A Senator's Ascension (Star Wars)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander
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Deep in a Separatist fortress, a lone figure was chained against the wall of a dank dungeon. Clad in her usual white armored body-glove, Padme wondered she would escape this time around. The moment she was captured, her mind had gone to processing escape plan after escape plan. Unluckily for her, Anakin had been no where near and had no capability of coming to her aid. Now she was far removed from Republic battle lines and was deep in enemy territory. Knowing her opponents within the Separatist movement, she would either be killed by Nute Gunray if he found out she had been captured or she would be used as a bartering chip for some scheme by whichever commander held direct control over her. She suspected the latter more than anything.

Padme pulled at the chains holding her arms overhead, feeling their stiff resistance. She was trussed up tightly, so maybe her best bet would be to try and get to her belt. She always carried a lockpick or two on her person, usually hidden away in subtle little places like her hair or down near her waist. Maybe—

Her thoughts were interrupted as the blast door to her cell suddenly beeped and slid open to reveal several droids before her. A pair of B2 Super Battle Droids and a couple of the far-more unnerving BX-series droid commandos, along with a little spybot which floated behind them. The BX’s marched towards her, grimly silent as they began unlocking her restraints and roughly picking her up. “I demand to know what it is you plan on doing to me! I have diplomatic immunity and have protections as a prisoner of wa—” Padme gasped as the droid on her left pulled an item from its waist and shoved it into her mouth. It took her another second to realize it was a full-blown ball-gag with a leather strap and clasp as the droid tightened it to an uncomfortable degree. The little spybot behind her shuddered in mirth as it projected a distorted chuckle through it’s little speakers.

“Now now, Senator, we can’t have you being a problem by attempting to use that sharp tongue of yours. At least… not in the way you wish to use it.” Padme’s eyes widened as she was led down corridor to a turbolift and sent downward deeper into the fortress. She had no idea where she was being taken nor what they had planned for her, but she knew it couldn’t be anything good. She had so many enemies in the galaxy, that distorted voice could have been anyone.

The turbolift doors slid open to reveal an oddly lit chamber. Bright red in one corner, dark green in another, flashing blue in various crevasses… And dozens of chairs, tables and various equipment with men and women who were being tortured. But not in the way she would have thought possible. Each face she perceived was enthralled, whether in reluctant bliss or elated pain, was moaning loudly as they were subjected to various erotic pleasures. One Zabrak man was being flogged across his bare muscular chest as he pulled at his bonds and attempted to fuck a fleshlight that was just slightly too far away. His pale purple skin glistened with darker purple bruises across his body, yet his dribbling erection stood fully erect and apparently aching to fuck the nearest thing possible. A crimson Twi’lek woman was suspended in midair, trussed up like a roast for dinner. Her gushing snatch was being relentlessly pounded by a fucking machine, her massive melons bouncing with every impact of the double penetration dildos and her eyes glazed in pleasure as she drooled all over her front. And in the far corner, a pair of Zeltrons were ‘forced’ to fuck each other on a double-ended dildo as vibrators were attached to each sensitive region of their body. Their near-exact appearance with exception to their hair implied they could very well be twins. Both forcefully rammed their asses back into the other, their pear-shaped figures quivering in desire as they tried to reach a orgasm which seemed difficult to reach for the pair.

The young ex-Queen of Naboo couldn’t stop staring as she was grasped by both of her escorts and lifted off the ground. She attempted to struggle but to no avail as she had no purchase on the ground and the droid’s grips were literally ironclad. The little spybot floated in front of her as the droids led her to the rear of the sex dungeon. “Well, I must say whilst this is most unexpected, I am pleased to note we have special plans for you, Senator Amidala. Most special indeed…” The BX commandos stopped in front of a verticle x-frame and roughly shoved her into place. In a blink of an eye, the Senator’s wrists and ankles were strapped into the bondage device and she helplessly looked around.

