Entwined Souls

BY : Irisamore
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It has been many centuries since the battle of the free people at the Black Gates of Mordor and peace brought upon Middle Earth for centuries.

Time has changed since then.

These lands, they have changed much, the continents have shifted; separating the race of men from each other. Lands scarred from so many battles; men wanted each other nations for their own all in the name of power. Time had gone since men wished to unite all, instead of killing each other.

I have walked the many lands here, hiding in the shadows for centuries, watching men go about their destiny, many who have forgotten the stories of the pasts, they became a whisper and then a myth.

My duty was to document the fate of men, you see, I'm different from my race. 'Special' they would call me, with a destiny of my own. At first, I was angry; I didn't understand why I could not go with my people to the Undying Lands, why I had to stay and wander alone in the world of men. It was not until I came to realise why I was so different. No elf had markings all over their body or white hair with golden eyes. Nor did they share the same love of battles that I did, my people preferred peace and only acted when it was necessary.

Even now thinking of those I cherished long ago, my heart pains for the loss and loneliness I feel, but I must stay strong-minded and fulfil my duty with honour that has befallen me by the Valar. I will walk alone until it's time to remind men of the myths of the past.

Here is where my story begins.

Of all the lands I have walked, this one keeps calling me back. I have no idea why, perhaps, because they are here.

Britannia is what the land was called, now Roman Britan, a small island which has seen many battles. As I wander through the wet and damp forest with the moonlight shining through the cracks of the trees, bouncing off my long silk cloak, the light rain soothes me into a song, though I am wary that someone might hear, even though it's just barely a whisper. Men have not set eyes on an elf for more than 10 thousand years. Only once have I almost been spotted, and only because he was 'special' too. I can sense, part of him is a descendant of my people, I feel content that I have family here, and I'm honestly not alone, even though we have not met, but a small part of me saddens. I realise soon in years to come, my lineage will fade, and I will indeed be forever alone lingering in the shadows.

Until the time comes, I'll wait until the calling calls to me to reveal myself to them. A thought of amusement flickers across my mind of the shocked faces, I would receive. How they have walked without a care in the world around them, and not notice what is genuinely lurking in the shadows. The rain becomes heavy, bringing me out of my deep thoughts, I stop and listen, the forest is quiet for a change; there is no sight of Woads or Romans here tonight. Usually, there is at least one man in the woods at night, though he is no Woad or Roman, a Sarmatian Knight, a scout for the Roman Commander. I remember the first time I saw a glimpse of him; he reminded me of the Rangers of the North, the Dúnedain, men who benefited from long life-spans than that of a regular man. Like the Rangers, the scout is grim in life, appearance, and dress, choosing to wear rustic green and brown with a dark grey cloak. He was tall, muscular, with dark brown hair which was shoulder length with a few braids in it that fell over his deep brown eyes. The only thing that makes him unique to the Rangers was his tattoos, a black line, and a triangle that covers both of his cheekbones. It seemed the scout has had a night off, or I have been caught off guard and have missed him. The night grows darker, so I begin to wander further into the woods without any more thoughts of men and the light that surrounds me fade into the darkness.

In the stables, the scout was preparing his horse for his usually scouting in the woods past the wall. He was late this night, due to his talks with his Commander, he ultimately agreed with him that the Woads have been quiet of late as if they were planning something. He would have to be extra diligent to his surroundings tonight, leading his horse out of the stables he looks up at the sky, wondering if this godforsaken weather on this island will ever make up its mind. Heavy rain hitting his face with a sigh he already knew the answer, riding into the woods hoping to get some shelter from the rain and the wind.

He's been in these woods for two goddam hours and nothing he thought just a fading light; wishing for something to happen so that he could report back to his Commander, it always annoyed him if he couldn't find anything. What a great scout! He mused. Though he's secretly glad there is nothing, he feels exhausted with getting no sleep due to hearing a particular knight activity, how he has any coins left was beyond him, the scout thought. Deciding to call it a night, he started to make his way back to the wall, he had a feeling in the back of his mind that there was something out there. What, he didn't know, though it felt powerful, and one with nature. He wonders if that fading light he saw was connected.

Making it back inside the wall, the scout stripped his horse of its saddle; putting the stuff away quickly in the stables. He's craving to sleep, taking his belongings, as he's making his way to his chambers, noticing that his Commander is still up and is wanting an update, he sighs, sleep will have to wait.

"How was the scouting, still quiet?" Arthur said.

"Extremely quiet." His mind wanders back to the fading light; he's not sure to mention it to his Commander. A puzzled look crossed his face.

"Tristan?" Arthur had noticed his scout's serious face had changed.

"It may be nothing, but there was a strange, fading light."

"Could it be Merlin?" Arthur suggested.

"No, this is different. It was soothing and, and beautiful" Sighing, he wouldn't think he'd use a word such as that.

Arthur looked bemused at the word "beautiful" his scout used. Never had he heard that type of expression come from him, this light has certain rattled him. He continued to listen while he finished up his report.

"I think the Woads and Merlin are being wary and staying clear; I feel there is something out there, more powerful than him." He said with uneasiness.

His scout's uneasiness made him worried; his knights only had a few years of service left. If Tristan is right, as he always is, and Merlin is staying away. How powerful is this person and what are they planning. Turning to his scout and saw how wet and exhausted he was, even though Tristan would never admit it, he decides to finish this conversation in the morning.

"We will finish this tomorrow, you been scouting for a few hours and soaking wet."

With a nod of his head, the scout bid Arthur a goodnight.

Finally, in his chambers, the scout stripped off his wet clothes and hung them over the chair by the small fireplace. The moonlight was giving some light in his room, moving over his scars on his back, wanting to soothe them. His body ached with the cold, from the wet. Getting in his bed and laying on his back, his mind wandered back to the light, and soon he fell into a slumber.

A hand was slowly moving up his body; the touch was so delicate, soothing his aching muscles. He could not move, the power he could feel radiating around him. He didn't want the feeling to end, the touch awoke a fire in him, and he wanted to fuck whoever was giving these pleasures to him until they cried out his name in surrender. He saw a shadow moving closer to his chest, moving to one of his scars he felt them lick and kiss at it, a small moan managed to escape his lips, he tried to get a better look at them, he only saw the shadow of the figure. Their mouth returned to the same scar, and without warning, they bit hard drawing blood. His eyes flew open as he jerks up, sweat covered over his shaking body. Gathering his surrounds, he was still in his room, in his bed. Looking at the small window, he could see it was dawn, he still had a few hours sleep before breakfast and to speak to Arthur, that's if he could fall back asleep.

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