Jurassic World Dinosaurs Bone

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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights nor make any money off of Jurassic World or Jurassic Park, or anything related to it. This is entirely fanmade, just for the fun of it.

The car bounced along the dirt road, standing out against the thick jungle that flanked either side, moving quickly and carelessly. Sun managed to slip through the canopy overhead, and the air was hot and still. Within the car sat the park operations manager for Jurassic World, Claire Dearing. She was steaming, annoyed, unsure of how this had happened again. For the third time in just a few months, one of the Pachycephalosaurus had managed to knock loose it’s tracking implant and break free of the invisible fence surrounding their enclosure. Now the ACU were sorting through the jungles of Isla Nublar in search of the thing.

Now, she was driving along one of the many backroads of Nublar in search of Grady. She knew he could find this thing faster than that glorified animal control could, but who knows whether he was at his shack in the woods or the raptor enclosure, but she decided to try the shack first. The car slowly started to turn, as the trail leaned up and to the left, the trees starting to slowly grow more sparse. Suddenly, the loud buzzing of her phone filled the car. She slowed the car, reaching over to scoop it up from the passenger seat. Claire thumbed green accept button, and brought the phone to her ear.

“Claire, what do you need?” She said, her voice tense and serious.

“Hey, uh, we’ve gotten some info on the escaped Pachy.”

She recognized the voice immediately as that of Lowery, one of the many technicians working the Jurassic World control room.

“Some guests said they saw some dinosaur wandering near the Gyrosphere valley, said it was one of the ones with the dome head.”
    “Alright, and has ACU gotten this information yet?”
    The car was starting to level out once more, as the dirt road grew more flat. The light shining in from the tree line was suddenly interrupted, blocked by a sturdy and tall silhouette. A surprised gasp left Claire as she put her foot on the brake, the car coming quickly to a stop. She took her hand off the wheel to brush orange strands of hair from her eyes, and she saw that what stood before her was in fact that loose Pachycephalosaurus. Standing on the road, it was easily six feet tall at the back. It’s head was peering forward, allowing it’s beady eye to stare at her.


Lowery’s voice started to come back into focus, and she suddenly realized he had been taking this entire time and she had zoned out.

“Claire, everything alright, did something happen?”

    “Uh, yes, actually. I’m unsure exactly where I am now, but the escaped Pachy is right in front of me here. It’s blocking the road, at the moment.”

“Really?” Lowery sounded surprised.

“Yes, tell ACU to get over here right away. I’ll try and stay near it.”

    “Alright, I'll tell them right away, stay safe.”

Claire gave an affirmative sound, and ended the call. She sat the phone back down in the passenger seat, eyes still focused on the dinosaur in front of her. Claire had seen more than her fair share of dinosaurs during her lifetime, but she was always surprised by them when she got this close. Even one of the smaller species, like Pachycephalosaurus, was still taller and longer than the car she was in. From the dome head to it’s swaying tail, it was nearly twelve feet long. It began to turn towards the car, keeping it’s head turned so that at least one eye remained on the vehicle. She wondered why it had broken free and went charging off, which wasn’t that common here. Safety was a priority at Jurassic World after all.

She sat still for almost thirty seconds, watching the herbivore slowly pace towards the car. It’s tail swung back and forth behind it as it approached, moving left around the hood, coming closer towards the driver’s side window. As it stepped closer, Claire could make the smaller row of knobs and bumps that ran along the back edge of its domed skull. The greyish-blue coloration, and the way it’s teeny arms twitched and turned as it seemingly smelled the car.

It’s head disappeared as it lifted it from the window, and she could see it’s sides rise and fall as it breathed. The pebbled skin of its underside was a more light shade that the rest of its body, and a soft gasp left her as it continued stepping forward. Claire suddenly felt she had an idea as to why it may have gone stomping off from it’s enclosure.

Between its sturdy legs, an impressive...cock, she supposed, hung there. It was nearly a foot long. It was a solid light pink, and it swayed with each step, knocking against its thigh. The tip was wide and a bit cone like, an alien shape to her, different from anything she had seen before. Pre-cum oozed from the tip, the occasional thick glob falling down to the dirt. As it smacked against its thigh, one drop managed to be knocked from the tip and onto the window of her car.

