KOTOR: Distractions

BY : Redfields
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*With characters from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic*


“So force powers only work when you’re concentrating?” Mission asked.


Bastila sighed. It was going to be one of those conversations. She was reading a datapad when the Twi’Lek had simply wandered in and asked. “Not quite. We’re supposed to feel, not think. So concentrating isn’t as important. Though distractions make them less effective in either case.” She said, still looking at the report in front of her.


“So if I, say, dropped my stylus and bent over to pick it up …” Mission demonstrated, bending over in front of the desk where Bastila sat.


The jedi’s eyes flicked up, fulling intending to take a glance and then resume her report, but Mission’s blue behind seemed to lock her gaze in place. Bastila couldn’t tear her eyes away from the barely-covered rear end presented so sensually to her.


“Yes … that would be very … distracting” She got out in a strained voice. It was only when Mission slowly straightened up, peeking back over her shoulder and catching Bastila staring that she mustered the self-control to look at her datapad again. Not that she’d be able to read any of the words. Mission just smirked.


“And if I decided to get some exercise with some jumps …” She said, thrusting her chest out while bouncing up and down.


Bastila took great delight in denying her. “Nope.” She said, looking at her, then back at her report.


“And if – what?” Mission said, outraged.


“Your breasts are too small to bounce.” Bastila replied, trying to keep the smugness out of her voice. She didn’t quite succeed. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not like I’m packing anything sizeable under these robes.”


“That’s not – it’s this shirt!” Mission declared, peeling out of her skin-tight top to reveal her small blue breasts. She bounced on her toes, trying to get her breasts to heave. “See?”


“I don’t see it.” Bastila stated. She eyed the Twi’leks breasts, trying to keep the lust off her face, and going for judgmental instead. Mission didn’t seem to notice that Bastila was staring again, being more preoccupied with proving her breasts were bouncy.


“They’re heavier than they look. You gotta feel them.” Mission scooted around the desk and grabbed Bastila’s wrists, placing the Jedi’s hands on her small blue tits. “See?”


“Mm-hmm” Bastila responded absently, her mind consumed with feeling the teenager’s chest, rubbing her hands over those toned blue mounds, delighting in the feel of Mission’s nipples between her fingers.


“See, I told you.” Mission said triumphantly, but Bastila was barely paying attention to her words, continuing her fondling. The Twi’lek enjoyed the attention, basking beneath Bastila’s touch for a few moments before abruptly pulling back.


The jedi’s eyebrows furrowed. “Hey, what -?”


But Mission interrupted her. “My turn. Time to get out of those robes.”


“Oh, I don’t know, Mission …”


But the teen was already on her, tugging up the hem of her clothing. She simply held her arms above her head and let Mission pull it free of her body.


“Well, you do now.” Mission grinned at her, then feasted her eyes on Bastila’s chest, still covered by modest underwear. The Jedi quickly reached behind herself to flick it away, letting the Twi’lek enjoy the sight of her tits as much as she’d enjoyed the teen’s.


Mission didn’t remain idle for long, quickly closing the gap to suck on Bastila’s breasts. The jedi closed her eyes in pleasure, gently stroking the back of Mission’s head around her lekku. The teen would occasionally switch tits, thoroughly coating them in saliva, slobbering over them and leaving them glistening, and fondling whichever one she wasn’t suckling. With her on free hand, she worked Bastila’s panties down her legs until they hit the floor.


She eventually pulled back. “Bend over the desk.”


“What?” Bastila asked, surprised. The Twi’lek just slapped the desk beside her, so Bastila bent over it, while Mission got behind her.


“Mmm, I’ve wanted to taste this ass since I got on the ship.” Mission declared.


Bastila barely had time to register the words before she felt something warm and wet wiggling its way into her rear end. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she almost put a stop to it, before revelling in the pleasure Mission wrought in her rectum. She just let out a moan of approval and spread her legs farther apart.


Mission would have smirked in response, but her mouth was occupied with the delicious derriere in front of her. Her flexible tongue pried Bastila’s virginal ass open, delving deep into her rear, flicking around inside her tight hole, setting the jedi’s nerves alight.


Bastila’s eyes flicked in pleasure, losing focus. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk, fingers curled around it as if holding on for dear life. Mission’s anal ministrations were clearly more than she could handle, and it wouldn’t be long before a titanic climax consumed her. She could only hope to hold on as long as possible.


It was at this moment the door slid up, revealing Juhani. The Cathar stepped into the room before she could comprehend what her eyes were seeing. The door whooshing shut behind her seemed to dot the question mark forming in her mind. She stood there, dumbfounded.


Bastila heard the door, but that information didn’t seem to make its way into the part of her brain that should care whether someone saw her naked or not. Her mind was too busy with the teen’s tongue.


