God...this feels so good!"

As Phil settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her cute little ass cheeks to ripple and her big boobs to sway due to the force, Beca was still very busy on her other end. The wannabe music producer had her mouth formed in a perfect O around the older student's thick cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was naturally distracted.

Back behind her, the shorter of the two men gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides, not with the intent of punishing or hurting, but to see her bubbly booty shake. The result was two handprints to form on her somewhat pale skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of his friend's meat pole. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled him with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.

"Careful bud, at that rate you'll bust before long," the red-haired TA called out, at which point Beca grinned back at Phil as she looked over her shoulder.

Phil blocked their words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into Beca's snug pussy. She was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding. It was at this point that the horny TA realized that Ian had a point as now he was feeling his climax approaching a little to swiftly for his liking.

"Fuck! Let's swap," Phil conceded, pulling out before he spilled his seed in the teen's womb.

Even though Phil would have preferred to not stop fucking her tight pussy until he came inside of her, he also know that Ian was only being nice by waiting this long without complaint. Playing ball and being a team player, the more muscular of the two TAs pulled out of the pretty teen girl, noting how much his cock glistening in the sunlight due to him being thoroughly coated in her juices. 

By the time the distracted older student turned his attention back to the gorgeous girl with large tits, she was already mounting his friend Ian, who was reclined back on the steps. In one swift motion Phil watched as Beca took his cock in one hand before lowering herself down onto his lap and making his shorter yet fatter cock completely disappear within her pussy.

"Fuck that's good," Ian groaned, his hands immediately wrapping around the slender girl to firmly grasp her petite ass.

"My thoughts exactly," Beca cooed, picking herself up from his lap before thundering her small body back down.

Ian waited a short while and simply watched the beautiful coed at work, more specifically the way her heavy tits would bounce up and down with every ride along his shaft. Finally unable to hold back, Ian brought his hands from her slender rump and around to grasp though swaying boobs, giving them a hearty grip and loving the feel of the supple flesh between his fingers. 

"You like what you found," Beca commented with a wink without ever breaking stride.

"Very much so."

To accentuate his point the red-haired boy narrowed his grip on her right breast to better plump it up before guiding it down to his mouth so that he could lightly bite her nipple. Beca gasped sharply at the surprise move before her mouth split into a wide smile at his new tactic, which encouraged him to do it again, this time with her left boob. Throwing back her head, Beca took his cock deep into her pussy and sat on it without any other movement.

"So deep," Ian said between sucking at her nipple.

Neither Ian nor Phil knew what they had done for karma or God or whatever had bestowed this gift of a horny and down-to-fuck beautiful coed, but they were thankful and sure to take full advantage. Snapping back to the present, Ian used his time with the big-breasted girl who was still seated in his lap with his dick fully in her cunt with her hips grinding slowly on him to get a bit more adventurous and use his finger pads to graze very close to her ass crack but far enough from the midline that she was in no danger of him touching her backdoor.

That changed when he had managed to have the pointer finger of his right hand rubbing the skin at the very top of her ass crack at which point he briefly caught sight of his fellow TA who was idly standing by and stroking his pole. With inspiration, Ian gave his idea legs by allowing his finger to glide down Beca's ass crack until his digit was rubbing on her crinkled muscular ring. 

"Mmhmm yes Ian," Beca moaned.

It was a bold move but rather than be disgusted and put off by his finger resting over top her most sensitive of holes, the sexy girl with obvious daddy issues seemed to like it a great deal. Ian felt confident to press his luck so he gave her butthole a small circle before going further down so that his finger was rubbing the skin between her backdoor and pussy. 

This move was new for the sexually inexperienced freshman but Beca very much liked having the much forgotten piece of skin stimulated. His finger seemed to have found a hidden patch of nerves that really amped up her sexual pleasure and she was very much thankful that he had. 

Not allowing himself to be stationary for too long, much like the girl riding his cock, Ian moved his finger to the side and almost circled his dick as it plunged relentlessly into Beca's pussy. He made sure that his tip was constantly in contact with the edge of her velvety folds and she responded by moaning even louder on the outdoor stairwell.

"Yeah keep going like that," Ian encouraged the thrashing girl.

Watching the scene play out in front of him, it took Phil a few moments to realize what Ian had done for him. By playing with Beca's ass with his finger, which he was now using to actually part her asshole, he was preparing the slender freshman for anal. However, Phil had his own thoughts on that and wanted to add his own twist to the idea, however it would be a helluva gamble that could blow up in his face, but he was desperate to try it out and this presented the perfect opportunity. 

"Bend, babe," Phil's deep voice instructed with a hand being placed on her back.

Beca was still mid-bounce when she received her instruction so she slowed her momentum until she was just sitting on Ian's lap with his dick deep in her pussy. Before bending over as specified, the horny coed grinded her little ass on Ian's lap with his cock fully sheathed in her, giving them each a bg spike of pleasure before Beca bent forward until her jiggling tits were pressed tight against the redhead. She was still able to grind along his cock by moving her hips up, down, forward and backwards; those dance classes from high school coming in handy. 