Her eyes widened, and the greyish white spunk stain began to quickly run down it. Claire wasn’t sure...what to think. Or do. The first thought that came to mind was the fact that scientists at Jurassic World had designed the animals to be all female, and to see that that was...clearly not the case. She’d have to have a word with the science team once they captured this thing once again. The tail brushed against the car, dragging along it as it turned back to peer once more through the window.

The pachy peered through the window, it must have been able to see her. She stared back, her lips still parted slightly. She wondered what it was thinking, she was wondering why it had such an...impressive hard on. Did every species on the island have a few males, or was it just these? Had it broken free in search of…?

The car rocked gently, snapping her from her thoughts. The pachy had pressed its side against the car, the metal creaking gently as it leaned into it. Claire’s hands immediately went to press against the inside of the door and the side of the passenger’s seat. The car suddenly fell back onto the ground, only for the pachy to press against it once more. Fearful that the dinosaur may push the car off the trail, she quickly moved a hand to press the horn.

The sharp sound startled the dinosaur instantly, as it backed away from the car. It seemed...confused, as to the sound she had just caused. It’s head was tilted curiously, and Claire leaned closer to the window once more. It wasn’t intentional, but her eyes found themselves falling to it’s still solid cock. The sight of it was, she wasn’t sure. Her thighs ground gently against each other, and her hand drifted towards the handle of the door. Claire was sure what this dinosaur was trying to get at, and she could…

Hot air filled the car, and she cringed ever so slightly. The pachy smells of damp earth and heavy...musk. She could only assume it was the smell of sex, and the fact that it was looking for it. She carefully, slowly, stepped from the car. Heels sinking into the dirt as she stood, side stepping so she could push the door closed. Claire stood out in the jungle surroundings, dressed in well pressed white. Her eyes once again flicked down to the dinosaur dick, before returning to its head. She had been sure of what she was doing until she actually stepped out of the car. Now exposed, she realized the dinosaur could do, anything. What if it charged the car, smashed her or the door in?

That’s why she tensed up, hands balling into fists at her side, as the dinosaur approached. She tried to remain still. Lips pressed gently together. The pachy closed the distance, and it leaned in to smell her. Warm breath leaving it’s flaring nostrils, causing the fabric of her button up shirt to flap slightly. It must have been getting used to her scent, like a cat or a dog would. She slowly reached a hand forward, moving it in to rest her fingertips on one of the knobs that round the dome of the head.

She ran her hand back, along its body. Her hand moved along its neck, fingertips pressing gently against its neck. She was roughly head level with it, and she found herself looking into its eyes as it’s head rose. Only to sink down her body once more, sniffing at her chest, before it suddenly reared up. Claire had to lean her head back to see it’s head, but when she looked back ahead, she realized it’s mighty cock was now positioned right in front of her face. She heard it’s hands press against the roof of the car, shifting its weight.

Claire now had quite the detailed look of it’s cock. At the oddly shaped tip. The still oozing seed that leaked from it’s tip. Her hand began drifting upward towards it, almost without her realizing her. She glanced left, then right, as if someone could be nearby. She had a few minutes, at least, five. Maybe ten. Her fingertips brushed the shaft, surprised by the intense heat of it. She ran her fingers down the length, having to lean forward just a bit to actually reach the base. She could hear the pachy snort, leaning it’s hips forward a bit, causing the tip to prod her cheek.

Claire instinctively leaned back, perhaps from the intense scent of it. Were all animals this, musky, during their mating season? She could feel the oozing seed start to run down her cheek, and she turned her head away to try and ensure none of it ran down towards her mouth. Her hand began running back towards the tip, fingers moving to wrap around it. As best she could, at least. There was no way she could completely wrap her hand around the impressive girth. She stroked, slowly. Unsure just how the dinosaur would react. Working until her fingers pressed against the flared underside of it’s tip, before going as far back as she could.