Mission could see Juhani, but was too busy eating Bastila’s ass to do more than crook a finger at the reformed jedi and beckon her closer.


Juhani just stood there until her brain caught up with her eyes. It took a few moments, but then she shrugged out of her clothing, revealing a fit body and a sizeable cock.


“Bet you didn’t know some Cathar had these, did you?” She added, walking over to the pair. Her cock already hard as a rock, she slid it into Bastila’s open mouth. The jedi barely flinched as the head breached her gullet, and Juhani was soon hilted in her throat. She pulled out, only to thrust in again. Soon she was hammering the Jedi’s face, relishing the sound her cock made violating Bastila’s throat so mercilessly.


Juhani pulled out to let Bastila catch her breath. The jedi gasped, gulping in great lungfuls of air, before she started shuddering in pleasure. Mission’s ministrations had come to fruition, and Bastila’s climax washed over her. Her body trashed about, Mission barely able to hold her steady, somehow still keeping her teen tongue in the jedi’s spasming back door. Bastila was grunting in bliss, her face the picture of pleasure as the climax coursed through her. Juhani knelt down in front of her, gently stroking her face as bliss coursed through her, enjoying the sight of this uptight jedi cumming so hard.


Eventually, Bastila’s orgasm faded into a haze, the jedi collapsing limp onto the desk she’d bent over.


“Shame to let that go to waste.” Mission eyed Juhani’s still-hard cock as the Cathar stood up, now coated in saliva and glistening, begging for attention.


“Well, why don’t you get up and do something about it?” The Cathar responded.


“I – okay.” Mission obeyed, getting to her feet as Juhani walked around behind her. Mission tried to turn as well, but the reformed jedi stopped her. Suddenly she was practically flung in the air as Juhani picked her up, the jedi’s hands behind her knees. She was practically folded in half, with her ass landing, as if guided, right on Juhani’s slick dick. 8 inches went right up her blue back door, and she gasped in surprise and delight. Then her legs were spread apart as they slid down Juhani’s arms, until they rested against the inside of the Jedi’s elbows. Her pussy was on display for the whole world to see; she was even forced to look at it as Juhani’s hands snaked up behind her neck to rest against the back of her head.


Mission knew the position was called the Full Nelson. She’d seen it a few times, but she’d never tried it before. Still, years on the streets of Taris had left her flexible enough to do new things, and curious enough to try anything. She just didn’t expect Juhani to be able to lift her up to do this standing. That Cathar body hid a surprising amount of muscle.


And then her whole world was shaking as Juhani hammered her skinny rear end relentlessly. It was obvious the reformed jedi had been going easy on Bastila’s face, not wanting to hurt her delicate features too much. But she had no such compunction about Mission’s teen ass, drilling her so hard the Twi’lek would be sleeping on her stomach for a week.


But Mission didn’t care. This was the best anal reaming of her life. Eating Bastila’s ass had left her hot and horny, and this degrading position, ceding all control to the Cathar, but her far closer to orgasm than she’d thought possible. Could she cum in less than a minute if the cock rearranging her intestines was pounding her pooper fast enough?


Well, not quite, but just barely. Juhani’s cock seemed to be a blur, disappearing completely into Mission’s accepting ass, only to reappear an instant later. Her blue butt whole didn’t even have time to adjust before Juhani was slamming in again, starting the whole rhythm over.


Mission did her best to stave off the inevitable orgasm, but it was no use. With a cry, she came, spraying cum all over Bastila’s prone form. The teen watched, as if in slow motion, as her own pussy eruped, clear liquid jetting out. And then her vision was blurring as pleasure overtook her.


Juhani kept pounding away, her arms locking the twitching Twi’lek in such a perfect position that she’d be cumming soon as well.


And mere moment after Mission’s climax started, Juhani’s crashed into her as well. Fit muscles kept them both upright. Two powerful thrusts, and then she buried her cock in Mission’s clenching ass, thrusting in as deep as she could before unleashing a torrent of cum into the teen’s bowels.


Even as Mission accepted the Cathar’s cum deep inside her, she was still fountaining her own in spurts. Liquid in, liquid out, though both far more than she could comprehend. In fact, she could barely comprehend anything right now, her mind lost in orgasmic bliss, compounded with her bowels still being stretched around Juhani’s cock and her intestines filling up to nearly overflowing.


It had to stop, eventually, but not before what seemed like an eternity of pleasure. Juhani tried to let Mission down gently, but her arms were tired from holding the teen up, and shaking from the massive orgasm. The Twi’lek ended up dumped unceremoniously on the ground, sliding off Juhani’s softening dick on the way down. The Cathar’s own legs trembled, and she sat down to relieve the strain on them.


“Whew, that was … something else.” She said, breathlessly.


From her position on the floor, Mission looked up at her, brain tails still switching in leftover pleasure. “Yeah.” She panted. “I think we need distractions more often.”

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