The One

BY : Ebony Alexandrea Burton
Category: 1 through F > 10,000 BC
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Heat, such fierce heat that it was suffocating her. A blanket that was far too thick and warm had laid over her body, her lungs fighting to get what little oxygen they could back to her hazy brain. As her shutters fluttered open, the sight of the bright red glow of the inferno filled her eyes with fright. Her body moved on instinct, but it was hindered by the heavy weight of a half burnt beam, though the fire continued growing ever closer to her. Terror gripped her heart and her voice, for she could not develop the sound from her pressured chest. Without notice, the overwhelming weight was lifted like a prolonged spell, and she distanced herself on her blistered hands and bruised knees to a less heated area. Shifting her gaze back, one of the other villagers came into view, and a deep breath of relief found its way into her depraved lungs. He comes with difficulty to her side, explaining where they must go to rescue the innocent children, then he simply stares. A minor explosion had gone off in her dreadful face, but not of destructive fire and sparks, but of sacred blood. Gradually opening her frightened eyes, the once maroon colored shirt was now stained crimson and spread down his bruised body.

The voices of the aliens struck her ears, just as she flung his arm over her shoulder and proceeded to haul him. Speed and agility had left them, as did their hope with foreigners close behind. One crucial look and the message were conveyed: Abandon me. No time for gentle good byes, the red bolts of raw energy made sure of that. Setting him down softly at the grassy edge of the impenetrable thicket, she uttered an invocation for safe passage into the next world before dashing frantically through the burning forest. Swearing she wouldn't look back, her sensitive ears bled as his deafening screams could be undoubtedly heard behind her, crying out for mercy. More heat made its way across her gentle face, but this time in the form of wet tears and sweat. With her thoughts blurry with images of her savior covered in blood and sight clouded by her sorrow, she couldn't make out the body that she'd tripped over immediately. Upon closer inspection, she catches the glimpse of a shared earring that only one other person owned. The insanity of it all brought sound back to her lips as she screamed out her name, praying it would evoke some kind of movement from the cold body. Those grave eyes merely glanced her way, with just enough will to stare intensely into one of the last survivors of their dying race.

Suddenly, she was being drug away from her dying friend by two of the invaders. The helpless woman kicked and screamed shrilly for mercy, more terrified now than she had been merely moments ago. Looking in the direction of her captors, she could make out an ominous figure who stood monstrous and firm. Being thrown to the ground, she desperately tried to inhale as much air as she could before being aggressively brought to her shoeless feet. Blackness instantly filled her vision, the sheen of the mask imbuing her with dread. Taking two steps upon her, she jerked her defenseless head away, the instinctive fear of looking Death in the face being too much.

Letting out one last scream, her conscious mind let go reluctantly and sunk wearily into a deep, numb darkness.

Author's Note: Hello there. This is my first time posting on this site. I hail from, and have always been there. But taking a closer look at their rules, I needed somewhere else that I could post my more 'adult' content (which is basically everything). I did try and read as much of the FAQs as possible, I do beleive that I am in the right standing and have done everything by the book as I'm supposed to. But if I made a mistake, or didn't list something somewhere, please let me know and I will be glad to fix it. I do have to warn my readers, I'm not entirely sure on the word "shoeless", as I've seen it spelled both ways... But in any case, please leave a review, and tell me what you think. Also, I don't think I'm allowed to post links to my other pages, so you'll just have to go type my name in somewhere and find my other stuff. If I can post a link, then I will. Thankz - ebo

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