She could hear it's, his, breathing begin to pick up the pace a bit. So far, it had simply stood there and let her do as she pleased. What if she continued and it tried to breed her? There was no way she could possibly take this kind of cock, and there was no way she could try to fight it off. It would surely ruin her hole in a desperate attempt to pump her full of prehistoric seed. Her hand continued to pump, the cock wobbling up and down ever so slightly from her movements. She leaned in once more, comfortable in that she was still in control. At least slightly.

Keeping her head turned, Claire smacked the tip against her cheek. A soft, fleshy slap, that left even more of the leaking seed on her skin. Using her free hand, she used a finger to scrape off the cum from her skin. She brought it to the front of her face, carefully looking over the thick seed. Without thinking, she parted her lips and let her tongue slip forward, lapping up every drop of seed that clung to her finger.

It was, surprisingly like all of the seed she had tasted before. She swirled her tongue about, ensuring the salty taste was just as familiar as she first thought, before swallowing it. Claire could only nod. It wasn’t half bad. Maybe the source would be just as fine as well? As her hand picked up speed, pumping the dinosaur dick faster, she realized there was only one real way to find that out. She leaned in, eyes flicking left and right once more. Still alone, and she couldn’t hear any vehicles coming, just the breathing of the pachy and her own slightly heavy breathing.

Her tongue slipped past her lips once more, licking up the tip, scraping up more pre in the process.The salty taste flooded onto her tongue once more, before she gulped it down. Her tongue flicked off the side, leaning her head in to run her tongue down the length of his shaft. His hips suddenly bucked forward, pushing the meaty dick against her cheek, and then further past to push aside her hair and against her ear. It was a bit abrupt, but she didn’t let it stop her.

Claire leaned her head back as the dinosaur pulled its hips back, her free hand moving to grab the cock as well. This was as close as she could get to completely wrapping her hands around him, but even then her fingers still didn’t touch. Her mind briefly wandered, wondering just how massive the other dinosaurs could be. Would any others try breaking free if they felt the need to breed? That’d have to be something she looked into, but how would she bring that up?

‘Hey Wu, how would the dinosaurs react if they needed to fuck?’ She thought, and it was almost humorous.

She had stopped moving when she started to let her mind wander, and was snapped back to focus once again by the feeling of the cock thrusting forward between her hands. Her hands started to move once more, but that didn’t seem to be enough. The thrusting grew more fierce, and she had to press against the car to ensure the cock didn’t prod at her face in its needy movements. But the pachy took a step forward, snorting as its thrusting continued. Suddenly, Claire found her face filled with dinosaur cock. It’s cone shaped tip prodded at her face, brushing against her nose. She had to close her eyes to ensure it didn’t poke her eye, and she started to squirm to try and get out from beneath it.

But before she could really react, she felt it prodding at her lips. The salty taste brushed her tongue, and it then pushed past her lips, forcefully so. Her head was pressed against the car, and she could feel herself strain around the immense girth of it’s tip. It was...so much larger than anything she had taken before, and it didn’t waste time pushing further. Her tongue brushed against the underside of the cock head, trying hard to push the dick out. To no avail. It filled her mouth so completely, and she found herself quickly breathing through her nose.

Her hands abandoned the shaft, moving to pat against the belly of the beast. That did little either, as it buried it’s cock just short of her throat. There was no way Claire could take more, and it felt that, surely. Even if it had just pushed in a few inches, there was so little space left in her mouth. The pachy froze, simply standing there, snug in Claire’s mouth for a moment before starting to pull back. Her head was brought along with it, as it’s thick cock pulled back. It seemed as if it’d pull out, only to suddenly thrust back in.

Claire’s head knocked the car, suddenly forced back. Her eyes widened, and a gag left her as the dinosaur came so very close to pushing into her throat. Her nostrils flared, trying their hardest to bring as much air to her lungs as they could. The pachy suddenly found a new found vigor, and began pushing and pulling it’s hips. Claire had to try and pull her head back whenever it treated, thanks to the sizeable dick not easily leaving her mouth. But every attempt was defeated by its thrust forward, which buried its dick back into her mouth. Just short of her throat. Claire couldn’t imagine deep throating this thing, it’d ruin her throat without a second thought, surely.