How could she escape? There was always a way. ALWAYS! She had gotten out of even bigger predicaments then this. She stared at the many captives in this dungeon with her, most of them barely fighting against their restraints. Each was restrained in some way, yet none seemed willing to try and break free. Her eyes finally caught sight of one unique item each of them had: slave collars. But they weren’t the shoddily built devices one normally saw in slave markets around the galaxy. No, these were elegant little devices made of bantha leather, with several pieces of tech built into them. Her curvaceous bosom began rising and falling faster as she pulled at her restraints as hard as she could, hoping to maybe break one or at least loosen it, to no avail.

Suddenly, a door in one of the many crevasses of the room opened and a new droid came floating out. Padme’s eyes widened further as she realized it was a ST-101 BDSM Unit. A floating ball with over two dozen various bionic limbs, it appeared like a tentacle creature from some ocean manifested in a droid. It was used as a pleasure device, though some nasty rumors had circulated they could be used for far more than that. Her cheeks flushed as memories of various Holonet pornos came to mind, most of the more fetishistic type. The little spybot spoke up again, it’s little eye zooming in on Padme. “Don’t worry, no harm will come to you… Well, not too much harm. We only intend on molding you into your new role. Can’t have a slave that doesn’t enjoy what she does after all!”

Slave? No, she couldn’t! She had duties to the Republic. They had to be joking, this was some extended interrogation method to make her more cooperative—Her thoughts were dashed to pieces as the Slave Trainer Unit slowly hovered forward, it’s many appendages stiffening and writhing as if posed to strike. It was almost like it was… excited? She whimpered loudly as the limbs suddenly lashed out and began slipping all over her body. Clothing was shredded and privacy violated as the slippery appendages made short work of her body-glove. Her body glistened with a light sheen of sweat as her fear only mounted higher. How could this be happening?! A tear slowly trickled down her cheek. A distorted chuckle came from the spybot. “Ahhh… Now she understands. You are our prisoner here, slave. And you won’t be leaving till you have been broken beyond all recognition. Pray to the Force, for you will be a changed woman when you leave here.”

The BX commandos and B2 battle droids turned to leave as the ST Unit began its deplorable work. A pair of limbs slipped one of the elegant slave collars around Padme’s neck whilst another put some sort of medical gas mask over her mouth. Her first response was to try and hold her breath, despite how futile the thought might be. A gasp escaped her though as a needle from a hidden compartment in the advanced x-frame pricked her in the right butt cheek and injected her with something. Simultaneously, she inhaled a large breath of the gas compound and within moments, her entire body felt hot and extremely sensitive. Her nether lips suddenly felt moist as her body gushed with the need for pleasure, causing the Senator to gasp and breath in yet another lungful of the gas. The more she breathed in, the more her body grew hot and bothered. Within a mere minute, her pussy was soaked and her nectar dripping down her leg like beads of sweat. Her breast heaved as she looked about, her eyes wild with desire as she couldn’t contain the moans and whimpers escaping her lips.

The ST Unit grasped her head and slipped a headset over her eyes and ears whilst applying various small wireless vibrators to key points of her body. It specifically kept touch to her body as minimal as possible, despite Padme attempting to lean into each caress it unintentionally offered. Her skin was BEYOND sensitive, never in her life had she felt so desperate to touch anything and everything. If she had been in her right mind, the Senator from Naboo would have been beyond ashamed by her display. Yet in her heightened awareness, the Senator could give two kriffs about how she appeared.

Blind and deaf to the world with the headset on, Padme began to feel a deep-seated panic build up in her chest. Never had she felt so alone and NEVER had she felt this need before. Suddenly, the headset’s display lit up and words appeared before her.

“Who are you?”

Padme blurted out, barely able to hear herself. “I am Senator Amid—” A sudden electrical shock ran up her body as a loud error noise was blasted into her ears, causing her to let out a small scream of pain. It wasn’t even that powerful of a shock, but her heightened sensitivity and lack of preparation caused it to feel like one of the worst tortures of her young life.

A pleasant bit of calm ambient music filtered through her headset. “No, that is wrong slut. You are Nyxiaa, a whore from Naboo. Your job is to satisfy those around you. Isn’t that right?”