"Just relax, sexy," Ian whispered into the coed's ear from beneath her. 

Beca instantly knew what he was talking about when she felt the other man's cock press up against her exposed asshole. She'd seen enough porn to know what they had in mind and rather than reject their proposal she tried to follow Ian's advice and simply calm. After all, what better way to spite her lying jerk of a father than to let his two student employees double penetrate her. 

At first she found it difficult to relax as a second cock was attempting to plough into her tightest hole. However, she found enough calm and Phil was stubborn enough so that finally her asshole gave and the head of the TA's member popped inside. It was a new feeling for Beca to be entered in two holes at the same time and she was surprised it didn't hurt. In fact, after the initial sting of having her sphincter pierced, it just felt very tight but in the best way possible. 

"Holy fuck! I'm taking two cocks at the same time," Beca moaned in a combination of shock and amazement. 

It took a minute for the Beca sandwich to find their rhythm but they eventually achieved a pleasurable homeostasis. Ian had shifted enough while laying on the steps so that his mouth was able to latch on and suck each of Beca's nipples in turn as they heaved up towards his face. Meanwhile his strong hands closed around her narrow hips and helped push the freshman girl backwards to be speared by both of the two cocks slamming into her holes with each thrust going a little faster and smoother.

"Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," Beca moaned loudly.

With Ian reclined on the stairwell fucking up into her wet pussy and Phil leaning over her guiding his entire length into her tight asshole, Beca was somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight and stuffed that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure. Combined with the extra perverse pleasure in knowing this would annoy her dad to no end, and Beca was having a great afternoon!

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!"

"We really found a sex freak this time," Ian stated while wildly thrusting upwards into her slick twat.

To any observer of this outdoor impromptu threesome, there was a clear shift in Beca's attitude. She was clearly into the encounter from the start but ever since she started getting stuffed in both her holes simultaneously some of her fire had gone down. However, that was no longer the case as the freshman coed's passion was at an all new level as her body experienced new sensations of pleasure. 

No longer resting flat against Ian's chest and letting the two men dictate the terms of fucking her, Beca became much more active. Not only was Beca moaning her encouragement for the boys to pummel her holes, but her body language had morphed as well. Now she was pushing up off his sweaty chest with her arms so that it was possible for her to thrust her slim yet curvy body downwards to meet their strokes into her pussy and asshole. 

"God Beca! You're so fucking hot," Phil groaned as he spiked harder into her ass, making her bubbly booty ripple from the blow.

"Right back at you stud," the sharp-tongued girl replied, throwing in a moan and a wink as she looked back over her shoulder.

Beca's new higher riding position allowed Ian to surface for air as he was no longer buried between her twin pillowy mountains. He wasn't complaining as any guy on campus would kill to be smothered by Dr Mitchell's daughter's heavenly tits, however now he was free to either grope the great boobs or take turns to lick and kiss them, which he was taking the chance to do both options at the same time.

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "I love having two cocks inside me. Fucking me at the same time."

The two friends smiled as they worked in unison. Despite Beca pushing herself down onto their peckers, Ian wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still managing to push his entire length upwards to be sheathed completely in her wet inferno of a pussy. Phil had picked up on his red-haired frat boy's rhythm so that every time Ian pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass. 

"Oh shit, Beca...you're incredible," Phil grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole becoming the stuff of legends.

"So fucking hot," Ian groaned as the slender girl was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock. "Fucking great."

Beca felt Phil's thrusts from behind her in her booty becoming irregular and knew it was only a matter of time until he emptied himself in her. It was only another few minutes before his cock started to twitch inside her. Knowing what was to come, only a heartbeat later and Beca felt her rectum's inner walls plastered with his warm seed. The sensation it left in her was fantastic and triggered her own orgasm as her cum instantly flooded down onto the other man's cock who was nearing his own sweet release.

"Shit! Fuck! I'm cumming," Beca confirmed as all her muscles went rigid before she collapsed like a rag doll onto Ian. "AAAHHHHHH!"

The third and final link in the chain reaction of orgasms was now at his end as well. What all started with Phil cumming in Beca's asshole had led to the sexy coed finding her own climax, which in turn made her pussy clamp tighter than ever before. Already nearing his end, this quickened Ian's plight and he could feel his own release imminent. With two bodies still above him and exhausted, Ian had to hope that Beca was on the pill since he didn't with a condom.

"Ah God, me too," Ian warned literally a second before his cock started pulsing in Beca's pussy, sending spurt after spurt of his warm jizz into her teen twat.

All of a sudden a rapturous applause broke out from the top of the stairs, making all three of the exhausted yet sexually satisfied coeds look up. To Beca's utter disbelief, her threesome on the stairs had drawn the attention of what had to be several dozen fellow students, who one and all clapped and celebrated her performance. Other than quickly dressing before making her exit back into the lecture hall, the horny girl gave a little curtsy.

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