After nearly a minute of facefucking, she had grown used to simply leaning against her the car and letting the pachy fuck her throat as it pleased. It’s pace started out careful and steady, pushing in and remaining still, then pulling back. But now it was starting to get erratic, hips starting to pick up speed. Her tongue lapped up whatever seed that spilled from his tip in the second or two that she was given when it retreated, gulping down the nut as quickly as she could. Her jaw was starting to get sore from having to be open as wide as she was, and her mind was starting to get foggy.

The pachy suddenly slammed forward, sheathing its dick into her mouth, the tip pushing just barely into her throat. Her legs quivered, bending at the knees as a loud gag escaped her. Claire was positive what was going to happen next, and her idea was proven right just a second or two later. The cock suddenly expanded, swelling as its seed surged forth. The first hot blast of it was shot straight down her throat, leaving no need for her to actually swallow it. Her eyes closed tight, desperately trying to not vomit as it pushed her oral abilities to the very limit. Thankfully, it seemed she would be getting just a bit of relief.

The pachy began pulling back, vacating her throat. Yet, he was still climaxing. The next, two, three? It was hard to tell, but it seemed like a constant spew of semen. It filled her mouth, coating every inch inside her. She tried her hardest to swallow it, but ended up just coughing. Seed was pushed past her lips from the cough, oozing down her chin. The pachy finally pulled out from her mouth, leaving her mouth hanging open and filled with seed, which immediately poured out past her lips. It was so incredibly thick, and hot, she couldn’t understand it. But something within her liked it…

Claire’s face was leaned downward, eyes directed towards the dirt. She swallowed the load, as best she could. It took a gulp or two, just as the pachy’s cock erupted once more. Another splurt of seed shot out, and landed right on her face. She had closed her eyes in time, but the heat of the load was immediately felt. It coated her face, splattering onto every inch of her skin. It oozed past her nose, and her hand moved to wipe away the seed that covered her closed eyes. She shook the seed from her hand, her chest rising and falling beneath her now semen stained shirt as she tried to catch her breath.

As her eyes drifted open, she was greeted with the sight of the sagging dinosaur cock. It had started to soften, now pointed closer to her chest than her face. Her other eye was wiped free of seed, and she tried her hardest to not get any of it on her shirt sleeve. This was...a mess. Her tongue licked her lips, swallowing the seed she licked into her mouth. The smell of seed was now the only thing she could actually smell, and the panting of the pachy above her seemed to be all she could hear.

The metal of the car groaned as the pachy pushed off the vehicle, stepping back to so it could lower itself back down to face level with her. Claire was, trying her hardest to scrape away the fresh coat of paint the pachy had given to her, shaking or licking her finger clean of the seed. Her eyes were focused on the dinosaur in front of her, who seemed to be looking casually over her. His head turned, seemingly scanning over her body. Without another sound, the dinosaur began to trot off. Sauntering up the road, its tail brushing her skirt as it walked. It turned off the road and stepped into the tree, its body beginning to disappear from view as it wandered into the jungle. Claire only watched, what else could she do?

Besides get back in her car and head straight to the closest shower. Informing the science team about her discovery would have to wait until after she had cleaned her face off. She turned, taking a brief look into the mirror attached to the door. Strands of her hair were stuck in the coating of seed, and her usually pale white skin was now hardly visible from beneath the semen. Her hand tugged the car door opened, and she started climbing into the vehicle. Just before she sat down, she caught the approaching sound of an engine. It seemed ACU was finally coming to continue their hunt.

Too bad Claire couldn’t stick around, even to inform them of where it had gone. Not with this prehistoric facial plastered over her face. She tugged the door shut, started the engine, and took off along the trail once again, out into the clearing. She’d have to get to a shower, then have a word with Wu or someone else, about what kind of equipment these creatures could be packing.


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