Padme began shaking her head, only to feel yet another shock and error sound ran through her body. She barely held back her scream. She was left desperately gasping in air like her life depended on it, trying to stare at anything but those words. She WAS the Senator from Naboo. Youngest Queen of her homeworld and a hero of the Republic. She wouldn’t demean herself by— Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden intrusion into her nethers of a ST tentacle. It slipped in and seemed to engorge itself as it filled every square inch of her vaginal walls. By the Force, this was the most wonderful feeling she had ever encountered. She twisted in her restraints and tried to push deeper into that appendage, only for the limb to thin out and slip out of her soaked pussy lips. This caused Padme to squeal in horror before she even thought it through. “No, don’t stop! Please! I beg you!”

The words appeared again, a pleasant little chime filtering through. “Who are you?”

Padme licked her lips and let out a husky noise as she fought with herself. One half wanted nothing more then to give in, to feel that WONDERFUL feeling again. To never feel that horrible shock again. To please whoever was willing to give her that feeling of pleasure again. The other half was fighting for her pride, for her dignity. She was a person to be respected, to be a symbol of hope and freedom to the galaxy. How could she ever look at herself in the mirror again if she were to bend? How could she look Anakin in those steely blue eyes of his and tell him she broke before their onslaught?

Another shock suddenly enveloped her body as the loud error noise was blasted into her ears again and she let out an ear-splitting scream of pain. She quelled and tried to curl into the fetal position, her restraints preventing any form of reprieve. Could she… Could she endure this? Perpetually?

The words appeared again, this time the pleasant charm had a warning tone added to it. “Who. Are. You?”

With that final stroke, Padme felt her body rebel against her and her mouth blurted out words she never thought she would utter to anyone. “I’m your s-slut! I… want to be Nyxiaa, the whore from Naboo.” She suddenly closed her mouth and let out a quiet groan.

It took a few moments, but eventually the words scrawled across the screen. The positive chime from earlier sounded again. “Good. You are to become Nyxiaa. Now beg for your reward.”

Padme bit her lip, trying not to bend so low as to begin begging. A sudden sensation ghosted over her nethers though. The barest tough of one of those tentacles, giving her a jolt of unexpected pleasure. The heat of her desire was burning white hot at this point that this mere hint of possible relief finally broke the stalwart defense of the Senator-turned-Whore. “Please, please fuck me! Please tell me how to be your slut!”

Almost immediately, the ST’s tentacles returned. Three tentacles suddenly rammed into three different orifices, wildly engorging themselves to fill her rosebud, nethers and mouth as much as they could contain. Set to overdrive, the droid’s limbs began fucking Padme harder and faster then she had ever been in her life. Her eyes glazed over as the wave upon wave of pleasure assaulting her body nearly broke her mind and sent her into near-unconsciousness. She could never have guessed it would feel this amazing to be turned into a little fuckslut, each hole filled to the brim with droid tenta-cock. Hell, she had never been that wild of a girl so far. She had fantasized many times about doing bondage, about trying anal, about being Anakin’s little whore… But never had she thought it could be like this. Let alone to someone she couldn’t even see.

Moaning with each thrust, spilling more of her nectar onto the growing puddle on the floor, and writhing in her restraints, the Senator of Naboo screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. All the while, the spybot’s eye never left the poor Nabooian, recording every little moment of it. It caught every moment her body spasmed with an orgasm, every time she screamed for it to continue, the way her breasts bounced and her ass jiggled with every thrust of the tenta-cocks. She said very little that made actual sense, but what little could be heard would be her feeble "I'm a slut..." and "Nyxiaa the Whore..."


On Coruscant, a single individual cackled quietly to himself as he watched the Holonet recording happen live before him. Darth Sidious watched with amusement as the first pieces of his plot began unfolding before him.Senator Amidala was in his clutches and would remain there till she was utterly broken. Today was only the first step of many more to be taken to ensure she became the tool he needed. The Senator would be bent to his will, unknowing of the downfall her new lot in life would have upon the Jedi. She would be key to Skywalker falling after all, and he couldn’t waste such a valuable opportunity to mold them both to his whims as the growing conflict of the Clone Wars escalated... He smirked to himself as he leaned back in his large, foreboding swiveling throne and contemplated the future events to unfold.

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